• Let The Universe Choose Your Message

    The most basic law in this universe is the law of attraction. In short, the law of attraction is an observable law which dictates that the vibration a person holds, is mirrored physically in their reality. 
    “Let The Universe Choose Your Message” is designed to provide you with the specific message that you are the closest vibrational match to at the moment.

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    Arcturian Astral Travel Grid

    An Arcturian Lattice Grid that facilitates out of body experience and astral travel.  This grid is able to open traversable wormholes, which allows one’s consciousness to travel back and forth between different universes and different dimensions.



    The state of being in which two or more things are able to co exist and come together in combination without problems or conflict. 


    Arcturian Healing Lattice

    A lattice work of High Frequency Light that is run through the etheric body’s grid system in a specific isolated manner for the purpose of transforming the Core fear or negative ego programming from the person’s conscious, subconscious, and energy fields. It is a powerful emotional healing tool.


    Arcturian Awakening Grid

    The vibrational light grid used by the Arcturians to facilitate an awakening. The rough translation of its meaning is "the meanie" because of its reputation for forcing even the most closed down and resistant beings to wake up.



    The vibration of the state of being where one has unfolded and extended themselves so as to become unrestricted and accessible to the world including the beings in the world (for example other people).  This vibration is the opposite of concealment, privacy, secrecy and restriction.   This state of openness is as open to accepting/receiving as it is to projecting/giving.



    An Arcturian Light Grid that represents the path of progression to Aether as well as acts in and of itself as a doorway to Aether.  It can be activated much like a portal can be activated.  Aether is the spiritual material that permeates through time and space.  It is also referred to as Quintessence or the Fifth Element.  In order to access Aether, which is celestial in nature, one’s consciousness must transcend the terrestrial aspect of the universe.  With that level of consciousness a being has access to divine purity as well as omniscience and so, they become the embodiment of truth and the embodiment of light.  This vibration is so powerful in terms of its capacity to teach people to exit terrestrial limitations that it is not recommended for anyone who is practicing grounding or fully embodied tasks.  


    Devine Feminine Activation

    A Pleiadian Light Work Model designed to activate the divine feminine so that the highest feminine aspect can rise within you.  This aspect is often referred to as the inner goddess.  Having this light work model in your presence will help you to embody the qualities of divine feminine including restoration, life, renewal, creation, birth, healing, receptivity, openness, motherhood, nurturing, love, understanding, compassion, insight, intuition, wisdom, forgiveness, the moon, connection, harmony and sensuality.


    Arcturian Metamorphosis Grid

    An Arcturian light grid that catalyzes a process of development within a being. To understand this light grid, think of the process of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Its potential is eventually actualized as a result of the metamorphosis. The influence of this frequency causes change in alignment with growth, maturation and advancement. It will effect a person on any level where their development is impeded, whether it be on an energetic, emotional, mental or physical level.


    Arcturian Divine Order Grid

    The vibrational pattern used in Arcturian light healing chambers, which opens you up to assistance, guidance and direction from the universe. This is a good vibration for anyone seeking divine guidance and for anyone who has a difficult time trusting; whether that distrust is towards themselves, other people, their life process or the universe at large. This frequency carries the message that all will be right and all is working according to the grand master plan.


    Blue Ray Self Love Grid

    Self Love, The Arcturian Blue Ray Transmission The exact image of the vibrational Arcturian broadcast of "self oriented love". One healing modality used by the Arcturian race is Blue Ray healing. This transmission is one such healing frequency within the modality of Blue Ray healing.


    Human Self Awareness

    The vibration of the capacity for introspection and the ability to reconcile oneself as an individual human separate from the environment and other individuals.


    Positive Intention

    The vibration of intending a positive thing, destiny, objective, purpose or plan. This vibration directs the energy of desires with the choice and power of the will, so that desires become tangible realities. Intention brings about creation. This vibration propels the process of creation. It also ensures that whatever you create is created for the highest good of all. And as a side benefit, this vibration ‘protects’ you from those with negative intentions. This is a very good vibration for anyone with lofty goals. It is a good vibration for anyone who wants to maintain integrity and positive aim in their business or home. It is also good for anyone who wishes to maintain integrity or use the power of intention to create ‘good’ in the world.


    Out of Body Activation Grid

    A vibrational pattern used to induce inter-dimensional travel. Contrary to common understanding, inter-dimensional travel is not done by going out into the universe, it is done by moving into the self. The reality we perceive is a reflection of the self. To access higher dimensions including source itself, we do not travel outward, we journey inward. This vibration, as the name implies induces out of body experience and astral travel. It “kicks” people out of their limited perspective, and so it is useful whenever one wishes to alter their perspective on anything. It has a very similar effect on the consciousness of an individual as the traditional “medicine” called Ayahuasca.



    The vibration of the state of exalted happiness. This is one of the highest vibrations in our time-space reality. It is particularly good for anyone who suffers from depression, pessimistic thoughts, dysthymia, worry or seasonal affective disorder (seasonal light depression)



    The “thankfulness” form of gratitude. The appreciative acknowledgement of something that causes one to feel a deep sense of pleasure. This is one of the highest vibrations of all.


    The Cure

    An Arcturian light lattice that is designed to remedy and relieve any condition (such as a disease or unwanted state of being).  Unlike many other healing frequencies, this frequency does not necessarily induce conscious awareness or require the conscious awareness that then leads to healing.  It forces a being to entrain with the frequency of the 'perfected state' as opposed to the diseased or unwanted state.


    Sirian Solar Invocation Seal

    A vibrational pattern created by the Sirians which is specifically designed to draw and harness the energy of any star that is the center of a planetary system (called a sun).  This energy can then be used to create.  This frequency is a master vibration for manifestation of any kind.



    The vibration of resuming your progress and expansion so that you become new, fresh and strong again.  To begin again and this time even better, with more force and enthusiasm.  This frequency is ideal for anyone who has been through a dark night of the soul, reached a dead end, experienced a loss or had a collapse of some kind. It introduces vitality and rejuvenation to anything that lacks these qualities.



    The vibration of the feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable. Wonder can serve as a trigger, causing a being to feel joy.


    Worldly Abundance

    The vibration of abundance as it applies to worldly commodities (things that are physically manifested)



    The idea of the spirit of the wolf that is pervasive among indigenous peoples (and their spiritual rituals) in North America.



    A multi frequency painting done to invoke the watchers. Watchers have also been known as the angels of awakenedness. They watch over those on the path of awakening. These holy beings guard and assist. The watcher depicted in this painting is Sariel, the angel of forbidden knowledge.


    Voice Dialogue The One

    A piece that represents the vibration of the "process" of the aware ego. In other words... the process of the ego self discovering the true self/soul that expresses itself in multiple personalities or identities within one life. It is a vibration that will encourage one to integrate the complex energy patterns of the psyche. This then helps one to form a new, comprehensive, aware view of one's self within the world. It helps balance opposed facets of one's personality and brings one to the place of objective acceptance and allowing of one's self rather than self-criticism. In many ways, this vibration is the real healing process behind effective psychology.



    The vibration of objective truth. The kind of truth which is not subjective and is absolute.


    Triune Transformation

    The vibration of the transformation that is occurring within the universe and within the human psyche on both the levels of the eternal non physical and the temporary physical planes (form and non form) which will establish cosmic harmony.


    Transforming Fear

    The vibration of using fear into propel expansion. Fear was designed to be the main contrast that is causing universal expansion, because it is the opposite vibration of source (or god). This vibration helps us to recognize our fears and use our fear for our benefit instead of resist it. Fear is not your enemy. This vibration is beneficial for anyone who feels inhibited by their fear in any area of life.



    The vibration of the state of being tranquil, free from agitation of the mind, body or spirit.


    The Time Wielder

    An Arcturian Energetic Alteration Grid that enables a being to step outside the construct of time for any purpose and subsequently use their intention to manipulate time. There are too many potential applications for this particular frequency to list them. Anything that is inhibited or prevented by the restriction of time is enabled by this frequency.


    The Catcher

    A vibration used to "catch" (or trap) negative thoughts towards the self so that a person may express themselves without reserve and portray more of who they really are to the world


    The Flower of Life

    The pattern of creation. The energetic frequency of the seed of life. The birth of everything-ness from nothingness. This pattern will assist any and all creativity. It can be used as a gateway to other time space realities.


    The Catalyst

    The vibration of catalysis. This vibration causes a dramatic increase in the rate of our expansion. This vibration, is particularly strong and can cause extreme changes to your life and perspective. It chews up false beliefs so you are left with truth instead of illusion. This rate of dramatic change is not always pleasant, but it is always in alignment with your highest good.


    Thay Quote

    The vibrational representation of the following quote by Thich Nhat Hanh. "If you look deeply into the palm of your hand, you will see your parents and all generations of your ancestors. All of them are alive in this moment. Each is present in your body. You are the continuation of each of these people."



    The vibration of like vibrations being drawn together as a result of the Law of Attraction. People experience this vibration as two or more things that are meaningfully related. This vibration enhances synchronicity and enhances the effect of the Law of Attraction in your life. It is an excellent manifestation tool. This vibration helps you to perceive divine orchestration, which brings a sense of magic and meaning to your life.



    The vibration of letting go or relinquishing control (control of course being a byproduct of fear) and turning that control over to the universe at large. It is a "mixed" vibration. It contains both vibrational aspects of what is wanted and what is unwanted within it. It is a process vibration. It is particularly good at helping people to stop resisting whatever it is that they feel the need to control and to begin to have faith that if they turn over that control, they will be caught and held by source.



    The vibration of the Helianthus flower known commonly as the “sunflower”. The sunflower always moves itself in the most direct position to the sun so it can absorb the maximum sunrays. This is symbolic of what sunflower teaches. It teaches to follow happiness and joy, which are as life giving as the sun. The sunflower is considered to be very auspicious and it symbolizes both happiness and vitality. It is a symbol of faith because it is always seeking the light. This vibration is good for anyone who feels hopeless or is grieving. It is good for anyone who has trouble finding happiness, joy or laughter in their life.


    Star of Joy

    The vibration of the star Arcturus, as it is used in navigation. The Polynesians referred to Arcturus as the star of joy and used it to navigate east and north across the ocean to arrive at the big island of Hawaii. This painting helps one to “follow their joy”. It also helps those who practice out of body travel, to find their way to Arcturus.



    The vibration of the Stallion (a male horse that has not been gelded). It carries the vibration of any number of manifestations of freedom, power and sexual energy.


    Sri Yantra

    A dissolver of obstacles. The root of the word yantra means to "sustain". Traditionally, it represents the "abode" of the deities (true self), an area of sacred space protected from the disintegrating forces of chaos, (otherwise known as an upper dimension). Yantras (such as this) are used to aid a person in concentration of the mind leading to realization of the abstract principle which is the deep, inner meaning of the visible representation. The Sri Yantra is linked to the innate potential of human-ness instead of overcoming human limitations. It represents the fact that these the connection to source is inherent in the human body. We all have access to it at all times, but that we do not find it by going outside ourselves in search of it... Rather we find it by delving deeply within ourselves. The Sri Yantra has a VERY complex multidimensional vibration. I have greatly simplified it here for the purpose of an explanation. spending time with it is really the only way to absorb its full Meaning and significance. The Sri Yantra can help you with: Feeling alive, significant, meaningful and connected Awake-awareness Honesty Embodiment of free independent will Taking inspired action Harmony Staying Grounded Non Judgment Spiritual Knowledge Finding the true self Dispelling confusion Reaching upper dimensional awareness Union of male and female energy Understanding humanity Breaking vicious cycles that have no end unless you are honest with yourself. Open Heart Allowing others Wisdom Dissipating the feeling of "overwhelm" Moving swiftly and finding the quickest, most direct route to your desires Riding the wave of creativity Right Speech Recognizing Oneness...The molecules of your body are the same molecules that make up the cosmos which does not exist separate from you.


    Spiritual Guide

    The vibration of the intention to maintain spiritual alignment with the divine flow. But it is the specific intention that takes place when one not only intends to maintain that spiritual alignment, but also to translate and teach that spiritual alignment to others so that they may in turn me inspired and empowered.


    Speak From The Heart

    The vibration of the process of communicating the personal truth of your being, often called the “heart space”.


    Soul Retrieval

    The vibration of the shamanic intention/practice of retrieving and integrating the fragmented self in order to become whole. When a person experiences a life trauma, they dissociate and “split” their consciousness in order to move forward. But the “split selves” (most of which are child selves) remain imprinted in the past. This splitting creates negative imprints within a person’s energy field, most especially in the emotional body. This imprinting affects every aspect of a person’s life. Retrieving and re-integrating these lost aspects of ourselves is a key part of healing, becoming whole and realizing enlightenment. It is one of the highest forms of “spirit medicine” practiced in the shamanic tradition and it is a process often facilitated by plant medicines such as Peyote and Ayahuasca. This vibration is unanimously beneficial for all people. It is especially helpful for those who have PTSD or those who experienced unhappy childhoods.


    Soul Family

    The Vibration of TRUE Family, which is a Soul relation rather than a blood relation.



    The location and energetic blue print of the Sirius star system, 8.7 light years from our Sun.


    Sense of Security

    The vibration of the feeling state of surety in one’s safety and/or stability. It is an emotional state free from loss, fear, danger and risk. This is a very good vibration for those struggling with any kind of fear; particularly Anxiety disorders, PTSD, Borderline Personality, OCD, Panic attacks, Phobias


    Self Liberate

    The vibration of relinquishing the control and restriction you exercises on yourself. This vibration is particularly beneficial for setting us free from our 'emotional control strategies'


    Self Exploration

    The vibration of searching within the different aspects of one’s self for the purpose of self-discovery. This painting is designed to enable a person to align with total self-awareness on a spiritual, mental and physical level. It takes into account the multi dimensional nature of a human being and the multiple angles from which the “self” can be approached. This painting was commissioned originally for use in a psychologist’s office. It is a brilliant tool for anyone interested in gaining self awareness, anyone who helps others gain self awareness and anyone who desires to maintain an objective perspective.


    Reveal the Mystery

    A painting of the vibration which helps to clarify sensory reception and understanding when one is having an out of body experience or a dream. This allows the information gained during such an experience to be translated to the physical brain so it has conscious application in our physical, three dimensional lives.


    Return to Source

    The vibration of de-manifestation. This is the frequency of physical matter raising in frequency so as to re-join the frequency of pure source energy. It is a good vibration for anyone looking to enhance meditative or out of body states. It aids those who are currently feeling stuck to "see the big picture". It is also a very good vibration for anyone who wants to release resistance to death. It helps people "cross over" into other (higher) dimensions.


    Sacred Geometry Grid

    A vibrational grid designed to activate spiritual growth and creative power through wisdom and sincerity (a by-product of Objective Truth and Objective Perception).



    The state of mind resulting from feelings of a high vibrational nature that leads to a feeling of being captivated and subsequently "transported" by a lofty emotion.



    The vibration of the animal Corvus Corax. They bring the energy of Observation, Omen, Creation. Recognition of signs, Shape shifting, Transitions, Transition into the after life, Wit, Foretelling, Resilience, Messages from the unknown, The call to go in the correct direction for ourselves... especially when the path or truth is obscured. And most of all, a call to do our "shadow work", and thus focus on healing that which we try to avoid.


    Raise Your Vibration

    The vibration of altering the current amplitude and frequency of your energy field to a higher one. This brings about many positive changes in your life such as a positive and transcendent outlook on life, improved circumstances, an increase in health and vitality, the ability to manifest quicker, synchronicities, opportunities and the ability to perceive things beyond the physical dimension.



    The vibration of turning inspired vision into tangible matter. This vibration helps people to be productive. It is especially good for those who feel overwhelmed, apathetic or stuck.



    The vibration of the choice to stay true and grounded to one’s own personal truth. This state is not a resistant state of being; instead it is a state that seeks to find a meeting of minds with alternative perspectives and alternative personal truths. (This vibration is the opposite of the frequency of hypocrisy)


    Positive Focus

    The vibration of the process of narrowing your attention to concentrate on something that causes you to feel good at the exclusion of notice of things that cause you to feel bad. It is a vibration that falls into the category of gratitude. This is a fabulous vibration for anyone who wishes to enjoy their relationship or to attract a good feeling relationship. It helps people who are negatively focused or who struggle with depression, anxiety or any other disorder related to emotional negativity.


    Poised Assurance

    The vibration of the state of being balanced and steady in readiness to act or to express one'self with inspired confidence.


    Pleiadian Integration Lightwork Model

    The vibrational pattern designed by pleiadian healers (to be used in lightwork healing), which causes an organism to become whole. Much of our suffering is because we feel fractured or split into different parts. For example, your mind is split into conscious and subconscious. This vibration brings these “separate parts” together. It is excellent for anyone who does not feel whole and complete. This vibration also causes people to come together and work as a solid unit as well. It is a very nurturing and soft vibration, for this reason it is good for anyone who is currently suffering, especially those who have experienced trauma.


    Pleiadian "Coherence" Lightwork Model

    The vibrational pattern designed by early Pleiadian healers (to be used in lightwork healing), which causes an organism to come into a state of coherence (alignment) with Source energy. This vibration helps you to live in a state of coherence with your true self, with “the higher self”, with the world and with others. It enables you to “shine your light” as the saying goes.


    Pleiadian ‘Restore Harmony’ Light Work Model

    The vibrational pattern designed by Pleiadian healers (to be used in lightwork healing), which causes something or multiple things to come into a state of harmony. This vibration is an antidote to all forms of discord.



