Online Workshop - Jan 21 2018 - Part 1/3

1:00 Exercise: What to do when a relationship is bothering you in your life.

4:25 How our BODY SHAPE is formed as a result of our thoughts.

8:30 Mucus in my lungs. Fungus.

11:20 Feeling OVERWHELMED, overworked...

15:00 LOVE LANGUAGES. Recently told my husband that I cannot feel his love for me, but can he feel my love for him?

23:15 SELF TRUST. When I try to connect to the suicidal part in me it doesn't trust me.

38:30 When doing Parts Work or any type of Shadow Work, I get stuck, tired, have a hard time focusing. What to do?

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11:20 Feeling OVERWHELMED, overworked. This is very true.  All supervisors need to see this.  Some spouses need to understand this.  This video makes me want to scream, "Help!".  Unrelenting subservience leads to a lack of trust.  I'm at a loss of words also. 

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.!  .    This is the answer i needed for the topic of Parts work .

i have a hard time understanding it last time but now i kinda do with your article on your parents are not the problem .your parents within you are and your book 


I wish i could do this parts works with someonr s

But unfortunaly .. no one around me here does this healing work

Dear universe 

I hope i will meet someone who can facilitate this kind of work with me :3

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