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    Day 202 of 365 'What Would Someone Who Loves Themselves Do?' I was so triggered over being ignored that I called the Byron Katie Helpline and did The Work. Infuriated, I wasn't getting any resolution on my own, I was ready for angry confrontation. I avoided that, and feel I handled it in a healthy way without shooting myself in the foot.
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    Day 183 of 365 'What Would Someone Who Loves Themselves Do?' My thinking is very heavy and serious. I'm so ready to be over it. I don't want to complain anymore. I don't want people to feel sorry for me. I don't want to focus on my suffering. I realized a couple days ago this is product of my conditioning from childhood. I just want to drop that baggage in a massive trash compactor and walk away. Instead I don't abandon myself. I console the part of me that is afraid but after another serious talk I want to go play with friends in the sunshine, move my body and forget. Enough already. I need some fun in my life from somewhere.
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    Day 181 of 365 'What Would Someone Who Loves Themselves Do?' (This post was a waste of time and I regret it. I wanted to make something short to put on my facebook wall saying hey I finally have the tools to be on the mend and please if you can get me the hell out of here. I don't want to think about my story. I don't want to complain and I'm not asking for sympathy from people. I just wanted to say here's where I am now at a starting point lets see where I'm at after this round of herbs. The problem is my blood sugar needs so much constant attention if I'm not right on top of it I feel worse and it shows in my writing. I know this sounds the opposite of self loving, but isn't it loving to want to retreat a bit until I feel better? Not an option with the path I have chosen and I need to be ok with that.) I don't know how to begin this. For more years than I can count I have grown increasingly tired with a shorter and shorter tolerance for stress. You've seen me quit jobs and take sick days. You've heard me complain and become so emotionally taxed I pick up and move not seeing any other option. Three years ago while living two blocks from the beach with a handsome man in Santa Cruz my health took another huge downward spiral. I couldn't financially support myself as I was too tired and plagued with anxiety to work, so following an awful breakup I left my private practice and moved back to Alaska to heal with my family. It was the hardest trip I have ever made. Being financially supported and given the gift of rest I figured it would be couple months before I could get back to work again. With small physical progress by watching my diet and walking everyday I felt obligated to work, and was lucky to find a job with great people in April of 2016. It was everything I could have wanted working for someone else as a Massage Therapist. After a couple months of one or two massages a day a couple times a week, it proved too much stress and with a heavy heart, I had to leave that too. By July, a best friend was taking her first trip away from home and driving from California to me in Alaska to stay for the summer. I was elated to see her beyond any elation I've ever felt before. I burst into tears at the sight of her. I can only imagine what she was thinking. Although we had lived together in the past, I was suddenly very intollerant and inflexible around her so I attempted to get out of the house and take two easy art classes to alleviate my guilt of not working. After two weeks of college my body was exhausted and I dropped out. On October 1st I forced my friend out to go live with my bestie she had bonded with. This was the final straw and resulted in the end of two of my best friendships at the same time. The next day I had an adrenal fallout like no other. I was having intense adverse reactions to nearly every food I ate. After considerable trial and error, I narrowed down my diet to three or four foods that agreed with me and ate the same thing for months. I drank Pedialyte throughout the day because my blood sugar was erratic dropping every 1 to 2 hours leaving me to finally sleep at 4 or 6 in the the morning. I got very weak. Laying down was all I could do and anything else left me dizzy. I was afraid to cross the parking for fear I'd pass out in the snow. At 33 I was holding my mother's arms into doctors offices and hospitals. I couldn't sleep and I was terrified. I organized my finances and prepared myself to go. In December my mom had heard enough bogus recommendations from conventional doctors and agreed to take me to a naturopath. During a $600 three hour visit, I was having bottles of supplements muscle tested through my mother for my tolerance. I was shaking from the stress, eating constantly and couldn't hold my head up. She sympathized with me as she too was hypoglycemic and had once fainted in a grocery store. I kept thinking how I am