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    I had major breakthrough last night I was really depressed yesterday evening and I was really beating myself up with my thoughts. I was at the bottom. I did something different this time though, I asked asked myself why I thought this way. My very next thought was "cause you're a piece of shit". Latter that night I used the restroom and for some reason I looked down and then I looked at myself. I did a few times and thought I look nothing like that then it hit me I'm not a piece of shit. I keep saying it over and over. For the first time I was okay with myself. So when you're feeling down and that little voice is beating you up ask it why. I hope this helps you along your journey call life. Have a great day.
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    Changing your name, for better integration and evolution, of spirit? Hi Tealers! i am really glad to be here and receive you thoughts, insights, experiences.. I am thinking about this for long time now... According to a site (www.kabalarians.com ) that i consult often and i find VERY accurate (they use numerology), my name's meaning and life path is pretty pathetic. This might sound subjective, but it pretty much is the real thing. I have low self esteem, i procrastinate, and what i also find very true, and limiting, is that the name Majda (which is pronounced Maida), indicates lack of individuality. So i have the sense of collectiveness and connection lot stronger than knowing how I am, and what defines me opposite to the rest of the world. Yesterday i was with a friend that soothes me lot, but while we were together i couldnt realise why i felt tension in my stomach and resistance. After some time, energetically i realised he is more an individual than a sympathetic person, so i dont resonate THAT much. Through his individuality he can connect, pretty damn sure about himself and confident (which i lack A LOT). And then understanding this, i energetically put myself in those shoes, on his frequency, and i felt veeery good. Because i reached his frequency, consciously, and we matched. However, i have an innate resistance towards this so i have many difficulties when working on it and developing it. Also what stops me is the knowing from this site that i simply have difficulties being an individual, like, owning it, owning the separation, which is also beneficial for our own evolution. This feeling lasted shortly and i turned again into an attentive sucker who just wants to analyze and know more, live in his/her head, know all, help more, be present and all that (this is where my selfishness lies i suppose)... However when it comes to these kind of friendships, i want to be able to reach His perspective and adopt it, it is helpful to me, and lot less painful, at the given moment! However, very difficult. Sorry for saying all this, i just thought an example would be good to explain. So, since this name is pretty pathetic, has its own qualities, you can check, but also i find it pretty pathetic. And as if my life will last short, end fast because of all that short meaning of my name (i also have heart problem so that IS probably my destiny). So, i would like to exercice, practice, and integrate more, feelings of individuality, but wonder if the meaning of this name will hinder me? i know i dont have, and probably will never have or develop strong sense of individuality, but would like to exercice this, and be confident that it might and will eventually, create some other me. Have you ever had an idea like this? experience, thought ? Desire? have you ever changed your name? what does your first name mean to you? how do you handle its meaning ? I dont find me resistant to the name they have given me (do i sound that way?), but would like to know how a new name, that I choose, can influence my being and evolution Am also wondering if you ever had a thought of changing your name, or have done it already, for the sake of evolution, or for the sake of fun, or i dont know i like sanskrit names, have been going through them since some time, i am attracted to letters L and K, besides M i liked Manisha, and then i looked at kabalarians.com for the name, and it had the same characteristics as Majda :))) wtf?! cant escape it it seems :)) others attracted me too thank you :*** best,
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    Dear Teal, You should write a book about your approach to education (not only in general but education for children with spiritual talents in particular). The book would be invaluable to parents, educators and developmental psychologists. Thank you so much, quinn
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    want to hear something amazing I just learned from someone? The internet is a physical manifestation of the 4th dimension what you see on your compute or phone is a physical manifestation of 4d reminding us we are all connected, the same way you can see scary pictures, movies or videos on YouTube you pick your focus, you decide where your focus goes, I don't watch anything scary for this reason, I know I will have that energy in my reality and when I sleep too because my focus is there subconsciously and I bring it to my sleeping state. the same way we can create this on the internet I just picked that cartoon to represent scary and the Katy Perry alien video to show you we can create that out of body, the internet is just a manifestation of that which already exists in us, us being connected and putting your focus and creating it, nobody is forcing you to watch scary movies just like you aren't going to think of something scary to project it into your reality when you go out of body, you create with your focus. the real world and the internet are different, the real world is a lot more 3d and mundane, but we are still multidimensional we just cant share it because its from with in us and it has to be experienced so we have the internet and art as a tool for that. and the trolls on the internet would be the shit head negative entities lol, they can shape shift into whoever they want to be, playing in the internet, physical manifestation of 4d. where duality still exists there, you will see good and bad on there, same way inside.
