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    Dear Teal, Thank you for writing about this issue. I agree that belonging, love and connection are basic needs for human beings and I feel very much as you described as a "stranger in this world"...I always have felt it... I was part of Teal Tribe group and I enjoyed very much the interaction you had with the group (the challenges and games, the insights and the frequent direct answers to tribers' questions, worries or sharing of ideas) and most of the posts people shared there, I must admit it didn't felt right or fair to be banned from the group many months ago (I was banned without previous warning for posting about cow's milk - without graphic images - with a quote from one of your own texts, describing the suffer of the mother cow!) However, I never thought of joining the haters' groups! When I was banned I felt an outcast during a few days, but I kept following everything you so generously share in your FB page, in other groups, on your website and on Youtube. And I hope someday I will be admitted to TT again. And of course I have many interests and I follow other groups and foruns were I feel a sense of belonging. I believe that if people really know your life story (watching your interviews to TV channels, reading your bio and your books), are truly following your teachings (videos, blog, articles, interviews, workshops, books, paintings, et cetera), and if they share the vision you have for a New Earth (I share all your ideas about the new paradigm) it would be impossible for them to join the haters...but it is their choice...You have no blame in it. Much Love and Gratitude <3 <3
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    Dear Teal... I am speechless and amazed... What you describe about Ale is exactly what I feel from a very close person to me too... He carries a deep abandonment trauma and so it is extremely difficult for him to connect with others and with himself...He never commit himself t others at an emotional level. His inner child is pretty much like Ale's inner child...He is angry and wants to run away, to not listen, see or do anything that could help him to re-connect...The lost connection during early infancy really took the main role in this person's emotional life and all areas of his life too. The coping mechanisms were learned since then, they are ingrained within his personality. To desire for real connection with this person feels like trying to pull an old nail out of a brick wall. The resistance is huge. Occasionally one step forward suddenly two steps backwards... I also discovered I am done with this dynamic...I am not fighting for their connection anymore...I want to connect with people that really desire the same as me, that are emotionally available and that feel happy to share interdependence and feel trilled to experience real, authentic, fearless connection and communication. Thank you so much for this huge synchronicity I wish you find the connection, committed interactions and interdependence you need and want. Love and Gratitude <3
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    Food and Abundance Were you a picky eater growing up? Do you have trouble with feeling abundance ? Please tell me what were you thinking ???!!! What do think and how do you feel about it now??? Does it feel to you like you are on the very edge of manifesting EVERYTHING you want but you can't REACH for it? Go back to your childhood memories where perhaps you were offered different foods including fruit and vegetables all the time but something was stopping you and instead you asked for smth different like pasta, pizza, nuggets etc. Fresh fruit and veg. are not hand prepared. They are often ready to eat and do not require heat or tremendous amount of preparation and cleaning. You can just reach for it and eat it! Most cooked foods take time and preparation . Not to mention they are also devalued in quality and nutrition compared to the fresh produce. Children are EXTREMELY POWERFUL MANIFESTATORS. Their minds are more flexible and thus capable of creating and what they want much quicker and more efficient ! Now let's look around! What do most children eat?? Pastas, pizzas, fries, nuggets, and hot dogs. PBJ . Just about every restaurant has this same type of kids menu. Are you f$$$ing kidding me?????!!!!!! Luckily if you are a conscious parent then most likely you don't eat much out or you probably ask to add veg to your child's food along with the detailed explanation how to cut it and arrange it on a plate so your child will actually try to eat it. (Please remember to tip your server for this because often they have to go extra mile to make it happen !) The worst part of this is that I've see this types of menus in restaurants where owners themselves have children too!!! You can guess what they eat, right? I AM SO MAD AT THIS !!!!!!!!! Try to talk to an average parent and they are so pro-health and blah blah blah . ... and of course , they care what the kid eats... But in reality a lot of are just words... because children eat what they want to eat and you can not push anything down their throats! It happens but still very seldom that a child is like a white crow asking for more salad or fruit while it is not even a top priority on family's shopping list unless the child is born into vegan/vegetarian family. Some people say that children naturally would reach for a fruit instead of fries. I haven't seen that much. Usually if a child knows and likes FF taste they would choose that because of the stronger smell! or asks for both. What i did notice that if a child refuses fresh foods soon he may develop allergies . Not necessarily to the hated fruit/veg but often to something else. Ironically i also know by now that allergies go away when a person changes his food habbits and/or life style and in return it increases the feeling of abundance!
