Online Workshop - January 2019

3:30 Heart meditation that helps with receptivity

21:00 Teal on knowing your internal personal truth and on what to do when you're flooded with things that you need to heal

26:20 FRAGMENTATION. People are always commenting on how quiet I am, how peaceful I look, how serene. But I am not peaceful at all. I threw my phone into the canal because I got so upset. People were really surprised. What's going on?

33:30 SHAME OF MASTURBATION & SEX. Why every time I masturbate or have sex I end up feeling depressed and anxious?

38:40 POLITICAL ANGER. I’m from Brazil. There’s a huge disempowered part of me that hates the system and wants to get away from it mainly when I see the abuses against poor, black and indigenous people in my country. Can you help me to be more at peace with it?

38:40 HOARDING. Why do people hoard? (Teal's Ask Teal episode on Hoarding coming soon)

1:00:20 NDEs, DEATH. Can you talk about what happens after death? Why are there so many different and conflicting spiritual views on death and on what happens after? Why can't science prove that there is more beyond death? Is it possible that that the suffering continues or that there is even more of it after death?

1:09:30 PARENTING: DISCIPLINING KIDS. How do you, in lack of a better word, discipline a kid? A toddler that don’t want to put on clothes to walk home from kindergarten. We can use up to 2 hrs to get out the door, there is snow and freezing so I can’t just carry her home in her t-shirt.

1:23:15 FEAR. Should we get rid of fear?

1:26:00 BLINDNESS. Could you talk about the universal perspective on blindness? What do you generally see when you look at soul’s contracts of those of us who came in as blind or visually impaired? What did we come here to teach?

1:30:40 HELPING SOMEONE OVERCOME AN ADDICTION. SMOKING. What is the common pattern or root cause for people to smoke? How can I support someone who wants to quit in the best way?

1:34:55 COFFEE. I am so in love with coffee. I feel wonderful when drinking a cup of good quality Oegandese eco coffee. I can handle more and am more creative. Is my vibration lower than coffee and is that why it has such an impact on me? I even feel in a more connected state to humanity. Thank you!

1:37:35 ROSACEA. How can I cure my Rosacea? (medical studies say there is "no cure") I've been doing intense shadow work and it persists. Also included - feeling like there is something wrong with you.

1:49:20 HELPING SOMEONE WHO’S SUICIDAL. I am in a situation where someone very close to me is suicidal. I am their only perceived person to confide in and I am worried that they are going to go through with it and how it will affect me. I'm afraid that they are too convinced that there is no hope for them. I don't know how to handle this situation. I also wonder why I am a match to this situation.

1:55:40 ADHD and DYSLEXIA. From a childhood on I have dyslexia and it goes through the generations of my family! My cousins have ADHD! We all didn´t have an easy childhood, school was horror for me. I always felt misunderstood and that nothing made sense to me. What does dyslexia mean and are ADHD and dyslexia connected? I have a trauma of being misunderstood by everyone!

2:03:10 INTERDIMENSIONAL COMMERCIALS. Are commercials targeted for us through another dimension? Or how does commercials work? I sometimes see ads on things I’ve been thinking about and I’m getting the feeling like it’s not only manifested by myself.

2:05:45 NATURAL BIRTH. How to best prepare for giving birth naturally?

2:09:10 WAKING UP FEELING TERRIBLE. I always wake up feeling terrible, I’ve tried many morning routines but this doesn’t change. Thoughts?
Also see - HERE for more info (33:30)

2:10:50 FINDING PURPOSE. How do i know if something is really my purpose? I am a teen and kinda lost, i like a few different things and don't know what to focus my energy on, i have a feeling that my real path is music but it terrifies me to think about it, what can i do?

2:14:35 WINNING THE LOTTERY. Can you tell me why I haven’t won the lottery yet? I feel like it is in my future and I have visualized my life after winning and held onto that feeling of abundance.

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