    The Vibration of the star cluster called Pleiades in the constellation Taurus, whose primary energy stems from it's nine brightest stars: Alcyone, Atlas, Electra, Maia, Merope, Taygeta, Pleione, Celaeno and Sterope. It is home to the extremely spiritually evolved and high frequency beings called the Pleiadians, whose purpose on our earth is to work through the layers of human consciousness to bring higher wisdom, greater connection and enlightenment to individuals during mankind's quest for the divine.


    Pineal Opening

    The vibration that occurs in conjunction with the Activation of the Pineal Gland in the human brain. The activation of the sixth chakra, otherwise known as the "third eye".


    Perfect Mate

    A commissioned painting of the energetic blueprint of a specific individual's perfect life partner.


    Origin of the Soul

    The vibration of the development of the identity across lifetimes, leading to the expansion and evolution of the eternal self.



    The vibration of being open and ready to know whatever it is that you are wanting to know.



    The vibration of the state of arranging or ordering things with the express intention of creating a sense of ease, clarity, simplicity and structure. This vibration is excellent for people who feel disorganized, overwhelmed, stressed or confused. This vibration puts an end to chaos. For this reason it is especially beneficial to have in the work place.



    The vibration of wistful desire to return in thought or in fact to a former time in one's life. A form of the emotion of sentiment.


    Non Attachment

    The vibration of the spiritual practice called non-attachment. In this practice, one learns how to release attachment to outcomes or permanence. It is to culture desire without desperation for what we desire. This vibration helps a person to release their grasping to people, concepts, things, cravings etc. When a person releases their grasping, they come into a vibration of allowing and non-resistance and as a result they experience both peace and a heightened perspective.



    The vibration of supporting, encouraging and fostering the development of something.



    The Greeting Form of Namaste, which is an acknowledgment of the soul in one by the soul in another... "no superiority, no inferiority... not even equal... we are one".


    Moving Forward

    The vibration of forward momentum as it applies to human life. We have the tendency to hold ourselves back in out lives because of fear or limiting beliefs. This vibration helps you to not hold yourself back. It is an especially good vibration when one feels stuck or plateaued. It greatly amplifies success and progression.


    Moving Beyond

    The vibration of extracting the meaning out of a situation and letting go of the rest. This works especially well when trying to move past struggles. It helps you to find the meaning inherent in the situation and keep what serves you while letting go of what does not.


    Mermaid Fable

    The Frequency of the famous Fable of the young mermaid who was willing to give up her life in the sea and her identity as a mermaid to gain a human soul.



    The vibration of the geometric pattern that the light body or energy field of a person takes on when their consciousness is no longer purely focused physically and is now able to travel (or is traveling) through other dimensional realities. The fully activated Merkabah indicates that a person is able to integrate and transform their body, mind and spirit into one pattern of light. Thus, it is a form of consciousness induced light travel. This vibration is especially helpful for astral travel, OBE, accessing the Akashic record, inter-dimensional travel and connecting/communicating with extra dimensional beings.


    Meditation Aid

    A composite vibration designed to enhance meditation. This vibration cuts through duality and unifies physical and non physical, temporal and spiritual. This vibration awakens the body and causes kundalini energy to rise. It helps your consciousness to be able to come and go to and from the physical plane of existence at will. And it affects your perception of time space reality, thus opening you up to alternative dimensions.



    This Frequency Painting represents a message from the constellation that was encoded on the planet as a crop circle. The message is as follows... roughly translated into -like- words... "We are LYRA. Your progress toward the Light is quite critical to the unfolding of physical creation. You are now in the midst of a very accelerated evolutionary period. We do not intend to interrupt your society's evolutionary process. However, we also have multidimensional agreements with your race to ensure that no other race interrupts your evolutionary process (as some intend to do). Our intention is to use our influence and our abilities to guide you toward your prophesied destiny. This obligation is one of our most sacred tasks. We have taken this agreement on after a long series of discussions among ourselves and the Spiritual Hierarchy. This message stands as our acceptance and as our pleasure to combine our energies, which you may now access at any time you should choose." It is then "Signed"according to human dimensional understanding with a time-space relational map of the location of the Lyran Light Network.



    The vibration of the family of Squamate reptiles that are part of the sub order Lacertilia. The lizard can help you with transformation and re growth. It brings contemplative ecstasy... And represents the soul that seeks enlightenment within the larger universe with humility. It helps you to do the best you can, with what you have from where you are.



    It is the vibration which shows up when a light body is expressing the idea that a person's life path takes them in many different directions but it always leads to the same place of wholeness and ultimately enlightenment. And that even when you feel as if you are faced in the wrong direction, you are not lost. Instead, you must simply stop looking for straight lines because life is never like that..


    Kodiak Bear

    The vibration of the animal Ursus Arctos Middendorffi. It carries the energy of Protection, Introspection, Solitude, Hibernation, Dream Time, Healing, Communication with Spirit, Thoughtfulness, Natural Strength, Intuition, Territoriality, Grounded-ness and Leadership.


    Kindred Soul

    The vibration of coming together in space and time with the soul's counterpoint. The physical dimension is a time space reality of polarity. Polarity such as male and female. This is the vibration of the gender form of coming together with your polar aspect and thus.... experiencing the sensation of being whole with someone whom despite being the opposite gender shares your beliefs, attitudes or feelings with you.


    Jovial Optimism

    The vibration of cheerful, friendliness and optimism that leads to a feeling of trust for the process of life and the universe.



    The vibration of the shamanic medicine called Kambo, which is a secretion taken from a jungle frog. This vibration helps to purge one of their emotional agony and suffering, what the natives used to call “panema”. Because of this it is a superior healer for the heart. It also strengthens the immune system and causes a catharsis, whereby the being releases all that serves to keep it stuck or low.


    I now show my unique self

    The vibration of the affirmation and action of expressing your unique personality to the world. It is an especially good vibration for anyone who has low self esteem and a lack of self confidence.


    I Trust Myself to Create

    The vibration of trusting/having confidence in your ability to create enjoyable experiences for yourself and what is in line with your highest good. A very good frequency for anyone who is stuck in victim mentality or who does not trust themselves or other people.



    The vibration of expansion as it applies to the 3rd dimension. Enhancing or furthering what IS with regards to the physical dimension by giving rise to new thought and aligning with that thought, which thereby brings it into physical expression.


    Human Ascension

    The vibration of humanity ascending so as to unite with higher levels of consciousness and higher dimensions as well as to unite with humanity's many star families.


    Human Intimacy

    The vibration of willing openness that occurs when human beings engage in a relationship where they allow themselves to meet at the heart center, withholding nothing from one another on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. This willing openness allows for meaningful sensuality between them.



    The vibration of the concept of Honu, an sacred symbol of the life force, longevity and endurance.



    The frequency of the animal Equus Ferus Caballus. They Represent Power, Grace, Beauty, Nobility, Strength, Freedom, Enhancement, Forward movement, Uninhibited expression of the self, Pursuit, A bridge between the dream world and the physical world. Original Painting available, includes matching black frame.



    The vibration of the feeling of expectation that a certain desired thing will happen or come to fruition. This vibration is helpful for anyone who feels hopelessness or despair. It inspires a feeling of trust. Hope is a particularly helpful vibration for those who struggle to stay optimistic. It helps people to feel that what they want, can be had and that all will turn out for the best.


    Higher Purpose

    The vibration of finding alignment with your eternal, higher self so as to allow your mortal self to unfold according to your life purpose.


    Financial Freedom

    The vibration of the spiritual expansion that is enabled by manifesting the kind of wealth that one is able to live freely and absent of any kind of financial limit.



    The vibration of the feeling state of excitement, happiness and elation. This frequency is an antidote for depression, apathy, laziness, discouragement, disappointment, worry and sadness.



    The vibration of coming into your own power. This is not the coming into power over other people. Rather it is coming into the power of one's own creator/God self nature. This vibration transforms vibrations of victimhood into inner victory. It can be thought of as the vibration that turns lemons into lemonade.



    To summon or call forth or create. It is the first focused vibration within the universe leading to the creation of three dimensional life, a Bridge between non physical and physical.


    Elucidate Me

    This is the vibration of the verb form of expressing the self in a way that serves to clarify or clear up confusion about oneself and create understanding in another about you. This vibration helps people to understand themselves and it helps other people to understand you. This is a particularly good vibration for shy people or introverts who struggle with understanding themselves and explaining themselves to others. It assists a great deal with self-expression and public speaking.



    The vibration of becoming manifest or known. This vibration is a “creation vibration”. It amplifies all forms of creation whether that creation is the creation of a new thought or thing or a new version of self or a new life. In order to emerge, something must move out or away from something and come into conscious awareness. Just as a child must emerge from the mother, our creations must emerge from us and if we wish to reinvent ourselves, our new self must emerge from our old self. Even truth emerges from the unconscious to become conscious. In short, this vibration causes things to emerge. It causes birth on every level.


    Emotional Expression

    The vibration of expressing one’s emotions. This vibration heavily involves the third, fourth and fifth chakras. It causes an emotional catharsis and makes it impossible to suppress emotion. It “pops the lid off” of emotions and gets you in touch with your emotions. It has been known to cause breakdowns in those who are trying to “keep it together” despite intense emotional tension or pressure. This is an ideal vibration for anyone who is not in touch with emotions or who commonly suppresses their emotions. It is also ideal for anyone who is trying to “keep it all together” to the detriment of his or her true joy or true needs. This vibration facilitates authentic communication; because of this it is an ideal tool for conversation between people, making it a favorite for counselors, life coaches and psychologists.



    The Vibration of the neurotransmitter Dopamine, synthesized from amino acid Levodopa. Dopamine causes: Alertness; Motivation; enthusiasm (notice how similar it is to the enthusiasm vibration); motor control; immune function; Ego hardening, confidence, optimism; Sexual Desire; Fat loss; lean muscle gain; Bone density; ability to sleep soundly; Inhibits prolactin; thinking, planning, and problem solving; Increase psychic and creative ability; Reduction of compulsivity; Processing of pain; Increase sociability.



    The thought form of reptilian/serpentine nature that is rampant throughout the world of mythology. They carry the vibration of Magic, Wizdom, DNA Activation, Auspiciousness, Luck, Power, Strength, and the ability to choose in life whether to become malevolent or benevolent in one's actions. They are quite common to run into in the lower levels of out of body experience because they have been a part of the human mind in all cultures around the world for so long.


    Drastic Change

    The vibration of making a change that has a strong, far reaching effect that dramatically propels expansion within the universe and within oneself.



    The vibration of embracing diversity, The unity possible when we embrace difference instead of resist it. Such as... skin color or being gay or straight, etc.



    The vibration of the state of transcending traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, to create meaningful new things, ideas, forms, patterns, methods, interpretations etc. This vibration is helpful for anyone looking to tap into their creative potential and embrace their creativity. In other words, this vibration helps you become more creative. It is particularly helpful for people who feel “stuck in reality”. It is also particularly helpful for anyone who does not trust their own creator nature especially his or her own ‘unique artist within’.



    The vibration of the Awareness which Source mind experiences of it's own vortex patterning. This Awareness leads to the natural vibratory elevation that comes along with "getting into the vortex". In other words, aligning with one's own non physical source stream which is constantly offering a flow of energy to and through you in your physical life. This painting pulls energy in, instead of outputs it!



    The positive form of the act of expressing a message of conviction that is meant to convince another.


    Creative Progress

    The vibration of making progress with one’s creative endeavors and manifestations. This vibration is brings things to fruition. It is a good vibration for anyone who feels stuck. It is designed to move things forward.



    The vibration of the feeling state of physical, emotional and mental ease. It causes the alleviation of pain, distress and constraint. This vibration causes a soothing, cozy or settled sensation and dispels with discomfort of any kind. It is an ideal vibration for those who feel the need to cope. It is ideal for those who seek comfort in unhealthy ways, like binge eating or smoking or compulsive shopping. This vibration is a perfect vibration to enhance the atmosphere of a bedroom or living room. It is also the perfect vibration for a guestroom; to help guests feel at ease.



    The vibration of the vortex like portal between the fourth dimension and the fifth dimension. It assists one in accessing the fifth dimension once they have reached an out of body state. This vibration is especially helpful to enhance lucid dreaming.


    Come Together

    The vibration of people coming together.  This vibration assists people to create social coherence and unification.  It facilitates cooperation and it dispels interpersonal conflict.  This vibration is useful for people who feel lonely.  It is also a very good vibration to have anywhere where people gather.



    The vibration of the vocation that is inherently fulfilling to your being. This vibration helps you to align with a fulfilling career that unfolds, develops, and builds on it'self.



    The frequency of the animal known as Papilionoidea. They represent the energy of Transformation, Resurrection, Spiritual Evolution, Transition, Celebration, Lightness, and the freedom of the soul.



    A vibration seen in the auric field when one begins to grow or progress rapidly. It signifies a period of rapid expansion. This vibration is good for anyone who feels stuck or ready for the next phase of their lives to begin. This causes a person to flourish.


    Breaking Through Barriers

    The vibration of having broken through the structures (real and imagined) that prevent you from accessing what you desire. This vibration removes obstructions. This vibration is especially designed to assist the soul to break through barriers that are created by the ego. Because this frequency works on any barrier that may be present, this frequency is beneficial for anyone no matter what space they are currently in. It is known to dissolve desperation, stuck-ness, despair and hopelessness.


    Blue Ray Transcendence Grid

    The Arcturian Blue Ray Healing Transmission as it applies to transcending limitations and struggle. It contains the truth that when we accept what was and allow it to transform us, we are resurrected. It is a particularly good vibration for anyone who struggles with the past (such as deep childhood wounds). It is also good for anyone who feels as if they cannot move beyond something to a higher place of healing.



    Birth Into Physicality It represents the frequency of the openness and allowing that must take place within both mother and child for a new being to come forth physically through the birth canal into this world.



    The vibration of growth and integration as a pair after two polar attributes come together (such as male female) and form a couple.



    The frequency of the cross quarter holiday of Beltane, which is the last of the three spring fertility festivals of ancient times.


    Awakened Poet

    The vibration of expressing perspective through written language; most especially, the perspective held by “source” itself. It is a particularly good vibration for those suffering from writers, musicians or artists block. It is a good vibration for anyone who wishes to express their perspective to the world through any medium.


    Authentic Relationship

    The vibration of a romantic relationship between a man and a woman that is balanced, committed and authentic.



    The vibration of a solar system (in general instead of one specific solar system). The stars, which are the dominant celestial bodies in solar systems, contain the ingredients necessary for life itself. They contain the potential building blocks for creation.


    Ascended Reunion

    The vibration of “two” coming together again after a period of separation so as to experience being a unified whole where that reunion marks the dawn of an awakening to new understandings and the creation of a new form of existence. This vibration draws to you, the people who are a match to your frequency and whose presence will elevate your consciousness. It causes meaningful reunions, and most especially unions with people who are essential to your awakening, progression and ascension.



    The Location of the Planet in the Bootes constellation that is home to the Arcturian race. It is slightly over 36 light years from our Planet V.24.3, which is the name they use for earth.


    Arcturian Immunity Grid

    The vibration of the multi dimensional healing grid created by the Arcturians for the purpose of activating immunity. This grid creates a vibration of exemption from harm or negative impact. It activates "immunity" on the physical, mental and emotional level. This frequency is particularly beneficial for anyone seeking healing. It is especially useful for those who feel vulnerable and unstable. It is also highly useful for those with impaired or taxed immune systems (such as those who have been diagnosed HIV positive).


    Arcturian Conjunction Grid

    A vibration used in Arcturian Blue Ray Healing. Also called “The Great Conjunction”. It facilitates joint and simultaneous improvement on a vibrational, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Many people get frustrated because they feel they must pick one thing (of many) to improve about themselves or their lives. This vibration enables a person to multitask. It is known to cause dramatic improvement in many areas of your life at one time. It is often a vibration used on beings who have experienced a collapse in multiple areas of their life at once. This is the best vibration to use if you find yourself feeling like “when it rains, it pours” in reference to your own life.


    Arcturian Ascension Grid

    It is a VERY vibrationally strong light grid used to help beings to seek, communicate with and integrate with their multidimensional aspects. It helps beings to greatly expand their consciousness and awaken to a state that is free of the limitations and illusions of identifying too strongly with one aspect of one's self (for example one's identity in the third dimensional perspective).


    Anahata - Heart Chakra

    The vibration of the heart chakra. The heart chakra is the fourth chakra and it is associated with healing, love, empathy, unity and devotion. This vibration activates and opens the heart chakra.



    The vibration of the strong inspiration to do or to achieve something. This is the positive form of ambition. It is a most beneficial vibration for those who struggle with apathy, discouragement or low energy levels.



    The Frequency of Aligning with Source, which subsequently leads to the manifestation of everything you could desire from perfect health to a great relationship to abundance.


    Activating Potential

    The vibration of setting in motion one’s innate, dormant potential so that one’s latent talents, qualities, abilities and purpose can come to fruition and manifest in the physical dimension. It is a fabulous vibration for anyone, no matter where they are in their lives. This is an especially good vibration for children or those who feel stuck where they are in their lives. It helps those who have lost touch with their purpose to find it.


