The Real Reason Relationships Fail (Seeing Their Reality) - Teal Swan

In this episode, Teal Swan reveals the real reason why relationships fail. Teal Swan explains that you could be living in a completely different reality from your spouse, partner or relationship. Our perceptions of reality are set up during childhood but we can fix this once we are aware that it is happening.

Video References

The Most Dangerous Parallel Reality: 5:05

Get on The Same Page (Relationship Advice) : 7:00

Attunement - The Key to a Good Relationship: 12:38

The Emotional Wakeup Call : 12:52

Teal Swan is an International Spiritual Leader. She offers perspective on a wide range of topics including relationships, anxiety, meditation, shadow work, the law of attraction, The Completion Process, healing, PTSD, emotions and spirituality

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