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    OH YES, perfect. And to support Teal's message, here's my Kahlil Gabran poem attached that I created for a babies leaflet... for those that might like to read the full sentiment Teal's talked about above. Light crystal Rob
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    Version 1.0.0


    Everything has consciousness, and so, everything can be treated as an individual self so as to disidentify with it far enough to really see it, understand it, learn from it, and meet its needs so as to help it to integrate and become a more harmonious part of the whole. This is a strategy to Use for the Reintegration of Fragmented Parts.


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    Hi Zoe! Nice to meet you! Unfortunately our son got sick just before the weekend Sooo.... taking care of him. Juicing carrots and drinking lemon water +honey to keep my self from getting sick as well. I am planning on attending online webinar /class. Excited . And if i don't get sick I'll probably hang out on a Tribe too)) I am currently growing mint roots and it looks like it's time to start replanting them for the winter. I love having fresh in-house mint for my smoothies and desert decorations . Also I have 2 pineberry plants ready for "adoption " lol Maybe in a few weeks we'll go see our family relatives . My father-in-law will be happy to have one. Btw I have two cats! my husband just brought home two boxes and cats love it! Planning on punching holes in them to make boxes more interesting and fun like I usually do
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    Hi, A couple of things: 1/ Secrecy provides shame a place to live. Shame dissipates when we get things out in the open. So it is no surprise to me at all that writing your post made you feel a little better. Don't feel ashamed. We all get stuck and need a little support from time to time. 2/ Doing what helps you feel good about yourself is good. Just because people in the past have made us feel bad about ourselves does not mean that we need to make ourselves feel bad. We need to treat ourselves like was actually like ourselves. Teal makes the point "Ask yourself, what would someone who loves himself or herself do?" 3/ your boyfriend sounds abusive to me. I hope that @s0147392 comes into the thread to shed some light. She seems to be knowledgeable about abusive relationships. 4/ Every person on this planet deserves the right to pursue their happiness and fulfill their life's purpose. That includes you.
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    I STAND ON THE SIDE OF FEELING Thank you Teal, once again you have elucidated many of the things i have seen and felt as a counselor and pastor. I was unable to put them into words. You speak for us all. When our training goes against our heart, we as "professionals" have to muzzle our hearts and go with policies and procedures that protect us and our profession; not our clients or our hearts. "What's wrong with this picture?" It's what many if not most of us have thought or felt, if not said. We have failed to admit that we are codependent on our patients. If they are not sick then how can we demand payment to treat them for their illness? So we have the need to keep them sick so we can keep our jobs, our practice, our status, our profession. We teach them to deny their humanity, their feelings, their heart by denying our own and becoming more alienated from our own feelings and theirs. It's a negative spiral leading to death, denial and destruction. I have been blessed to be able to use my dual status as pastor and counselor to avoid some of these traps and show clients love when my profession counseled distance and to find paths for personal integration when my theology offered judgement and condemnation. i sometimes feel like I'm living in a modern Tower of Babel with all of our professions hiding behind their various languages of jargon professing their own importance while sailing further and further away from sanity and mutual understanding. We say "It's complicated." it's not. The truth of our heart is denied and the fallacy of our importance is clung to like a floating piece of debris. Thank you for speaking truth to the power of professions and the greed of corporations. Be blessed, you are a blessing!
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    My father was there. I remember visiting him, and what the drugs did to him in the few times he came home. He finally committed suicide. I'm convinced that most of the people in mental institutions are there because they showed their spiritual talents to the wrong people at the wrong times. Very good thing that things are a little different now or I might well have ended up there too. Instead I've made a big difference for the world in the area of technology, and continue to do so as I link that with Spirituality. I am incredibly impressed with the soul that goes by the name Teal, who managed to heal herself despite the system, and now teaches this healing to others even as she reveals her authentic self.