supposed to heal if you haven't even healed yourself. She was overweight even having gastric bypass surgery and I judged her harshly for being a doctor having made that choice. Luckily the visit helped me enough to no longer hold onto walls when I walked, and shortly after I met the best acupuncturist Alaska could offer. I began seeing her twice a week and felt I had found family outside of blood. Through gentle encouragement I abandoned my poorly executed vegan diet and began eating meat and eggs again. This allowed me to up my calorie intake and make some headway. Another year passed. I developed muscle twitching in my chest, hands feet and legs. Google said I had Multiple Sclerosis but I was too scare to have it tested. I remained eating every two hours and laying down for most of the day. I was lucky on days I could get a 20 minute walk in on the trail close to home and other than that rarely left home other to go to the grocery store. Life on the couch was boring and I felt guilty for it even though I physically felt like death. Any chance I got to push myself I did resulting in exhaustive defeat. In the spring of 2017 my mother drove me 40 miles to Girdwood to a doctor who believed in natural methods, and what do you know after all these years, a test finally came back positive. I have Epstein Barr Virus so high it literally went off the charts counting at 750. Cytomegalovirus is also there to keep it company. This is what causes Chronic Fatigue and MS. Thanks to Anthony William's book Medical Medium I knew where to look and lucky for me she listened. It was the validation to say fuck you to every boyfriend and doctor who had ever doubted me. Renewed on my healing journey, I went to a vegan Meetup group and watched What The Health for the second time. After, I approached the organizer and told him of my desperation to heal. Although not being familiar with my specifics, he showed compassion and listened. The next week he leant me Dr. Ehert's Mucusless Diet Healing System and Dr. Morse's The Detox Miracle Sourcebook. Knowledge coupled with friendship was just what I needed. On July 27th I went vegan again and by October 16th I was fully raw eating only fruit in attempts to detox a lifetime of antibiotics heavy metals and poor dietary choices out of my system. As of now, I've been eating the raw vegan 80/10/10 diet for six months. Any fat I eat results in a sweat induced night terror. I eat every two hours and wake during the night with blood sugar drops requiring more food. I still rarely leave the house other than the grocery store for fear of my blood sugar dropping and running out of my limited energy in public. More recently being around any chemicals causes my chest to seize up. As a result, I wash my hair every two weeks in baking soda and lemon juice along with my clothing after wearing them for many days at a time. I've slept on the couch for months because there is some irritant in my room effecting my chest. Recently after confirming these are not detox symptom I did a mold test and discovered my home has mold. Alas, the reason I have stagnated so severely. Part of me writing this is a plea for help. Disability has not kicked in and I don't currently have resources to pay rent. All of my effort goes into my physical and emotional healing, my body just needs a break from fighting foreign pathogens to get it's strength back. If you have a trailer or mother in law apartment, a quiet room, something you could spare without rental income away from, air fresheners, synthetic detergents, chemicals and mold please, please reach out to me. In April unaware of mold having changed my diet and not seeing myself improve, I realized I had to take detoxification to the next level. I pleaded with Dr. Morse's world renowned clinic in Florida to offer a sliding scale rate to me, and with immense luck they granted it and my mother graciously paid for it. Through Iridology I was told every imbalance in my body which was further confirmed via lengthy health intake and a 1.5 hour Skype session. What you see is almost a one month supply of herbs specialized to areas I need healing in. They were not cheap. My three month protocol is roughly $1200 dollars and without the discount would be around $2000. I'm being guided by the best of the best. This clinic has healed the crippled, cured cancers, rid the body of HIV, every virus I know of, and recovered countless people on the verge of death. The advice I got and the herbs I am privileged to take are worth every penny. I write this to tell you May 1st, 2018 is the beginning of the end of my suffering. I have no doubt I have found the physical and emotional keys to healing. With a little help from a kind soul I'll hopefully leave my moldy home to a more conducive environment to allowing these herbs to as deeply cleansing I can handle. I hope you'l be seeing pictures of me smiling and thriving again once I surpass initial detox. I just wanted to say I'm still alive, still stubbornly fighting and I won't give up until the day I die!
