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    "Join the community of brave truth-seekers and self-healers."

    Arguably the largest collection of videos anywhere, on consciousness fragmentation and integration.

    “If you like the Ask Teal episodes on YouTube, you'll love being a Premium Member. Having full access to all of the workshops and other content is awesome!” - Liam M.

    • Get Teal's Daily Updates in FULL
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    See Behind The Scenes

    Premium Content is a doorway to the life of Teal Swan and her latest teachings. It is Teal on stage around the world, her life-changing teachings as well as spontaneous community cooking and dance parties. Here she shares her latest insights, and her exercises in practice. Premium Content is updated every week!

    Is your answer yes to one or more of the following questions:
    • Were you unable to attend a live Synchronization Workshop but don’t want to miss out on the content?
    • Are you the kind of person that learns best from example cases, from relatable real life stories?
    • Are you seeking to gain access to even more content from Teal?
    • Do you want to stay on track with your self development by receiving new insights on a regular basis?
    • Do you ever wish you could have a peek inside the daily life of an intentional community?
    • Do you want to download Teal’s Ask Teal’s episodes and meditations to be able to listen to them whenever and wherever?

    Yes? Awesome! Here is what our Premium Members enjoy on a daily basis to awaken to a deep understanding of how to create a life packed with authenticity, direction and fulfillment.


    Premium Content is the ONLY platform that provides you with the FULL LENGTH of Teal’s daily updates and insights. Yes, they are actually longer than 1 minute ;-). Get to know Teal on a more personal level, follow her along on her trips around the world and gain in-depth awareness of newly discovered insights.


    Tens of thousands of people use guided meditations everyday to enhance their feeling state. Teal Swan has personally created over a dozen of meditations to guide you through an area of your life where you most need it. We offer you a limited amount of her 20-40 minutes long meditations for FREE, and a 50% discount from the rest.


    Teal travels around the world teaching people about the law of attraction and this universe based on mirroring. As a Premium Member, you will have access to all the filmed Workshops (200+ hours), filled with questions people have traveled across the world to ask from Teal. To make the most of these workshops, with each question think “How does this apply to me?”

    Downloads And Discounts

    Listen to Ask Teal episodes on the go, set a Frequency Painting in HQ as your screensaver, meditate on your way to work (if you aren’t the one driving), and take advantage of exclusive discounts on Teal’s products and merchandise, only available for Premium Members.

    Self Love Ecourse

    Access to Teal's Self Love Ecourse is now included for All Yearly Premium Members. Which means you have access as long as you have your Yearly Membership!
    It's the online course that will take you from a place of self-hate to a place of self-love.

    What People Are Saying...

    Teal Swan Premium is absolutely amazing if you would like to gain a deeper insight into Teal's teachings and have full access to her daily updates! The most brilliant part about it, is that you will be able to see records of the live workshops she is hosting around the world, which is A MUST if you want to see her teachings applied in practice on people. I highly recommend Premium :)
    - Anelia Mitova

    I consider Teal to be the highest and wisest teacher in the world. What she is sharing is brand new knowledge for humanity, essential for healing and ascension at this stage of our evolution. I signed up for TEAL SWAN PREMIUM which has content not available elsewhere, live workshop streaming, workshop archives, behind the scene footage, ask Teal audios and exclusive discounts. I am extremely happy with my membership and recommend it to everyone.
    - Yasin Choudry, M.D.

    Teal Swan Premium continues to be an invaluable resource in my consciousness journey. I especially love the workshops and there’s a ton of them to choose from and imbibe Teal’s frequencies and wisdom for instantaneous upgrades in all aspects of my life ... mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. It’s the fastest way for me to ‘get back to me’ when I get derailed with my human purposes and projects. Absolutely priceless ... so much content you’ll never consume it all.
    - Jen Bro

    The Premium experience with Teal is a real game changer. Other than connecting with Teal and her team on a more personal level, Premium content allows you to dive much deeper into many concepts explained in her YouTube videos. Online synchronization workshops and viewing in person workshops allows you to really connect with Teal and learn about yourself all from the comfort of your own home. If you like Teal, premium content is where it's at.
    - Austin Read

    Why Is Teal doing What She Is Doing?