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    First of all, it's time to stop blaming yourself for supposedly attracting people like that into your life. I've done this for years and it hasn't done anything to alleviate the pain/anxiety that has been caused by other people; it's just placed blame (whether it be ourselves, or other people). Blame still doesn't do anything to help, it just makes us feel like we have a little bit of control over a situation. I agree with the poster who asked who you are as a person. It's time to step outside of yourself and be super honest about who you are... Who are you as a person? Is who you are who other people think you are? Is there a disconnect with how you perceive yourself vs how other people perceive you? How can you get to know yourself better? How has this experience caused you to know more about yourself? While reading your experience I can't help but wonder if being a little more direct would remedy the situation. Communicating clearly, "this conversation is overwhelming me, I need some space. Thank you for understanding," offers closure that perpetually running away doesn't. I'm kind of coming from the other end of the spectrum here where I had a guy I liked ignore me... I became *obsessed* with getting closure and the harder he ignored me, the worse I got! Do you know about intermittent reinforcement? I can't help but wonder if you've accidentally made them addicted to you due to being inconsistent in your responses! Don't blame yourself again though, the goal should be to understand with more clarity the workings beneath the surface. I had no idea about intermittent reinforcement causing addiction until just lately... Hope this helps! Good luck!
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    Hi Jon, good to hear from you again! Interesting breakthroughs... Had one also last night... i came across a video about body shaming and it made me think if it's ever going to be possible to say something to another about them that doesn't look like shaming ? in the end it's up to receiver to decide... For ex, we generally don't get upset if someone says that we need glasses because one can't see anything far away. But if it's about.... idk.... legs or something . .. then it's body shaming So i decided to post this
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    Invalidation Is Detrimental For An Empath It has recently occurred to me that the long episodes of depression that the Empath will endure are caused by invalidations to our uber strong intuition. In fact it can be detrimental to ones psyche. Many people in our lives will deny us of validation of our intuition which can be very confusing and force you into a downward spiral of a self identity crisis. Being stuck in a toxic relationship where your partner is one to not admit to being wrong, a pathological lier or just a absolute manipulating narcissist happens too often in the journey of the Empath. Why must we rely on someone else for validation of our own intuition? Is it because we are too trusting? Do we expect people to be as honest as we are? Will we sabotage our freedom from resistance if we become cautious and suspicious? My theory is this: people, especially a narcissist can pick up on your strong intuition and it is a threat to them. An Empath's intuition takes away ones freedom of charades. Because of the threat to the ego, especially the caliber of one as a narcissist, you will almost always be denied validation from someone trying to be great in your eyes. It's human nature, survival of the fittest. In conclusion, always trust your intuition, no matter what. If you are in a relationship and you notice that you have to put aside your own feelings to remain cordial most often, chances are the person is toxic to your journey of enlightenment and staying in one of these relationships for too long can cause you to start from square one to gain back your self identity, once you wisely exited. Thank you Love and light
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    I excel in the mental and spiritual realms... also with verbal communication. That is why I too, feel like a sports player who has been "benched" because both my children are under the age of 5. I can't wait until they turn 8! But I'll try to cherish the baby phase while it lasts. Winter looks like a precious pixie elf. I bet he will remain super advanced in the spiritual realm, even as an adult Love, Stephanie Meyer
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    Can I be Winterized?
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    You can try the 4:00 AM method. Go to bed at 10:00 PM and set an alarm to wake you up at 4:00 AM. Once you're awaken, lean your body at an angle of 45 degrees. This is vital for the success of have out-of-body experience. You can achieve that with a reclining chair. After you're in that position, visualize a globe of light, the size of a tennis ball, about 1 foot away from you. And after a couple of minutes your body is going to fall asleep and you’re going to find your consciousness in the subtle etheric body.
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    if you have questions about yourself you ask yourself, I was just telling you how to get answers from inside rather than outside with labels. you trace every belief and emotion back and you get to the soul eventually and that will tell you anything, and it comes from you, whether it was chosen before birth or trauma, it will tell you. it feels better when it comes from you rather than outside of you, from my opinion.