    Arcturian Calming Grid

    Also called the “Promoter of Peace”, this grid is used in Arcturian Blue Ray Healing. It is used to dissolve conflict both internally for an individual and also between individuals. This resolution of conflict enables cohesive movement forwards. It is called the “Promoter of Peace” because it is used literally to promote peace in the face of conflict or potential conflict among beings. This frequency causes a calming of disharmony in all of its various forms. It is a great frequency for anyone who struggles with anxiety. It is also a great vibration for the work place or in government systems where conflicting points of view often give rise to external conflict. This frequency relieves one’s life of drama and it promotes inner peace within oneself as well as peace between people.

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  • "

    Any belief or method that is being used to fuel denial is by definition an enemy to awakening, enlightenment, awareness and expansion.


    He who copes with the world the best is often the one who will do the very least to change it.  Instead, he will do the very most to teach everyone else how to cope with it.


    The dream that will not die in me is the dream of creating a world that people do not have to cope with.

    "You will start living a life that is worth living for, as soon as you start thinking and saying and doing things that are worthy of your life"

    The 28th of October Marks the end of one of the harmonic wave shifts leading up to the complete frequency shift within the universe (the 9th to be exact). Old ways are dissolving, giving birth to the next evolutionary level of the third dimension. So if you feel like your life is falling apart, you are not alone and you are just experiencing the ground-lessness of huge change. Focus on what you want this life to look like and the gifts you intended to bring to this world. Let all of the rest of it go. Things should settle a bit in the weeks to follow!

    "If you aren't controversial, you aren't yet being yourself "
    "The only things you can lose are things that you have to lose in order to find something infinitely more valuable."

    The 28th of October Marks the end of one of the harmonic wave shifts leading up to the complete frequency shift within the universe (the 9th to be exact). Old ways are dissolving, giving birth to the next evolutionary level of the third dimension. So if you feel like your life is falling apart, you are not alone and you are just experiencing the ground-lessness of huge change. Focus on what you want this life to look like and the gifts you intended to bring to this world. Let all of the rest of it go. Things should settle a bit in the weeks to follow!


    You were not born to use this life to refine or improve yourself. You were born to use this life as a canvas to paint yourself across.

    "It is easy to become discouraged when we realize how much the past effects the "now". But we can also look at this truth and realize how much the now effects the future. This can give rise to much hope if we let it that the future changes the second we change the now. We create the future we want to see by taking incremental steps to becoming what we want to see in the very moment we are standing in. Here and Now. So... What are you waiting for?"

    Your ego is like a seed. Your soul is like a plant sprout that can't escape the security of that seed. "I'll keep you safe", it says. But if you let it, your soul, just like that plant sprout, will never see the light of day.

    "It takes a tremendous amount of courage for us to stop beating ourselves up and let go of the illusion that we are unacceptable and inherently bad the way we ARE. As humans, we are deeply afraid that if we don't punish ourselves on a daily basis that nothing will drive us to success or to goodness. This... Is a lie we've been conditioned to believe. Time to let it go."

    We need to look at suffering as a whole instead of in parts. We need to look at the big picture of suffering (which we are a part of), instead of isolated incidents that cause suffering (which we are often not a part of). When we look at a war somewhere in the world or at someone else's tragedy, the suffering involved feels out of our control. We feel powerless to the suffering in the world because the problem is over there and we are over here. But when we consider suffering as a whole, suddenly we are not powerless to it and we can make an impact. Our lives can become a vow to reduce suffering in the world. How do we reduce suffering? By opening the door for a stranger, by offering someone a smile, by petting a dog, by encouraging each other, by looking for and creating beauty in the world.

    "Ego is born of fear and the illusion of separateness. It does everything to control, and avoid the fear that maintains it... In other words... It's main goal is to ensure that you do not experience the true self. For if this happened, it would cease to exist. and survival at all costs is it's primary goal."
    "The people who trigger us, or cause us to feel negative emotion are messengers. They are messengers for the unhealed parts of our being."
    "We assume that our physical surroundings are the stable, firm basis of reality. As if density and form itself are the true test of what is "real". But we are wrong in our assumption. It is the density of physical form that obscures the truth from our physical senses. Reality... is actually completely 100% relative to the vibratory frequency of the observer."
    "After I die, the spiritual teachers that will come to teach you, will make my teachings obsolete. Like all things that are born, they are meant to die in this way. So I say, let my teachings die and do not cling to them. Let them be replaced in your heart by something even better. For this, is the beauty of expansion. "
    "Many Years ago, Jules Verne wrote a collection of improbable stories about crafts which flew in the atmosphere, space ships, lunar explorations and submarines. These ideas, were improbable. Jules was seen as a creative but eccentric fool, unwilling to reside in reality. And his stories were isolated to the realm of science fiction. But here we are in the year 2012... with airplanes, submarines, the space shuttle and we have walked on the moon. Now... who is the fool and who is the visionary? We must learn to break free of the limitations of our own mind, for it is molding the very fabric of our reality. The future is created by the the "improbable" ideas of today. Visionary thinkers always run into resistance from those who would feel safer if everyone would conform to a consensus about what is real and what is possible. But... This should not stop those unique people who don't live in the prison of this kind of fear, from pushing the envelope."
    "What sets youth apart from adults, is their ability to recognize and surrender themselves to happiness. Happiness is straightforward for children until the adults around them present a complicated version of happiness, and urge them to agree with it."
    "Relationships can be the greatest source of joy. They can also be the greatest source of suffering. This suffering occurs the moment that we begin to expect the other person to provide our joy for us with their specific behavior. The minute we ask someone to be the source and cause of our own happiness, we lose all power, we live at the mercy of someone else's alignment or misalignment, we expect them to live according to our own idea of happiness, instead of their own. And most importantly, we lose connection with the only relationship that truly matters. The relationship between you and ...you. A healthy, loving, consistent relationship with another person is always and only the by product of a healthy, loving and constant connection between you and ...you."
    "Under normal conditions, we humans experience ourselves only partially. We experience ourselves only through a thick veil of beliefs, images, ideas, memories, desires, external expectations, labels, assumptions, and the things that we think we know. This veil is sewn across the fabric of our true self. And it is sewn so tightly that we seldom see the fabric of ourselves underneath. "
    "The Death of December 28th 2011... A poem about a death I attended very recently that impacted me unusually strongly... Over the choir of the hour, I hear the minute whisper, that life is a series of seconds, strung together one by one. A happy life is nothing more than a succession of happy seconds. But I watch this woman before me, as I hold her in my arms, twisting with fear and writhing in the agonized resistance to death as she advances towards it with every breath she takes. (Read Teal's poem, The Death of December 28, 2011.) "
    "We do not fear the unknown, we fear what we think we know about the unknown"
    "So often we come into this life and look at this world as if it is broken and the question we keep asking ourselves is... "what does the world need?". We live our lives searching for the answer to this question and by doing this, we have it backwards. Instead, we need to ask ourselves what makes us come alive. and then... we need to have the courage to go do THAT. Because what the world needs, is this: people who have come alive."
    "Uncertainty is the only certainty there is. And true security is the result of anchoring oneself to the certainty of uncertainty."
    "Most human government starts out with the intention of instituting law which is in the best interest of the people which it governs. The problem with this is... any time someone thinks they know what is best for any person other than themselves, they have stepped outside the boundary of free will."
    "The very concept of "deserve" implies that one must first serve, qualify or earn to receive. This is a problem because nothing you could ever do could make you unworthy of what you desire. And what you desire already belongs to you, whether it has manifested yet or not."
    "The highest form of human intelligence is not to be able to conceive of what we are. Instead, it is to be able to observe ourselves without judgment."
    "Manifestations are creations of our own consciousness. In reality, they are not granted by anything or anyone. Once they are created by our own consciousness, they are either allowed or disallowed by our own thoughts, words and actions here in our waking physical life."
    "Resistance within human society and astrology alike is high the last week so if anyone is experiencing health issues, finding it hard to get anything done, and really feeling like they're faced upstream... you aren't crazy and you aren't alone."

    Everything you want is already yours. It belongs to you regardless of whether you realize it yet, or have manifested it yet. There is an inherent ownership of everything you have ever desired, do desire or will ever desire. The trick to manifesting what you want is to recognize that inherent ownership. The trick is to recognize that you do not deserve something, you "inown" it.

    "We are living unbalanced lifestyles in environments of ever increasing toxicity. This has led to an epidemic condition which is at the heart of nearly all recurrent illness: Congestion of the liver. Flushing the liver is therefore a key stone for achieving health in today's world. As a medical intuitive, it is my duty to expose a health crisis plaguing human society today, which is congestion of the liver. This condition is at the heart of nearly all recurrent illness. (Read Teal's article, Liver Congestion, a Growing Epidemic.) "
    "Faith can only occur in the absence of knowing"
    "Acceptance is the currency of love"
    "Many people believe that faith is the absence of doubt. This could not be further from the truth. We only think that faith is the absence of doubt when we confuse faith with knowing."
    "This world is full of so much Joy. It is around you all day every day. You simply have to re-train yourself to see it. For those of you who have come to know the chronology of my life, and the emotional distance I have traveled from where I was to where I am now, you will know that I speak of the journey from suffering to joy from personal experience. I have been there. I have walked that road myself. Now I speak to you of what I know. What I know is that suffering creates suffering and the ONLY way to change that in the world is to become JOY and begin infecting other people with it. If you become joy, you will not make other people unhappy and the cycle of suffering... ends. Why do I care? Because I am you. Your suffering is the world's suffering. You can not suffer and not have it affect EVERYTHING in existence. (Read more of Teal's article, Your Life, Your Joy.)"
    "Doubt is merely another kind of faith. It is faith in the negative instead of faith in the positive."
    "Pride is the defense of insecurity. If you lose pride and face the insecurity, there is nothing left to defend. And that is a profound form of relief."
    "Like faith, doubt is a bridge between thinking and believing. It is best to only build the bridge of doubt between thoughts that feel bad to think and things you don't want to believe. It is best to build the bridge of faith only between thoughts that feel good and things you want to believe. When we begin to experience pain, is when we build the bridge of doubt between thoughts that feel good to think and things we want to believe."
    "Your true self (higher self as some call it) has not GONE anywhere. It is with you all the time, waiting for the very moment that you go looking for it."
    "Authenticity is the highest state of being that a spiritual practitioner can achieve. In fact in the years to come, authenticity will become the replacement for enlightenment as the true goal of spiritual practice."
    "Real gifts are usually not very easy. They are what we need, not necessarily what we want."
    "Why is it so easy to gain clarity about someone else's problems and so difficult to gain clarity about your own? Because looking at the world from your own perspective is like looking through a pair of binoculars. And when you are looking through the binoculars, you cannot see the binoculars themselves."
    "To hold on to the past always creates suffering, even if it was wonderful."
    "Living hell is the state of running from the inner fire of our unwanted emotions, looking for escape routes (of which there are plenty); only to discover that every escape route is in fact a dead end. The only way out, is in."
    "The universe is opening it's arms for another death today. It is a lesson in detachment, a call to look for that which is beyond death. An opportunity to let one's self be where they are. Even if that place, is grief. "
    "The soul mate/twin flame relationship is not a relationship which will always feel like joy. It will also feel uncomfortable. It is designed to both initiate and support you through your discomfort. Discomfort is the feeling of being confronted by your surfacing 'shadow'. The fate that you feel within the relationship, is the destiny inherent within the relationship. A destiny that was decided upon by you before your birth. The destiny is that you will lead each other straight into the discomfort of integrating what you were trying to use each other (and other previous partners in your life) to avoid. But you will be holding hands as you walk into that discomfort. "
    "Death is not the same as extinguishing the light of someone's life, It is merely putting out a lamp... because the DAWN has come."
    "You spend your life using lovers to avoid your pain; to avoid your suppressed grief and anger and fear. You enter the twin flame relationship thinking that he/she will be your best hope of doing just that. You imagine that you will finally be happy and whole because they are in your life. But to your surprise, your twin flame leads you straight into the discomfort you were trying to avoid. All of your un-integrated aspects surface for integration so that you can become whole in and of yourself once more. What makes the twin flame unique is that he/she holds your hand through this process of self-liberation whilst you are holding their hand through the very same process, which is simultaneously taking place within them. The manifestation of the twin flame is the manifestation of the path of integration."
    "What is true for the individual, will be true tomorrow for the the whole nation. What is true today for the the whole nation, will be true tomorrow for the whole world. And so you see, the truth we want to create for the world, is the truth we create for our individual selves each day that we take in breath here in our individual lives, which only SEEM separate."
    "Empathy is not a state that is accessible to those who are afraid to feel negative emotion"
    "I was inspired to write a poem to my students after a workshop I held in March 2012, where I encountered an understandable but unfavorable response (which I get often) to one of my suggestions. The response was "You don't understand how hard it is". I wanted to explain to those who see me as an awakened teacher that people often get to the place of being awakened by suffering, like I did. And thereby explain that I do understand how hard it is. But that not only does it not have to be hard but also that hardship is often what creates in us, the very transcendence that we seek and that I have achieved. (My Students)"
    "Humility is not a virtue, it is a beautiful but thin, sparkling sugar coat for Servility"
    "Death is nothing more than a withdrawal of consciousness. And though our limited senses do not make it seem so, the loved ones who have experienced a physical death are closer to you in death than they even were in life. Because for them, there is no distance, space or time."
    "You are indivisible from that which you call God, which means that any act that is not self-loving is true blasphemy. "
    "We are powerless the minute we try to control what WAS because we can not touch it. So instead... change what you can touch...the now. Shape it into what you want it to be... the future."
    "Upon reflection, I find I am a hunter. I make my living killing sacred cows. Sacred cows that no longer serve us. What are the sacred cows? They are preciously held beliefs, which are embedded within humanity's consciousness. And it is time for them to die."
    "I wanted to send out a personal thank you to everyone who gave me such wonderful love and messages for my birthday this year. I sat down for over an hour reading every single one of them. And It nearly brought me to tears. I ended up feeling... AMAZING and LOVED. You all mean so very very much to me. You made my birthday an incredible day. Thank you again and again. "
    "Your emotions are like children. They are begging to be mothered and fathered. They are begging to be unconditionally loved. They, like you as a child, do not want to hear that they shouldn't be the way they are; that they need to be different. They don't want to be changed. They want to be given permission to be the way they are. They want to be loved exactly as they are. And we unconditionally love our emotions by being willing to unconditionally feel them."
    "The synchronicities and signs in our lives, DO NOT make sense in the middle of the journey. We are entrusted to follow our instinct, our intuition, our "gut" from one to the next as if we are arranging puzzle pieces on a table with no idea of what picture they will make. But it is my solemn promise that in the end... If you follow the signs in your life, the picture of your life, your purpose and your destiny will come into full view. Every tiny detail which once seemed random, will instead look like graceful order. IT WILL ALL make sense and you will be leveled by the cosmic beauty of it. And you will realize you were being led straight to it all along. Trust your signs. Trust yourself."
    "The day you betrayed yourself completely, was the day that you decided you would only be with yourself based on the condition that you felt good. So you have been trying to feel good all your life, so you could be with yourself and feel whole again... instead of realizing that you could just decide to be with yourself here and now, regardless of how you feel. "
    "Life is not something which you were condemned to. You feel this way because you have forgotten your DECISION to come forth into physical expression and experience. You chose into this life. You did so from the highest of perspectives. So.... there must be something in it for you! That "something" is indicated by your joy so... follow it and find out what you were thinking in the first place!!!"
    "The reason we suffer from anything, is not because of the thing itself, but because of our resistance to it."
    "There are no classes in school that we can take that teach us how to be good mothers, and given the loss of community within western society, most of us did not grow up in communities where we have seen the full process of menarche to menopause. But the moment a child is born, we are born. Now what do we do from there? (Read all of Teal's article, The Secret To Being A Good Mother.)"
    "The way out of our negative emotions is into our negative emotions. The way out of our illusions is into our illusions. The way out of our suffering is into our suffering."
    "It may be painful to really see ourselves. It may be painful to really look at our own bodies, our own "flaws" and our own truths deeply for what they are. But I assure you the cost of NOT looking is far greater. To not look, is to lose connection with who and what we really are. To not look is to lose our connection with our precious human lives, with this earth and with ourselves."
    "The world will remain as brutal as our level of desensitization to its brutality "
    "Enlightenment is not about the miracles we are all looking for. It is not about stigmata, it is not about psycho-physical accomplishments, it is not about siddhis. These are merely by-products of spiritual practice. Enlightenment is about becoming the embodiment of awakening. The true miracle of enlightenment is embodying the highest truth. The true miracle of enlightenment is the joy and freedom and wisdom inherent in our life here and now as we live it. Enlightenment is not about transcending your human-ness. It is about allowing your humanness to embody your eternal spirit (the perspective of God) in simple every day moments such as walking, sleeping, conversing, using the toilet, eating and doing anything that comes with being fully alive."
    "Gangs are not the cause of the problems within society. They are instead a symptom of the deeper problems within society. The deep, multi generational pain that is suppressed and then transferred from adult to child is what drives people to the harmful actions that we associate with gangs. And until we are willing as a society to face and address that pain, like any symptom, the gang violence will only continue to grow."

    People who love themselves pick the path of least resistance. Picking the hard way is not " virtuous" -  it is self punishment.

