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Teal Swan Online Workshop

INFO: You currently DO NOT have access to the next workshop livestream (January 17th 2021).
If you have a ticket please log in to the account that you got the ticket with. Alternatively, click here to get a ticket.
Next workshop: TBD
(What time is Mountain Time right now?)

Where can I watch this workshop?
On this page! When the workshop starts there will be a button here, taking you directly to the workshop video.

How can I ask a question?
You will be able to submit your question during the workshop. So our advice is - come up with a question in advance, write it down, and on workshop day simply paste it into the Q&A box!

Do I have to ask a question?
No, you can just watch the workshop.

How will Teal be answering questions?
It will be in a one-on-one fashion, like Teal's Online Workshops usually go. If you'd like to see an example, you can watch this workshop here - watch on YouTube

Will this be recorded?
Yes! We will record the video and share it with you within a few weeks.

Have more questions?
Feel free to email us at info@tealswan.com


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