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    Hi Jessica, i hear about this for the first time, but i am also very sensitive to external factors, sounds, visions, smells, light, movements... I very often use a site called ourspiritualnutrition, that addresses spiritual, emotional or mental causes behind all sorts of diseases and states. I checked if there is on misophonia, but there isnt, only as a Sensory processing disorder. You can also send the lady that takes care of the info on the site a mail and ask her personally, she will respond. However, there is another way too to access the reason behind it, which is i think the completion process by Teal. I am not sure if you can disidentify from that part of you in the moments you are triggered in order to notice where does the trigger take you, in which part of your whole existence (past, in terms of 3D), but after time of meditating, alone time, introspective mode, you can locate the triggered part and communicate with it. I think this comes from a past life experience(s) and you might never change it, but u will understand it and it can eventually have lesser impact on your existence here and now. its what I think
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    A lot of autistic people have sensitive hearing and have sensory over stimulation, so you might have some of that, I'm not calling you autistic, I hate labels, but I can see even "normal" or "neurotypical" having those sensitivities. I hate labels because that means there is a normal, then who decided this norm? its the socially accepted norm but people are different. I hate the sound of a vacuum cleaner, its too loud, maybe a couple others but the vacuum is what I think of. so we have a ego which is everything you learned outside of you in this life, your experiences all of that, and the subconscious right in the middle, most are stuck In that perspective of believing the outside and the ego subconsciously believes that, we also have a soul, the nonphysical aspect of ourselves, which is what we are trained out of as kids, that is the layer above the ego. The heart (soul/objective truth/nonphysical) and the ego (brain/subjective truth/physical) contradict each other, we are limited by only listening to our ego and our subconscious is the creator but we can also create from the nonphysical aspect and the subconscious also agrees, this is what the placebo affect is, creating from the nonphysical aspect of ourselves rather then the physical. Masculine would be physical and thinking, and feminine is nonphysical/soul and feeling. we ignore the fuck out of the nonphysical thinking its woo woo, buts it's also a part of the design, you learn this from within and it has no accreditation which sucks! try getting in tune with this nonphysical aspect of yourself that exists inside of you.
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    Good morning, That's what I'm missing in this forum, colours of home routine Garnet, hope is only body safe switch mode trick to be nurtured, but reality very is danger unnatural micro climate zones driven by various conditioners, like shopping, leisure centers, car climate controls, and you can catch cold in the mid of summer, that's my Sunday morning routine, have a good day to all
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    Introduction post! Have a very good day guys. I hope you are doing well so far. I would like to introduce myself into this community. Glad to be a part here. lol
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    Hey @Lionaide looks like you have some choices available which is cool - so many people feel totally trapped because they have no choice at all. Interesting... I am totally floored that you can have funds to invest in property. Is that salary or wage-based funds supporting this investment as you will have a bank loan or are you 100% funding from your own pocket? Dunno if things are different in USA but if you need work to support a house loan it limits you slightly in future choices. Then again, don't tell me that money is coming from your parents... So before I can give any opinion - that's if you want my opinion, I'd need to know more about why you see having an investment property is a good idea? On the parents front, ha! Teal's YouTube "Needing Space" I watched directly after (and because of) someone I said I'd distance myself from - talk about synchronicity... so running away is the same as being inauthentic because you have an aversion (resistance) to something. Feelings etc are there to assist you if you know how to use them. Not being able to interact and solve the dilemma that's creating the situation... So, if you don't mind another perspective, try this... Imagine that you are on one railway track, your father on another track, your mother on a third track - all running parallel to each other, never actually touching or crossing over but close enough to speak. You can talk across the tracks to one another and when you look further, their parents are also on parallel tracks. You all have a point of view on "How Someone Should Live Their Life" and the point of view comes across from grandparents to the parents to the children - in other words from the Past directed towards the Present and towards the Future. Except in real life, parents die and children are left with the residue of What Their Parents Tell Them is Right or Wrong. (societal beliefs). But in this parallel track scenario they are still there alive and kicking, talking away trying to get the attention of their children to tell them what