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    Day 192 of 365 'What Would Someone Who Loves Themselves Do?' For the past few days I'd place a bet there was something going on astrologically. I went from survival mode into crisis mode unable to sleep and questioning my judgement on things I thought I was certain about. To elaborate, in the past if I wasn't making enough money I would change jobs. If I couldn't see a potential for growth or happiness I would move. I moved a lot. Between bouncing between parents, homeless stints of house hopping and changing roommate situations roughly four times a year, I once counted sixty places. Even with Chronic Fatigue I've still managed to move from one apartment to the next. So, it's clear I have this established pattern. When I started developing chest pain and crazy allergies I thought it was detox symptoms only to be confirmed by the Dr. Morse clinic and the health group I'm in that it's not. I was urged to do a mold test and although not a petri dish full, it was positive. My mother didn't react when I told her. My walls are leaking and the chair I was sleeping next to had black mold on the bottom of it. I showed her pictures and she just shrugged it off, even after my step father casually accepted it to be the case as the roof is rotting. Anyways, somewhere I started doubting myself. Am I making this up because I want to move? When it was clear my mom wasn't going to help if she wasn't going to acknowledge what I was going through, I wrote a plea on gofundme and worked on it until 6am when I finally was able to sleep. I tagged 14 family members all but two of which ignored it. Then I really started to doubt myself on the next level. Why is no one listening to me? Am I a toxic person? Am I the drama queen that everyone rolls their eyes at because they never have anything positive to say? Is my judgement really off and I don't know it? I have never doubted myself more in my life. The feeling is so uncomfortable. It's like being rejected and finding out you're crazy all at once. I spent the next day changing my campaign unable to wind down until 4am, and the day after practically deleting and starting over, awake again until 6am. I just couldn't handle the rejection and wasn't taking failure as an option. Luckily I have recently learned to listen and not have a prepared counter argument in my head to everything someone says. That was handy when I went balling to my sister feeling like a crazy person. I was able to ingest when she said it doesn't matter what anyone thinks, or if you know the true source of the irritant. You know you have declined and it's best for you to go. This isn't just another case of running to solve my problems. Being in a state of need and my panic from being ignored taught me a valuable lesson I thought I had already learned. I was still relying on the judgement of others before my own and I'm still learning the confidence in making decisions right for me. I believe it was gaslighting in the form of a test from the universe to see if I genuinely believed in my capacity to take care of myself without first seeking approval from others.
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    Day 184 of 365 'What Would Someone Who Loves Themselves Do?' If I don't write I'll be two days behind. I'm dizzy and detoxing. I've spend the last two hours writing a short email to Dr. Morse's clinic to get my herbs and especially gladulars figured out. I want to make sure this dizziness is not from adrenal stress.
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    Insight changes emotions which changes actions and that effects the physical body. Cells are influenced by our thinking. Remember the work of Masaru Emoto? I may still be chopping wood and carrying water, but I can do so with anger in my heart, or I can do so happily with a spring in my step because I'm not weighed down by resentment. I have the ultimate power over how I interpret the world around me. I choose to process the anger I feel, therefore not allowing myself to be a victim of another person or circumstance.
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    No, no! My choices was about life-choices: what kind of job, what kind of hobby, what city..Things like that. Not if I wanted to die or not. I can see how everyone was thinking that I was trying to decide to live or not. I'm sorry about that. But sometimes the feelings show up and I think everyone can relate to that. I want to live, but life is freakin hard!! Yes! Well, I agree with you! Thank you for your insights. You complemented my understanding of the topic :-)
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    It's a very interesting community. A very divisive one, too, but I guess that's usually a cornerstone of 'interesting', heh. I agree completely; the group seems to have come about as a reaction to suffering. At its core, it seems like a movement of rejection as a means of self-protection. One of the more innocuous incarnations of that impulse. I've not yet met a self-identifying redpiller who wanted anything more than a sense of control and emotional safety/predictability, which is exactly what the movement's there to provide. Take control by disengaging from the problem. It's a simple, straightforward solution. Way better than many. My stance is: Whatever works for the person the matter concerns. There's offshoots and fragments of the movement who have different ideas, but the core concept seems to be around that, would I be correct? I agree that not many spiritual teachers really get into the non-emotional side of sexuality. There's a lot of very repressive ideas around that even in the spiritual community. That makes perfect sense though, for two big reasons I can think of; a significant fraction of people in the spiritual community are abuse victims, and secondly that any philosophy that teaches unrestrained self-expression will always eventually find itself at a point where it's found itself unintentionally encouraging damaging behaviours. You can't give permission to everyone on Earth 'do what you think is right' and expect everone to be responsible. Shit, even a TV show making a few jokes about szechuan sauce tasting great managed to get taken too far. Sexuality is a minefield, society's tools for handling it up until recently have always relied on suppression, but now that the sexual liberation movement is entering its... what, third, fourth generation? and has successfully outlined many of the positives of sex, it's finding itself starting to have to deal with what I guess Teal Swan peeps would call the shadow aspects of sexuality too. There's a huge potential niche there for people to try and tackle; reconciling the shadow of sex with the light of sex. I think that's a very important foundation to try and rebuild, and the lack of it is what spawns so much of the sex/relationship-related topics in social media, Red Pill included. I don't have an answer for that, but it's cool to see the question even being asked. It's a theme I've seen a lot, and I think the lack of an answer is what fuels so much sexual... disagreement, in discussions around the topic. 