How To Get What I Want? - Los Angeles Synchronization Workshop 2017 - 2/8

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Oh My Goddess!!! This was sooooo amazingly beautiful!

The guest on stage was really humble and open to learn. It was a delight to watch him realising the truth and Teal's generosity towards him. Wonderful interaction!

I understood much more about myself too and why I am "where" I am...

One part of me wants to be independent, able to support herself at every level, and do not trust people; other wants to be nurtured, taken care for, loved just for Being me, to form secure/safe, authentic, emotional connected and commited relationships; another only wants to nurture through acts of service, taking care of the home and to give/share Love (quality time, physical touch, words of affirmation)

I truly need to listen to all parts of me and give them genuine validation. That would bring integration, ending the tug of war and releasing resistence to progress...right? :)


Thank you <3

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