they need to do. Now, jump tracks - be your father and listen to what he was told to do. Jump tracks, and become his father, who is being told by his father on the next track. And so on. In this scenario, you can become the grandmother - listen to what she is saying. Listen to your mother - then jump, back into You and 'hear' what you are being told. And 'feel' what you are being told. Now,k jump back into your mother and 'feel' her. etc with each. If this makes no sense say so... but the point is we all get fed "what to do" what isn't the right thing and what is the wrong thing. But if you jump back into your mother and feel how she is taking her mother's advice you'll see that she also had/has problems. So when you examine your mother's thoughts and actions through her life you'll see there is a pattern of belief that is being passed on. The idea here is Perspective - and then Compassion for how others feel or felt. How does this impact on you now, about how you feel and what you will do? You have to live your life but also be compassionate and understanding of others points of view - then decide your own mind. That is not running away. That is being authentic. yes others may not react how you want, but that is because of their pattern of belief - you can only be responsible for your beliefs - but you can be compassionate and understanding of theres at the same time. There is a Win/Win there somewhere. So, your track is not their track - while they run in parallel you are on your journey not theirs. Being understanding of them and their desires, you may find either of your parents didn't make the choices they should have made (or made choices they regret) - so are mirroring what they fear as well as what they truly desire. The idea is to figure out what they have suppressed and what you have suppressed that gets triggered by any reaction you have to what they say. But your track and theirs are different. The fears and hurdles are there for you to figure - but mistakes only mean something if we learn from them and are inspire us to figure out what we truly desire. I hope this has some meaning for you. It's a cool little exercise to get you thinking and questioning why you believe what you do - and what you will want to do. Have fun with this exploration! crystal Rob
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    Well, in my eyes , you seen to have a massive cognitive disonance. Knowing what to do , and not doing it can make us feel very powerless. This produces shame inside of you heart and that will lead you to more scenarios that mirror that lack of power..In your case , more specifically , lack of respect( or not being taken seriuslly ). Self hate and a fragmented ego , will cause you to spiral into self doubt and self destructuve behavior. But if you watch so much self-help , i can imagine you already knew that. My advice : Get your nutrition on point. Stop watching so many youtube videos that only make you feel more shitty about your current life situation. And for that boyfriend of yours..... He thinks you are stopping him from being succesfull and at the same time he is afraid of being left alone, so he gets and ego feed by capitalizing on your lack of power , to keep you close and at the same time he kind of resents you and feels ashame of you. And you are going to resent him for the exact same reason.
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    I remember when I was in the psych ward as a teenager, and the doctor said my diag-nonsense was "you have a little bit of everything". My friend told me... "It means you are normal." HA! Well rounded in the emotional realm. They could fuck my brain with chemicals... but they couldn't change my mind. I made it out of that hell hole partially alive. And learning to feel revives me everyday Much love, Stephanie Meyer
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    Pardon my bluntness but this is how I am with myself, just straight to the point. Love is actually simple, it is just your heart opening up it's just us that complicate it with our egos and creating these stories in our minds, like if you text them and they don't text back your mind will start creating all of these scenarios out of our own insecurities. Also most people when they do love someone they will change for that love and if you do that you will be rejected because that's the universe teaching you to love yourselves over anyone, and if you have to change to get this person to love you it is because you don't love yourself, so you need it outside of you. Relationships are all about evolving. Love is real and all that good stuff is real, its just we are humans in these bodies, and love is everything so imagine love existing in every species and the only difference is their collective, humans have a collective and we have our own current ideas and beliefs about love and how its supposed to be and how it should look. relationships for sure trigger you and all of these emotions will come up but they don't have to drag out for months, it can be done in 2 days if you felt it all, then you just evolved a little more, learned a little more about yourselves, get a little closer to your "true love" if you will if that's what you want. the same way you will meet teachers that influence you in life and in the end you end up being your own teacher and listen to that above anyone, but it will put the people in your life that are more ahead than you, or people in your life to get you to love yourself its all just a experience, not good or bad. If you're in love feel it, its all fine.
