The Mirror Event - Basel 2018 - Day 2 - Connection Day

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Life size Teal Projection in my loft  really adds to the workshop viewing experience. Recommended.

Connection process note—was helpful to deepen my understanding seeing Teal talking about and over seeing an example of connection process.  This compliments listening to the audio book. 

Side note: giving powerless feeling kid throwing a fit choice between two similar forks seems to fractal upwards to powerless feeling USA nation throwing a fit being given a choice between two similar parties.  The meanings made as toddlers  carries over to prison of collective inner childhood mind  (fer now) .    

Meaning on the mind— those blind spot cards are helpful AF.  #7 coming in hot for my journeying into the Teal Universe .

Another side note:  My grandmother who spoke primarily  Romanian would always say “I love you too” first instead of I love you.  I don’t think she cut to the deflection, it was cute like saying there is love in you for me at source.  

Breathing in to receive a person with your cells —that’s money.

Thank you. 


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