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  1. GabijaCij

    Is Source Really Love?

    Noted for future retreats
  2. GabijaCij

    Is Source Really Love?

    Teal shares a graduate level understanding of why we tend to think that Source is all just Love. PS - we know the audio isn't the best for this clip, so click CC on the video bottom right corner and enable subtitles!
  3. GabijaCij


    It's the day between the Completion Process training and the Curveball retreat.
  4. GabijaCij

    The Pain

    To get someone out of a narcissistic bubble, you must find and work with (not against) the pain that is causing them to go into one in the first place.
  5. GabijaCij


    People who get a need met through conflict do not want resolve, even if they say they do because that need they get through conflict often trumps their need for resolve.
  6. GabijaCij


    The spirituality of today, is a fast track to avoidance. The second people get to a place of discomfort with a particular teacher or path, instead of face the parts of themselves that are in need of integration, they will simply avoid the discomfort by abandoning the teacher or path for whatever teacher and path enables their comfort instead.
  7. Forgiveness is done when we no longer care whether or not it is done.
  8. GabijaCij


    You can not even have a desire in the first place if it is not MEANT to be yours.
  9. GabijaCij

    Real VS True

    There is a difference between what is true and what is real. EVERYTHING in this universe is true. It is all a matter of perspective, including illusion. It isn’t possible to be wrong. But real is beyond all this. Real contains both truth and illusion.
  10. GabijaCij


    Every time there is a judgment, there is a fear. Soften judgments of others by seeing how that judgment is true of you as well. Oneness must be practiced, continually looked for and witnessed.
  11. People do not retreat into a narcissistic bubble for their own enjoyment, they do it to avoid a certain pain.
  12. GabijaCij


    The zero sum game is the scaffolding of a dysfunctional relationship.
  13. To be in a superior position in a power structure, implies that your shadows are the most dangerous shadows in the room.
  14. GabijaCij

    Boundarie Game

    Most people think they are setting a healthy boundary when in fact all they are doing is starting a zero sum game.
  15. Evolution, progress and expansion carry the seeds of contrast. This means that both upsides and downsides will come with the change.
  16. GabijaCij

    Integration Is

    Integration is the end of the zero sum game.
  17. GabijaCij

    A Message For Humanity

    Sorry to hear that you're upset by this. The reason we post the Facebook live videos on Premium is that we have received a lot of requests from the Premium community for this. Many people are not on Facebook. I hope that clarifies why these videos are here.
  18. GabijaCij

    Guard Puppy

    Sugar is the name of the female dog
  19. GabijaCij

    A Message For Humanity

    If Teal had one message for humanity it would be this.
  20. GabijaCij

    Guard Puppy

    Teal made a new friend.
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