Orlando 2016 - 1/3

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24:15 – exercise on presence with external environment
26:27 – exercise on presence with your internal world
31:10 – exercise on putting both internal world and external world presence together – focus on them both simultaneously, try practicing during everyday tasks

33:50 – new exercise - instructions begin 39:15 – exercise on looking at meanings we associate with our experiences and challenging those meanings, done in groups of 3
1:11:18 – after exercise dialogue


1:13:30 – how do you balance committing to your joy with instantaneous joy in the moment? E.g. wanting to commit to a business long term but then wanting to commit to something else instead

1:25:00 – birthday wishes & I grew up isolated due to medical situations, it is a pattern that keeps happening to me, I don’t know why I can’t stop having medical issues even though I’ve exhausted all possibilities to resolve it
1:36:00- discussion moves into commitment, working off grid and resistance to ‘the system’

1:45:06 – I’ve achieved a lot of peace but I have become a hermit, I don’t feel like a real person, I’m just going through the motions and I don’t know how to do life, I’m stuck in a holding pattern

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I couldn't hear it? The audio was mostly static for me.

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