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    I made $1000 on a dead Sunday night right before the holidays in a bumf*** area of the world. I've done this multiple times. One time, I even wrote out how my night would go, the exact amount of sales I made, the exact amount of money and I manifested it EXACTLY as I wrote it. That happened twice. A lot of people have told me things like that are impossible, but I clearly do not agree. That was nice!!! I manifested loving my job and becoming a top earner anywhere I choose to be because I wanted to. I love doing that! It's fun. I've shared dreams with people. I've astral traveled and seen the earth from space with NO space suit (ayyyy). I've done a lot of dream-travelling, mostly when I was a kid (I went to Mt. Rushmore once), and I'm trying to learn how to do that consciously. I've also used my mind to give myself an orgasm, don't ask me how, but anyone can do it, I've done it twice. I got the exact apartment I wanted. The exact. One. The unit I visualized and forgot about a year before I got it. Lots of people would say that's impossible, but I created it through visualization. I've manifested specific people, many many times, which even people in the conscious creation community believe is impossible. I've manifested friends, lovers, communities, I've changed enemies into good friends, I've changed crushes into lovers, I've changed acquaintances into soulmates. I know it's only a matter of time until I manifest an intentional community to live with, full of incredible people. One time I asked the universe to bring me a cute guy to give me a massage (I was mostly joking) and not even an hour went by and a friend brought over this insanely cute massage therapist who gave me an hour-long massage FOR FREE. I am extremely intuitive and psychic and while I don't fully understand it yet, a lot of people consider that an impossibility, but I do not agree. I think everyone is to some degree, you just learn to suppress and deny it from a young age. I honestly can't even think of everything I've manifested, manifesting the 'impossible' is literally second-nature to me and I don't really take note of it anymore. I should, though, it's so much fun to do and SUPER empowering when you notice it. If you're ever feeling down, remind yourself of all the incredible things you've done. Every 'coincidence' is a manifestation of the "impossible", or at least "highly-unlikely" mathematically speaking.
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    EEEEEK Let's go This is so cool that I find you all. Im going to Costa Rica in December for 3 months with a secret stash of ideas to never come back. I live in UK and it is terrible, energy wise. Im like super action orientated so I am gonna give lots of resources: Firstly I found and bought my flight for £445 Secondly I have secure volunteering work through www.workaway.info Thirdly you can check the intentional community register here: www.ic.org One I land in Libeira... I take another bus journey south until I reach my little town. So yeah book flight for random dates so its cheap: use www.skyscanner.com When you arrive make sure to have a volunteer position secured and then plan your journey using www.rome2rio.com These are all super useful resources. I wanna meet you all when we are out there. Relative to money I think it is going out of fashion but not guite yet and what will be a replacement is ENERGY, HEART, ATTENTION. I love that there is a Teal Swan retreat centre, so many people will be able to heal still. It's good. May they all be blessed with heart-centered peace and harmony. I think for me, money is my rat cage so I just booked my flight, I dont have a lot of money at all, not even saved. Just gonna go out there and rely on all my skills to exchange. People in Costa Rica are happy and unconcerned so all of the analysis and worries we have now, when we get there will be funny. My intention is to connect to Gaia, in a big way and listen for everything she wants me to experience. I feel like consciousnes is going to expand. I am curious about self-sustainability but mainly adventure into the land depending on what I am guided to do. Lots of yoga and meditation to remain grounded in my core: for that I use: Yoga with Adriene YouTube channel. I love her, she love me, we are the playful crew so hop on over and join in. You may need yelllow fever jab,but I got mine since when I was living in Africa. So that's ok. U should check. As brit I have 90 days allowens to be in the country and then I have to exit for a little while before entering again. Also, ESTA is needed for Britain and Europe. What else?? I am going to buy a special mosquito net, sandals with hard sole, bikini, oh and SUNSCREEN. I think that's it, hey private message me for us to link up when we get out there. We have to.
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    There was this time when my mom got disgusted by me and hated me for not doing what she asked of me. She immediately attacked me harshly and insulted me. I couldn't do anything. I just sat there like a stone. It took me 1 and a half hour to process what happened. After peeling through all my emotions, I came to the understanding that she attacked me so viciously because she was equally hurt inside about something. Those people attacking you is an indicator that you are onto something meaningful, life changing and vital. You merely released a source inspired healing gem out into the world. Some of us fight it with all our might and blood because we are not ready to face our wounds that way, yet. We try to hurt you really badly without realising that is exactly how much we are hurt inside. We hate you for trying to really bring our attention to our insides. The rest of us are ready to take it further step by step and heal our wounds with your generous, compassionate and kind help offer. We are the lucky ones. We take you for someone who really knows what it's like to hurt inside and who is so compassionate that she wants each and every single one of us to heal. We are able to take you for the person you are; someone with her heart full of love. Thank you for all the guidance and help. Thank you for being our mother, Teal. You can only take us so far. From here on, we have to take our own responsibilty and decide whether we are going to put our efforts into our healing or opposing it. Oh, and we love you. We are grateful to you. Please, keep doing what you do.
