Online Workshop - 8/13/17 - Q&A Part 3/4

0:00 How can we get the best out a Solar Eclipse?

3:45 Lack of passion. My life feels very flat. Mostly I feel disappointment.

6:30 Diet advice. I find diet is very confusing. Veganism. What is the dominant thing in bodies that keeps needing animal products?

10:00 Becoming financially independant and leaving a psychopathic partner.

14:30 Self value. A part of me believes that I can only be with people when I can give them something or help them in some way. I feel I'm in competition with other people that help people.

18:40 How does Teal do the Collective Consciousness reading?

21:30 Overcoming a pattern when it's not just a perception, but a 3D problem. E.g. I see in the mirror that I'm not attractive, it's not just a feeling state.

25:35 Pre-birth Intentions. Are there Challenges that the soul makes before incarnation? Can we lighten the load of the challenge?

27:27 Why are there not more Teal Swans? I'd like to get advice from more Teal Swans.

29:35 Nose issues. Difficulty breathing.

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