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    Great insight! Well explained and gives understanding about hate groups, can relate also to other hate groups around the world not only anti Teal's.
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    Share and Tell - A Story About self love Hi Everyone! I just wanted to share a personal experience, which I hope might inspire others. I have been feeling physically and emotionally sick / tired / drained. It's been a tough couple months. I admit I am quite hard on myself mentally. So, I decided I needed to be more self loving. I needed to let my inner child out to play. ( I realized how almost NOTHING I do is ACTUALLY play!) So, one morning I woke up and I said, inner child you pick out my outfit today. I just let my inner child and intuition put together and outfit. Pattern with pattern, blue, red lavender, yellow! It was wild. But No matter how crazy or "weird" it was I decided no matter what, I would leave the house and go on an adventure. I took myself out to lunch and I went to an art gallery. Well, let me just say I got SOOOOOOOOO many compliments. It was getting ridiculous! Just a great example of how important it is to honor your innocent child self, let them out of there cage!! PLAY! Your world will transform!
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    boy I feel ya on this one. I have a hard time being around drinkers. Long history of alcoholics in my family, (grandfathers on both sides and father too!) Functional all of them but big drinkers non-the-less. First thing to do is to validate this feeling. Obviously there is a strong reaction in you for a GOOD reason! Do you have any conscious memories of bad experiences around people drinking? I will just tell you how it triggers me and maybe it will help you... I have many reasons for disliking alcohol. It lowers your vibration, it makes you more open to entities, attack etc.) BUT My big issue is the disconnection, that's my big thing. Most all people who drink are numbing and escaping there emotions. The are trying to escape reality and the pain they are in. That to me is the painful torturous part. The part I cant stand. The LOSS of connection with the person I love drinks. They check out. They go to a different reality than me. They are in essence escaping from me on an emotional level. I find it very painful as a Cancer, HSP, empathic person born on a full moon! Our biggest need as humans is connection. Authentic connection. To be seen heard felt and understood. You can't do this with'someone who is escaping with substances. I hope you can find a compromise with your loved ones. But it may be time to put some healthy boundaries on the relationship. Like "it really feels bad when you drink around me".. or ask them to please not drink around you because it makes you uncomfortable and triggers you. You deserve that. Best Wishes! A
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    ...but Lunar10 gaining insight on what is driving the haters brings compassion and acceptance x
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    Since all our trauma make us who we are celebrities could of been neglected/ignored so now they want to experience the opposite which is attention. when we experience the contrast we are creating the opposite, like wearing a uniform then finally dressing however you want dying your hair all kinds of colors, whatever it is. Celebrities are normal people that are the same as the popular kids but to the world, like world popular, but normal people. There is definitely a soul aspect to them and not all of them do it just to be famous, but because they are good at what they do and love the energy of a audience, when you are in front of people you feel it, its like holy shit, and they probably thrive off it, an exchange of energy with one person controlling the crowd. Some people love that feeling to be in front of a crowd. We are all alien and not from here because our soul has had more lives then just earth, and we have different auras and different generations of energy like the indigo generation and crystal generation, or if you have a old master soul in a body or a young soul In a body, or someone's first time being a human because the soul isn't the human, all these variables go with it, but they aren't above or special, that's just what they choose to do and people resonate with it. I like David Choe, Marilyn Manson, Frida Kahlo, Hugh Jackman, Tupac Shakur, David Bowie, Kat von d is cool, Some comedians, I love authenticity above anything, so pretty much anyone authentic and open. I'm not a fan of the generic Celebrity, like a manufactures fame, like Disney kids, its weird to me. If they're attractive as fuck and can sing we got a star! lol may not be talented but people value a beautiful person, at least TV and movies do, I love authenticity/honesty above that. What they can do we all can do, just in our own version.