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    12 weeks: love/beautiful on the left, ignore in the middle, hate/fear on the right. just sharing.
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    Scared of Connection Hi there, So here's another heavier topic from me. My life has been very painful lately, and if it's not painful then it's just numb and empty. I'm hoping that things are just getting worse before they're going to get better.... I feel like I have never actually had a genuine connection with anyone in my life. I've had good relationships with animals and nature and with myself, but never with another human. And I'm so, so very lonely. So lonely it physically hurts as an ache in my chest. But at the same time, I'm deathly afraid of people. I think I've had plenty of opportunities in my life to connect with other people, but as soon as I could feel them getting emotionally closer to me I would freak out, become guarded and push them away. I was bullied as a child and as a result I always felt dirty and tainted, like a freak. I compensated for this on the outside by being a model student, a pushover, and just as nice and pure and good as I could make myself become so that people wouldn't see what I was really like on the inside. I genuinely believed that I was a bad person because why else would nobody like me? To this day I find myself still believing that there is a part of me that if anyone sees that they are going to despise me. I have never had unconditionality in my life. And I reached a point where I just felt so unseen and unknown and unaccepted by anyone in the world that something had to give. And so I joined this website and started sharing parts of myself that no one in the real world even knows exist. And I have felt better as a result of that. I think that this forum contains some of the kindest, most beautiful and compassionate people in the world and I am so happy to have found this place where I can express myself freely without fear of rejection. But I want to be able to be myself in the real world too, not just online. So today I am asking the universe to send me my soul family. Send me the people who will love me for who I am. Send me the people who can stick with me through anything. Send me the people who can look at me and see something of value, someone who has something to offer the world. Send me people who can be patient with me as I learn how to trust and connect again. I am ready to meet the people who are supposed to be in my life. And I'm done with being alone.
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    Manifesting the Impossible Could everyone post some personal examples of when you manifested something that was logically impossible or very difficult to achieve? Could be big or small. An example would be getting into a school even though you did not meet minimum requirement. I would like this thread to act as a source of encouragement and inspiration for everyone here.
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    I just bought a master crystal set and a black zipper neck bag to keep them in. I can't wait till they come in.
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    When I first learned about the LOA I wrote down in detail, the home of my dreams. I would look at the list, you know, visualise. I had no idea how it would come to be. Here we were living in a tiny 2 bedroom unit, our savings are always spent on our annual trip to India, where we stay for 2 months. Somehow I had faith, little things were manifesting for me all the time. A year later, the company that my husband contracts for, purchased a huge amount of horticultural property and on that land there was a house. They offered us to live there. I wasn't excited at first, in fact on the way to see the property me and my husband were trying to think about a way we can tell them, thanks but no thanks, without it hurting their feelings. We pulled up to this huge house on a huge property full of trees (cause trees matter to me) and beautiful gardens and my jaw drops. I was not prepared for how perfect it was inside too. You could fit our 2bedroom unit in the living room. It wasn't until I saw the solar panels on the roof that I remembered my 'perfect home' manifestation list. Every thing I had listed, was in that home. I admit it was so scary, but f**Ken awesome!!!! It is so hard to stay non attached to this house though, because I love it so much.
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    I found this description on the amazon for Teals book "The completion process". The steps include: Creation of a Safe Haven—setting up a mental place where it’s safe to re-enter a painful memory. Validation—giving the painful emotion the message that we see it as valid. Seeking Origin—asking, “When was the first time I felt this feeling?” to connect to the root of it. Awaiting Relief—inside the memory, letting the feeling naturally shift in the direction of relief. Purification and Healing—a ritual for closing the memory of trauma and beginning a “new life.” It said too that there were a 20 step thing involved but these are included. I'm gonna get this book. Hopefully i didn't spoil it too much
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    Hello everybody, I recently joined the site and am eager to get immersed in the community and make some new friends through this platform. I have been watching Teal's videos since my senior year of high school, so that is about 3 years now. Anyway, some time ago Teal posted a video on her channel about how to connect with yourself (its title is the title of this post). It is about doing mirror work. I found today to be a good opportunity to do it, and so I finally took the chance. I was planning to keep a journal of my experiences with this, but I am deciding to challenge myself by posting about my experiences here. I have a body mirror hanging on my door. I bought it a month or two ago just for this process when the video was uploaded, but since then I have been avoiding actually doing it. Before starting, I cleaned my room and then I wanted to watch the video to refresh myself on how it works, but I