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  1. GabijaCij

    To Be Honest

    Humanity must learn to end the zero-sum game. To be completely honest with you, it is no longer a luxury to do so, it is a necessity. And the zero-sum game will only be ended when people choose to accommodate the reality of those who are standing on the opposite side of the fight.
  2. GabijaCij

    As A Woman

    As a woman, you have profound influence on the confidence of the men around you! So, figure out what makes men in general (and your man specifically) feel confident. And be an ally for those things.
  3. The key is not to be silent so as to avoid hurting someone's confidence. The key is also not to shower a person in only positive feedback that would build their confidence; or worse, to lie to a person so that their confidence increases. The key is to communicate the truth to them in a way that considers or caretakes their confidence.
  4. A man not only tends to relinquish his masculine traits when he is not feeling confident. He also tends to slip into the shadow expression of his masculine traits when he is not confident.
  5. You don’t really know a man until he has confidence. So, fuel a man’s confidence not only to make him feel good in the relationship, fuel a man’s confidence to see who he really is.
  6. GabijaCij


    While ultimately the choice for a man to step into his masculine power lies with him and not with any woman, there is something that women can do in order to play the role of an ally to a man’s masculinity... Caretake a man's confidence.
  7. GabijaCij

    Confident Man

    Confidence doesn’t change who a man is, it simply reveals who he is.
  8. Metaphorically speaking, confidence makes one man turn into a white knight and the other into a black knight because he already was underneath it all. The confidence merely revealed it.
  9. If you want a hand in creating a feel-good relationship with a man, find out what makes him feel confident and put energy towards those things.
  10. Relationship Advice For Women - Boost a Man's Confidence! I'll show you how you can boost a man's confidence through a simple relationship advice for women. If you want a great relationship advice and want to know how to boost a man's confidence, keep watching.
  11. GabijaCij

    Skipping Rocks

    Teal and the community are out in the wilderness on a hike. Have you ever skipped rocks?
  12. GabijaCij


    Can you share if you find it?
  13. GabijaCij


    Here is the video Teal referenced: Meaning, The Self Destruct Button
  14. GabijaCij

    Women And Men

    Women and men are different and are therefore not the same in many ways. If this were not the case, even on a physical level men and women would be physically designed the same. Until we accept that women are men are different, we will never be able to create a healthy relationship between the sexes.
  15. Get 25% off the 2021 calendars. CLICK HERE to browse the calendars. And remember to use the code ST1K3D08K04 at checkout. *Expires March 31 2021
  16. So often, when I’m speaking about relationships between men and women, I mention the importance of a man providing ‘containment’ for the woman he is with. As it turns out, many men and women both are confused about what containment even is, much less how to provide containment for someone. For this reason, I’ve decided to write this article entirely about containment. This article must come with a warning however because the topic of containment relative to men and women will come up against many erroneous, but currently deeply revered belief systems about perfect sex equality. As well
  17. GabijaCij

    Horse Friend

    A casual Daily Update today. Teal is visiting a ranch and has made a new horse friend.
  18. GabijaCij

    Sauna Meditation

    See what the heat can do for your meditation practice.
  19. GabijaCij


    Never Confuse Justice, Fairness or Rightness with the Law.
  20. The shadow side of the feminist movement went in the direction of: “Because you are a man, you hurt others and are therefore bad and we don’t need you”. Women must admit that they need and want men in order to help re-establish healthy masculinity in the world.Many men in the modern world have been stripped of their masculinity and therefore stripped of their power.
  21. GabijaCij


    How much do you know about Tipis?
  22. GabijaCij


    When we are stuck in a specific perceptual reality, we will see nothing but proof for that perception. This means that invalidation will not change our mind. It will only cause us to feel crazy and like other people are crazy and like we are caught in a collective gaslight.
  23. You cannot understand self-trust or repair self-trust unless you accept the reality of fragmentation within consciousness.
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