'why would anyone want to be ojectified' versus 'why wouldn't anyone want to be objectified', amongst a lot of other threads of logic. I think it's one of those issues where it's very, very difficult to experience both sides, to have experienced the positives and negatives of each. I think clearly, from society and social discourse, being an object of desire isn't all it's cracked up to be, and simultaneously, being undesired is pretty intolerable too. Sadly, the vast, vast majority of us are in a position where we cannot choose which one we are, and so, by lack of personal experience, when we find ourselves not enjoying things as they are, we tend more to always imagine that the grass is greener on the other side. Having said that, I also want to add that the same dynamic also exists parallel with social desirability and attractiveness. You've experienced being a "success object", and so are familiar with the pros and cons of that form of attractiveness, but not on the physical dimension. Same general principal, I think. You got one, but it wasn't that great. So you want the other, hoping that that other one would be more fulfilling. Maybe with both, it could be. Conversely, maybe with both, there would be nothing. The spiritual concept of seperation comes into effect, there. Only someone who genuinely experienced both could start to guess. You could, probably, boil it down to control, or a lack thereof. Which is again, why the Redpill Response is so simple and straightforward in solving the presented problem. Because it reintroduces a sense of control. Control by disengagement, but control nonetheless. I think you're onto something there. I have a story that's almost the inverse: when I was around 6-7 or something like that, I spent time with a girl who was 11-12 or so. She fooled around a bunch with me (and I, to a lesser extent, her), and at the end of it all she made it quite clear she didn't like me, or care about me (she beat me up a little at one point, I think I'd dobbed on her faking a sickie or something, got her in trouble. Turned out years later she had a serious personality disorder blended with bog-standard spoiled rich only child syndrome. So ner ner ner on her, that'll teach her for kicking me with those stupid expensive 90ies platform schoolshoes :p). She'd been interested purely for her own experimentation. Judging in retrospect, she'd just never had a boy of any age spend any time in her bedroom before then. So, when the opportunity arose, she took it without even thinking. Even at that age though, I figured she was very mean and selfish person in general, but I got where the sex stuff was coming from, I was totally on-board for that part. The rest of it, not so much, but realistically, shit happens, the rest of it was her own emotional maturity issues that (to my knowledge) she has still not yet really dealt with. Which is sad for her. I had a few more (much more mutual and positive, and less socially stigmatising in age gap) experiences with both males and females in years after that. But that first time was very... impactful... to my understanding of how people treat each other, and why.* (heheh, get it? Impactful? 'cause she kicked me and I cried? God I love puns. :p) Biggest lesson taken from it is that ultimately, people will aim to fulfill their own desires and wishes. Sex and relationships included, but with everything else too. If that's making someone else happy, all the better for everyone, but that's still coming from a place of self-interest at it's core, it's still fulfilling a want. Men do it, Women do it. Anyone who says there's a fundamental difference between the sexes in that regard is probably speaking more from their own ideals than reality. The belief that it's only 'the other side' who is seeking self-serving things is the biggest problem in sex/gender/relationship discourse atm. Ignorance and selfishness about how to go about trying to get what you want leads to conflict, hurt and incompatible wants/expectations (being a kid is a big cause of the ignorance and selfishness in that example, but ultimately adults can be just as bad, since realistically hey, they're just kids who've been around longer). Interpersonal interactions are things where there are usually multiple, at times contradictory threads of overlapping want/aims/priority working in parallel with each other, trying to interface with someone else's wants/aims/priorities. Complex situations. People are very complex and contradictory. The more intimate you get, the more complex it becomes. Which is part of why so many people try to avoid intimacy; it's complex, the rules are generally undefined and it's all very uncontrollable and unpredictable. I read that article, I think I understood. To it, and you, I have to respond: Everyone's interactions are conditional. Being born is conditional, remaining alive is conditional. Everyone's everything is conditional, and thus everyone's everything must be a compromise on one level or another. Everyone who can make an agreement on and accept another's conditions gets closer to what they want, whatever that may be, sex, emotional acceptance and validation, even just particular foods on the drive home together, whatever. Practical example: My wife and I have very different expectations and want a lot of different things, and our continued relationship is conditional... pretty much the condition is 'so long as you continue to care, I will too.' That's the condition. Even as soulmates who hate to be apart at all, there are conditions and differences. Something being conditional doesn't diminish it. Someone wanting something different to you doesn't mean it's not worth working with them (and vice versa; nobody is forced to work with anyone they don't want to). Though, wanting something to be unconditional isn't invalid either, it's just... you gotta be pragmatic first. Unconditional anything is... not something I've ever seen. Physical reality itself is built on conditions, and thus so are we. (there we go btw, I hit the point of semantic satiation. Conditions. Conditionality. Doesn't mean anything anymore! heheh) Completely agree. You don't choose to cut out a whole part of the world without having a pain that could better be addressed, if it were given the chance. Relationships are fun. Sex is fun. Both can be bad too, but you can't get the good without risking the bad. Some people make that choice to cut off that part of their life because they genuinely want to, others make it not because they really want to, but because they feel it's the only option. Maybe the only one that lets them feel safe and in control again. The latter group are the ones who can always do with help and other perspectives. *I am fully aware this is not considered a normative experience.