decided I was just stalling and I just decided to go with it. I finally finished reading Teal's latest book (Shadows Before Dawn) recently and decided it was time to own up to how I feel. Anyway, I took off all my clothes, sat the chair in front of the mirror, and scooted up my chair so my knees were touching the door (to make it as if my knees were touching the knees of my reflection). I took several deep breaths and just stared into my own eyes. The first wall I encountered was fear. We were both afraid. I let him know I was afraid too and that I was here. The next wall my vision started to get cloudy a little and I was starting to see my face in gritty detail. It wasn't ugly, but there were "blemishes." My face started to become distorted, deformed even.My face then transformed into an older face. My hair even appeared gray-- like the color of an ash coating. This image would come and go, as if pulsing. There came a moment when the image of my old face was strong enough that it felt as if I were looking exactly at how I will look when I am old, but the face wasn't completely recognizable as my own. When that wall passed, I encountered a wall that my reflection was using to hide itself from me. At first, it was that my entire face would blur out, making me appear faceless. A lot of the time it was mainly my upper face (from the nasolabial crease and up) that would cloud up and disappear before me. Other times the face would disappear, but it would be distorted around the eyes, and I could see a glimpse of my dark brown eyes. It looked as if someone had poured acid on my eyes. I decided to start talking to my reflection out loud. I let him know that I was not going anywhere and that I wanted to try to reconnect with him. I became conscious of how I had abandoned myself and hurt myself. I was telling my reflection that I was trying this for him because he is all I have, and if I lose him then I'll be all alone. I started crying as I told him this. I apologized and asked him to forgive me. I told him I understand if he doesn't want to forgive me right now and if he doesn't want to trust me yet. I understand why he wouldn't and I let him know that I was going to try for him. After the emotion was felt (it passed quickly; I did not need to cry for long) the wall my face was using to hide behind was now only covering his eyes. Everything else about the face was clear, but the eyes were masked. I waited for him to respond, and he did by covering his whole face again. I received understanding that he was not ready at the time to let me enter. I told him I'd wait for him to be ready and that I understood him and I just stayed there with him for some time. I tried using love to melt myself through the wall, but it was not working.I just continued to wait and wait there, to let him know I wasn't going to easily give up.After some time, I felt the exercise had gone as far as it was going to be able to go for today, and so I took another deep breath and thanked him anyway. I let him know I was going to return and that I wasn't going to give up on him, and I thanked him again. After that, I sat with him for a bit of time, and then got up out of the chair and put my clothes back on. I plan to post one of these each time I do this process.
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    I was at the workshop in New York this past weekend and I have lived in New York my whole life. I am a psychotherapist and I was actually not going to go to this event because it was so cold outside and I missed my train and I was tired. However, that morning I had a dream about Teal and I was speaking with her but I cant remember about what. I woke up still not convinced I should go because that would mean I had to take my car to NYC and did I mention it was cold.. augh! But than I saw a commercial for Park City Utah and knew I was being called to go. It was very cold outside and we have had abnormally warm weather until that day and the venue was very cold. I was literally wearing my gloves to keep warm. The energy in the room was so strange-heavy and stagnant. The vibration of the room felt slower. I guess if we are working with our shadow this feeling makes sense. It was not an easy day with the audience. .. like the lights are on but nobody is home. Everything felt like it was going in slow motion. I am not entirely sure why the call to be there for me was so strong. I am very familiar with things that go bump in the night. As a therapist, I do similar work with clients. However, Teal is amazing and has brought my understanding to a higher level both on a professional and personally level. I will continue to look at this. It hurts me that Teal is being energetically consumed but makes sense since the shame in us is so strong and the need is an endless well. However, we need more teachers like her. Teachers who embrace both their humanness but connect to higher levels of consciousness to be a catalyst to break the barriers of our limited realities. Teachers who are willing to be vulnerable in front of us and show the dark part of themselves and reflect the dark parts in us. She is raw and she is open and that makes her a target. However, she needs to be for our healing so it is a double edge sword. The words are honey in our mouths but turn bitter in our stomachs. Life is pain... I personally have stayed away from "spiritual groups" my whole life because I have lived in the darkness and it has led me inside. Peace and love.... is a nice Sunday service to makes us feel better. Teal is one of the few teachers I actually want to scream " Yes!!" when she is speaking. Finally! Thank you Teal. Thank you for putting yourself out there and being vulnerable for us for our healing even when we don't see how it hurts you, even when we dont care how it hurts you because we are so wrapped up in ourselves. Sending love your way.
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    Non-attachment to the outcome and following your bliss in each moment! Everything you do, do because it feels good and you want to do it if you don't like it, find a way to feel good about it or change it completely, whichever suits your true self.
