Austin Workshop 2015 - Black Community - 2/5

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I totally get where he's coming from and yes we should deal with the survival things first. A lot of black folks don't believe in the law of attraction because they ask why the hell are they hungry and living from paycheck to pay to check if that was the case.  I'm technically homeless and eating a basically raw vegan diet is what's helping me save up my money until I can live a more stable lifestyle. It's hard some days. I had a very bad time today even though I woke up in good spirits. It's so easy to get caught up in the feelings of helplessness that surround me. 

As an empath some days it's hard to leave my mom's house and be around these people out here I know that sounds rude but they exude feelings of powerlessness, and hopelessness and some days I feel like I'm DROWNING in it. Some days the feelings of helplessness in this hood make me borderline suicidal. It's fucking crazy.   Also, epigenetic trauma is a BIG DEAL for our community. Every night I have to work on the trauma in my DNA. I didn't use to believe in this but the pain that was manifesting in my body made me a believer. 

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