    "The worst thing you could do in your life is to be determined NOT TO BE EFFECTED by life. This is the harm that the glorification of the "enlightened guru" has done to us. The enlightened guru seems unaffected by life. This could not be further from the truth. The enlightened person lets himself be completely penetrated by life, but in the absence of resistance to that penetration, in the absence of resistance to being affected, there is nothing in him for life to injure or destroy. If you strive to be unaffected by life, the resistance you have is to FEELING."
    "Many of us on the spiritual path are striving so hard to match the IDEAL that we have in our minds of what an enlightened person looks like and dresses like and says and thinks and feels (or even what an enlightened person shouldn't say and think and feel), that we have forgotten ourselves. We have forgotten the perfection in our individual ordinary eccentricity. You were not born to become an ideal. You were born to learn how to embody your true, authentic self."

    We always find a way to vilify people who have committed crimes. We call them "mentally ill, disturbed, twisted or monsters". We compartmentalize them in this way for one reason, we are so afraid of our own internal shadow. If we can make them different from us, we don't have to admit that we all have the capability of becoming one of them. These people who commit crimes are not different from us at all. Only a handful of conditions separate those who commit crimes and those who don't. And until we are willing to face the shadow that is resident within every one of us, until we are willing to face our pain, the crimes will keep getting worse.

    "If we as people allow ourselves to be caught up in either pride or shame, we severely limit the scope of what we are capable of doing and what we are capable of of becoming in this life."
    "Enlightenment is beyond happiness and unhappiness. In the state of happiness, one fears sinking into unhappiness. And in the state of unhappiness, one wishes to be in happiness. In enlightenment, were we are (no matter how we feel) is exactly how we should feel. And so in the absence of that resistance, one experiences true authenticity, true freedom and true joy."
    "It is time to talk of detachment. Detachment does not mean to remove oneself from the experience and not let it impact you. Quite the opposite, it means to let the experience penetrate you completely. If you try to avoid going all the way through the emotions of experience, you will never be detached. To become detached means to dive into the experience and the depths of the emotions so far that you drop out the other side. With full understanding. It is that very understanding you come out with that enables you to say "Now that I fully know, I can let go". THAT is detachment."
    "Agreeing to disagree is like surrendering to a dead end. It isn't going to get you anywhere."
    "Spirituality is not about knowing everything. It's about learning to love everything."

    Saying 'let's agree to disagree' prevents expansion. It is a cop out. It is the same as saying 'I don't want to understand you and I have already decided that I am right and you are wrong'. Expansion is the result of questioning our perspectives fully so that we can keep the perspectives that work for us and discard the ones that don't.

    "When we intentionally listen with the desire to understand others, offer them our loving wishes and choose to see their limitless potential and NOT what is wrong with them at this temporary point in time, something happens. What happens is that our own heart is changed. We become the love that we offer to them."
    "The purpose of disagreement is not victory or defeat, it is progress."
    "As a teacher of freedom, I am often asked how we can be free in a society such as this... A society which contains things like stop signs which tell us when we "HAVE" to stop. My answer is this: Serving one another is an expression of sacred connection. When we stop at a stop sign, we can choose to see that as a gesture which awakens compassion within ourselves; for the desires of our fellow humans. In stopping at a stop sign, we can choose to see that as us allowing others to physically flow towards where they want to be. Stopping at a red light can be a gesture of love and compassion towards our community and fellow humans as a whole. True freedom is not about living in a community with no rules. True freedom is found in love and compassion. And that is a kind of liberation, you must learn to awaken and cultivate within yourself."
    "Science is a religion. Fortunately for us, it is a religion that is willing to change its beliefs. "
    "Ideals are tools for inspiration. They are not realities in and of themselves. Ideals are meant to inspire us to surpass ourselves. So use them to give yourself a sense of direction, but love the process of inspiration they create more than you hold tight to the idea that you must become that ideal because you are not good enough until you reach it."
    "The ego uses knowledge as a shield, a sword and a security blanket."
    "Arrogance is the covering over of insecurities. It is driven by fear which is why it is VERTICAL type thinking... the fear of being "less than" forces some to strive to be "better than". Self worth on the other hand is the recognition of one's individual value (not less than or better than just unique) Self Worth is self love. The other is compensation for fear which is the opposite of self love. Don't be afraid that self love and self worth will ever lead you towards arrogance. It can not. it is a vibrational impossibility."
    "The shadow side of knowledge is that knowing prevents us from learning. The state of learning is a state of openness to all possibilities, whereas the state of knowing is a state of closedness to all further possibilities"
    "There is no such thing as limit or finite resource in an infinite universe. There is enough resource for everyone to experience the exact amount of abundance, happiness love and freedom they truly desire without ever taking away from any one else's supply. So give yourself permission to manifest anything you desire without fearing that you're subtracting from any one else's desires."
    "We do not fear the unknown. We fear what we project onto the unknown."
    "When you look at each major religion in the world today, you find peace, love and compassion at the core of its doctrines. It is common logic therefore to say that to see as much fighting in the name of God as we do, something within religious practice has gone drastically wrong... (From Teal's article Religion vs. Spirituality)"
    "When we are facing the unknown, the mind goes to work projecting it's already acquired fears into the unknown in order to try to predict what lies within that unknown. It then goes to work trying to figure out how to avoid those fears. It's those projections that we fear, not the unknown in and of itself."
    "The buffer time between focus and manifestation is going away as the third dimension increases in frequency. You can not focus on anything of a low vibration for long without attracting like experiences that vibrate at the same frequency into your reality. So it is of paramount importance that you pull your attention off of the things that make you feel negative emotion. And make your number one priority focusing on those things that evoke positive emotion within you."
    "The ego is obsessed with the quest for truth and knowledge because it's convinced that knowledge and truth will keep unwanted things from happening to it."
    "Don't wait for the conditions of your life to change in order to feel good. If you do this, you've lost all your power. You've said "In order for me to feel good, I need _____ to change first". But that just isn't the way this universe works. The truth is, your happiness is always in your hands regardless of your external circumstances. And the best part is that when you deliberately focus on things which cause you to feel good without needing things to change first, your reality will naturally change to mirror your new focus. And life will become very very good for you!"
    "We only say that an experience is bad or unwanted when we do not yet understand it's role in our growth and integration."
    "Having someone to be in love with is not the CAUSE of our happiness. Rather it is a manifestation which feels so good to focus on that it becomes AN EXCUSE to focus positively. It is the positive focus which is responsible for the feeling of happiness. But whether or not we have or don't have the excuse to focus positively, we still have the power to focus positively on what we have instead of on what we don't have. And the result will be... joy."
    "The beauty and the pain of our lives is that the experiences we go through are open to interpretation. We can interpret any experience in a way that causes us to suffer or we can interpret it in a way that allows us to comprehend it's beauty."
    "Don't let yourself fall into the idea that masters, avatars, teachers or guides etc. do not struggle. The seldom recognized story of Buddha is that he was visited over and over again by Mara with his same old "tricks and trappings" AFTER his enlightenment. The seldom recognized story of Christ is that when he returned to his homeland to teach, his family and townsmen rejected him at first. Enlightenment is not a state of perfection after which no negative thing can be experienced. No teacher or avatar is giving you advice from a place of 24-7 perfection. No good teacher is giving you advice as if to say "see.... it is so easy why can't you do what I can do?" The truth is committing to a life of spirituality and personal expansion isn't easy for ANYONE! But once we all acknowledge that instead of expect perfection 24-7 from ourselves and others, we can come back to the real practice. The real practice is making the best choice, living up to our true selves in this very moment according to our own internal guidance system. This true practice never changes. Not if you're just starting and not if you're considered a "master". As a teacher, the only thing you can really do "right" is to offer information that could help a person to do just that."
    "Stop expecting yourself to know everything. The progression of thought may or may not be eternal. And so, as of now only one thing is known; and that is that questions lead to answers, which lead to more questions, which lead to more answers, which lead to more questions."
    "Proof and evidence are tools of freedom and empowerment if they are used to reinforce a beneficial, positive belief. But if they are used to reinforce a detrimental, limiting, negative belief... Then proof and evidence are nothing more than tools you are using to make a prison for yourself and your life."
    "We come to love learning, by releasing our attachment to knowing. We release our attachment to knowing by facing and releasing our fears about not knowing."
    "I was asked a very valuable question today. It was: What is the best decision a person can make? The answer is this: I will not shut one more thing out of my heart."
    "Chronic procrastination is worse than self abandonment; it's self complacency."
    "Our entangled grasping at the world is done because we want happiness. But it is done from the illusion of separateness. It is done from a space of fear. That is why it brings us face to face with the very things we fear. This makes struggle and loss unavoidable. Without understanding the sources of suffering, we will continue to grasp at happiness using the weapons of greed, possessiveness and violence. Until we understand the sources of our suffering, we have no chance at lasting joy."
    "We must decide that the self-camaraderie that comes with true authenticity is worth the potential rejection we will feel from people who currently feel safer in boxes. "
    "Mankind undervalues visualization, because we have been lead to believe that thoughts are the cast off abstractions of the brain. But visualization, is source's attribute of creation which is acting through the mind of mankind. As extensions of source, whenever we visualize, we bring forth the essence of what we visualize into visible, tangible, physical experience. No form ever came into existence without someone consciously holding a picture of that form first in his or her thoughts."
    "In our adulthood, we spend huge amounts of energy attempting to live up to the conditions we imagined would earn us unconditional love as children because we do not understand that unconditional love cannot be earned or lost. Unconditional love simply is, or it isn't. We spend our energy this way because we have only ever experienced conditional love."
    "Some will call your vision for yourself a delusion of grandeur. But you had all better believe that when the first man said "I'm going to go to the moon", many called it... A delusion of grandeur. They call it a delusion of grandeur because to keep you small, is to validate their beliefs (which come from a space of not feeling as if they are good enough). If you fail, they will not feel so bad about where they now stand. If you succeed, where they now stand becomes unbearable. So they have a lot to risk by you finding success. But if you love them, you would never validate them in their space of what is NOT possible. You would show them instead what IS possible. Plant the seed of "anything is possible" in their minds. "Delusions of Grandeur" (which are not delusions at all, but instead grand visions), are responsible for man's greatest advancements. Never stop having them. And call them instead..."The things I really came here to be and do and have"."
    "If you break down the word realize, it becomes real eyes. Realization is the result of seeing the world with your real eyes. And your real eyes are a function of your heart and soul. Their vision is not obscured by mental process or physicality."

    We, in the spiritual community often say that at our core, we ALL acknowledge the oneness that is the underlying truth of this universe. Therefore we actually do care deeply about the well being of others, even the well being of our "enemies". I want you to reflect upon this for a time if you are ever feeling alone because if this is true for you... It must also be true for others. Even if it does not feel like it at times, everyone including your enemies at their core, care deeply about the well being of... YOU!

    "The entire planet is blanketed in peace. For this very reason, peace cannot be created mentally or physically; it can only be recognized. It can only be felt."
    "It is not the goal of those of us who teach positive focus to undermine and invalidate what you feel by acting as if life is always fabulous. To be quite frank, sometimes life really can suck. From time to time every one of us gets lost in suffering. When the rug gets pulled out from under you (like it always does when you are called to change), it sucks. But those of us on the other side of that collapse happen to know that the rug you have built your life upon sucked more. So if you can find it in your heart to deliberately focus just a tiny bit on anything that feels good, and allow the change to transform your life instead of resist it; We promise you that the stable base you will re-build your life upon, can't be pulled out from underneath you. We promise you that the stable base you rebuild your life upon will enable you to reach heights that you never even imagined would be possible!"
    "We assume that love hurts because the example of love set by our parent's interaction with us is our current definition of love. Whenever we seek love as an adult, we unconsciously manifest a scenario that recreates the feeling we experienced during our childhood interaction with our parents. In other words, we recreate the felt-definition of love we learned from our parents; and more often than not that version of highly conditional love hurts."
    "WHAT ARE WE HERE TO DO? We are here to cause the expansion of this universe by giving rise to new thought. We are here to line up with that thought and thus have the physical experience of the thought which we have given rise to. We do this by following the feeling of joy. We do this by generating enough love within ourselves to not only experience what it is to be the best of that which we could call... human... But also to snap the chains of human limitation."
    "Realizing unconditional love is like finding a needle in a haystack. If we want to find a needle in a hay stack, we have to put it there ourselves. We do this by practicing unconditional love with ourselves."
    "You are one of a kind. There has never been, nor will there ever be a being like you in existence. There is nothing ordinary about you or your existence. The only reason you feel as if you are an ordinary person, is because you have chosen to hide the extra-ordinariness of your true self from the rest of the world. And your true self continues to say... Set me free... Until you do. And then it will say... thank you!"
    "Any and all behaviors that we witness in others, which are not acts of love are unconscious pleas for unconditional love. The question is, are you awake enough to see it? "
    "Guilt and condemnation for what we have gone through, what we have done or what we have been, make us prisoners of our own lives. If we want to let go and flow in the direction of joy, we must learn to say goodbye to what we have experienced, what we have done and what we have been without making what we are leaving behind (our histories)...wrong. And without making ourselves wrong for not having said goodbye sooner. We need to say goodbye without judgment. Instead we need to say goodbye with open understanding and gratitude for the fact that it all brought us to this point. The cross roads. The wonderful point of decision where we get to choose to move forward and to become...more."
    "There is a difference between saying "no" to push something or someone away from yourself and saying "no" to move in the direction of self love."
    "Awareness is so important when it comes to healing. When you discover a thought pattern which needs to be changed and begin to shift it, the symptom (manifestation) within the body that the thought pattern is causing will begin to disappear because its function (which is to be the communicator and indicator of a lesson which needs to be learned) is no longer needed."
    "Until we fully awaken, the angels that come to free us will appear to us as demons, for it is not their prerogative to give us the unconditionally love that we crave. It is their prerogative to show us what is preventing us from giving and receiving unconditional love."
    "You will never be able to improve yourself to the point where you meet your standards. why? Because your standards are set by your ego. Your separate, temporary self. And its goal is to make sure that you never meet those standards. The way it does this, is by upping the standard the minute you get within reach. But the moment you love yourself, the standard disappears and you are free."

    When we begin to 'grow up' we start to sort our personality into piles of good or bad. We banish our bad aspects to the subconscious and we try our best to resist and suppress them. They become shadows that we are desperate to keep hidden. On the other hand, we develop and flaunt the good aspects of our personality. We remain conscious of only that aspect of ourselves. So beware, the more consciously refined and developed our positive personality is, the more shadow we have built up on the other side.

    "Adopting the belief that you must reach perfection, is the perfect recipe for self hate. So stop striving to change yourself long enough to let yourself find out who you really are. Stop striving to change yourself long enough to let yourself fall in love with yourself exactly as you are now. When you do this, your quest for self improvement will cease to come from the belief that you are not good enough. Instead, your quest for self improvement will come from the desire to know what it is like to live a life which is more and more in alignment with joy and who you truly are."
    "It is true that there are skeletons hiding in our closet, but there is treasure hiding there too."
    "How can spiritual teachers say that everything (even our deepest pain) comes to bless us? Why do we worry if we know it creates bad things for us? And how can it be that spiritual teachers can simultaneously say that we are all one, while at the same time saying that we create our own individual realities where no one can impose themselves upon us? It is because of how the physical dimension was designed! From (Teal's amazing article How Can it Be.)"
    "All too often our personality is nothing more than psychological clothing that we wear to hide our true self from the world."
    "We have been raised in a primitive society that thinks of destiny in these terms: What SHOULD I do with my life? It is time that we graduate to higher understanding. The higher understanding is that "should" is not a concept which exists within this universe. Your destiny is instead encoded in these words: What do I WANT to do with my life? What fills me with PASSION? What causes me to feel JOY? Answer these questions for yourself and you've started on the path of your destiny."
    "Unless we make our shadows conscious, they will continue to be projected out onto the world. War is nothing more than two sides, each projecting their shadow onto the other."
    "No one on this earth is deliberately trying to sabotage you and keep you small. No one actually feels bad about the successes you have had in your life. No one actually wants you to fail. They do not feel bad about where you are. They feel bad about where they are. They feel bad that they aren't yet where they want to be. And from that vibrational space of powerlessness, the next logical vibrational improvement is the attitude of revenge and hatred. So next time you are interacting with someone who seems upset at your successes or like they want to keep you small... look deeper. See the small, frightened part of them who is crying to be somewhere other than where they are, but who doesn't have the confidence yet...to go there."
    "The world is as neutral as a mirror, we perceive in it only what we place before it."
    "Our thoughts become things whether they are positive or negative. Sometimes it is easy to see how we have created things with our thoughts, other times it is not so easy. For those of us who visualize, it can be confusing to run into unexpected events and people and things that we don't remember thinking about... But we must remember that the universe is the orchestrator. It is an orchestrator that brings us the manifestation of what we think about. When we run into something unexpected it means one thing... That unexpected event or person or thing, is an essential ingredient on the course to something we have thought about. It is a stepping stone. The "what" of our lives is our job. The destination is our job. The "how" is the job of the universe. The journey is the job of the universe. It does this job perfectly. We may not see how essential these "unexpected" things (which are part of the journey) are to the destination until we reach the destination. But EVERYTHING is on course with what we have been thinking about. If we are leveraging this universe by thinking about what we want, we can trust this universe to give it to us via the most direct route possible from wherever we are. But that direct route may SEEM completely indirect to us in the moment."
    "The world is one. You are but a single cell in the body of all that is."
    "If we love our children then the message we need to give them is as follows: I will never rob you of the opportunity to prove to yourself your own talent and capability. I will never do for you what I know you can do (or have intended to do) for yourself, because to love you is to see you as the powerful, eternal creator that you are. To love you is to see your limitless potential. I am not here to ask you to behave in a way which makes me happy. I am not here to justify my life through you. I am here to lend energy towards your alignment, desires and expansion. And I will do this by creating my own alignment, desires and expansion first."
    "Unconditional love is forgiving. It is forgiving because it is FOR GIVING and it is in the giving of it that we receive it."
    "You're not ever going to teach people how they should be, nor do you really want to change other people to be just like you. Your job isn't to fix others; the truth is that they are not broken. Your job is to decide what feels good to you and you alone. Your job is to pay attention to what feels good to look at, and then to fixate upon those things as long as they give you pleasure and joy. Do not imprison yourself by making your joy depend upon what anybody else is wanting or doing or living. Live a free life by making your joy depend upon your focus towards what YOU are wanting and doing and living."