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    Unable to Connect I have been dealing with this problem for awhile now but I no longer feel connected to anyone. I was always one to be with friends and form close relationships but it feels like my ability to do that is gone. I just don't feel good about myself anymore. I don't even feel a connection to my family members and people I have known my whole life. When I'm around other people I feel more isolated and extremely awkward. The amount of discomfort I feel around other people has pushed them away & pushes me to just isolate more.I don't know what I need to feel better. and I am unsure how to move forward
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    Any trait you find attractive in someone else is a suppressed part of you, so I guess you could list all the people who are attractive to you on a personality level and that has been suppressed in you and you weren't allowed to be that person. All the people you have met in your life, who were the attractive ones? Try to express those aspect in yourself when you find out those attractive characteristics in others, that is you, the real you. We get to experience our true self as a kid, that's is our higher self in disguise, then we grow up and lose it, but to find it is just to express those suppressed aspects in yourself that you find attractive in other people, that's how you figure out who you really are, you aren't pretending to be that way, that's the real you, this adult us we pretend to be is the fake one lol. and that attraction is coming straight from your higher self, so only you can detect that, someone outside of you can't tell you who you are. it can even be fictional characters, just what do you find attractive is the easiest way to remember who you are, it will feel good.
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    My first inclination is to say, there is a freedom in not being tightly connected to people, meaning if you wanted to make a radical change in your life, you wouldn't be having to disappoint somebody to make that change. In a way, perhaps, this is what your soul is preparing you to do! Which is extremely exciting, frustrating, and scary all at the same time. But in re-reading what you wrote, and in your asking for some practical advice on how to move forward, Hand Write some letters to the people you most care about. Tell them what's up and that you miss them.... I'm sorry you feel this way,,, Do poems make you feel better? Fleeting streams of light. The black night purrs its silence. A glass lake, secluded and surrounded by wooded hills, meditates. You float in the sky above as the bright crystal clear crescent moon. Your beauty grasps imaginations. Imaginations that believe an entangle lovers’ soft kiss can heal tender wounds of the soul. Only the lonely can think average thoughts reflecting back at them in the mirror. But look into your mirror, the lake. Your crescent radiance is full of splendor. Your feminine love fills the whole universe. Your Mystery, Endless. Shooting stars seem so random. But they are not. Just as Destiny ordains dark nights upon us all, Destiny sends fleeting streams of light to remind us. Though you may miss the message - Your lonely tears are not alone.
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    Suicide is always an option. And, I know it feels like it, but as of right now (esp w a narc mother), its not your only option. Do you have brothers/sisters or are you an only child? I remember what I went through when I got out. When I moved out of the house just before my 19th birthday. I agonized over it all day every day for almost a year. I felt so guilty. She wouldnt hardly let me out of her sight except to go to school. If I went out for an errand or to the movie, and I was on such a tight leash. It felt like there was no escape.... I found an expensive summer school course that i wanted to do, that there was no way we had the money for. This gave me the excuse I needed in order for her to allow me to get a job. I got a job waitressing. it was slow going, because now that I was making some money, of course, I was expected to contribute here and there else I was a selfish better-than-thou money hoarding snooty bitch. I saved and saved and saved. I had to make sure to hide the money---after the first time she "borrowed" it without asking. When the time came, almost a year later, and I found a cheap room I knew I could afford it----ugh, it was still so hard. I wrote her a very nice letter. But I didnt tell her. Yet. I smuggled my things out 1 load at a time, in laundry baskets, with the excuse of doing laundry. Then, after I had the keys, had my lease signed, and had my things moved in---thats when I made a very nice dinner, and gave her the very nice letter. Holy hell. She almost killed me. Emotionally first, then, when that didnt work--- physically. I think my brother, or maybe it was one of the neighbors, who called the police. I dont remember. I do remember the look on her face and the police officer explaining to her that I was over 18, and she had to let me leave if I wanted to leave. That wasnt the end of the story.....more like a beginning. But it was also the beginning of a new life. A week or two in, you get the weirdest feeling. When you're not captive to someone whose entire being is dedicated to making you feel like complete and total dog shit 24/7/365---its an incredible feeling. Lots of ups and downs, but its WORTH it. Oh, and you're right---you CANT heal in that environment. In order to heal trauma, you have to be SAFE. Nobody gets PTSD in a war zone......it happens after they get home from the battlefield.
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    Hey Garnet. I wanted to say no, but actually they probably have. The thing just is that I probably didn't register them as synchronicities at the time since I have kind of associated it with positive things, but in actuality there have probably countless experiences that have scared me which were synchronicities to direct me a certain way or let me know of something. Reminds me of a quote:
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    Not ready. Forget the world, my family is not ready
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    I read that article, but I'm really confused as to where this guy gets his information, why people trust what he says and when this 3-4 day blackout into the 4th dimension is supposed to happen? Things are definitely shifting, but I am extremely wary of these acid-trip-esque prophecies from dubious sources saying that we're going to wake up naked in the 4th dimension with no house because "nothing unnatural and not of the earth will remain". Does this apply to tooth fillings? Like will my hair fall off the top of my head because it's dyed? Will my skin stay on because I put lotion on this morning? I just don't understand why people believe this and where he is getting this idea that the shift will be like that. We are going to be guided into the 4th dimension by naked giant parents? Like what? I'm pretty sure these aren;t things I signed up for when I decided to come down to earth and be physical. I have been shifting and I do see certain things like patterns and I am extremely intuitive and have experienced dimensional travel, but I'm really not interested in shedding my physical cocoon so I can exist on some higher-dimensional plane. From my understanding, everyone already exists on that plane and we can and do access it, but the point of being physical is that we forget all that and participate in this intense "VR" that is earth. I am just very, very skeptical of things like this, because he knows exactly what will happen and how it will happen but doesn't provide a date or state where he gets this information? Why do people believe him?
