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    Philia - Teal Swan's Retreat Center

    Philia was created by the Spiritual Luminary, Teal Swan. Her vision was to build a retreat where people could awaken, heal and come alive in an atmosphere that is centered on human connection.  Today, that vision is a reality.

    Philia is a sacred space where healing occurs first and foremost through connection.  It is our intention that at Philia, each person will experience new depths of interpersonal connection, emotional intimacy and relationship.  In today’s fast paced and abrasive world, most of us spend our time on guard. We cannot truly be ourselves and let others really see into us because we don’t feel emotionally safe around other people. Philia is a place where people can be emotionally safe enough to dropping their masks and allow their full vulnerability to surface and to be held by others.  As a result, by visiting Philia you are opening yourself up to genuine heart to heart connections and friendships that can last a lifetime with both other guests and the people who live and work at Philia.

    The staff at Philia are all trained to be completely emotionally present with all guests as well as to facilitate The Completion Process. Many people who visit Philia, come to take a break from life. 



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