    If we have any hope of healing, moving forward or being fully present in the here and now, we must stop trying to chase and create the fantasy we have of how our lives 'should' have gone. Instead, we must bury our fantasy of how we wish the past would have gone and we must move forward with what we do have from where we actually are.

    "Airing our "dirty laundry" in public is only a problem in a society which is built around judgment. Those beings who really recognize the truth of oneness and whom find freedom in there being nothing to hide instead live by this premise: "All of those things that I am hiding, all of my stories and secrets and truths belong to you as well because I AM YOU in the end. In the end, there is no separation between us. And therefore, I will not perpetuate the illusion of this separation today"."
    "We need to let ourselves and others fall apart completely with the knowledge that falling apart is crucial in order for us to be transformed."
    "The only time helping someone else is beneficial, is if they are receptive and want help. More importantly, the only time helping someone works is if we are able to maintain focus on the improved state and what is positive about the person or situation that we are "helping". Anything less than that, is lending energy to the negative end of the scale. Anything less than that is focusing at them as if something is wrong with them. Anything less than that is focusing energy at their diminished capability. No healing and no help can come from that kind of focus at all."

    If we drop the way we think it 'should' go and let ourselves take a back seat to the experience and where that experience takes us, we find ourselves arriving at an improved life that is even better than the one we had before and even better than the one we could imagine.

    "Love that is real love always brings joy and openness to ourselves and to the object of our love. If our love does not bring joy and openness to both the object of our love, and ourselves... It is not real love. It is negative focus (such as worry) disguised under the words of love. But words will never be able to hide the energy underneath them."
    "It is common to say that we are doing something out of love when we are actually doing it out of fear. Love and fear are complete opposites. So be honest with yourself, are you doing it out of love, or are you doing it out of fear?"
    "Just like a flower must be maintained with water, relationships must be maintained with love. When you fall in love with someone, you don't ever ask "how long am I going to have to love this person?" When you fall in love, you love to love that person. There is no effort in the act of really loving someone. And what is the most important relationship in your life? The relationship between you and yourself. For that relationship to be maintained and flourish, you must fall in love with yourself first. And once you do, you do not ask "how long am I going to have to love myself for?" The practice of your life time, will always be... loving yourself. "
    "Be conscious and careful of every thought form that you focus on and thus breathe your life force into because your consciousness is creating the world around you."
    "We call people selfish when they WILL NOT give what they CAN NOT give because they DON'T HAVE IT to give. We call people selfish when they take from others what they can not give to themselves, because they do not know how to create it within themselves. And what is this commodity that they do not have for themselves and thus try to take from others? LOVE. It is as if we are asking a starving person to share food and then making them feel guilty for not doing it. We are unable to recognize that a person who knows they have enough of any commodity (especially love) finds joy in sharing. If someone is acting "selfish", they are suffering an inner starvation. And we can not ask them to give to us what they do not have enough of... to give."
    "If you struggle with disappointment, then you struggle with loss. After all, disappointment is the loss of a beloved idea."
    " The minute you accept yourself and love yourself exactly as you are here and now, all of those "character flaws" you've been trying to change and fix and improve about yourself, will begin to fall away. They will fall away because those character flaws exist only in a medium of non acceptance and self hate. So practice loving yourself in any small way that you can. You do not need to "fix" what you don't like about yourself. Just start to fill yourself up with caring thoughts, words and actions. And those things you don't like about you will fix themselves. "
    "The time has come to stop trying to feel better and instead to become better at feeling."
    "The concept of time is a social agreement. Past and future do not exist beyond our own mental constructs. Time is nothing more than the perception of an array of impressions strung together one by one to form a line. It is a tool which the brain uses for learning. But beyond this, it does not exist. We only ever exist in and of one single present moment, and the next, and the next, and the next. And as the next one is born, the previous one no longer exists. As this one exists, the next one is not yet born. And so, life is not about what and where you were. Life is not about what and where you will be. Life is about what and where you ARE."
    "Exit your churches, lay down your scriptures, stop asking the priest to absolve you of your sins. The only way to find what you call by the name of God is to stop seeing anything and anyone as more capable of touching God than you. "
    "If you want a happy life, and we all do... If you want to find out who you really are, and we all do... You're going to have to risk being YOU."

    Your 'shadow' is nothing more than the part of you that is unconscious and therefore hidden from your awareness. The unconscious is filled with all kinds of things that you have judged as 'unacceptable' about you. And shadow work is nothing more than the art of making the unconscious, conscious and the unacceptable, acceptable.

    "If you are in a situation where someone is being less than kind to you, that situation is the indication that in some way, you are being less than kind to yourself. You can only be a match to meeting and surrounding yourself with people who treat you poorly, if you treat yourself poorly. The world is reflecting how you treat yourself! So what does the doctor order? Self love! If you find yourself in a situation where someone is being less than kind to you, ask yourself "What way can I show myself care and love right here and now?" And ACT on the answer you receive."
    "Reveal your subconscious or it will reveal you. "
    "There is one thing that is expected from you by the universe... For you to do the best you can, with what you know and have at this moment from where you are. That is enough! It is enough!"
    "Idolization is nothing more than the projection of the suppressed positive attributes within one person, onto another person, so that they may admire the reflection; instead of the source. "
    "Many of you may be taken aback when I tell you that self hate is a spiritual gift. But it is. Self hate is a spiritual gift because self hate is the most worthy and formidable opponent you will ever meet. And it is none other than your most worthy and formidable opponent that forces you to be the best that you are!"
    "Many people think that being spiritual means being positive, but being spiritual means being conscious and aware. To become conscious is a much different thing than to become positive. To become conscious and aware, we must become authentic. Authenticity includes both positive and negative. "
    "Regardless of what you may think about yourself or what you have been told about yourself or what you may have been taught to believe about yourself... THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. THERE NEVER WAS."
    "True freedom is to become conscious and aware of your thoughts and feelings while not believing your thoughts or existing at the mercy of your emotions. "
    "Why does it feel so good to bring happiness to the lives of others? It is not simply because we are taught that this is virtuous. It is not simply due to social conditioning. It is because the basic thread which weaves its way throughout human consciousness is interconnectedness. You can not smile at another person and not receive the same joy you give away."
    "What if true enlightenment is the peace we feel when we are no longer resisting any thought or feeling that may come to touch us regardless of whether it is positive or negative? "

    It is easy to look at war and say that it has no value. But when we expand our perspective and look back at the path mankind has taken... this is what we see... We see that war leads to suffering, which causes empathy which leads men to the realization that we are all one. The realization of oneness could not even occur to mankind if it were not for war. What does this mean? War is every bit as responsible for the experience of unity as the question is responsible for the answer.

    "The moment that you come to understand those that you hate and those that you call your enemy enough to defeat them entirely, is the moment that you come to understand them enough to love them and thus no longer desire to defeat them."

    The conditional love that most of us received from our parents (and from society at large) sends us looking for the real treasure in and of this universe, which is our true selves. When you are able not only to search for and find but also to love and express this real, unique 'you' to the world with surety, you have reached the state that we call enlightenment. This is the cycle of expansion which is caused by human relationships. From this understanding it is possible to say thank you to those who loved you so poorly so as to prod you into your own expansion and enlightenment.

    "Let us all remember that hatred is revenge for being caused to fear."
    "What comes out of the mind of a person who does not question his or her judgments? A world which is drowned in darkness. A judgmental mind must continue to fill the world with things it considers "bad". And in doing this, it creates its own suffering."
    "If we fear, then there is something within us that is desperate for love and understanding. If we hate, we need to cradle our hate like the crying child that it is."
    "I was confronted today by someone who sent me a lengthy e mail about the fact that they can't stand the way I present myself. The way I fidget and don't make eye contact etc. etc. etc. And I figured that this would be a good time to use an example from my own life to help you all towards your own happiness. Previously, wanting to be loved by everyone, I have made changes (such as the ones above) to my presentation in order to make people happier with what they saw, only to receive the exact opposite critique from other people. "We hate the new way you're doing things, you aren't yourself anymore and you aren't genuine and unrehearsed anymore". What is the lesson here... YOU CAN NOT MAKE THEM HAPPY!!! ANYONE!!! NOR IS IT YOUR JOB!!! Happiness in your life can only be achieved in one way... Be who you ARE. Be the unrehearsed person you want to be and you'll line up with what you want in your life. No one is holding the key to your success but you! No one's opinion will prevent you from getting to where you want to go. If THEY have a problem with YOU... It is THEIR problem! You do not need to feed into it and validate their disconnected consciousness and its focus on lack!"

    It provides us with cognitive closure to take information that is provided to us, and mold it to fit in with our already existing beliefs. After all, if we begin to use new information to dismantle our existing beliefs, we wander into the land of uncertainty. And there, we may just drown. Without a life vest, with no sight of solid land, we may be sucked beneath the waves of confusion and change. We may even have to admit that we were 'wrong'.

    "Who are you to have something valuable to say? Who are you to speak "truth"? What are your credentials? You are an extension of Source. You are a citizen of this world. You are a student to experience. That is who. Those are all the credentials you will ever need."
    "They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. This is not the case, because there is no hell waiting for anyone after this life. But the road to suffering, just like the road to wellbeing, is indeed paved with intentions. The road to well being is paved with questioned intentions. And the road to suffering is paved with unquestioned intentions."
    "For those of us who desire a great transformation in this world, we must remember this: We do not need to put forth any energy at all towards changing the system which now exists. It will fall of its own weight. It is already falling. The cracks and fissures inherent within its structure ensure the inevitability of its collapse. All we need to do is to decide what it is that we want to create to stand in its place. When all of our energy is focused on that, we will be standing in this transformed world we all want to see."
    "Hatred is the act of willingly misunderstanding."

    No matter where you go to in the world, in every single culture, in every single language people suffer because of one thing... They BELIEVE their thoughts. And the thoughts that cause suffering are the same all over the world... thoughts like "The world needs to be saved". "I need __________ to be happy". " _________ should or shouldn't be this way". We can not help but believe the thoughts we think until we stop and question them. When we question our thoughts, we find the lack of truth in the thoughts that make us unhappy and so we find we can no longer maintain the ones that cause us to suffer. And that is our first step towards a happy life.

    "It is my wish that hatred not be met with hatred. Hatred does not absolve someone from hatred; instead it condemns them to the prison of it. Hatred narrows the scope of our own soul. It cuts us off from ourselves. "
    "If you wish to learn unconditional love, learn it from this earth we walk upon. When you poison her rivers, bomb her deserts or cut down her forests, she still keeps giving and giving to you. She does not withhold the rain and sun and wind thinking you need to be punished for your trespasses against her. She knows that you are indivisible from her. The earth just keeps giving to you without condition, without the need for recognition. That is the proof of her love."
    "Behind every single action lies a positive intention. All hateful acts are misguided attempts to carry out a positive intention."
    "Some people spend their entire lives dedicated to the past. They do this by trying to change the past or harboring thoughts that the past should have been different. When you compare WHAT HAPPENED with WHAT YOU THINK SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED in the past, you are declaring war with source itself. It is a recipe for misery. It is masochism. No argument no matter how good it is, will ever make the slightest shift occur in something that has already happened. The past is past. It already happened, you can't do anything about it. But what you can do is ask yourself: "Where do I want to go from here and what can I do with what I have from where I am right now?""
    "Dedicating your time to being AGAINST something is the same as dedicating your life to something that you hate; you feed it with your energy. Knowing what you are against helps you to decide what you are FOR. From there, the best thing to do is to pour all of your focus and time and energy into what you are FOR instead."
    "It is easy to get overwhelmed by the billions of beings in your reality who are suffering. But the minute that you realize that there is no such thing as a "you" and a "me", that your reality is an indivisible manifested projection of your own mind, there ceases to be billions of beings to worry about and take care of. There is not one other, or two others or a hundred others or a billion others to take care of, there is only one... You. And taking care of you, automatically takes care of everything you are perceiving as "other than you."
    "This universe is one, because of this you are not helping someone if you are hurting yourself in the process. "
    "Many of the experiences that you have attracted into your life, you have not attracted into your life on purpose. As people, a lot of our attraction is not done by deliberate intent, but rather it is done by default. No one likes a reality that is created by default. Because of this, it is important to understand that you get what you think about, whether you want it or not. Chronic thoughts, about things that you DO NOT want, attract those experiences. Conversely, thoughts about things that you DO want, attract those experiences. If your goal is to deliberately create a life that you feel good about living, you can not afford the luxury of a negative thought. This is the real reason to make the best out of any situation that you may find yourself in."
    "Heart without ambition is like a bird without wings. Ambition without heart, is like wings without a bird."
    "Don't let the things which hurt you, cast shadows on your light. Your light is who and what you really are."
    "The fire of the heart of this earth is kept safe in the hands of people. We keep that flame alive through our conscious action. We keep that flame alive by making choices that benefit the world and all the beings that call it home."
    "We were not meant to be born upon this planet and submit to the way things are. We were meant instead to create what we want to see. Our life upon this planet is an empty canvass, which is waiting for us to paint our ideal life upon it. We are all co-creating the reality on the planet that we live on. We create it with every bomb that we drop and every smile that we offer to each other."
    "Sometimes it feels like you are on a battlefield against an army of people who do not care. But if you will just turn around, you will see that behind you is also an army of people who do care."
    "For anyone who has ever lost themselves, or is currently feeling lost... you can never truly find yourself unless you have lost yourself first."
    "When you make a commitment to someone specific and form a relationship, you are committing to including them in your life as you. It is the souls' quest for oneness. And because of this, you include their happiness in your happiness. Now, taking action to ensure their happiness (as long as doing that does not destroy your own) IS taking action to ensure your own happiness. There is no contradiction whatsoever then between making someone else happy and making yourself happy. And if there is... there is no real union in the relationship. There is a social arrangement. Making someone else happy in a relationship does not feel like a sacrifice if seeing them happy makes you happy. Which is what makes it... not an actual sacrifice. "
    "Many of the concepts that we think are true, are not true. Many of the concepts we think are true, prevent us from reaching the things that we want so much to reach; things like happiness and freedom and peace. The time has come to let go of the beliefs, which do not serve our highest good; not just as individuals but also as a world. We are not separate from each other. This means that as each one of us awakens, we set the rest of the world free."
    "You feel stuck because growing up you learned that to be loved, you have to be good. But to be good you have to be humble and unworthy. However universal law says that in order to get love, you have to feel worthy. So your subconscious mind thinks that you're trying to convince it that to get love, you have to be bad. But it knows that if you're bad, you're unlovable. So there is a stand off between the way love really works and the way your parents taught you that love works."
    "It is a universal truth that anything that you have the ability to desire, you have the ability to achieve. And when you choose to commit your life to becoming the best version of yourself that you can be, the whole world stands in gratitude for you, because you carry the world into that new place with you."
    "Is the chrysalis worthless if it never becomes a butterfly? You are infinitely valuable as you are, regardless of whether you reach your full potential or not."
    "Your spirit is an artist that paints with thoughts. The image it paints on the canvass of this world, is what you call reality."
    "If you're trying to justify something, you're trying to escape from something that you don't want to admit to."
    "The future is not decided upon, it is not "set". The future is nothing more than potential that is projected based on our now. Change the now, and the future must also change to match it. No matter how long something has been "predicted", it is always our choice to fulfill that prediction or instead to change what it is that we think we are headed towards. You have control over your future because you have control over your now! We have control over our future as a world, because we have control over our now!"
    "If you treat the symptom, thinking that the symptom is the problem, you are avoiding the solution entirely."

    "Scientific study is responsible for some truly exemplary achievements. There is no doubt that it has a valuable role to play. The problem today, is that humanity is drunk on science. Scientific study is now treated as the “end all be all” of truth, when this is not the case. It is just one piece of the puzzle. For example, it is impossible to conduct a reliable scientific study on chronic disease because it is impossible to limit the variables that lend to chronic disease, down to one physically addressable cause. You cannot heal chronic disease unless you are willing to address ALL the factors leading to it, such as lifestyle, diet, state of mind, emotions, personal conflict/trauma and personal belief.

