Online Workshop 9/17/17 - Is Spirituality a Trick of the Mind?

  • 00:00:00 Is Spirituality a Trick of the Mind?
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well That Just answered my internal crisis that Vipassana retreat got me into! :DD not really solved it though ( I was heavilly trigered by this strange energy shift that I felt after I started scaning my body with the equilibrius mind, and how I could no longer connect to my internal world...and dont get me going about how emotions just evaporate and all kinds off physicall sensations/pains shift if u just watch them with the the mind thats non reactive/quiet...) I also kinda panicked and was like: So It's All really just Minds illiusion??? well fuck it then there is no point in living this life anymore! If it Really is just Mind and Body playing field...o.O perfectly showed my super strong/deep/hidden attachment

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