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  1. 6 downloads

    The "Suffer So I Can Feel Loved" Relationship Dynamic
  2. What colors do you like your home to be?
  3. GabijaCij

    Sugar Plums

    Teal shares some fun facts about Sugar Plums.
  4. Why is it so hard to love yourself and so much easier to love others?
  5. GabijaCij


    Collective shadow moment for this and next week. Teal lists the different types of disconnection that can be.
  6. 13 downloads

    How To Be Productive
  7. How can relationships help addictions? Here is a list of related Ask Teal episodes: Addiction and How to Overcome Addiction Having a Relapse? (Relapse Prevention, Recovery and How to Overcome Addiction Relapse) How To Overcome Porn Addiction (Pornography) Internet Addiction Alcoholism and How to Quit Alcohol How to Overcome the Eating Disorder: Bulimia How to Overcome the Eating Disorder: Anorexia
  8. Teal shares a nautural shampoo source from her property in Costa Rica.
  9. Say what?? Teal shares something special about some of the plants at Philia.
  10. We have a special offer for a whole 50% off of Teal's Holiday Bundle for all Premium members this month! What's included in the bundle? Receive the gift of awareness & healing this holiday season with Teal's Holiday Bundle! This Digital Downloadable Set includes the following 4 Guided Meditations, eBook, and Audiobook: Discover Your Self Concept Meditation This Shadow Meditation puts your conscious mind in a state where your subconscious mind can reveal the hidden truth of the actual self-concept you hold. By practicing this guided meditation, you will experience the authentic truth about the way you really think about yourself, feel about yourself and see yourself. Replacing the Pain Meditation This Shadow Meditation invites the listener to identify the thing in their life that is causing them the most pain. The meditation then guides them through a process of realizing why that pain is there and then releasing the pain. After the listener has identified and released their attachment to the pain, they are guided through a process of replacing their pain with something that feels good. Give It Back Meditation This meditation is designed to find and relieve excess and unhealthy responsibility. In this shadow meditation, you will be guided to find and give back what isn’t yours to hold and be responsible for so that you are left with only what is actually yours to be responsible for. All of us are carrying pressure and are carrying specific things that are not actually ours to carry to begin with. These things are given to us by others who didn’t want to or who felt incapable of being responsible for those things. We live our lives in shame and guilt and self-blame and hyper responsibility; crushed under the weight of the world because of it. The time has come to give it back to whom it belongs. Openness Meditation This meditation is designed to move the listener from a state of constriction, containment and closed-ness to a state of openness. In this meditation, the listener uses the visualization of blooming roses to open each chakra. They then welcome and breathe energy in and out of each chakra. Once the meditator is in this receptive space, they then dissolve the barrier between themselves and other people and open themselves to the experience of the world. Sculptor In The Sky Audiobook You can not have a life, you can not lose a life . . . You are life. It is you who hold the power to decide yourself back onto the path you intended . . . the path of welcoming and becoming your own bliss. The Sculptor In The Sky, the new book by spiritual catalyst, Teal Scott takes you on a journey of rediscovery of the universe of god and of yourself. This extraordinary book challenges us to reconnect with the eternal essence of our being and to expand our ideas about the reality we live in It is a must have for the curious, the wanting and the ready. A provocative guide to answering the questions that every person asks at some point in their life. Teal's Self Empowerment Teachings eBook In this beautifully crafted and designed eBook you will find 268 inspirational quotes from my teachings to guide you, support you and inspire you in your life. Use the code 7Q5JNXGPDNRW at checkout. You can read about the bundle and purchase it here. *Offer valid only the month of December 2019.
  11. 27 downloads

    Wanna Get Someone To See The Truth? (First Dissolve Their Resistance To Seeing The Truth)
  12. How do you learn to love someone the way they need to be loved when they're a non verbal communicator?
  13. GabijaCij

    Grateful For

    What are you grateful for most today?
  14. GabijaCij

    New Moon

    How do you best make use of New Moon energy?
  15. How do you handle conflict when the other side is incapable of trying to understanding your feelings?
  16. GabijaCij

    Collective Blindspot

    The Law Of Attraction applies even with technology
  17. GabijaCij

    Collective Blindspot

    Teal and Graciela do a collective reading with Teal's new deck (you can get it here if you're interested, physical deck and mobile app available).
  18. GabijaCij

    Teal's Stress Relief

    Teal is making jewelry as her streff relief today. What are the ways you relieve stress?
  19. After all that has happened in her childhood, what's the relationship like between her and her birth parents?
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