    "Cynicism is a life jacket that prevents you from drowning in disappointment."
    "It has been said that if there is no struggle, there is no progress. But struggle implies that you are faced against the current of source, which is always flowing in the direction of your every desire. It is not struggle that creates progress, it is allowing yourself to flow in the direction of what you desire that creates progress. Struggling is a learned behavior. It is a learned behavior because it does not come naturally to any being. The real struggle that we face, is un-learning our attachment to the idea that struggle creates progress. The real struggle that we face is re-learning how to allow ourselves to flow in the direction of our desires; WITH the current of source."
    "You have walked through a doorway, looking for the way out, but it has led you deeper into what you have been trying to exit from. The space within you that has felt like emptiness, let's call it the "void". Is in fact the absence of love. If what you call god is what you call love, then the void is the space within you that is absent of god. The despair inherent in that dire absence and disconnection, is a living hell because it is a living death. You are being called to fill that void with the presence of yourself. All doorways seem to lead you to hell because you have asked for the end of suffering. To end suffering, you must be fully present with yourself, including the parts of you that feel "void" of you. Do not try to exit the space within you, the internal hell called void. Love the space within you that is void instead and the intolerable emptiness and despair will be replaced. The emptiness and despair will be loved into a state of wholeness and contentment. Allow love in."
    "What does loving someone mean? It means remembering their wholeness when they appear to be broken. It means remembering their beauty when they appear to be ugly. It means remembering their innocence when they appear to be guilty. To love someone is to appreciate someone for whom they really are, no matter who it is that they currently appear to be."
    "When you make a commitment to someone specific and form a relationship, you are committing to including them in your life as you. It is the souls' quest for oneness. And because of this, you include their happiness in your happiness. Now, taking action to ensure their happiness (as long as doing that does not destroy your own) IS taking action to ensure your own happiness. There is no contradiction whatsoever then between making someone else happy and making yourself happy. Making someone else happy in a relationship does not feel like a sacrifice if seeing them happy makes you happy. Which is what makes it not an actual sacrifice. "

    What are you doing right now? Most of us (if we are honest) are preparing for the future. But when we prepare for the future rather than enjoying the present, what we are really doing is postponing happiness. This is poor logic that we are basing our lives upon. We prepare for the future because we think that doing so will lead to happiness, but in doing so, we deprive ourselves of happiness all together. We are dangling it like a carrot in front of our own noses, which we will never reach. So ask yourself right here and now "do I really want to postpone happiness?" and act according to the answer you receive.

    "If something is wrong with you and you believe in a higher power, then you'd have to believe that the higher power makes mistakes. Do you?"
    "Someone asked me what it is that I dream of. The answer is... ALOT. But today, I will share this dream of mine with you. I dream of living in a world where one would have to go WAY out of their way to find something that wasn't created in the best interest of the world. For example: I dream of a world opposite of this current one, where it would be hard to find something that: Wasn't organic Wasn't Vegan Wasn't tested on animals. Wasn't genetically modified Wasn't created to harm another being Wasn't created for the sole intention of money regardless of it's side effects. Wasn't organized in the name of fear or bigotry. etc."
    "Even the most exquisite spiritual methodologies can become traps of unconsciousness."
    "If you want a new world, accept the world as it currently is. Until you find acceptance, nothing new can become. All you perpetuate when you resist the now, is the past. Because now, is nothing more than the past in manifested form. By resisting the now, you hold the past as your object of attention. And when you hold the past as your object of attention, the past is all that can come."
    "There is a very big difference between creating an improved world and covering a murder scene with yellow paint so it does not feel so bad."
    "Thought is energy that is organized into a specific frequency. That frequency is then organized by the brain into chemicals and signals which tell the body how to interact with the rest of the physical world. The brain is organizing the thought into physical "perception". It is a translator rather than the originator of thoughts. Thought does not originate. Let's pretend it is like clay with no beginning. The clay is not created by the sculptor, but the sculptor organizes the clay into meaning. The thought is thinking. Thought and thinker are one in the same. I agree with I think therefore I am. Because the only point at which one knows that one "is", is the point at which they think that they are.... and so , they are! PS - Thought is non matter and also matter. Physical matter is a thought that has been thought enough that it begins to take on "static properties"."
    "If we have extreme resistance to the idea of something being true, we are probably in denial about something that is painful to us."
    "On one hand, it creates a strong desire to feel your higher self, and if you allow yourself to come into alignment, then you will. but yes, the idea that we are disconnected in the first place, often is the idea that prevents us from seeing the truth that we are never and cannot be disconnected from it. If this was the case, we'd cease to breathe and then cease to exist physically. It is better to open to the awareness that you are an extension of your higher self and thus you don't need to "connect". Rather align with."
    "You do not have to deny something to validate something else."

    Often, we don't feel capable of 'taking up the reigns' of our own mind (so as to steer our own thinking in a direction that makes us feel good). To compensate, we ask individual people in our life, our government, or the world at large to change and instead behave in a way that will make us feel better. But we create suffering in two ways when we do this. First, we make other people suffer because we make them responsible for our joy, which was never their responsibility in the first place. Second, we tie ourselves up in a kind of bondage because we cannot control the way anything or anyone else behaves. In other words, we have based our happiness upon control that we do not have. Which means, our happiness is out of our control. We have given it away.

    "What causes many of us pain is that our eyes are closed to the dark half, not that they see the light half. Likewise, what causes many of us pain is that our eyes are closed to the light half, not that we see the dark half."
    "Words are only representative of thoughts and therefore vibrations. The universe does not respond to words... only vibration. This is why for example we can say anything we want to try to cover the truth and the universe will respond to the guilt we feel instead. Or why we can use affirmations over and over that don't feel true to us (we're speaking the words) but the manifestation stays the same, because even though we say something like "I love myself" our vibration and thoughts say "no I'm worthless". The reason to pay attention to our words is that they are indicative of the vibration we are giving off."
    "The way you think and feel about other people is the way your inner child thinks that you think and feel about him or her. "

    Every change for the better will feel like both a blessing and a curse. The reason for this is that change means you will hold a new perspective. And every new perspective contains both aspects that are wanted as well as aspects that are unwanted. The unwanted aspects are meant to inspire you to an even greater change... an even greater perspective. It is the platform for expansion. Fix your attention upon what is wanted relative to your current situation as well as what the unwanted relative to your current situation has caused you to desire, and you will move from perspective to greater perspective again and again with joy and ease. And even the 'curses' will be seen as blessings in disguise.

    "The problem isn't how you feel, it's that you don't feel safe to feel how you feel. "
    "Nothing on earth should be sacrosanct. In fact the minute we make something sacrosanct is the minute we cannot evolve relative to that thing."
    "Authenticity is the conscious mending of the incongruences between a person's inner self and a person's outer self. "
    "Anyone who makes a practice of coming into alignment with their true selves OR who thinks thoughts that are out of the box, has vibrational access to new ideas that match that outside the box vibration. This includes information from the Akashic records as well as visions of the future. I assure you that nothing interrupts the natural course of events. in fact there is nothing more natural that advancement, even radical advancement. It is the natural byproduct of finding alignment and thinking new thoughts. It's just a rare person that thinks new thoughts. a rare person that thinks outside the box."
    "It is a theme when I am talking to seasoned investors that I am told this: "You will never really make a success of yourself investing if you care more about doing good for the world than you do about smart investments. Smart investments rarely do good for the world." And they would call what I am about to say naive. But I would have to say that most investors lack a basic understanding of true capitalism. It may benefit an individual to harm other people for profit in the short term. But in the long term, doing harm to other people guarantees you will soon have no one else to profit from. Ultimately true capitalism rests upon the principal that "doing good" for others is in your own best interest. There is no better long term investment than doing good for the world. And until the people who hold the financial power in this world can grasp that basic concept, they are not investing for the long term and this world will provide them only a short term return on their investments before there is nothing left to capitalize upon."
    "Each moment of your life, two paths are available to you. One path is the path of fear. The other path is the path of faith. It is always your choice which path you dare to walk down."
    "Just because you're alive, doesn't mean you're committed to living."
    "You cannot decide to be sick for the next couple of years so that someone else (who has been sick for a couple of years) can be well. You must come to understand that you are in no way depriving someone else of wellness or happiness, by becoming well or happy yourself. There is no give and take in an infinite universe."
    "Your attention matters give it to the things that make your life better."
    "The law of giving and receiving is simply this: In a universe where the most absolute truth is that of oneness, you can not ever take, without taking from yourself. And you cannot give without giving to yourself. That is why those who give, get back and those who take, are taken from."
    "Every addiction, no matter what it is, is the result of trying to escape from something by going in the direction of a need that is currently not being met. In order to move past our addiction, we have to figure out what we are trying to use our addiction to get away from and what need we are trying to use our addiction to meet."
    "Our emotional selves are children. And they never grow up. We just learn how to parent our emotional selves better."
    "I would advise people to take risks in the name of love. No matter what a relationship turns into, Love is never a bad idea."
    "Over a week ago, the vibration of the time space reality we live in increased again. This had a very startling effect not many of us foresaw. As the frequency raised, it caused a balancing in the collective conscious of mankind relative to gender. For thousands upon thousands of years, this world has been dominated by masculine energy. The divine feminine has been suppressed. But as the consciousness of mankind balances, this can no longer be the case. Divine feminine energy is called to rise again so the two energies can be parallel to one another. Inevitably, this is what will cause the disappearance of defined gender in our race. But we must stay a match to the frequency that exists, if we wish to exist; as is dictated by the law of attraction. And so, as the frequency of divine feminine energy is being restored, the people of earth (most especially women) are now faced with having to confront and shed all thoughts, beliefs and pain relative to femininity. Most of us, were re-set to the tune of a new moon cycle when this occurred. Our menstrual cycles will be unpredictable until this change is embraced by us fully. It is time that we let it all shed. It is time to re-define what femininity means and to embrace and let ourselves become that new definition. But many of us will have to confront the levels of resistance, old wounds and despair relative to being a women in order to do this. Let's be here for each other as we do this. We are ready. Our mothers and grandmothers and great grandmothers are ready. We do this not only for ourselves but also for them, for what they desperately wanted but did not experience in their lifetime."
    "Not one of us came here so we could live our lives carefully. For if we live our lives too carefully, we will simply find that we have arrived at death safely."
    "It may be uncomfortable to express your own thoughts and feelings. It may also be uncomfortable to hear the truth of someone else's current thoughts and feelings. But those thoughts and feelings should never be suppressed. The only way that anyone can be in a real relationship is if those current truths are out on the table. Otherwise we can not really love the person we think we love, because we don't even see the truth of who they are in this moment. We are in essence, in love with an illusion. We are in essence, asking people to love an illusion of ourselves unless we are willing to be vulnerable and open enough to show them the truth of who we are in this moment."
    "So many people live their lives at the mercy of fear. They play it safe and they take no risks; and while they may end up with less bumps and bruises, their life is often starved of magic. And so it must be said that the person who doesn't risk anything, risks everything."
    "Your life will provide you with whatever experience is the most beneficial for the evolution of your consciousness. So, how do you know that you need to experience something? You are experiencing it."
    "All manipulation is just the fear of going straight for what a person wants and needs."
    "Where do we find love? We find it in our hearts, which beat for each moment with no discrimination. The heart knows no discrimination, because it knows that love is not determined by the thing that is receiving the love, but rather by the one that is choosing to give the love. Happy Valentines Day. Today, my heart beats for you, with no discrimination! Love TEAL"
    "We are always given the very wounds that we are eventually meant to teach others to heal."

    Beliefs do not reflect reality, they do not reflect what is true; instead they CREATE it. So next time you believe something because you think that it is true, stop and remind yourself that the only reason you think it is true, is because the precondition (your belief) has made it your reality... The belief is what has made it true.

    "You look at your ability to love so deeply as a flaw or a part of you that is broken. You look at your vulnerability and fragility as something that should be hidden, tucked away and kept safe. But it is the most beautiful and brave aspect of you. You can let this world shatter your heart but still you stay open to love and so there is no brokenness in you, only beauty."
    "You would not put a sticker of a happy face over the top of a deep wound on your finger because you do not like seeing that you are hurt. So why would it be a good idea to mask your feelings by pretending to feel differently than you actually feel? Pretending to feel differently than you actually feel is the same as lying to yourself. Lying to yourself does nothing to change your point of attraction; so it does nothing to improve your reality."
    "Our suffering is not caused by whatever is happening to us. It is caused by the thought that whatever is happening to us is not supposed to be happening to us."
    "Most of us have filled our plate full of so many things that we can not manage it all. But the one thing that we forget to put on the plate, is ourselves. Now is the time to remove some of the things that are crowding your plate and replace them with yourself!"
    "If you are adhering to the belief that you must meet all of your own needs in and of yourself, your ego has hijacked your spiritual practice."
    "It is SO important to care how you feel; and to make feeling good the number one priority of your life. This decision is the key to deliberate and fully conscious creation. It is much, much easier to change the orientation of your focus towards something positive BEFORE an unwanted manifestation appears than it is to change the orientation of your focus towards something positive AFTER an unwanted manifestation appears."
    "The ego tries to rescue you by telling you to become independent and meet all of your own needs yourself so you never have to feel lack again. The ego calls this empowerment. When in truth it is just fear."
    "I have been informed by Veldendale (my principal guide) that more than a few people who are reading this need to ask themselves this question: Is getting approval from (fill in the blank) really worth sacrificing myself for? I have faith that whoever needs this answer, which is disguised as a question, will heed this message tonight and in the weeks to come. I love you always... Teal."
    "If you have a need that you cannot meet yourself, the empowerment is in manifesting someone who wants to meet the need for you."
    "There are only two reasons why you would experience a delay in the manifestation of what you desire. Either the frequencies of the dominant thoughts that you are practicing are not a match to the frequency of your desire. Or, what you think you want is not actually what you do want. If this is the case, the universe becomes the vibration of your ACTUAL desires; and you, in your temporary confusion will wonder why nothing you achieve, causes you to feel joy. It is because you are lining up with what you THINK you want. Not what you actually want. When this is the case, we are not in alignment with our eternal selves and thus, we are not in alignment with the universe at large."
    "A need doesn't feel like a need and doesn't make you feel powerless when you know you can meet it."

    When you put anything into the category of “something I have to do”, it becomes hard to do. It becomes hard to do because you have added resistance to the thought of accomplishing it. You are no longer doing that thing from a place of alignment. You are no longer doing that thing as a result of inspiration and desire; and so the energy with which to accomplish that thing, is simply not available to you. Money often comes hard for people because they have put money in the category of something they “have to do” instead of something they “want to do”. So the moral of the story is: Seek out any thoughts that help you develop desire and inspiration towards the things you wish to accomplish, and they will come easier. Replace “I have to” with “I get to” or “I’m excited to” in your every day vocabulary

    "Treat your wife like you would want your daughter's husband to treat her. Treat your husband like you would want your son's wife to treat him."
    "Both fear and faith demand that you believe in something that you cannot see. You cannot see it, because it does not yet exist. And so the question to ask yourself is: what do I want to believe in? The worst case scenario, or the best?"
    "You look at your ability to love so deeply as a flaw or a part of you that is broken. You look at your vulnerability and fragility as something that should be hidden, tucked away and kept safe. But it is the most beautiful and brave aspect of you. You can let this world shatter your heart but still you stay open to love and so there is no brokenness in you, only beauty. "
    "Why would the universe create something that did not have value? It would not, and for this very reason, it is important to look for the value in every single thing that you encounter."
    "What you cannot see is that the universe is always carrying you towards your highest good, even if the road to your highest good takes you straight through the depths of hell."
    "I want to personally thank everyone who attended last Saturday's workshop. I look forward to each one, knowing that the questions that are asked inevitably pull the universal information which is being shared during these workshops, into completely new places. It feels like a beautiful co- creation. We paint a new picture of awareness every time our energies come together. I love you always..."
    "You will not win the fight against uncertainty by becoming certain. You will not find your stability by trying to make the unstable, stable. Instead your certainty and stability will come as the result of decidedly embracing uncertainty."

    In this universe, there is no such thing as a mistake. There is also no such thing as punishment. What this means, is that everything that happens to you is not an accident and everything that happens to you has come to benefit you in some way. The key is to deliberately look through ego's illusion for that 'benefit'.

    "You are not suffering because of the things you are experiencing. You are suffering because you think that what is happening is not supposed to be happening."
    "Remember today that you do not own all the problems in the world. So do not take it upon yourself to try to solve them all. "
    "To let go of attachment all you have to do is to let go of the thought of how something is supposed to be or how something should turn out. "
    "You can not have a life, you can not lose a life... You are life. It is you who hold the power to decide yourself back onto the path you intended...the path of welcoming and becoming your own bliss."
    "If your perspective is painful, seek out an alternative perspective."
    "In the beginning there was light. The immeasurable, unsurpassed cosmos was a blank fabric of space time Ready to be woven full of meaning. Waiting for you. The history of this universe is woven as easily as silk From moment to moment as you live it. And when we trace the thread, back to the beginning We find out what we really are Is immeasurable Is unsurpassed."
    "You never know, maybe the person you will shake hands with today will offer you the perspective that will ultimately set you free."
    "Of the mystery, the challenge, the gift, the illusion of free will, It can only be said that there is but one opportunity giving rise to two diverging paths, on one side the choice to use it, on the other the choice to leave it alone. And either way, you are free."
    "It is only when we think we know what the unknown contains, that we begin to fear the unknown."
    "May you come to understand that your open eyes deceive you. What you see is but a fraction of what is. Beyond the veil of this dimension, you will see that you have never arrived. You have never departed. There is no beginning or end to that which is you."
    "Life is like a journey into uncharted waters for us all. If you become preoccupied with avoiding potential pain, you will miss the glory of the sunsets on the ocean of your life. "
    "Without all ornament yet with substance still, potential still remains. To value one's self is no kind of false art form. Is worth so faint a thing to perceive? The seasons of life that cover it in complex cobwebs would have you forget that potential is worth, and all that dies around it, leaves it green."
    "What is the primary benefit of spirituality? To make a practice of spirituality, you must first acknowledge that your life is bigger than this life. And in the best of it and in the worst of it, this knowing is like a north star in the uncharted waters of your life. If you see that star, you know that your head is above water."

