Online Workshop - Jun 24 2018 - Part 1/4

0:08 How to find your subconscious commitment?

31:08 How to apply "taking you as part of me" in my business?

35:30 I have Ichthyophobia, fear of fish. I've been conscious of it since I was 8, which was the same age I experienced sexual trauma. Can you speak on phobias & fragmentation?

39:55 Why do nice guys finish last? I want teal to disuss why "rougher" people or people who choose to make decisions that are more or so socialy unacceptable tend to "win" or prosper. While ones who choose to move in a way more proper nicer or more polite lose or fail.

50:43 You've said before that by following your joy you'll discover you're purpose, but what if you're not even clear on what brings you joy?

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