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    Obsessive Compulsive Thoughts Hello everyone! I'm Sanna and I'm a soon to be 22 year old girl. I've been struggling with obsessive compulsive thoughts for a while. When I was younger they came in a lot of different shapes. I both felt compelled to do certain rituals, like brushing my teeth a certain way, and had horrible images of people I love dying haunt me, especially before sleeping. The thoughts no longer control my body, but to some degree they still control my mind. Which is terrifying when you know you create and attract what you focus on. In this case, shaping reality is a power I don't want. All I want is for the people I love to be safe and happy. Yet the compulsive disturbing thoughts show me the opposite. I bet you can imagine how scary this is. I somehow need to reprogram my mind to get rid of those thoughts. And I am trying. I've gotten some help from other teachers aswell, who've told me I need to just observe the thoughts, let them be and embrace them. That I don't need to worry because both me and others have protection and a certain path to walk. Even if someone would really like to hurt me, it's not certain that they could, because I have protection aswell. And I hope intention plays a huge role.. My intention is to heal and help. To spread love and light.. It's just that my thoughts sometimes go in the opposite direction. Because it's what I fear most. It's far to easy to focus on what we fear.. Knowing that the universe don't really care if you're even conscious about the thoughts you're thinking, and will mirror them anyway.. is awful when you feel like you can't control your thoughts. When your thoughts are not reflecting what you want them to. Sometimes it's even so bad that when I try to send love, light and healing towards someone, my mind will turn it into images of death instead. It becomes an internal fight. I ask angles for help, I ask every lightbeing for help, I try to focus positively for as long as I can, and when I can't I try to distract myself so I'll atleast not think thoughts that could hurt others. I've started writing down what I want instead, because I am in control of what I write, what actions I take (other than thinking). I give myself healing sometimes, and try to do my best to replace the negative images with positive ones. I try to create my own reality by setting the intention that the awful thoughts I don't know how to control yet will not hurt anyone, that they will either disappear into nothing as soon as they've left me, or turn into positivity and healing instead, since that's what I really want to send out. It's gotten better. It used to be real bad. I'm slightly less scared than I used to be. But I am still struggling with this. I will hear some things that make me feel better (we have protection, others thoughts and wants are just as powerful and important, they will not hurt because it's not your intention) and then I'll hear things that make me scared again (universe will reflect what you focus on, whether you resist it or not it will manifest, if you pray in a state of fear and desperation you will also attract those horrible things you are asking to be protected from). When it comes to obsessive thoughts, I'm at a loss. I am so confused. I don't know what actions to take in order to attract good things for me and my family. Can I pray/ask for help? Since I am scared, will I just make things worse if I do? Should I face and embrace those dark thoughts because I need to in order to not create resistance? I think probably.. but the last thing I want is to manifest those dark things. When I say dark.. it's about as bad as it gets. I am thinking I need to embrace them.. validate/accept them. Observe them without judgement. Because there isn't much else to do. I guess. But.. I feel like I need your support. I'm not sure what to do. What do you think is the best way to go about this..? It's one thing to feel in control of your thoughts, it's a whole different ball game to feel like you're not. It's as if I would keep burning myself on a stove (and others) against my will. How.. just how do I get rid of these thoughts? I will do The Work by Byron Katie, I will keep trying methods that I've heard about previously.. and that I've heard Teal talk about in her videos. Releasing resistance, and so on. What I am most concerned with though.. is not hurting anyone in the process. I know I can't guarantee anyone's safety and eternal happiness, but I will not be the one sending images of torture and death to anyone. I am so sick of my mind doing that against my will. And I will take any help I can in order to get rid off them. If you feel like you can, please help me. I'd appreciate it so much. Thank you for reading, and have a lovely day ♡
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    Fish flesh is full of heavy metals (mercury is specially dangerous for pregnant women and infants...) and of suffering because most of them are killed by suffocation ...it must be an horrible death So, not love at all on the process...It is much healthier (even if not perfect) to eat vegetables, pulses, seeds, nuts, fruits, seaweed, roots...The Plants kingdom is abundant! One seed produces a plant/tree/bush that will offer a huge amount of fruits, leaves, roots and more seeds to have more plants and food! It is easy to thrive (not only survive) in a whole-foods plant-based diet There is enough plant-based food to feed everyone on the planet. I suggest you to ask for vegan starter kits (some orgs will send them to you free of charge) and look into www.nutritionfacts.org for the late studies on healthy diet Hugs*