    Joy is staring us down, unblinking every moment. It is in the golden valleys of a ceaseless sky. It is in the naked and vulnerable nature of a smile passed from one set of lips to another. It is in the leisurely taste of an ice cream cone in the summer. You could wander each and every continent all of your life, as many often do... Searching for this state called happiness and miss the truth in its entirety that you had it all along. Tangled but ever present in the spaces between what you were focused on. Waiting for your notice.

    "By opening your heart to the idea that everything that is happening, is supposed to be happening, you are choosing to let go of the idea that what is should be different. As a result, you are suddenly capable of seeing why it is supposed to be happening. As a result, suddenly you will begin to receive the gifts inherent in the experience."
    "Immortality is ever present in this playground of birth and death. Again and again each cycle begins with the promise that there is more at work here than living and dying. This existence which now feels like a homeland, Has become your blood, Your sweat, Your tears, its temporary nature forgotten in the everyday experiences you call your life. This has become your identity, it has become your always. But it is not who you are. You are the immortal source of all that is. When you look for it, you can see it in every face you end up meeting, You can hear it between the beats your busy heart keeps beating."
    "Every breath you breathe is more paint on the canvass of this life that you are creating. You cannot say that life is pointless because art is never pointless."
    "Here in this suffering, all previous beliefs are called into question. They are consumed in the fire sparked and fueled by our own illusion. The pain becomes the ashes we are now entombed in. It is only when we find ourselves at this most imprisoned of junctures that we emerge again, the phoenix of our very life which is ever so much more beautiful than the last one.""
    "You can only be authentic to the degree that you currently know yourself. "

    Here, the now is always changing... Changing always into itself. The new face of now is still itself and itself is still now. The now is a forever genre of emptiness containing everything that is, even everything that ever was. At every moment, you stand on alien ground, presented ceaselessly the opportunity to become new with it. Stop dragging the shackles of what was, forward with you. Too long they have sounded their iron clang across your years. You are blameless, as everything is blameless. Let it go, for those who deliver themselves the life sentence of injustice sleep pressed up against the coarse and bitter bars of their own self constructed jail cells. While all the universe is yelling, let forgiveness be your key.

    "Hate is the byproduct of hurt. Your self hate is the byproduct of thinking that you have hurt yourself by blowing a chance at getting the love you so badly want from others. "
    "Always in the narrow scope of adversity and advantage, can possibility for triumph be seen. Success is always yours for the taking. Joy is always yours for the taking. They always have been, and they always will be. The real value you hold in life, is not in what cards you have been dealt in this life, but how you play them. Your life can be a triumph in spite of any kind of adversity. Or Your life can be a tragedy in spite of every advantage. Your freedom lies in that fact that it is your choice, which way you create your life to be."
    "If you want to end your life, think about what death can give you and then go for that while you're still alive."
    "Your name like dusk And mine, like dawn. One, the end of a new beginning, The other, the beginning of a certain end. In-between, the light of day affords a glimpse of an axiom, unseen through the covered lens of our separate sight. That there has not been a moment where our beginning and end has not been one and the same. So let these hands of mine, be your hands. They have been orphaned as you have been orphaned. They have bled as you have bled, They have ripened in the sunshine of your joy. So let them give back now that which they have taken. Let all that remains of them be yours from this day evermore."
    "In life we will die over and over again, until the day that we can walk the earth with only our immortality left. "
    "You cannot have a life, You cannot lose a life, You are life. Let your tears be no more than the glittering aftermath of revolution. For your smile is the doorway to bliss, blown open by the proud cathedral of your laughter whose bells can be heard ringing on eternally even in the steadiness of breath. Lay down your fear and come to know the gospel of your glory. And make of yourself a readiness to become anything you should ever want to become."
    "Let yourself go after what you want. To un-want something you want is impossible; as sure as you cannot become less of what you are. "
    "The role of the artist is to reveal the soul (that which is incorporeal) upon the surface of this world. Every artist is a channel. And every person is an artist. Some of us are simply more aware of it than others. Critique of art is not only useless, it is damaging. Art is an expression of self. It is the soul played out upon this physical world. And so, you can no more critique art, than you can critique the human soul. That is why (beyond simple technique that may enable an artist to further express their perspective) I do not believe in art school, for art and school are a serious contradiction in terms. "
    "Waging war with your demons is the surest way to be defeated by them and so my advice is to pour a cup of tea for every one of your demons as quickly as they show up. "
    "Never downplay the power or importance of imagination. Nothing manifests in your reality without having been imagined first. Every single thing that you eventually come to live has been imagined first."
    "Whatever this life is trying to take from you, let it be taken. We are like children, holding tight to a stick that someone is trying to take away. We do everything to protect it without realizing that the person is trying to take it out of our hands so they can replace it with a lolly pop. "
    "You are beings who have come forth into the physical dimension in order to enable the expansion of your eternal aspect (that which is often called the soul). You do not do this by figuring out what is right for someone else and what is true for someone else and then cramming yourself into the mold of those things that work for other people. You gain expansion by finding out what is right for you. You do this by discovering what is true for you, individually. "
    "You have no idea what is and isn't you, until what isn't you is burnt away entirely by the flames of your expanding consciousness and the inevitable changes that follow. "
    "Nothing can exist without being sustained. In other words, nothing can live without being fed. So the way to cause a thought, thing or a circumstance to disappear from your reality, is to stop feeding it. And the way to cause a thought, thing or circumstance to show up in your reality, is to feed it. What are you feeding today? "
    "He who says he known himself completely, is blinded to himself. To know yourself completely, you would have to know the universe completely; for they are one in the same. Who that is living can boast such an accomplishment? "
    "It is time to stop deluding ourselves by thinking that it is possible to be independent. It is not. This is an interdependent universe. So, instead of forcing yourself to do everything alone (especially the things that you don't like doing) let people who love to do those things, do those things! This society will become much more functional when we are only doing what we love to do. Some of us love accounting. Some of us hate accounting. Some of us love counseling people; some of us hate counseling people. So let those who love accounting, do the accounting. Let those who love counseling people do the counseling. It's time to let yourself off the hook! "
    "As it applies to relationships, it is possible to be responsible for your effect and impact on other people, without being responsible for them in their entirety. One is taking responsibility for the self which causes us to be loving towards others. One is taking responsibility for others, which causes us to be resentful towards others. Often people who 'don't want to be responsible for the happiness of others' simply don't want to be responsible for themselves; ie. the effect they have on others. "
    "Source is Bliss. Abundant bliss. Infinite bliss. Bliss is the feeling of connection with that which we truly are. And so, make bliss - and nothing else - your every day ambition. Make bliss the mission of your life, and you will know source from this day forward. "
    "You can't hold someone's hand without your hand being held."

    The heart does not need to learn how to love. It knows how to love. It never forgets how to love. It is the mind that forgets how to love. It is the mind that needs to remember how to love... And it remembers how to love by opening up wide enough to understand itself and others. It remembers by practicing the art of compassion.

    "To find the gift you are meant to give this world (your purpose), simply ask yourself what you want others to take away from you."
    "It is important to remember that like Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism or Islam, Science is also a religion. And it is a religion with devout followers. Like any religion, it can be beautiful and awaken us to truth. Like any religion, it can be harmful and close us off to truth. "
    "Instead of trying to prove that the other person is to blame, ask yourself the following question: How is no one to blame? And then look for proof than neither of you are actually to blame."
    "Every single law in existence, whether it be a religious law, a parental law or a law designed by government was created because someone felt the need to get someone else to do something so that the creator (or supporter) of that law could feel better. In other words, every law exists because someone does not trust in their ability to be happy and to create their own reality regardless of what someone else does or does not do. So the moral of the story is: The belief in law and the belief in powerlessness go hand in hand. "
    "Life is like a white water rafting trip down a river. You know what you want and so you think you know which way you want to go and HOW you are going to get there. But the universe knows a quicker way to what you have been consciously and subconsciously asking for. And then abruptly, there is a fork in the river. You think the way to what you want is to go right. But the universe knows the quicker path is left. So your boat is turned left. And you panic. It feels like something is going terribly wrong. You are powerless to the current of the river. But it is taking you directly to what you have been wanting all along. Right now, you are in this place where you are being asked to surrender to the current of the river. You think and feel that SOMETHING IS WRONG. But it is not. The universe is simply taking you left."

    Open your arms and embrace "the worst that could happen" and it will cease to be the worst that could happen. And when it ceases to be the worst that could happen, you will stop worrying about it. And when you stop worrying about it, you are no longer focused upon it and so it cannot happen to you.

    "A businessman works hard for two years. Through pressure and stress and effort, he manages to come out with something that sells well and makes lots of money. This is success in conventional terms. But in reality, he has spent two years polluting his body and depriving the people around him and he has affected others he will ever even meet because he is assuming that ends justify the means. The ignorance here is that success is a future event. SUCCESS IS NOT A FUTURE EVENT. The ends and the means are one in the same. If the means do not contribute to joy and togetherness and love, the ends will not contribute to joy and togetherness and love. The outcome is inseparable from the actions and thoughts and feelings that led to it. Are you making decisions and taking actions that are polluted by effort, pressure, stress and obligation whilst telling yourself that these things will lead to a positive outcome? Because in truth, they cannot. Prioritize enjoyment in the now. It is the only place that true success exists and future success is guaranteed."
    "True forgiveness, makes forgiveness unnecessary. Forgiveness is the beautiful, ungrasping, clarity that comes from understanding the value of a specific pain (be it mistake or injury) and the value of what that pain produced. Appreciating this value is forgiveness. Appreciating this value makes it unnecessary to forgive. "
    "Those who continue to look to a leader to be an embodiment of the promise of human perfection, will never touch their own divinity. They will never touch it because divinity is hidden deep within the human shadow and the higher self is in fact disguised as the inner child."
    "Personal expansion is like labor. It is not often accomplished with ease. And the suffering can be so acute at times; we would do anything to get away from it. But the more we resist the pain, the more it hurts us. There is nothing to do but surrender to it. Like contractions, the pain comes in waves and all there is to do is to breathe through it and let it transform us. We cannot always see the light at the end of the tunnel. It feels as if the pain will be with us forever. But inevitably, new life appears. "
    "I can guarantee you that those who still need a guru to sit atop a pedestal in order to give themselves an excuse to run from their human-ness, will run as far away from me as they possibly can. And those who stay, will be put in a position where by accepting and rectifying both the humanity and divinity within me, they will be forced to accept and rectify both the divinity and the humanity within themselves."

    You can not know what is best for someone else's life. Trying to act in someone else's best interest in order to keep them happy, means that you are currently thinking that you know better than they know and better than source knows, what is best for them. You are thinking that you know what you cannot know. You're taking on the role of God... And not only is that exhausting, it is also not possible.

    "Conflict is like a root that can either grow a fragrant flower or a poisonous weed depending on how it is tended. It can either be the catalyst of awakening or the catalyst of war."

    Most of us have the belief that we are "a bad person" if we can not make the people around us happy. Because of this, we find it difficult to be happy when someone else is unhappy. We do not allow other people to be unhappy enough to find themselves and their true desires. We do not allow them to be unhappy enough to find their way to their own happiness. Instead we try to force them to be happy. We try to do whatever it takes to MAKE them happy. But we aren't actually doing it for them. We're doing it so that WE can feel good about ourselves. We're doing it so that WE can be happy. We are operating from this misconception: "If I can make everyone around me happy, I will finally be happy" and what a painful belief it is to hold.

    "When conflict arises, we are being called to embody greater depths of intimacy and harmony. We are being called to become as aware as possible of ourselves relative to a subject. We can either answer that call or allow the conflict to drag us into deeper levels of unconsciousness."
    "Let yourself fall in love with the ACTUALITY of who someone is right here and now in this moment (as if that will never change) instead of the POTENTIAL of who they could be one day. Do this and you will never be in resistance to who someone is. You will no longer spend your time trying to get them to become the person you actually want to be with. If you base your decision to be with someone off of who they are right now, you will find the right partner for you. "
    "Any upset boils down to one of two things; thinking that something should be that currently isn't or thinking that something shouldn't be that currently is."
    "We hurt the ones we love the most because we hurt ourselves the most. It just so happens that the ones we're the closest with are the biggest reflection of ourselves. Learn how to love yourself and you will begin treat the ones you love with open, unconditional love because that is how you will begin treat yourself. "
    "Everything you see and interact with is a symbol inside of your dream. And that dream is your daily life."
    "What is self loving today may not be self loving tomorrow. What you want today may not be what you want tomorrow. What brings you joy today may not be what brings you joy tomorrow. This is why life changes when you keep going in the direction of self-love, desire and joy. But the answer is not to deny yourself love, deny yourself your wants and deny yourself joy. The answer is to let your life change "
    "If you believe that you have to love yourself first in order to love others or to be loved by others, then you do not believe in oneness. For in oneness, there is no genuine distinction between the self and others."

    We all live with a set of “rules” in our minds which guide our behavior. And each of us has “rules” in our minds that are a little different. These “rules” are core beliefs that grow out of our families, governments, religions and cultures. Guilt arises any time we violate these “rules”. We think the way to avoid guilt is to make 100% sure that we never violate these “rules” that we have set up in our own minds. But that is not the answer. The way to avoid and eliminate guilt is to question and change your “rules”. 

    "Everything happens for a reason. If that reason has not become clear yet, it is because whatever is happening is preparing you for something that is yet to come."
    "What is enlightenment? It is complete and total non-attachment to one's own thoughts. And in the absence of attachments to one's own thoughts, all that is present is love "
    "A harmonious life is made possible by a harmonious union between your mind and your heart. Feelings cannot be controlled by the mind. And any attempt to do so is to perpetuate an abusive marriage between the mind and heart."
    "Patience is not the same thing as allowing. Allowing is a non-resistant state of being. Patience however, means that you have handed off the power of creation as well as your happiness to someone else in your experience. Your happiness is now at the mercy of their timeline and not your own; therefore patience is not the virtue that we think it is. "

    Instead of asking, "If the universe loved me, why would this bad thing have happened or be happening to me?" ask, "Assuming the universe loves me, why did this thing happen or why is it happening?"

    "You can not even have a desire in the first place if it is not MEANT to be yours. "
    "AND consciousness is the modern day replacement for the ancient practice of the middle path. Instead of finding balance through the moderation of extremes, it calls you to instead expand in such a way that you develop the capacity to be present with and hold both extremes so that balance naturally occurs between them."
    "Pain ceases to become suffering when you begin to see what is birthed from pain. "
    "Pretend you died yesterday. If you were given the opportunity to come back to life today, what would you now have the courage to do that you didn't have the courage to do before?"
    "Allow yourself to have any emotion that comes up! Most of suffering is caused by suppression! "
    "You need to start living your life as if next week or next month or next year or even tomorrow may never come. So, if you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do with today?"
    "Many of us are born, only to spend years moving through this life asleep. And it must be said that often it is suffering that wakes us up. And so, we cannot make a long-term enemy of our suffering; if it is the very thing which leads the way to our liberation. "
    "There cannot be a problem without a solution. In this universe, one polarity cannot exist without the other."
    "All crime and punishment inflicted upon other people is the byproduct of inflicting it upon ourselves first. "
    "What if instead of trying to hurt YOU, your pain was in fact crying out for you to help IT?"
    "Our ability to extend love towards others should never be contingent upon how lovable we think they are "
    "At the end of the day we are called to trust the people in our lives with their own lives. We are called to trust them to make the decisions that are right for their lives; even if we cannot see WHY those decisions are currently right for them. We are called to trust them with their lives even if we feel tempted to judge that the decision they are making isn't right for them. At the end of the day we have a choice to practice love (which is to unify) or to practice being right (which is to divide). If we are choosing to be right about someone else's life, we are not unconditionally loving them. We are loving them based on the condition that they agree with us. We are rigidly attached to our own ideas. We can begin to practice unconditional love by practicing non attachment. And to practice non attachment all we must do is become soft enough to side with the mystery of life by acknowledging "Maybe there is something valuable in this situation that I do not see yet". When you begin to loosen up your grip on being right about what is right for someone, instead of rigidly siding with your own opinion about what is right for them, your relationships with other people become a thing of ease. They become a thing of ease because you have relinquished the control inherent in distrust. They become a thing of ease because all that is left to do is to love them without condition. And loving someone without condition brings out the absolute best in people. "
    "You do not need to resist, control or restrict the creations of others; due to the fear that they will negatively effect you. There is more than enough room in this universe for any and all creations that could possibly be thought up. This is why for every unwanted thing, there is (or will eventually be) an antidote. "

    In order to integrate something, heal it, or move beyond it, we must first own or claim it.  Whatever we cannot own or claim within us, we will project onto others.


    What does it mean to be crazy? To have a disorder of the mind. But "disorder" can only exist if there is some kind of pre determined "order" set in place. And who decides on order relative to the human mind? Human society. Sane and insane is a judgment based on perspective. And according to many other perspectives within this universe, it is human society that is rampant with disorder. So there is no reason to think of yourself as insane; if the very mindset of the society that determines whether you are sane or insane... is in and of itself insane!


    Oneness is the truth of this universe. There is nothing that is not made of source energy. Therefore "void" and"space" is an illusion. The universe seeks to express the truth of itself; therefore, it seeks to fill voids. So de-clutter your life, create a void and guess what will happen... The universe will fill it with something new.