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    Hi Teal, you definitely deserve, that people stand up for you - you are so brave! I have been listening to your teachings for over a year now and it has made such a difference in my life, I feel very grateful. We can all make up our own minds and don't need to give others the power to tell us what we should think about you. People who spend their energy and life discrediting others should be suspicious to everyone. What are they hiding behind? I don't see you hiding behind anything. You are so courageous! I have signed up for a retreat and am very much looking forward to finally meeting you in person. I prefer spending my time to inspire people around me to listen to your teachings and make up their own mind. Love Gerlinde
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    This time last year, my boyfriend and I decided to try to conceive. After the first try I felt a presence and my body reacted immediately but it was far too early to tell for sure. I looked to the painting The Time Wielder. I looked to see what my due date would be if I had conceived and as I stared at the painting I prayed that I would give birth to a child on that due date. I did this for almost an entire day. Sure enough, I did get pregnant and had my special boy on the due date. 5% of women give birth on their actual due date. I petitioned and believed and the painting helped affirm my manifestation.
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    I'm trying to manifest my 5th dimensional self. I already am 5th dimensional, but I am still raising my consciousness to higher unity consciousness.
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    Dear Teal, Thank you for sharing your Completion Process and all your knowledge via YouTube for free; as well as these blogs, which are beautifully written and so satisfying to read. Also thank you for your other two books (which I look forward to eventually reading) and amazing frequency art work and tarot cards. Thank you for your bravery and courage in sharing your life story and message; it is reaching the right people! Thank you for standing in the face of adversity and for helping me on my journey. You have provided me with special keys and missing links that have transformed my life for all the better. Please know that for every negative whiner, there are several people who feel like me. Love, peace, and support from Alaska!
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    wow! sounds like you have quite the buried emotions here... That is not an easy process my friend. be gentle with yourself, remind yourself that you are doing this to feel better and to release those old feelings, sensations, and the emotions causing them. I know you dont like the pain that your body is giving you, but try and remember that your body is there for you. that pain is a message. not a very clear message unfortunately, but by spending time feeling that (like you did this morning) you are telling your body it is valid. It feels that for you, to keep you safe. Healing is not a process you can rush. There is no "all better" button. It is slow, and will take as long as it takes. Teal has a great tip, to try and visualize your pain or your limbs or organs that hurt, as human. what form would they take? try and visualize them in a way that communication is easier, and let your body tell you whats going on. Remind it you care, remind it you love how hard it work is to protect you.
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    This is quite pertinent to the current state of this forum, IMO. I don't expect everyone to understand what I'm saying or even change anything, but threads are ignored, people are ignored, ideas are ignored, and good intentions are ignored quite often. Look at my thread in this enlightenment forum "wholeness". 29 views. One comment. 1 rep. And... it's an amazingly inspired post that I completely vamped in the moment. Can you believe that? I cannot do better than that. This thread is really good and I like it, but it doesn't even have much to do directly with self enlightenment. I'm bringing this up instead of being a "silent master" because I'm actually just a normal human being, like everyone is. I won't repress the emotions like I did in the past, because that will create something no one will enjoy. If I'm not appreciated I will just stop posting. Simple. I really think some people need to mature up a bit and stop playing the "I think you're the bad guy so I'll talk around you" game. We are capable of so much more than that. BTW, Alex7, I'm obviously not referring to you, because you haven't been ignoring me. I'm talking to everyone else who is.
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    This one describes my dominant vibration lol
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    Teal, I love all your Blogs and love your work and even I have more than twice your age, you are the person I have learned the most from, you have shown me how the things seem to work in this our Universe. Thank you for that! I live since over 50 years in El Salvador, my wife is from El Salvador. I am German and so I am also European. You were born in the USA, so you are an US Citizen and an American as you were born on the continent called America. But there are 21 other sovereign nations on the continent called "America" and so people born in Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, they are all "Americans", not just the ones born in the USA. I am well aware that it has become custom all over the world to call "US Citizens" "Americans", but that is not correct and we all should respect the national pride of all people born on the continent called America. I know the USA quite well and have many friends that are US Citizen, my wife studied there, my daughter and her husband studied there, my eldest grandson was born in N.Y. and has therefor an US Passport and is studying in the US. If one can hear a question in the US again and again it is "...why do they hate us so much..?" One reason could be the lack of sensibility against the pride of other nations around the world, especially the Latin American countries. Teal, I do hope very much you will not take my above slight critic remark in a way it is not meant as if there is one person I respect than it is you and exactly therefor I have made it!