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    Man's search for God By late Francis Trevelyan Miller, poet and historian.
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    We tend to isolate when we are in some sort of distress. This gives us plenty of time to focus on our shortcomings. Not a good idea. Life is here to be engaged. School, work, volunteering, working out, journaling, woofing etc. There is something out there for you, set some goals.
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    Our culture is so male centric it makes me laugh. Before man began his wholesale oppression of women with the Old Testament a Goddess culture existed. The givers of life were exalted beyond all others.
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    If you fear life, you die a thousand deaths. If you had courage, you die only once.
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    All we have are models When we use our eyes and look out at the world, we see objects like people, cars, building, plants, animals, rocks. And maybe we pick up a rock and it feels solid and heavy. The way a rock feels in our hand correlates to the way it looks with our eyes. Sight, sound, touch, smell and taste all work together and corroborate with each other and seem to prove that we experience objective reality. And in that reality, objects seem to be separate. But on the other hand, certain spiritual traditions tell us that this apparent reality is just an illusion. Separateness is an illusion. My understanding is that if or when we achieve a transcendent state of consciousness we perceive a oneness of all that is. This oneness is sometimes described as an ocean of energy. We are just waves on the ocean. All things are waves on the ocean. Sometimes this oneness is described as Source. I am saying that Source is just a term some people use to explain the perception of connection and oneness. So, yes I am saying that Source is a model. But on the other hand, what I tried to describe as objective reality above is just a model too. Information from our senses travel along nerves to our brains. Our brains receive those signals and put together the picture that we accept as our reality. Our normal waking consciousness perceives reality a certain way and we accept it as true or we reject that reality as accept Source as the truth. I say either way we don't have Truth at all. All we have are models. Models are not "truth". The question is not whether a model is "true". The question is whether a model is "valid". When it comes to describing the physical world, the scientific objective model does extremely well. When it comes to describing spiritual experiences the Source model does extremely well. All models may be flawed. Some models are useful.
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    I cannot wait for the Ask Teal about this because I know when it's up it'll be exactly what I need to hear. I'm finding that the sense of belonging is like a wave: sometimes it's so present and rushing in all around you and then other times it feels like a drought that will never end. We're all going through the same crap it seems; whether we want to face it or not. But that's why I gravitate to your work: because you're honest about everything even if it hurts or if someone else might disagree. 💛
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    If you need to go, go. You don't need money to walk out the door, stick out your thumb and go. Visit friends you haven't met yet. Visit places you haven't seen yet. If you are an artist make art, sell it, buy food. But beware, if you are addicted to misery, you will find misery everywhere you go! If you are addicted to suffering you'll find yourself taking care of other suffering people and suffering yourself. Truly conscious? Find the place where your pain takes you inside yourself. Use the pain as a signpost to understand your own suffering or you will take it where ever you go. Follow the light! Take the path with heart. Follow the love. Use the pain to learn the lessons that free you from the pain where ever you are. Use the pain! Read teal's Completion Process. Pray, meditate, explore. create. Be Blessed, be a blessing!