    "Our subconscious mind sees the universe (or god) as an authority figure. Because of this, it uses its only frame of reference for authority when trying to understand the universe. What is our frame of reference for authority? The authority figure we had when we were children (usually a parent). What we expected from that person is what we expect from the universe. "

    If you are unhappy, look at the things you do every day.  You can’t do the same things every day and get different results in terms of how you feel.  So do different things.  If you do different things every day, you will start to see different results.

    "Forgiveness is done when we no longer care whether or not it is done "

    We, as people, go to every corner of the globe trying to find out what is wrong with us.  Then we go to every corner of the globe trying to find out how we can make ourselves better.  And it never really works.  And so we go to every corner of the globe trying to figure out why it isn’t working.  When the reason it isn’t working is that the only thing that is wrong with us… Is that we think there is something wrong with us.


    If we fear manipulative people, it is only because we do not realize that every being on this earth (including ourselves) is manipulative. Manipulation is not evil. It does not mean that someone intends to hurt or use other people for their own benefit. So what does it mean to be manipulative? To be manipulative is to speak and act in a way that guarantees that we get the response we want to get from other people. So you see, manipulation is how most of us try to get love. Manipulation is how most of us try to get safety... because we do not trust the world to be kind to us. Everyone is manipulative, we are simply more or less aware of that aspect within ourselves.

    "Weapons only work when there is someone there to resist them "

    Here is a valuable tool: Take each judgment you have about yourself and find the ways that it is perpetuated by you by asking yourself this: How do I make myself (fill in the blank)? For example: When you think,"I am insignificant" ask yourself, "How do I make myself insignificant?" Maybe you will find that you deliberately don't do things that could draw attention to you. Maybe you will find that you take jobs that are beneath your skill level. Maybe you will find that you berate yourself in front of your friends. Find all the ways that you are creating the very truth that you think you must own up to and you will no longer have attachment to truths about you that don't benefit you to believe.

    "We should prioritize giving kindness, unconditional love and commitment to the people that we have decided to spend the majority of our time with. And who are you going to spend the most time with? Yourself. You are going to spend the rest of your life with yourself. You are committed to yourself until death. "
    " Do not worry about people pushing against you. The whole world could be pushing against you and nothing unwanted would happen in your experience as long as you remained focused upon what you wanted. Unwanted things are only the result of pushing back! "
    "You cannot move beyond your current emotions unless you allow them to surface and be released. This means that you must learn to express your emotions. Anything you resist persists; so if you are resisting your own emotions, they will persist and you will remain emotionally stuck where you are. You will heal faster and feel better if you will just find the courage to let them loose instead of resisting them. "
    "All too often we berate ourselves because we are not happy. Happiness becomes the goal we are pushing ourselves towards, but that we never truly reach. We think there is something wrong with us if we are not in a heightened state of bliss twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Our focus becomes oriented towards the absence of happiness; and so the absence of happiness is all we get. So stop measuring yourself next to happiness. Instead, seek to feel just a little bit better from wherever you are emotionally at this very moment "

    There is no "glass ceiling" when it comes to happiness; no limit whatsoever. No matter how happy you are, you can always add to your happiness. So ask yourself right here and now: What would make me even happier right now? What would make this moment even better? And do that! This also applies to relationships. Many of us (rescuer types) believe that our only value in relationships is to make an unhappy person...happy. We fear that we will have no role in other people's lives once they are actually happy. But this is because we forget that there is no limit to happiness. We forget that we can always add to other people's happiness. All we need to ask ourselves is: What would make them even happier right now? And do that for them.

    " Did you opt into a life of suffering and did suffering suck the life out of you; or did suffering opt into your life, so you could suck the life out of it? "
    "You did not opt into a life of suffering so that suffering could suck the life out of you. Instead, suffering opted into your life so that you could suck the life out of it."
    "Are you directing your thoughts towards empowerment; or are you directing them towards powerlessness by resisting your own feelings of powerlessness? If we resist our powerlessness, we feel the urge to seek revenge; we explode on others and any action we take, yields negative results. If instead, we go in the direction of relief, joy and empowerment, we feel the inspiration to seek reconciliation, we are kind to others and to ourselves and any action we take yields positive results. There is a big difference between traveling in the direction of joy, empowerment and freedom and resisting your sadness, powerlessness and imprisonment. "

    Each and every one of us holds a different perspective. What this means is that there is no such thing as mental consensus. There is no way to tell which perspective is better or worse for us all. Mental illness is defined as impairment of normal cognitive, emotional and behavioral functioning. Saying that someone is mentally ill is a judgment made by comparing a person's mentality to a norm... A norm, which in reality does not exist. And so, there can be no such thing as mentally ill or mentally well; just varying degrees of satisfaction with one's own perspective. -Teal Scott-

    "Those who believe in God and those who believe in No God, are believers. And Belief is not necessarily an indicator of truth. "
    "Love is not about handing over all of your ammunition (especially when you think the other person is going to shoot you with it). That is self-sabotage. Love is about being aware that you have ammunition and choosing not to use it."
    "The harder you try to be positive, the harder you resist being negative; and whatever you resist is the thing that persists. "

    You deserve love from others. But it just so happens that we are like starving children when it comes to love. We have never learned how to give love to ourselves, so instead we must try to take it from each other... but because of this, none of us have it to give.

    "Ultimately, there is no such thing as right or wrong. But in order to progress, we must release our grasp on being right. Being right is an assumption we make based on past beliefs and experiences. In order to have new beliefs and experiences, we must first be willing to be wrong. "
    "The only scripture you should listen to or live by is the message of your own heart "
    "What is the indication that you are not over and done with a problem in your life? If you are convinced that you are over and done with it! The person who is over and done with a problem, is the one who does not mind it coming back again and again. "
    "Truth arrives when you let go of your investment in the truth of every belief that you think is true "
    "You can trust yourself to know what is true for you personally! Telling the truth will always bring about a sensation of relief because your heart is set free in the moment that you tell that truth (your heart will move forward); even if the truth isn't necessarily something that you perceive as positive. If you say something that is not the truth for you personally, your heart is imprisoned in the moment that you tell that non-truth (your heart will retreat); and it will bring about a feeling of resistance within you. "
    "You have been asking for the gift of love all your life. Are you going to reject it now, based on the package it arrives in? "
    "You have been asking for the gift of truth all your life. Are you going to reject it now, based on the package it arrives in? "
    " What is bravery? It is courage in action. What is courage? It is she or he who builds their home in uncertainty; it is the person who practices the art of riding the never ending waves rather than trying to stop the waves from coming."
    "Fall in love with uncertainty, and she will never cause you harm. Resist her, and you will be tossed and turned in her waters until you can no longer breathe."
    "Why are guides so vague when they give answers? Because if they were not, you would put the energy of your life into their hands. By doing so, you would forfeit your own perspective and in the process put an end to the universal expansion that is happening as a result of your unique perspective. "
    "You can not exalt the idea of conformity without exalting the idea of victimization at the exact same time. "
    "Security is not about exchanging money for gold when you discover that the economy is going to collapse. Security is about looking within the self to find the truth that YOU are the real value because your human life is energy. It is looking within the self to find the truth that you create your own reality. It is looking within the self to see that you can always fulfill your own needs; because the only things you ever did possess and that ever did guarantee your security, are tucked away inside of you in a place that no one could ever reach or steal or open with a key. "
    "Within all beauty, are the seeds of pain. And within all pain, are the seeds of beauty. And it is your choice, which of these seeds to plant "

    We do things to make others happy because it makes US happy to see them happy, and the betterment of this world depends on our willingness to be that "selfish". For we will only find unity and live as one when our happiness in part stems from seeing others happy.

    "Wisdom is intelligence that is married to the knowing of the heart"
    "Treat your problems like precious frightened children. Do not treat them like enemies that are bigger than you are; or like annoyances to be downplayed. So often I hear people referring to their problems and negative beliefs like this: "It's just my own bullshit". This is profoundly self hating. You cannot do this without invalidating your pain. And as long as you are invalidating your pain, no healing can be achieved. Because all you are doing is standing in front of a frightened child, telling them that their problems are "bullshit"
    "Life is messy... and the cleaner you try to make it, the dirtier it gets."
    "You can't ever ask someone to love everything about you, when there are things about you that they do not love. But you can always ask for someone to come into your life who loves all of you. And the best way to allow the universe to bring you that person is to 1. Figure out a way to focus positively towards all of the things that you don't like about yourself and 2. Focus positively towards all of the things that you think others will not love (or do not love) about you. "
    "When you think a thought, you are in essence giving birth to that thought. And so, it is in essence, your child. Do not condemn that child. Take care of that child even when it cries and yells and stomps it's feet. "
    "We protect ourselves by being skeptical. We are skeptical because we think the truth will keep us safe. But just like every other form of protection, the safety soon turns into prison walls. The world of a skeptic is a prison. It is a tedious, limited world without any magic or mystery."
    "If you are banking your happiness off of a scenario in the future, you are a hater of what is. And if you are a hater of what is, you are living a miserable life. Find a way to love what is (not lie to yourself that you like what you do not like). Look deeper into what is for things that you actually enjoy. Fall in love with what you are and what other people are instead of what you or they could be one day. "
    "A thousand times we die in one life. We crumble, break and tear apart until the layers of illusion are burned away and all that is left, is the truth of who and what we really are."
    "What is death? It is the stripping away of illusion."
    "Like temporary blossoms, we come to bloom and wither away. It is far more beautiful than immortality. Immortality is nothing more than a chariot for fear. It may wear a tempting mask, but underneath it is disfigured."
    "Enlightenment is not the byproduct of avoiding the darkness in favor of the light. It is the byproduct of taking the light of consciousness and diving deep into the darkness with it. To make the darkness conscious, is to turn the shadow into light. "
    "Love is the unity inherent when seeing the other person happy, is an integral part of your own happiness."
    "It is impossible to be authentic and to do what other people approve of at the same time."
    "Most people are too afraid to question their realities and perceptions because they are too afraid to unravel the fabric of the reality that allows them to comfort themselves. They want to preserve their sense of certainty by maintaining illusions. Illusions at least promise that everything was ok, is ok and will be ok. This is why there are not more people in the business of self awareness. "
    "We like to tell the lie that when we love someone else, we are doing it for them. We aren't. Love is selfish. It is the most selfish act in the world. It is selfish because it is the most beneficial thing in the world to YOU. Because of this, it should not wait. Do not wait for someone to give you love, for you to love them. Be selfish and love people without reservation. Love makes you whole. Love fulfills you. Love will strike fear from the record of your soul. What a gift to allow yourself to become whole, fulfilled and fearless."
    "Love never hurt or deceived anyone. Only fear can do that. It just so happens that for most of us, our love is cradled in so many layers of fear that we can no longer differentiate between our fear and our love."
    "We have a habit of saying that love is painful. We don't understand that it is not the love that is painful. Love cannot be painful. It is fear that is painful. It is the prevention of love caused by our fear that is painful."
    "If I want to live a happy life, heal myself and make self-loving, smart decisions in the future, I need not armor myself against the world. I need not protect my love. Instead, I need to remove my armor and remove the layers of fear that by virtue of their constriction, are choking the freedom and life out of my love."
    "There is no source of darkness in this universe. There is only the presence of light and the absence of light. Darkness does not exist; it only appears to exist. In truth, it is only the absence of light."
    "No matter how hard you try, you cannot get rid of darkness because it does not exist. It is nothing but the absence of light. In order to effect darkness, you must do something with light, because the light is the only thing that actually exists. "
    "Darkness does not exist; it only appears to exist. In truth, it is only the absence of light. Fear and sadness and hate have been compared to darkness because they too, do not exist. They are merely the absence of awareness, joy and love."
    "If you touch rock bottom, the heights you are about to experience, are equally as high."
    "Touching rock bottom, rids you of fear because there is no further you can go without dying and there is nothing more to lose. You have to let go of everything you think you know. The certainty of your life is departed. You are naked and on your knees before the world. You think it is the end. You spend days resisting the suffocation of your own annihilation only to discover that when you accept the failure and defeat and welcome your own annihilation, you are suddenly in the light. You are suddenly breathing air."

    The job of a spiritual guide, counselor or therapist is not to "fix" people. It is to act as a midwife for an emotional re-birthing process. Just like you cannot save a laboring woman from experiencing her contractions, without robbing her of a crucial part of the process, we cannot save a person from experiencing the waves of emotional pain. Our job is to support them and guide them through that pain into their expansion.

    "How do we know if we have loved fully? There is no more fear present within our being. If we have any fear about life or fear about loving someone else, we are not letting our self love fully."
    "I have never fully loved. How do I know this? Because I have never been completely fearless."
    "If you want to know love, you must allow the armor of fear to be stripped from you, piece by piece, until you are naked before the world. "
    "Fear is illusion, life is designed to strip illusion from you. And so, life is designed to strip fear from you. It does this by bringing you face to face with your fears again and again, until you have no choice but to face them and release your resistance to them... Until you have no choice but to become fearless. Once you have become fearless, you are free from illusion and life no longer serves a purpose because you have discovered truth."
    "Fear is not your enemy. Do not be ashamed of it. All beings in existence feel it. You could not know truth and you could not feel love without the contrast of fear. It is the tool that is serving your expansion the very most. It is understandable, but somewhat funny, that most of us are going to such great lengths to try to prevent the very tool, which keeps offering itself to us because it keeps wanting us so badly to find out the truth and to feel love."
    "There is only one kind of poverty, a heart that cannot allow love "
    "Simply put, anger feels better than powerlessness. That is why it benefits people to get angry. And independence feels better than powerless victimhood. That is why it benefits people to get independent. But if our progression stops there, we will never achieve true happiness and our civilization will never achieve true alignment. "
    "Take that opportunity to know love whenever it presents itself. Open yourself and let this world penetrate you to your core. Let it do its worst. Because the worst it can do, does not compare to the pain of staying closed and building walls between you."
    "The bullet only rips the skin that resists it. How many people do you know that are capable of not resisting a bullet? None. And this is why the bullet always rips the skin. "
    "Imagine each person like a cup, but a cup that does not tip. And imagine love like a fluid inside that cup. We want to give love to others, but because we are cups that cannot tip, we cannot give them love. So how do we give love to others? We give it to ourselves. We fill up our own cup with love to the degree that our cup overflows and spills over to other people and eventually to the world. "

    Water, is the combination of hydrogen and oxygen. As the two kiss, a third element is made, an element, which sustains all life. The thirst of all beings on this earth is satiated by it and sustained by it. Their life depends on it. But that got me to thinking that love, is like water. Like oxygen and hydrogen, the unification of two hearts, makes a third element... Love. Love, like water sustains all life. The thirst of all beings on this earth is satiated by it and sustained by it. And like water, their life depends on it.

    "The more fearful a person is, the more he uses his mind. The more fearless a person is, the more he uses his heart. "
    "Hurt is the nature of relationships in a world where love is a less common practice than fear. "
    "When we move towards love, fear grips our souls. It grips our souls because to love, means to die, to die into each other. And to die into each other, is a far greater death than ordinary death. But to die into each other, is to awaken to each other as well. And to awaken to each other, is a far greater life than ordinary life. "
    "There is no form of bravery in this universe greater than the bravery it takes to love with no reservations. Like armor, our cautiousness prevents injury from entering the heart; but it also prevents love from escaping the heart. Sometimes we are lucky and our love shatters through that armor, like water smashing through floodgates that can no longer contain it. Other times, we must consciously choose to remove the armor of our cautiousness and strip ourselves naked in the face of love. "
    "The person who is bravest does not base their love on how much they are getting back. The person who is bravest does not need the validation of another person's reciprocation in order to love freely. The bravest person simply does what comes most naturally to him or her. And that is to love. "
    "The person who is able to open themselves completely to the world, is the person who is bravest. Many would call that person a fool, but shift your perspective and it becomes clear that the fool is in fact the person who cuts themselves off from the world and from loving freely, for they cannot see that they are killing themselves in the atmosphere of their own constriction. "
    "Like an island, bravery is an island in an ocean of fear. To be brave, is not to be without fear. Bravery implies that there is a great deal of fear resident in your being, but that the fear does not dominate your heart."
    "Perhaps you can admit to light but can you admit to shadow? Perhaps you can admit to shadow but can you admit to light? "
    "Disappointment is a mental bankruptcy that interrupts a soul which knows that what you have been asking for is right around the corner."
    "The highest state is the state of openness, not constriction"
    "Open the flood gates and expose the truth of who you are, and all that will be left is people who accept it. All others will flee, you will be left with only those that are allies. "
    "Today, I have a message for you. And that message is, you are not alone. There has never been a second that you were alone. There will never be a second that you are alone. When you came down to this physical life, you came so that source (which is in fact the greater part of you) could come to know itself through your eyes. You agreed to the perspective of separation so that source could come to know and understand the nature of it's own "oneness" through your eyes. Perspective is only one angle of truth. And the real truth is that truth is far more comprehensive than that one angle. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there. Remember this when you are observing the stark absence of friendship in your life. Remember this when you are feeling lonely or misunderstood... Behind the veil of your limited perspective, we are there. Your isolation, is merely an illusion. And by far the greater part of this universe and world not only understands you and not only loves you, but also, IS you. "
    "A vehemently defended perspective will not change until the pain which formed that perspective is acknowledged and honored. "
    "Healing yourself takes a thousand times more courage than trying to fix the world ever did"
    "Happiness is here with us in every single moment, waiting for our notice. Our challenge is to look at the world through the eyes of someone who can see it. "
    "All spiritual practice, is the art of shifting perspectives"

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