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Online Workshop Dec 15 2012

0:03 About 2012 December 21st

7:00 Something not happenning in your life - is it happenning because of your own limiting beliefs ans patterns? Or because of the will of your higher self?

10:00 Astrological charts - can one ourgrow your personal astrology?

13:25 Ego vs Narcissism. Is it bad to want to become famous?

17:45 What really happens when we dream?

21:50 Quantum Entanglement

23:35 How to awaken humanity?

26:32 Why do animals in factory farming suffer?

30:53 Transforming pain into compassion.

34:10 How to interact with your emotions

37:40 E.T.s - will they contact us in the near future? Crop circles.

45:20 Are we meant to live within/through the perspective of our higher selves? Or to raise our vibration to be in alignment with our higher selves?

46:50 Chemtrails

49:35 E.T.s with negative intentions

50:40 How do I connect with my higher self to channel messages/answers?

55:33 How can an artists block be cured?

57:25 Is it possible to leave this life and not fulfill your purpose?

1:02:00 Inner black hole - is this the sacred space of the heart? How can we access it?

1:07:40 Core Belief Process

1:17:45 Can drugs like LSD give access to other dimensions?

1:20:50 Teal's Book "Shadows Before Dawn" - why was it written?

1:23:43 How can I be significant/special if we're ALL significant/special?

1:25:40 Past lives. Physical disabilities. Why do they manifest?

1:30:33 Manifesting. Can doubt block us from manifesting somtehing?

1:32:12 How will my life change as a lightworker in the near future?

1:33:50 Teal, what is your most important role in life?

1:35:22 My family is not receptive to Spirituality/Teal's work. How do I talk to them?

1:39:40 What do you think about competition?

1:45:45 Do you feel like lightworkers are myltiplying or awakening?

1:46:30 What is the 6th Dimension like?

1:48:25 Special message for everyone watching. Including you :)

1:51:30 What is the best way to communicate with your spirit guides?

1:55:40 How to heal my son who has Biopolar disease?

2:00:00 Workshop Summary