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    #PIZZAGATE (DISTURBING) Because this board has a certain focus on Satanic Ritual Abuse, I've decided to share this information here. Note that I'm risking my own safety by posting this. Both Reddit and Twitter have suppressed this information. I doubt there is anyone here who would be able to do jack shit about this in real life, but I'm posting it anyway to keep people informed. There is a Satanic Pedophile ring in Washington DC that was recently exposed by Wikileaks. This information is disturbing and heart-breaking, so please don't watch this if you are very sensitive. As many people know, the main stream media are liars who push propoganda to meet thier own ends. They are calling alternative news media "fake news" in order to brainwash people into having faith in these disgusting perpetrators. Ron Paul has countered the main stream news with a list of specific news stations and journalists who provably have lied to the public, deeming them the actual fake news. It included CNN, ABC, BBC, ABC, and other legacy media outlets. As I said before, Reddit and Twitter have supressed the civilian investigations by deleting #pizzagate threads and banning relevant users. Many hope that Trump's attourney general Jeff Sessions will prosecute Hillary Clinton and others for unrelated crimes, because it's unlikely that this case will have a federal investigation. How about that? Hmmm. We shall see. This pedo shit is probably everywhere, in every major city, right in front of us. What can we do? I really don't know. It's a tragedy. We live in a daily tragedy. These people are truly the most evil people I have ever heard of, and they appear to have a lot of power. I can only hope that they brought to justice one way or another. Thanks for reading and tell your friends and family about #pizzagate and #littlelivesmatter and how It's censored by TV and social media. It's the real conspiracy they dont want out in the public.
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    Oh, c'mmon , Walt... i think that was actually a very good post. I would also add that as we mature and gain more knowledge and understanding of things lying is always a personal choice. Yes. I know a person similar to that. We used to be closer to each other, like friends. Still are. Just rarely communicate. Unfortunately, because the lying has become a very dominant part of this person's life - many conversations became pointless and life just moved us further and further away. I don't know the main cause for this. I agree that it has to do with fear of rejection, perhaps also to make yourself look better. In the end i still see that lying caused more problems then anything to this person, especially in relationships, work places etc. The sad part also is that it's very hard to give advice or help people like that when they ask because you just never know what is actually happening. Which often leaves these people without feeling of support and feel rejected anyway as the result. I think people in general lie to other people all the time without realizing it Some more obvious than others. So, at least let's try to remember to be honest with ourselves ! the more honest we're with ourselves the less lies we need to tell))))
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    powerless, procrastination avoidance Hey guys, I find it difficult to do anything on my own. I never finish what i have started. Even the completion process. Ive read half of the book, and now Im stuck. I don't even know how to start feeling my emotions. When my emotions trigger, it seems like I avoid them by trying to tap in, even though I experience strong emotions when they trigger. My history -very abusive childhood, my dad physically abused me all my childhood. I have always felt abandoned by everyone. Rejected. Outcast. Always felt like there was something wrong with me. In self help for 5 years, no result of course. 3 years in relationship with constant suicidal thoughts, and extreme feelings of loneness and not understood. Thank god I realized, before it was too late, that i had no boundaries, and left the relationship. even though we had a kid together. my questions: any one can relate to this, so we can work together? or perhaps a practitioner who can help to get me started at least. thanks
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    ummm depends on the person, as a whole probably not, I would love it, but some people aren't aware enough to know that anything I say is a aspect of them and whatever it is I'm saying is in them to some degree. I cant stand when we ignore the vibe in a room and we ignore it like it doesn't exist, like we agreed that it doesn't exist because we cant see it, but its easy to feel. I would love to bring up the energy in conversations and cut the bullshit, that's what I would love, the true, but not everyone can feel which still blows my mind.
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    Cusp signs! Lets discuss cusp signs!!! my whole life up until a couple years ago, i've been identifying as a leo, (then the introvertedness came in!!, lol) unaware of the fact that i am a leo-virgo cusp! after this point, ive been realizing lots of double sides in my personality and my life! its truly fascinating. Did your cusp sign come to surprise?
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    I have this afternoon experienced that feeling of total inner peace, just sitting in the sun for a few minutes No more judgment. Unconditional love for myself. And it radiated out to the world. People were staring. I even got a few looks, lol. This is imho what feeling God inside us is.... So, it is possible folks. Keep applying Completion Process so you can move into that state of non-attachment. And you will be able to climb out of that box of beliefs! That is the secret. To see beyond all realities by unbelieving all you are told. This is my view for the future. The old souls, the Masters who are awakening now, you who are reading this, will be able to reach that state and help Humanity becoming more conscious. It's your choice. Everything is Gratitude. Marcel
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    Teal says that it's a very heavy gift being extrasensory but she doesn't talk too much about how to deal with it. However there are other videos on youtube that might help you. I know that if you are not prepare if you don't search for informatin those abilities can give you anxiety or worse depression. First you need to decide that you want them in your life. That's how Teal started helping people with this decision to accept them. Then meditate every day to give them space to develop and to understand them. Then change your diet exercise. Talk with people like you. Take risks if necessary and most important trust your gifts. I saw the spirit of unborn child of my colleague and told her the message he wanted me to say. It was very brave for me to do this. I did it to tell the Universe that I trust my gift.
