Online Workshop - March 4 2018 - Part 1/2

4:15 Meditation that helps you learn new information more easily

17:30 CHILDREN NIGHTMARES - how to help? I have a 2-year old that woke up in the night screaming, but wouldn't let me touch her. What can I do?


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I love that blonde lady. I've watched other workshops with her and every time she gets upset, I can see and feel how much sadness and pain she has. Something hurt her very badly, her heart and soul and mind. I remembe when I got a feeling like that but it was on Teal's youtube video about connecting with your heart. She said, "feel what your heart is feeling or how it's felt" Then if you could say anything to your heart, what would you tell it? I told my heart don't worry I'll love you. That is when you come to the realization of how much you have connected with yourself. Tears come out because you love yourself at that moment the way you should. It's realizing even if you don't how much you really love yourself and you and yourself have come to your truth at that moment together. Sometimes we hurt for so long in waking life we forget just how much we disconnected with ourselves and others. I also believe that is reason for tears. I think deep down at the core of that blonde lady is just so much love, maybe she forgot. maybe she knows but she really needs someone to understand her. It's hard to see a person feel this way probably only because i can see it in myself. I also love the meditation. My body was all tingly. When i had the snake coil moving away clutter and letting the light through I felt energy inside. Teal's meditations are always the best. Thank you for this workshop. I hope to be apart of one. I'm new i have never been. love you teal. ❤️ 

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