Online Workshop - Jun 24 2018 - Part 3/4

00:8 I feel like to be able to express my creativity I need masculine behind me to take care of me. As soon as I put a financial aspects into my passion/work I get blocked. I don't want to work, yet I have so many desires. I want to be taken care of financialy, then I am overflowing. Can it just be the way I work or am I resistant to money?

03:25 Will you please explain what mental illness is. When people have two personalities and or hear voices? I have noticed it seems to create anger. It appears like some sort of entity has taken over. How can one be helped in this state?

04:44 Teal, what is your newest goal?

07:56 How to deal with people that invalidate high sensitivity?

09:57 I feel stuck in choosing a collage course that I spent 5 years on it. I’m not really good at it. But I can’t leave it because I don’t know what I want. What should I do?

10:55 What is healthy sexuality?

11:50 I usually choose a partner who needs help. I have like a saviour complex.

13:03 What do you think about butterflies?

13:44 I can't recover any memories during the Completion Process. Help!

15:07 How do I personally be present with myself if i dissociate easily. I don't know how to do parts work on the "i don't know" parts of myself.

16:03 How can I heal from sexual shock trauma (rape, 2 years ago) and develop a healthy sexuality with myself and my beloved partner?

42:09 I wanted to ask about when to do parts work and when to use the Completion Process? Is it enough to get different parts on the same page, or does true healing and integration for those parts only come through the Completion Process?

45:08 How can I become present with jealousy? I can be present with pain, joy, and despair. But jealousy consumes me and makes me feel like I have to run away from everything, especially myself and my feelings.

47:41 How do I become a more inspired artist and creator? What are your top tips for an aspiring jack of all trades artist?

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1 hour ago, Greg21 said:

If anyone has found success on the I Don't Know block please let me know!


15:07 :)

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I'm not sure what your friends' name is, but I relate to her alot, and she totally reminds me of my sister, I wish you both could have met her

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