The Problem With The Justice System - Los Angeles Synchronization Workshop 2017 - 3/8

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Ok so I’m over whining about NOT b n @ this workshop! ( thank Goddess riiiiiiight? LoL)

so let’s get to a few accolades and a question!


thank you x3 for using your innate sense of “demonstration” to fully illustrate how this INJUSTICE of our “criminal justice “ system operates.....(notice I did not say “works!).....

.....there by allowing for a much more effortless and efficient way to see/understand how this dycodomy of dysfunction , can AND DOES, CONTINUE to perpetuate recidivism thru our jails /prisons /hospitals and detention centers!

You are a Masterpiece of Spiritual “Ingress” are we ALL appreciate your participation!

My question  now relates to my own “digital” or 3/4/5 D “view” of this on going situation/ simulation;

when coming into contact with what I refer to as “daily nouns”,that is people,places or things,

I “see “ or experience these things (or them) VISUALLY IN ALL THEIR FRACTURES.

Thats is my eyes interpret to my brain what they have been  ( or possibly will be? ) in ALL of their imposed or potential FRACTURES!

This includes but is DEFINITELY NOT limited to, the physical manifestation AND representation in the “nouns” physical entanglement and embodiment!!

Teal , ( & Tribe too! I could really use whatever input ANYONE has here :)

it is only in the last week that I have figured out the “viewing range “ I seem to have....& the relation it has as it affects/effects ME & MY ??! 

( yes, it HAS been a difficult  2-3+ years since this Clair”voyance” first landed with me )

My questions are ;

i don’t feel I need to “test” it any longer.

My faith in the spiritual nature of it, in of ITSELF has now given me some grounding.....

HOWEVER, how can I incorporate this ,this “talent” if you will, into not only helping them navigate towards the most beneficial ( or AT LEAST understanding ) Life Path Potential? 

Assuming of course THAT is what this IS!

AND helping myself in the process of making Connection and INTER/INTRA connection?( again of course assuming that LPP is what this IS!

(@ the very least I FEEL like I’ve been transcending/transecting the Parralle MultiVerses like a Fricken globe trotter!!)

advice PLEASE!

( feel free to contact me directly .

Thank you ,

Happy HolyDays!



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Teal not only do i have a mortuary science degree but years before that i got a law enforcement degree. I applied at cook county correctional facility but didnt pass the running portion. Applied again passed again but never made it to the 2nd physical agility, i wish i had completed the training for practitioners because I would love to help out with this. The justice system is a huge problem. You find most of the people in the system just need mental care. People on the outside who dont get the assistance they need usually end up in the jails and just like you said they are abused, mistreated and almost never get the true care that they need. On netflix they have survival guide to prison and it clearly states that if you have some internal problems you have a high likely hood of going to jail not only that you have a high probability of actually getting k8LLed by authorities. The justice system in itself is extremely flawed, the treatment of inmates is actually horrendous. I mean if your strapping people in chairs and spraying them with pepper spray basically until they die, there is more than a issue. It's a epidemic. People need help from that. Society makes it extremely hard for individuals to live a good life once they get out. If your still doing this work, I'm really happy that you are. I hope you are. love you teal. thank you. 

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