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  1. A practical exercise that you can do every day to connect with what causes you joy.
  2. GabijaCij


    Truth can and should be considered the way to ensure that something in your life is stable. Use it to test the actual strength, reality and stability of all the elements of your life.
  3. GabijaCij


    Truth is the only thing that is actually stable, even if it changes.
  4. We can’t create a thriving human society without making this a society that is conducive to people being truthful.
  5. GabijaCij

    Truth Is

    Truth is your only chance at living the life you want to live and making life choices that are actually right for you.
  6. Ever have a hard time accessing a part while doing Parts Work? Or accessing an emotion? Here is what you can do.
  7. The truth can be very tough to accept. That's why some people don't want to hear or speak the truth. But in fact, it's not that easy. In this video, I'll talk about this sensitive topic.
  8. GabijaCij

    Your Own

    When you say: “I can create my own reality”. The universe says: “Yes, you absolutely can. But you need question the value of creating YOUR OWN reality.
  9. GabijaCij


    When we need the pain and consequence of not seeing a truth to outweigh the pain and consequence of seeing it, we are setting ourselves up to never be able to face and deal with negative truths when they are very small. Instead, truths have to turn into unmanageable tsunamis first. And this re-enforces the false belief that truth is a destabilizing, destructive force.
  10. GabijaCij

    See The Truth

    People tend to only see the truth when the pain and consequences of not seeing the truth is higher than the pain and consequences of seeing the truth.
  11. A great many 'truth resistant' people encounter my teachings and feel like my teachings are validating them. They finally understand the truth about what everyone else is doing bad/wrong. They think what I’m saying isn’t about them, it’s about the other people in their life. And so, they love me. They love me because they are using my content to fortify the walls of their own self-concept and the reality that they have built for one.
  12. People who are resistant to the truth do not value truth or what is real over other things… Things like stability. Things like feeling good. Things like control. Their wires are crossed. They see truth as an oppositional force to these things, when in reality, truth is their only way of actually achieving these things.
  13. GabijaCij


    Illusions often feel real. And that feeling of something false being real, still offers the feeling of stability.
  14. GabijaCij

    What Is

    People who are successful, understand the power of thinking that anything is possible. But they also understand the power of looking straight at reality and straight at the truth, no matter how painful it is; so that they can actually do something about what is.
  15. GabijaCij

    Feels Good

    There is a big difference between something actually being good for you (something that is actually healing) and something that feels good. You already understand this relative to things like junk food, addictions, pain killers and coping mechanisms.

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