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    What makes art = art? Hi Tribe, My biggest passion is drawing and writing stories. With my art i's not always pleased. Because when I look at the drawings in the Internet , how detailed they are . It feels like my drawings are just seemed weak. So I want to know What makes art = art ? I would like to be artist ( cause I consider myself an artist) If someone could answer my question. it would be very nice <3 Here down below you see some paintings/ drawings I made.
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    Lovely pictures! I believe behind each one interesting story. I vote for second and sixth. The art is when you attracted to journey of different perspectives
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    I STAND ON THE SIDE OF FEELING Wow, thank you so much for flawlessly verbalizing everything I've wanted to say in regards to this subject. A person in my family has been given the bi polar and mental illness label, and, I don't buy it. The medication just makes things weird, and the label seems like an excuse to continue behaving in ways that no longer serve anyone. My contribution is rarely received in a the way I intend it to, that it is an interesting and difficult time to come in, that this world is hard on sensitive spirits, that it's a good thing to not be like the rest! And I'm simply not allowed to bring up anything in regards to feeling better though diet and nutrition or else the hammer comes down. This person is young and beautiful and talented and sensitive, and now believes and accepts and embraces this label to the degree that their perspective on it is completely rigid. It is difficult and I feel powerless to the institution in this relationship, but your post inspires me to stand my ground. p.s. Nice cadence on your poem, and at age 17, deep...
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    This is very moving. I was medicated for anxiety at the age of 8 or 9. I had no say. It wasn't okay to be as sensitive as I was. I think I was cheated In a way. From there it was years of medication changes and rat testing on a small 90's child. As an adult I've had to parent a lot of things inside. I'd like to know how I can feel safer. Mania feels like a lion is constantly chasing me. In high danger 24/7. I'm happy there is a lot more dialogue about mental illness. It is very important key to help stop suffering. I will write a book on it.✊🏻
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    To be totally honest.... I'm just jelous of winter. I couldn't imagine a better mum to grow up with!!!
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    Around 7-8th grade I was reading a book . Don't remember the exact title of it. There was a page where the main character is looking at a young woman by the lake. She was sitting with her head down and he could only see a small part of her back. At some point the wind moved her hair to the side uncovering her neck. As she moved her dress slid a little bit but just enough for him to see her shoulder . He couldn't take his eyes of what he saw and the description of the scene was so beautiful and was written like the author had only one breath of air left that I re-read this page numerous times over and over again. I would do it again if I had the book. That's how pure that was. Innocent , yet leaves you with enough room for imagination . You don't get this with porn. That's why it is never enough . As an artist it is strange to me that he doesn't see that.
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    Detox and emotions So I was wondering if all the anger we release during a detox could possibly be the emotional resurfacing of the very thing you held the destructive habit to escape from.. or maybe a fear of letting go of it because it has become so needed the body reads it as something vital to survival.....
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    One of the breakthroughs I had ( a while back now) was: Just because other people treated me like shit in the past, does not mean that I have to treat myself like shit now
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    I think time to time we Have to express our self, emotionally physically, mentally have a great day too!
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    why would you want to 'focus on bodily sensations to become present'? ...why would you want to 'label external surroundings and bodily sensations'? -Isn't that basically what the ego does? you say you were 'on the verge' of a full OBE .. but then in your next sentence you say you 'transcended the body', (and that you could not focus on your body sensations.) ...so were you 'on the verge' or did you actually do it. ...in my experience, the body is always present as a vehicle. You don't identify with it as 'self' any more, and that's what I personally mean when I say 'I transcend the body', (ie, 'I' no longer identify with it as self. ...not that 'I' fly out of it and into the clouds or something...) so when you say you transcended the body... what exactly happened? ...and also what is your methodology for this 'mindfulness meditation' in the first place?
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    Domestic Violence Advocate If anyone needs advice, please pm me, I can help and everything will stay completely confidential. Thank you!
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    Hi there! My name is Tiffanie! Hi there! My name is Tif I am a survivor myself, so I know how it feels when you are trying to come out of an abusive relationship. The shame people can make you feel. but I'm telling you that you should be proud to be fighting for your life and all you believe in! You deserve the best! I'm here if anyone has questions, or just wants to talk. Please feel free to send me an email. Everything is completely confidential. Thanks so much and have a blessed day
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    3:33 is still ideal. Try it and share with us your experience. Don't quit until you make it
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    Hello Jessica , Sounds to me that you have a very beautiful gift! you just need to get to know each other better!