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    Religion based question. I dont know where to begin.But here it go's.You either believe nothing.Or believe in evolution. Or in God.Or in spirituality. Or spirituality and God/source.Or believe in you're self, inner God.Or everything. lepracons and fairies included. And so on..I am torn.. between believing in and loving God and spirituality. I am not Religious by the way. This guy that i am following; when he was younger he had all kinds of spiritual experiences. Astral projection. He was a budist. He saw people shift into birds. Just a lot of paranormal and spiritual experiences trying to find purpose of life. Then he had a near death experience and saw and spoke to archangels and jesus. Felt God. When he came back he wanted to spread the massage that he got. He baptised a lot of people and now these days he is explaining that jesus will return, soon and that we need to pray to God. Baptised is good but not necessary. Ok so there is that... and i am worried because of his message because a lot of that is happening right now and is been said in the bible. Why am i worried? I am not sure..And so there is teal swan and a lot of other amazing spiritual people that preach to be you're self. To meditate. Religion is human invented, which i agree. Astral project, face you're fears. Make you're self a better person. Use nature as youre mother and nurturing. Etc etc. I am so confused. and there is really a shift going on.. but what does that mean?How do you think about this?
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    My life situation is quite complicated and from my stand point I don't see a solution or steps towards it. I need your help. In a nutshell I live with my emotionally and physically abusive mum who has narcissistic tendencies. My feelings are like shit for her. I am 18 yo and I am not financially independent otherwise. My dad doesn't want to have a contact with me. My mum violated his personal life and that is his reasoning (on the surface) of why he avoids me. He lives in a foreign country anyway and I have never met him. Another thing my mum has prevented me from doing when I was little. My school life also isn't nice. I go to some grammar school and the school system kills me. I have no idea of what I would like to do in life and I have almost no one to connect with. My mum said she will kick me out if I leave school. Suicide seems to be the best option so far ... I feel so powerless and that is my biggest shadow, but trying to heal yourself in the same environment people hurt you isn't a smart idea. What can I do?
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    I was triggered again but this time I felt anger. after siting with it came fear. as I was going deep and my focus changed to something diferente. I tried to go back to that feeling but couldn´t. So I realized I was resisting myself. I had t go along with my focus. it´s one of my defense mechanisms - distracting myself. so what I need to be doing is to go where my mind sends me. that is why teals says "sit with whatever feeling you are having". there is a reason mind subsconscious mind is doing that - to protect me from that feeling because it was never ok to feel that way because that feeling was not validated. if you imagine the subsconscious mind as a kid he is trying to distract you from how he feels. so the key is to sit with it for as long as it takes over and over again until it feels vulnerable to talk to you (unconditional presence) until he can trust you enough. it´not ok to force a kid to talk until he is ready to talk. I see that now.
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    Thank you Alex! It feels just right, because it was just a couple weeks ago, when I noticed that I usually identify with similar characters in fiction. Now I feel excited about writing this list you mentioned!
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    Dealing with abandonment When my mother was pregnant with me she started having contractions 3 months before i was born. She said when she was explaining it that it must have felt to me like i was getting a nice hug every two minutes, but it caused her severe stress and almost killed her. As the story goes she i was the birth canal, already well on my way out, and her blood pressure dropped dangerously, they were about to take her in for an emergency C section to try and save our lives but according to her, i kicked her, and she suddenly recovered. It is my belief that after this she suffered greatly from postpartum depression though that has never been proven. But i would cry whenever she wasn't holding me and it drove her to blackouts from lack of sleep. She was forced to "wean me out of my clinginess", this was very painful for me. I remember all through my life she kept it up, whenever she thought i was getting two attached to her she would pull away. I realise now that this has left me with a deep seated fear of abandonment and i really have no real idea how to handle that. So much has happened in my life that seems so extraordinary, i have perceived things most could only dream of, it's just the way my brain works, and yet i am so scared all the time. I have spent time with my infant self, i have visualised holding her and loving her how i wish my mother could have shown love to me, but the crying never stops. I am so tired, i dont know what i'm missing, but i know i need to figure this out somehow. As someone who appears to have similar abilities to my own, any advice you have would be appreciated.
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    it's all good. what is crumbling is the rigid surface, leaving space for growth from underneath. the whole thing called new age is more like the first door/portal of consciousness, from asleep to the first morning sunshine. the first buz of the alarm clock in the morning. it's waking people up but is not getting them through the day, in a way. just go through it towards the beyond, don't get stuck in it. as pretty and interesting as it may be, is still half dreaming. dive deeper in awakeness. is all good.
