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Online Workshop - 8/13/17 - Q&A Part 2/4

  • 00:00:00 Shame. Fear of Love being taken away. How to Receive and Feel Love?
  • 00:06:45 How do you know if something feels bad because it's out of alignment or because it triggers an aspect for integration?
  • 00:07:50 Fear/nervousness in front of people - performing, fear of facing authority.
  • 00:12:00 Rupture and repair in relationships. Failure to express what doesn't please you.
  • 00:13:45 I've been alone, apathetic and depressed for years and have been trying to recover. Always hoped that moving will help me improve. Now it's time to move but I'm afraid that my years of isolation in a shell will hold me back.
  • 00:16:00 Can we use disidentification to step into the perspective of our Higher Self? And from that perspective perform integration.
  • 00:18:25 How do you know if you're meant to GROW WITH someone or grow and MOVE ON?
  • 00:22:50 Sight problems.
  • 00:26:00 Staying in a job vs quitting. When I go to work I feel that I live as an unhealthy part of me (male, hard, etc.). It makes me not want to go to work because another part of me does not want to be male and hard.