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    Dear Teal You are more than your words. You are more than your wisdom. You are more than your actions. You are more than your honesty. You are more than your belonging. You are a gifted human with more love and light to share than some people can accept. Let others keep their resistance to change and stay consumed in ignorance with your blessings. Whilst your door of truth remains wide open. I'm so happy I have found you and can see many people feeling the same way. This door leads straight to your heart and it changes everyone's life for the better and these better life's are your strength and your purpose and your fulfillment so know it, embrace it and thrive because you are wonderful. Through your amazingly brilliant work we are all inspired to give more love and share your universal teachings. Love Mark x
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    Dear Teal, you just described the Terrorists reason for what they are doing in the name of Islam. How insightful. You did ask Tealers if they could think of ways to include those who Post hateful and inflammatory remarks on the Forum. I ask it now again for those who may have some insight or comment: How can Teal's moderators deal with people who Post inflammatory comments or attack others for no seeming reason? The idea is not to dis-clude them but still let them know there are other ways to comment rather than create the disassociation. Anyone? My view is somewhat different - I see them as a mirror of reality. Nothing wrong with comments that can make you think. It's a human reaction to be offended. Compassion and thoughtfulness, seems lacking in these people - how do you include someone who goes to great lengths to be dis-included...? crystal Rob
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    Your own poetry and thoughts please guide me/us if there is already similar topic anywhere
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    Invalidation Is Detrimental For An Empath It has recently occurred to me that the long episodes of depression that the Empath will endure are caused by invalidations to our uber strong intuition. In fact it can be detrimental to ones psyche. Many people in our lives will deny us of validation of our intuition which can be very confusing and force you into a downward spiral of a self identity crisis. Being stuck in a toxic relationship where your partner is one to not admit to being wrong, a pathological lier or just a absolute manipulating narcissist happens too often in the journey of the Empath. Why must we rely on someone else for validation of our own intuition? Is it because we are too trusting? Do we expect people to be as honest as we are? Will we sabotage our freedom from resistance if we become cautious and suspicious? My theory is this: people, especially a narcissist can pick up on your strong intuition and it is a threat to them. An Empath's intuition takes away ones freedom of charades. Because of the threat to the ego, especially the caliber of one as a narcissist, you will almost always be denied validation from someone trying to be great in your eyes. It's human nature, survival of the fittest. In conclusion, always trust your intuition, no matter what. If you are in a relationship and you notice that you have to put aside your own feelings to remain cordial most often, chances are the person is toxic to your journey of enlightenment and staying in one of these relationships for too long can cause you to start from square one to gain back your self identity, once you wisely exited. Thank you Love and light
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    I agree @Alex7 that often the root of desiring attention-fame- can be experiencing the opposite. I also think that often it can occur from the positive of wanting to express one's creativity through the medium of music, acting, etc. and that since these are prized cultural spheres celebrity is the side-byproduct. And perhaps occasionally certain celebrities are actually in resistance to attention and fame- and thus attract it! Recently I was thinking about these questions you are curious about @Majda and I agree that a proportion of celebrities (as with all of humanity) are aware of 'the metaphysical'. For instance, Lana del Rey, alludes to the idea of manifesting one's physical form and death being the end of one's soul present incarnation, via the metaphor of 'clothes' in her song 'Lust for Life', https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eP4eqhWc7sI , whereby her 'boyfriend' is death, and the beginning and end of the video takes a cosmic space perspective to contextualise it. Additionally, I have this pet theory that celebrities use the sensory condition 'synesthesia' as a euphemism for extrasensory perception. One celebrity I am quite sure is extrasensory is 'Lorde', i.e. Ella Yellich O'Connor. The interviews which has allusions to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjF_8i0DiPs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYH74ORPnpM Lastly, I wonder if all those in positions of fame are 'mirrors' for the collective..?
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    Psychic Q&A Thread I thought having a Q&A thread for anyone seeking ESP guidance or ESP training might be a good idea for this forum, as we have a huge base of sensitives and many are wanting to develop these skills. So let's create a place to practise and encourage that. The idea is that anyone can ask a concise question, with as little or as much detail as wanted, and others can attempt to weigh-in as accurately as possible from their own perspective, regardless of how amateur or practised they are. All information should be taken as opinion. Feel free to ask any kinds of questions, personal or collective, big or small, serious or light. If you receive answers then please try to rate their accuracy, or potential accuracy.