    Integration and wholeness is the path of spiritual progression. Our divinity and humanity must merge to become one. By bravely exposing both their humanity and divinity to the world, and teaching the world how to integrate the two by virtue of example, people must begin to unite the humanity and divinity within themselves.

    Teal Swan is a personal transformation revolutionary. She was born with a range of extrasensory abilities and is a survivor of severe childhood abuse. Today she uses her gifts as well as her own harrowing life experience to inspire millions of people towards authenticity, freedom and joy and teaching people how to transform their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain.

    The result when people are restored to wholeness is that the world will be restored to wholeness. Teal Swan's teachings invite people to step fully into their authenticity, knowing that this will bring about the positive change that we want to see in the world.

    TS Premium has been such an amazing resource for Teals teachings. I love watching the workshops anytime I want and getting access to exclusive content.
    - Emma Lang

    I don’t know what I’d do without Premium! There are endless hours of things to watch for such a small price. Love it.
    - Lisa Casey

    So much content, the workshops and daily updates are always packed full of value. And the community videos makes her feel so relatable!
    - Jake Barlow

    I love Premium! I watch all of the workshops, more than once. Can’t get enough of it. The set up/layout is easy to use. My compliments!
    - Dorette van Overbruggen

    I love watching/listening to the workshops when I'm painting :) Teal gives great insights about life with such ease and it always blows my mind!
    - Emma Andersson

    I use it almost daily, and it helps me immensely work through what’s needed or brings insight to what I need!! I cannot live without it now.
    - Jill Tulloch

    Become A Premium Member For Only $12.99 Per Month!
    • Missed a Workshop? Watch it on Premium! (And even better, you can view the questions asked in each Workshop and choose which answer you want to hear!)
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    • 50% off all meditations!
  • Includes Teal's Self Love Ecourse!
  • If you're tired of buying courses which don't actually work... for long, then invest in Premium. Teal Swan Premium is sooooo understated & should be shouted from the roof tops as to how freakin' AMAZING it is!! For essentially the price of a Macdonalds & a beer, you can transform your life each month & enjoy expansion, emotional freedom & "hear" the calling from your soul.
    - Daniel Green

    I am Premium Member for about 2 years now. It is amazing to read a lot of stuff and updates about consciousness. I like the gifts which i receive, like the recordings of workshops and free meditations from Teal. I won't miss it anymore. The informations which are shared in the Premium Membership can't be found in the Internet and so it isn't a question for me to be a Member or not :-) I like it very much to stay inside this Premium Platform.
    - Marisa

    I decided to sign up for Premium despite the fact that Teal Swan is the spiritual teacher with the most free content in the world today, because of the many gems hidden and not so hidden in the Premium Membership. Like free downloads of frequency paintings, discounts on guided meditations and, most valuable for me, the many videos of online and real-life synchronization workshops.
    - Michael Weber

    I love Teal's workshops and would scour the internet for new footage. I exhausted Youtube and finally checked out Premium. I'm so glad I did, because low and behold, hours of workshop footage and so much more awesome content to view, read, and explore.
    - Jessica Williams

    Absolutely amazing material. So authentic, cutting the bullsh*t.
    Premium is great to get deep into understanding of shadow work and integration. For me it’s more of a database of endless information that I can (and do) watch for hours which everyone needs to know about!

    - Dani Slattery

    Being a Premium member is absolutely worth it. My favorite part is having access to all of the workshops Teal does. That alone makes it actually surprising that the price of Premium isn't higher because there are hours upon hours of invaluable content, and more coming in all of the time.
    - Jinny Zola