Online Workshop - Nov 26 2017 - Exercise Demo: How to Process Anger

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I'm relieved that you say anger is a good thing because I've had a few people tell me that i need to work on my anger stigmatizing that it's inheriently "evil" So I went to the book store and got the book anger: by thich nhat nanh that was suggested to me and ANGER-FREE ten basic steps to managing your anger calling it LOL Toxic Anger syndrome. According to that I SUFFER from moderate TOXIC anger syndrome. 🙂 hehe. I mean i have broken things out of anger but that's about it. It tells me if i stay angry for more than a hour that is EXTREMELY TOXIC. yikes. I love my teacher, Teal. Thank you. None of those books ever said process the anger. They said IGNORE the anger and even went to say.......GO talk to a therapist about your TOXIC ANGER SYNDROME. 😄 

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