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    Thank you so much, all you wonderful people. I must say, it feels a little strange, but at the same time so good to be heard and understood. It’s really difficult to ask for help and opening up is really scary, but I’m learning. For me, the greatest obstacle is the fear of abandonment which usually takes the form of indifference. It’s not even the physical abandonment that I’m afraid of, but it’s more about the other person not being present, interested or involved in the relationship. Sure, we all have different languages of love and different value systems, and it’s possible that what I perceive as indifference isn’t what I think it is… Thank you again for your advice and for sharing your stories and feelings – it means the world to me!
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    The buffer time between thought and physical reality is disappearing. That means our subconscious shadows are now surfacing and playing out on the world around us - our personal mirror reality. Now, that means that people can't stay stuck any more, they can't lie to themselves and they can't suppress themselves without it manifesting in their reality more quickly than before. People who can't keep up with processing their shadows will become more ill and their lives will mirror their shadows until they either integrate or die. That's why deaths are increasing, which by all accounts is going to continue and intensify. The people who can keep up will have a great time.
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    Totally spot on about government; guilt and shame that surrounds the feeling of happiness as it relates to people's lives and abundance. When it comes to government, I tell people that systems are inherently heartless but what you can do is manifest the best people that represent that system in your life. You have to take what you like about the current system you are in and ways that it can be improved; but the first step is always to fill the gaps that you feel the system is in desperate need of yourself. I used to get really angry when I would see a happy couple walking around while I am single. Took me a long time to feel into that pain and deal with it, now I am happy to just see people laughing and smiling because it lets me know that happiness is possible, if they can have it I can have it and I do have it because to quote the Beatles you are me and we are all together. Great blog teal keep it up.
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    Hi Krzysztof, Attached is an excerpt from the book "Your Body's Telling You Love yourself". Apparently heartburn has to do with suppressed desire which gets transformed into anger. So I guess the question you have to ask yourself is: is there something you want, but aren't allowing yourself to have?
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    I've been thinking about the whole 2 scoops thing and I've came to the conclusion that it is a sign from the universe, for those with the eyes to see at least. Numerologically the phrase "two scoops of ice cream" reduces to the number 223. This website http://intuitiveandspiritual.com/2017/03/angel-numbers-1111-223-333-444/ has the following to say 2′s and 3′s, such as 223 or 323 – The ascended masters are working with you as co-creators of your new project. They are telling you that they share your excitement and know that everything is working out well for you. The masters can see that your future is already guaranteed to be filled with the happiness you seek. Enjoy this new phase of your life! So this is a subtle but clear message that the higher dimensions are fully on Mr Trump's side and it is a very good omen for the future of his presidency.
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    teachings from a genuine master Hello everybody I am posting this to help anyone with a spiritual inquietude seeking their true self, an expansion of consciousness, how to meditate, kundalini, how to receive divine knowledge, etc. These teachings were given to humanity between 1950 and 1977 by Samael Aun Weor a man who attained the realization of his Inner Being/God. You can find all his teachings and lectures on gnosticteachings.org . I do not work for them as they are a not for profit organization. You can read his books and lectures for free as he wanted everyone to be able to read them. He taught the path of final liberation from suffering, and how to achieve true happiness through practical, conscious works. This is experiential knowledge. It requires no beliefs or dogmas or to say you belong to any organization. This has truly changed my life for the better, and I'd like to share this gift that we received by the grace of God/Source/Creator/Self whatever name you wish to use. Share with others to help alleviate sufferings and spiritual darkness! Feel free to ask questions.