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    I have but usually not being your "true self" isn't sustainable. I believe its something a lot of people do because they see others being praised and liked for doing so. When it comes down to it every wants to be loved and appreciated so if they see others showing certain traits that are loved and appreciated by others they take those traits on to get a piece of what they desire.
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    the day by end and Sun sets down on nameless road away from town I'm chasing down the way unclear with hope to see to touch to hear...
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    Philosophy, psychology and spirituality We are all philosophers; we are all psychologists; and we are all on a spiritual journey, whether we know it or not. But it isn't clear to me where the boundaries are between these topics. Philosophy is about looking at the underlying assumptions of things; creating and evaluating arguments; and trying to make sense of it all. But it's also about what is the best way for a person to live. In other words, it is about healthy living and healthy psychology. Maybe psychology is about the mind and emotions and Spirituality is about the soul. But where is the dividing line between the mind and the soul? how do you differentiate between an emotional experience and a spiritual experience?
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    A tunnel never lasts long enough where it is dark, narrow dim obscure easy to look at easy to live the light is the heavy one the false the illusion why do i have so much against the illusion is it too intoxicating too unreal too demanding i love the smell of a tunnel wrapped by solidity no possible intrusion no possible attack super protection and it's someone else concrete is protecting your being the fragility love now i can sleep and yet i only manifest hope in the day the night is too heavy too truthful for dreams for lies one would say i create my reality then i create my truth but, is that how you fight life? is life that much against us that we go against IT? hasn't it loved us already to project us here? didn't it have faith in us already? wasn't that a friendly agreement? to expand, to learn, to know who is on my side day or night, both or none i need a tunnel i need my tunnel where they ride all night long all day long it doesn't matter tunnel protects me from the truth of this land it has lights attached wheels turning concrete keeps me safe light knows i am sleeping i am sleeping now i am sleeping
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    Hi I'm new Hi, I had a question, I think I maybe gifted, or is it just in my head? A while back my husband and I were thinking about moving. I wanted to live in a house in the country so I put a picture of a house on my mirror, and a few months later, we bought a house that was almost identical. Before that, I was very lonely for many years and I would play a song that made me think of someone I could see myself with. There are specific lyrics in the song that I see now in my life including a wonderful man. I have had thoughts of other things too that have come true, positive and negative. The last thing I did was to call my cat to come home. I just thought it, and she came home 2 hours later after running off two weeks prior. There are many more examples.. what do you think?
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    as children we weren't mirrored. barely any child was able to have or express sexual feelings when tey were young. mirroring is important because if u don't get it then u reject an aspect of self. for instance a child says to their mom 'I don't want to eat that now', but the mom forces the child to. then that child's assertion was not mirrored. this goes with sexuality as well. maybe there were times when his parents told him not to look at naked people or certain scenes in movies. but deep down he knows he couldn't just say to his parents ' I feel sexual' because his parents wouldn't have a clue how mirror. so then if its not mirrored his sexual aspect is not owned, hes rejected his sexuality. why? because he goes on porn, and porn is done quietly , where no one else can see u masturbate , so ur hiding ur own sexual feelings. sex is a natural thing like laughter where u want to merge with someone because u see urself in them. I doubt he is connected emotionally to u because he doesn't realise he is u, he still does things from a point of separation, from a point of 'I', and when there is an 'I' there has to be 'Other', meaning not you so no connection, hurt, and separation. I mean in porn, they don't connect emotionally, its meatsacks rubbing against each other, take take takefor a temporary high. the souls have forgotten what it means to love and merge as one.
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    Beatriz has a very warm and inviting energy, which makes it very easy to open yourself up to her. Beatriz's goal during her sessions is not just to help you complete the trauma cycle, but to help you be deeply present with your negative emotions; a very important aspect of integration. I highly recommend her because, not only will you have a wonderful practitioner guiding you, but a friend for life as well.