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    Seriously: learn to meditate. I have an app for my phone called “insight timer”. The app is free. It does have a timer but it also has literally hundreds of guided meditations. A good place to start is called vipassana. The idea of this meditation is that you learn to be aware that you are thinking without getting caught up in the storyline. If you want to be able to figure out what is in your shadow then you need to be able to feel your feelings and be objective about your feelings at the same time. That isn’t easy to do because if you totally get caught up in the feeling then you can’t be look at it objectively. One of the phases of Teal’s Completion Process is called emotional vipassana. It’s where you sit with a feeling and see what memories come up. The idea is that your subconscious mind will send you messages in the way of stories from your past. So the vipassana instructions that I like are on Insight Timer and are by Tara Brach. I’m sure that hers are not the only instructions out there.
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    Building a community Hello everyone. My name is Lena, I am 32 years and live in Berlin. I am going to buy a house, half an hour from the east sea between Hamburg and Kiel. I found the perfect sweetest place after searching 8 month intensively. I wish to live with other people. Myself is an artist, dancer, musician, writer. I found a beautiful place with a huge garden where we could plant vegetables. It is quiet and a beautiful village with an amazing lake. In the garden we have more 12 fruit trees :-) I am so sick of living alone. I need you, I desire to live with people who are sensitive, emotional available and honest. I am not into drugs and stuff. I live myself dedicated to healing, self-discovery, art, freedom and peace! I love you guys. Please love me back. For more infos, please contact me. Love, Lena.
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    I like to look at the forum topics and see if anyone is saying something i feel led to respond to. Builds relationships and offers yourself up to them to see who responds. Can i be your friend?
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    Hey.. I'm going to give you my answer, though is not connected to Walmart specifically. I have two things to share A friend that worked in a mall, told me once that everywhere in the mall they play a buzzing very low frequency sound that the subconscious registers but the conscious is not aware of, and it activates the reptile brain making us buy more and act accordingly. This is very true everywhere. They use this to subject us, as one may conclude. Story I would like to share is, when I was in the Middle East, in Doha, Qatar, which is one of the most materialistic societies that exist, and of course they are, it is a desert, they have nothing else to offer besides those ressources, I once entered a mall and I noticed, after staying and roaming for a while, (I will be bit explicit and honest here) I felt my root chakra activating and I felt like masturbating , very strongly. I have a rather sensitive system, and this was the reaction I am usually not aware of. Because there was nothing but that energy there, just greedy superficial men roaming around, I felt that, very strongly. It's a positive feeling, but not when you're in public, and assuming that debauched incentive. And as much as it was personal, it was also collective, very much. It also depends on the level of consumerism the society is affected by and the intention impregnated in the creation of the specific idea, facility. What I want to say is it is very normal for sensitive souls to feel on edge in places like these, it's a good sign, because the more pure you become, or are, you get affected by all this. I also get dizzy very often, or I notice the energy decreasing and feeling very low. I now realize the shift happening, but I practice integration so I switch knowingly, more or less. And i do like shopping so.. And also, I try to be me choosing whether i channel, or just be Majda. Though we can rarely choose, it's not you in control. That's what I wanted to tell you/here. It's normal, and yeah, they have mechanisms to control. ⚘
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    I want to hear some real stories from twin flames who are now in Union. HELLO!!! As the title demands.... although, I don't mean to be this aggressive.... but I'd just like to hear some REAL LIFE stories from people who believe they are Twin Flames or Twin Souls or Divine Counterparts, who are now in union. Did you struggle? What was you story? Are you in Union? What changed? What helped you along your journey? Thank you for answering me! Much love xx
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    no, you got it wrong! no one deserves her good and positive qualities. For example, no one deserves my beauty, no one deserves my real love, no one deserves to hangout with me etc..