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    The Journey Vs The Destination Ok, I hate the journey... or rather, I really like to get to the destination... So I have trouble enjoying the journey. I posting because, My Shoulders are getting super tense and tight when I drive, which is pinching the ulnar nerve in my neck... which isn't Fun. That's the short story. I thought it might have been that i was subconsciously suppressing my Road Rage, and it's energy goes into my shoulders. I consider myself a calm guy, and slow to temper. I don't explode at all. "What difference does it really make?" I know this issue is just about driving, but I feel it's applicable in all aspects of my life. I feel like I'm a Type A person, but impotent. I don't like "hanging out" because I feel I should be "Accomplishing My Goals." ... which isn't very inspiring. Money isn't really the purpose of life. Everything seems like a paradox or a catch 22. I'm so unmotivated. My core frequency is powerlessness. It's weird. It seems like I should be suicidal, But I'm not. I thought I needed to make Ergonomic changes... but really, It's the mental changes when I drive... How do I enjoy the journey, after years of self-sub-conscious programming?
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    They are inherently the same and stem from fear of the unknown.
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    Amazing blog teal! Thanks for writing one so quickly after your last! It's like Christmas came early I can't wait to visit Philia.... your blogs and pics are so enticing ... STAHPP!! Xoxo
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    Cold showers I've gone six months doing straight cold showers once and all it did was give me pretty skin and help me with alertness but are there any spiritual benefits to taking ice cold showers? What does it do to you on an energetic level? Does it work the chakras? I have the discipline to try it again but I would like to know if its worth the action.
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    I used to have a similar reaction to alcofools. The way I overcame it was to become part of them - for a while. In a similar manner to dealing with a negative emotion I immersed myself in what I considered to be a negative part of society. And connected with it. The problem was not with them but with me, they were doing what they needed to do and I looked down upon them, finding their behaviour unconscious and somewhat alien and therefore a threat. After a while it became apparent that the aspects of behaviour they were portaying were aspects of my consciousness that I was suppressing. Hence the triggering that was happening. The trigger was a not so subtle message saying something along the lines of "pay attention to these fools, they have something to teach you". And they did. They taught me to be more spontaneous and less self conscious, among other things. I still look down upon them but now I don't feel anxious about sinking to their level any more. I merely find it an annoyance, However, I really think that if a connection is to be made it needs to come from the higher vibe level, after all if they were capable of it they probably would already be here.
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    I would like to add that the "I have to" is a very resistant statement... how can you soften towards yourself and this situation... it feels very harsh towards yourself to say you have to or must overcome it. Because the truth is you don't! There are so many like you who would rather drink tea, take walks in the park and have a fun day without drinking! If you never got over your panic about alcohol you would still be an amazing person to be with! Remember that.
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    omg.. I am dying. this is so brillant and funny. haha thanks @Garnet
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    Vincent, it's not a good idea to work on our wounds by confronting our abusers. This doesn't resolve anything and can easily ad to our wound count.
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    I wish we could bathe all these men who withdraw in a pool of colours, where they can experience finding themselves and love through union, and wash away these fears of intimacy. I also wish they would step in the pool without resistance, moved by a desire for connection stronger than a desire of protection. Can dreamers forge reality? I'm going to dig this pool. Thank you Teal. Much love, V
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    Sounds like you are having a movement or shift in your life. Appreciate where it takes you.
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    A sparkling being wise beyond his years, Dylan brings warmth and radiance into what would make for an otherwise difficult inner journey. Dylan possessed perfect timing—patient, yet highly attuned to the moments I was ready for the next step. I feel that my inner child would not have opened up to me as much without Dylan facilitating, and saw evident shifts in my life and outlook within days. I look forward to working with him again!
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    If you are setting your need so high that it determines the entire relationship then most likely that need was previously met by your current partner . How else would you two be together if that is so important to you? or you just now discovered that? I think reliability is crucial here. As long as know that your partner is doing the best he/she can in the current situation to help you meet that need - that is a lot already . But if you see that your partner isn't doing much... that's when you start to question !
