The Problem With The Justice System - Los Angeles Synchronization Workshop 2017 - 3/8

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Ok so I’m over whining about NOT b n @ this workshop! ( thank Goddess riiiiiiight? LoL)

so let’s get to a few accolades and a question!


thank you x3 for using your innate sense of “demonstration” to fully illustrate how this INJUSTICE of our “criminal justice “ system operates.....(notice I did not say “works!).....

.....there by allowing for a much more effortless and efficient way to see/understand how this dycodomy of dysfunction , can AND DOES, CONTINUE to perpetuate recidivism thru our jails /prisons /hospitals and detention centers!

You are a Masterpiece of Spiritual “Ingress” are we ALL appreciate your participation!

My question  now relates to my own “digital” or 3/4/5 D “view” of this on going situation/ simulation;

when coming into contact with what I refer to as “daily nouns”,that is people,places or things,

I “see “ or experience these things (or them) VISUALLY IN ALL THEIR FRACTURES.

Thats is my eyes interpret to my brain what they have been  ( or possibly will be? ) in ALL of their imposed or potential FRACTURES!

This includes but is DEFINITELY NOT limited to, the physical manifestation AND representation in the “nouns” physical entanglement and embodiment!!

Teal , ( & Tribe too! I could really use whatever input ANYONE has here :)

it is only in the last week that I have figured out the “viewing range “ I seem to have....& the relation it has as it affects/effects ME & MY ??! 

( yes, it HAS been a difficult  2-3+ years since this Clair”voyance” first landed with me )

My questions are ;

i don’t feel I need to “test” it any longer.

My faith in the spiritual nature of it, in of ITSELF has now given me some grounding.....

HOWEVER, how can I incorporate this ,this “talent” if you will, into not only helping them navigate towards the most beneficial ( or AT LEAST understanding ) Life Path Potential? 

Assuming of course THAT is what this IS!

AND helping myself in the process of making Connection and INTER/INTRA connection?( again of course assuming that LPP is what this IS!

(@ the very least I FEEL like I’ve been transcending/transecting the Parralle MultiVerses like a Fricken globe trotter!!)

advice PLEASE!

( feel free to contact me directly .

Thank you ,

Happy HolyDays!



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