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  1. Your Parents Aren't The Problem... The Parents Within You Are!

  2. Objective Truth (Do We Create Our Own Reality?)

  3. One Way to Ruin a Relationship (The Love Doesn't Exist Story)

  4. You Can't Heal Yourself Out of a Desire!

  5. How To Find Your Excellence (The Recognition of Excellence is 100% Dependent Upon Desire)

  6. Karma (Does Karma Exist or Doesn’t It?)

  7. DEPRESSION (The Truth about Depression that No One Sees or Understands)

  8. Touch Deprived! (Touch…The Need You Are Suppressing)

  9. What Every Man Needs To Know About Women

  10. OVERLAY (What Prevents You From Having a Real Relationship) - Teal Swan

  11. The Lesson of Christ + Lucifer (Integrate Your Ego)

  12. Bulldozing (The Way To Ruin Your Relationship With Yourself)

  13. The Truth About Channels and Channeling

  14. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out and How to Cure It) Teal Swan

  15. Kundalini and How to Awaken Your Kundalini

  16. Hoarding (Understanding Hoarders and Hoarding Disorder)

  17. A Major Shift That Must Occur in the Mental Health Field

  18. Spirit Animals (What Is Your Spirit Animal and How To Find Your Spirit Animal)

  19. THE FUTURE - Teal Swan -

  20. Embarrassment (How to Handle Being Embarrassed)

  21. The Secret To A Happy Life - Teal Swan -

  22. Cancer (How to Cure Cancer?)

  23. FORGIVENESS (How to Forgive and Let Go)

  24. FAME (And The Human Ego) - Teal Swan -