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    this is the first time seeing this, some topics get pushed down. These people in power are some dark mother fuckers with this and the spirit cooking. I don't know what kind of childhood you need to end up that fucked up and become a sociopath and this is going on. It's real and people doubt Teal and her ritual abuse and this is happening to a lot of people, but they cant comprehend it. It's some creepy dark shit.
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    I love it and I don't mind talking about other aspects of myself, like if you know someone long enough you see the asshole aspect, the sad aspect, the bad day aspect, t he angry aspect, all these are normal, but we think we can only talk about certain things. I'd love to open up completely, but I don't feel safe doing that because of my fear of rejection, and I just show people the aspect they don't like in themselves and leave lol. we are human so we have the whole spectrum of emotions and aspects, light and dark, it doesn't bother me.
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    Just ran across this post because I've been thinking about this for long time. I had dream when I was in my teen, before I was even aware, that my soul was sword. Not sure what to think of this but to me it is a sign of strength, honor, nobility and protection. Would really like here your feedback.
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    I wanted to start this topic myself, after seeing the incredible results I've tangibly witnessed in my own life through the CP. The most amazing one so far: a couple of weeks ago I did a session using the process on a traumatic experience in my childhood related to the area of friendships: I had been isolated at my own birthday party, being alone in the kitchen with just two people while all the other kids were in my bedroom having fun. I re-lived that experience but this time I created a positive outcome for my little self. Lo and behold, the very next day I received an email completely out of the blue from a girl in my town, whom I'd never heard of, and now we've already seen each other in person and found out that we have so many interests in common it just blows our minds. I've always had issues connecting with people in real life, never finding ones who could really get my peculiar passions...This is not a coincidence. The first time ever I did a session with a wonderful completion process practiotioner, last july, same outcome: the next day I received a job offer to work in France. In the end I didn't feel like taking that position but it turned out to be a great thing anyway. I hope I'll get to write more testimonials like these two in the future! Good luck everybody!
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    Jerry, I think you really should consider looking for someone to be with you instead of try to be ok with being alone, if that doesn't seem to be working. I think we come to a certain point where we just can't do it on our own, and trying to do things on our own is coming from shadow reasons (like thinking it's not possible to find a person so might as well try being alone, or being afraid of intimacy so decided to be alone because of that ect.). If you want to try to fill your own cup completely, then by all means make it a practice. But if in your heart you know you really just rather not do this whole spiritual practice thing and you simply want what you want, then go get it. On the bright side, even after you find someone to spend time with you you can always return to yourself and be alone again if you want to. See which works. Once you decide to find someone, you might find it is quite a inner-work/ self-love developing thing to let them even be in your life. It could be that you have been very used to being alone and you are subconsciously afraid of intimacy, so in a way being self-sufficient seems appealing, but emotionally you are not fufilled because you actually do need the healing to take place within the context of a relationship.
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    My defense mechanisms are so detailed and extensive that I battle this isolation and seclusion and end up suffocated with loneliness. I've flipped a couple times because of this pain. Loneliness is no joke and it really hurts. Just wish I had the guts to shove past the insane level of defensiveness and all the coping mechanisms that keep me walled off from the rest of the world. Losing my mind by staying this way. Thanks for making the post.
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    Money and Related Thoughts on Attraction. Money, in the enlightenment forum. A first try on my part. I'll consider this initiate material and then personal thought, meaning leave gender out of it please. Earth itself, the ground, structure, is feminine. A womb. Where things grow. Feminine, is an attractive, negative polarity. Masculine, is a seeking, positive polarity. Attractive things make money. Things that by their nature are attractive, feminine, negative. The most well off businesses, and people, found a way to be attractive to wealth, customers, bidders, tourists whatever. Sounds simple doesn't it. So why am I complicating it. Because many people start out, like I usually do, unnattractive to others in my ideas, concepts or businesses. Some of them slowly tweak their idea, concept, or businesses to be more attractive over time, and they do well, others don't and they do poorly. Lately i've been contemplating approaching the aspect of money from a different angle, not running toward it and chasing it so much. And also not sitting around hoping it turns up on my doorstep, because i've done both, and never been satisfied. I'm seeking the *whatever it will be, that is attractive, beyond anything else, that's what does well on earth. Previously, I remember all the years i'd rebel against this, natural polarity of earth, I was a teenager who would condemn musical artists for being too 'mainstream', seeking to be the center of attraction. Oddly I used to seek to be the center of attraction as a teenager myself, starved for attention as I was. For one reason or another I developed an aversion for the natural polarity of earth, how attraction works. I'd even push people or things away when they showed interest, until I was ready to seek them out myself. Which brings me to the main reason I posted this. I see a lot of people, me included, writing the following. I want money and I feel something is stopping me, or I work all day and I am still poor. Like they are chasing the money, like I do. Instead of making it come to them. Sounds easier said than done Mark. Yes, but knowing this, and looking for this from money, is the start. For money: Think, is this attractive, when you start a new idea, business, job, or career. Make it as attractive as you can, to you, to others, to everything. All the best