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    Man do things like this, they taking harder jobs , making extra miles, to bring more goods to the home , to people they love, this makes them feel more masculine and respected for they hard work, probably he's suffering inside as well because thinking his sacrificed by going away for good and wellness later. I think you should be more open and double check, does your future dream story pages still matching between together. Best wishes
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    It took me ten years to quit. I had to stop drinking first. My lungs are ok but I know people who quit late in life and they got cancer. Smoking sucks!
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    VitaBa, Any work abroad is temporary and depends on the length of the work visa he has. I don't know how long you two are together but if he left without definite plans..... then.... you probably wasting your time... Usually people discuss this things prior separating because if especially the contract for 1+ years then by now you know if this relationship is serious or what. We live in a world that is wired with electronic connection so there is no excuse for not keeping things as live as possible . Unless he is old fashioned and prefers writing letters/sending gifts which is wonderful too. I suggest you to ask him directly of where this relationship stand for him and then make a decision .
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    Amazing! Proves further how memories are so much more than just the visual aspect..
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    Suggest counseling to your parents and see what happens. This will show you what they are made of.
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    I just watched a movie "Me before you" a few days ago. The movie is very beautiful and tragic at the same time. A girl was taking care of a paralysed man as her job, they fell in love but he chose death over giving this relationship a chance . It may seem like a very selfish choice but you have to watch the movie to understand it. Honestly , while the movie itself was emotionally very deep I wish they would have shown more of a true reality of someone in a wheelchair 24/7. I 've had a similar experience once and I can honestly say that was the most difficult job I've ever had both physically and emotionally. I was taking care of a 21 year girl who had a mind of a 3 year old. She could barely see, didn't speak, but was able to crawl a little bit. She could also respond to two languages (engl./spanish) and this was very helpful because i needed her to cooperate with me when i was getting her in and out of a chair. But it was still very-very difficult and i ended up hurting my back while giving her a bath. She was born this way so she didn't know any difference. In reality it takes at least 3-4 people to take care of a completely paralysed man. And they need to be alternated too because the majority of this care is literally cleaning and preparing the area around. It is far from a movie and it takes a lot of time . Not to mention how psychologically difficult it is for those who do know the life before. When a person like this looses his hope and doesn't see himself living as is ....there is not much you can do. All he can think about is freeing himself and everyone around him.
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    keen insight about haters, Teal, sad as it is. To me, the guidepost needed in this world is 'is this kind and respectful?", If it's not, don't do it. Period. It then forces one to deal with what is driving their fight/flight brain to be unkind. I feel belonging with you and with Teal Tribe.
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    My personal rat cage is my 9 to 5. Ahh god it's a waste of time. I mean i am paid okay for easy tasks that I'm really good at ( I do sales), yet I could do SOOOOOO much for the world if I could just be a spiritual teacher "full time". I would CP the sh*t out of humanity ^^ I already guide so many CPs and yet I could put out so much value.... oh dear... I will go to a meetup today and connect and see if there are interested people. I will also talk about my challenges (money core imprints, negative beliefs, really bad parents as "examples/prototypes" for unsuccesfulness. I will write an eBook and translate all my content to both german and english. I will let myself be mentored and exchange sessions with other spiritual teachers. I will hold webinars on enlightenment. I will do much!!!! I WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL!!!
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    Those who disagree with her methods, what are you doing on her website if she's just "some fraud"? It's the same feeling I have toward those who watch her videos and the same haters commenting over and over again. If you don't like it, dont. That's fine. When I dislike someone's point of view, I don't waste my time listening to them, if I really feel it's that bad of course.
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    The numbness is a defense mechanism. As Teal explained in the book, the way to deal with numbness is to sink into the numbness and ask what is underneath the numbness. Fully feel the intense physical sensations and ask again: when was the first time that I felt this. Sometimes, your journey to the root trauma is through multiple layers of emotions. Avoid searching for the memory, just keep following the emotions that come up. Then, the root trauma memory will naturally float into your consciousness. If you actively search for it, you will not find it.