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Heart Coherence Collaborative Interview

  • 00:01:07 How do you decrease reactivity in intimate relationships?
  • 00:04:49 If you communicated how you want to be treated, but the person is STILL not treating you that way, what do you do?
  • 00:06:42 What’s the role of the heart in personal transformations?
  • 00:08:34 How does somebody who is struggling with isolation reestablish the ability to connect?
  • 00:15:34 Why does it feel like there are so many narcissistic people these days?
  • 00:18:32 Can true narcissists heal?
  • 00:23:48 Addictive personalities. Are we addicts for life? Substituting negative addictions for positive addictions.
  • 00:32:53 Codependency and addiction - how are they linked?
  • 00:35:06 Intense or addictive personalities in relationships.
  • 00:39:52 Gaslighting. What does Teal mean when she uses that word? Intentional VS unintentional gaslighting.
  • 00:45:20 The importance of being understood in a relationship.
  • 00:47:53 How to best become understood in a relationship?
  • 00:49:07 How do you convey something to a person who is always defensive?