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    Hi all I'm Tomass Hi Tealers! My name is Tomass! My spiritual history began with the suffering I experienced within my family (emotional abuse, being the only child in a very unconscious & poor family, co-dependent relationships between mother, father and me, domestic violence, etc.) and at school. In my teens, I begin a mild form of interest in buddhism and meditation. I was very dissociated and daydreaming as a coping mechanism back then, but through different means, spirituality and philosophy came back again in again in my life. I want to name Eckhart Tolle and Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu as some very important early influences. Eckhart, being an authentic proof of the reality of spiritual enlightenment, with his relaxed ego-dissolved-transcendent state, was a heavy strike for me and the friends of mine who read "The Power of Now". Eckhart will be remembered as one of the most important spiritual legends of our time, reminding and catalyzing the ever-present stillness in millions of people on earth. Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu is a canadian-born Theravada buddhist monk who lived for many years in Thailand under the supervision and teaching of his master Ajaan Tong Sirimangolo (who himself is fully enlightened and was visited by the Dalai Lama). Yuttadhammo's Youtube videos spoke to me, he is young and yet profoundly dedicated to meditation and the understanding and teaching auf authentic buddhism. Funny enough, while he also can be strikt at times, even as a monk, he still was open to do Youtube videos on topics like mastrubation ^^ (he is from my POV too much on the side of staying away from the world, which Teal would call spiritual bypassing...). Years upon years I found myself practicing (for instance meditation), and then again doubting if enlightenment is truly possible and how much practice and/or suffering it would take to "reach" it. I even thought during these days if I should quit my normal life and become a monk. I was not successful, my studies of mathematics took very long (due also to ongoing fights and struggles with my family, financial issues, etc.). Another turning point came when I found Adyashanti (in a book store) and german spiritually enlightened teacher Anssi Antila. These people showed me that my fear that basically only Eckhart Tolle, a few hardcore monks etc. were the only living enlightened teachers, was WRONG. In fact, there are fortunately many enlightened teachers nowaday. Every zenmaster who offers Dokusan has at least stream entry /Sotapanna level. The satsang/ neo-advaita people have it mostly as well. Of course, there are deluded idiots and frauds, like everywhere in life. Basically, the short biography is: Born in latvia, traumatized in poor and deluded, although "trying" soviet family, came to Berlin during the "golden nineties"( which I retrospect romantize), never fit in, deeply deeply within me, saw my , burdened it through domestic violence and deep suffering through fights of mom & dad. lived quite daydreaming for at least until I was 23, studied math for 4 years without a degree... mom sad and mad like hell when i switched studies. Did communications at the University of Arts. Learned a lot, enjoyed a lot... was in class with deeply ego-identified people... know my own resistance against that know to be my own "responsibility", finished it. Got in a nine to five in sales at a startup. Ah sorry I'm a bad storyteller.... the spiritual key events were reading Eckhart Tolle's work... plus meditating more myself. wanting to be enlightened... confused if it's possible for me... the universe brought me to Marianne Wachs. Crazy-ass Dark Night of the Soul one and a half years ago. damnnn... almost went crazy. .... last october.... reached stream entry. in between there, I found Teal, crazy crazy crazy that the stuff she is talking about, especially self-love, is so burdended and unavailable almost everywhere else in society. I was so lucky to be accepted by Teal this April to become a Certified Completion Process Practitioner. <3 Thanks again! And thank the universe I could help already many people with this on a profound level. Now, I start to become a more and more available and successful spiritual teacher & healer. I will give webinars, hold events, wrote an ebook, many things will come... my struggle now is that I want tomove away from 9 to 5 ASAP. I want to help people through spirituality, meditation, satsang, creativity webinars... ahhh sooomany things... the question for me now is how I best go about really making a living from spirituality alone... So this is my main mission and I want people to really receivervalue from what I offer... !!! I'm a distorted picses, so bare with me <3
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    Thank you so much for your your responses!!! I'm so glad there are such wonderful, kind and knowledgeable people in this community to turn to!! There's so much to learn, and every answer seems to lead to ten more questions. Before curiosity ultimately killed the cat, I can only imagine that it spent all nine lives asking insatiable questions! Thank You Kroge for correcting me about the level of consciousness regarding Remote Viewing! You guys are the best!!