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  1. Meet Teal's two furry community members. Do you have any pets?
  2. Here is the video Teal mentions in today's update - Priceless Motivational Tip (Find the Self Serving Motive)
  3. in the video before this one she lays it all out
  4. When we use the word stress, usually we are implying that stress is a purely negative thing. But not all stress is the same. To generalize, there are two different types of #stress. Distress and Eustress.
  5. GabijaCij


    Perhaps the biggest determiner of whether someone experiences distress vs. eustress is whether they actually want to do the thing that they are doing or not. When people feel forced to do something that they don’t want to do, they naturally feel distress.
  6. GabijaCij


    We feel distress instead of eustress when we perceive something to be a threat rather than a challenge.
  7. GabijaCij

    Stress Types

    Not all stress is the same. Distress is an oppositional force to health and wellbeing, whereas eustress is necessary for personal fulfillment and growth.
  8. she's had it as far as I can remember knowing her.... it's been YEARS. But most likely Ebay
  9. It's official! Christmas Season Is Here! How and when do you decorate your tree?
  10. Teal and the community at the Thanksgiving table this year.
  11. GabijaCij

    Human Family

    Teal's Thanksgiving menu - what do you eat on Thanksgiving?
  12. GabijaCij


    Collective blind spot time! Who and how are you enabling today?
  13. "It is not a betrayal to your family to recognize detrimental patterns within yourself and within the family and to change them so as to have a better life experience and a healthier family system. But what does it say if your family considers it a betrayal for you to do so?" - Teal Swan
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