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  1. To all the millenials out there...
  2. This month's discount for Premium members - Get Teal's New Insights Kit for only $7. Inside this digital collection, you will find 5 Guided Meditations by Teal Swan as well as an Audiobook, all designed to increase your awareness, provide inspiration, and add to your overall well-being.You will receive all 6 of these items instantly. Discount code - YCA2PV1JNT13 Get the kit HERE *Offer only valid April 2020
  3. GabijaCij


    Teal's collective shadow for the day. For more info watch the Ask Teal episode: Spiritual Bypassing
  4. GabijaCij

    Ask Yourself

    Ask yourself - What is the most self-loving thing that I could do for myself today?
  5. GabijaCij

    Self Love Question

    Teal has a question you can answer for yourself today. Also, while the Premium discount has expired, there is still 35% off the Self Love course HERE. See you all there later today!
  6. GabijaCij

    3 Shadows

    Teal talks about 3 dominant shadows in the collective today - Failure to recognize the goodness of others, expectations and self-centeredness disguised as altruism.
  7. Online Workshop - 8/13/17 - Q&A Part 4/4
  8. Online Workshop - 8/13/17 - Q&A Part 4/4
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