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    Spiritual 'say what?' I have been playing with this idea in my head for a bit - to create an open forum for anyone to be authentic for their confusion regarding spiritual topics. And for someone who can relate to them and maybe bring about clarity. I don't intend this to be a page where to copy&paste citations from anyone one would consider master in the topic, but to tell how you came about understanding thing x. Hope I explained this clearly enough. Because I don't know about all of you, but sometimes I just don't get what eg. Teal means. And I think if one is not able to explain something with their own choice of words, they haven't got it. One big 'say what?' of mine is manifestation. Although I do get it at 'the spiritual level', I'm going to be honest - I just don't get how it applies to everything in general. Yes, I have been doing shadow work for about a year now, so I do get the emotional trigger part. But things like money.. especially it, but also positivity. I just don't get how it works. It flies over my head, just like that. A little background on my past... my parents are farmers, dad has been forced to continue the family tradition of having a cattle and mom's family has always been poor and 'the lower class'. In addition to that, she has a narcissistic mother and developed that coping mechanism for herself, as well. So... If anyone's able to relate, feel free to share your experiences and by all means, ask your own 'I know this thing at an intellectual/spiritual level... but HOW it works?' -Heidi
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    Teals video This was fucking awesome, I love Teal, authentic and real as fuck, my favorite!
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    Here is a poem I wrote a while back. A Place We can Share I can hold your hand, but I really want to hear your story I can touch your body, but I really want to touch your soul. Tell me your dreams, Tell me what thrills you. Tell me what scares you, Tell me your deepest desire that you have never dared tell another soul. And I'll tell you too. I'll tell you my dreams I'll tell you what thrills me I'll tell you what scares me And I'll tell you my deepest desire that I have never dared tell another soul. I want to be open, I want to feel free. There's a place we can share, come find it with me.
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    I want my heart to be touched by unfathomable depth passion presence and excitement. I want to ignite that same experience/feeling in somebody special. I want to spark a great feeling like that in MANY people. In one aspect of my life I want to be a beacon of that essence, in a way that's dynamic, versatile, and true to my core. I want to be able to live wildly and exuberantly in all my many personalities/dimensions. I want to be able to live authentically. I want these parts of me to be met with true love and safety. I want to better my relationship with my own shame. I want to effect great change world-wide. I WANT my worth to be seen, heard, acknowledged by many. I want to be understood. I want to be seen as important. I want to have fun. I have this emptiness inside me which I'm willing to acknowledge. I've always been an adrenaline-junkie/thrill seeker, just a very impulsive person in general, and it's been my way of compensating for the INTENSE connection I've been CRAVING since I was a kid. Thank you for making this thread, it helped me redirect myself in the right direction. I want to experience true love and connection.
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    Best thing I've ever seen Sorry, no music, but had to share...
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    Mark is correct- reading through all of that both gave insight and made me chuckle a bit. I can already see that the idea I had of manifesting is very ego-based, meaning fear-based. That if I'll get something from things I enjoy doing, someone's going to take it away. (Absolute topic for CP for me, yes sir.) @Crystal Rob That mention of deja vu makes so much sense! Actually, from the whole reply, that was where I got an 'a-ha!' moment from I don't know about others, but my deja vus have changed a bit over a couple of years. They last longer than a blink of an eye, and I remember what I was thinking for around minute or two. I also watch myself noticing the deja vu itself... It's pretty amazing and (a bit) confusing. But resistance... Oh boy. Got some already when I saw the words 'positive focus'. Brrh. Makes me feel like an outcast in a snap. @Alex7 Thank you for your contribution, as well. I resonated with the soul mate example, as it demonstrates why certain people (and things, but people especially) keep reappearing although I wouldn't want them anymore. Like narcissistic people in my life. Well, got a mother and her mom who both are narcissists, and only recently moved away from home. Immediately attracted a young man that acts just like mom. But I'm sick of him already, when I realized he, too, is going to treat me like less of a human being. Although it maybe wasn't how Rob would have explained it, but I totally get it. Thank you.
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    @toemilyjune Please keep going!, this is great!
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    I totally know where you are and kudos to you for opening up. Like someone said, your soul came here for a reason. You've been at the end of your rope for quite sometime, tie a knot at the very end and continue to hold on because it's going to get better. This is only a fraction of our whole existence, it's like being on a circus ride, there are thrills and chills and ups and downs, then we leave the ride and go home. The shift in the global consciousness is real and we are going to be the facilitators of it. It is very okay and very normal to feel like your vibe and connection fluctuate, we come out of alignment at times or we get to a certain hight in our consciousness and we become complacent maybe and fail to maintain it like you do with any relationship, self-love is in alignment with your higherself. You haven't lost anything, you are still very connected and you don't really go down in vibration, but we can become dormant. Enlightenment is not easy, there is a shadow side to Enlightenment as well, when we wake up and see the suffering and tyranny with sober eyes. This too shall pass. Find a goal or work towards something you enjoy. Goals are the breath of life, they keep us moving forward. Doing what you enjoy will bring you to your purpose. Start doing what you enjoy doing start connecting with nature and people. I want to share a concept that I just heard recently, think of life like a sheet of music and the spaces between the notes are the 'not so fun' parts of our life but they still need to be there so that we can recognize the notes right? Or it wouldn't sound like a melody. Miraculous unfoldings are on your way. Stay aware
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    I was hanging out on one of FB groups I am a part of and there was this question that I replied to. I am going to copy/paste it because I think it also fits and expands the current topic here regarding the health of relationship : "Dear friends, how do you know in a relationship when you're experiencing a rough patch versus its time to end the relationship? How do you know when its 'too much' work?" My reply: There are three major areas that would need to be examined between the two partners: 1. Mind connection (attraction to each other's mind, wisdom, depth and flavour of thoughts) 2. Heart connection (care, respect, love, trust) 3. Sex connection (attraction, desire) The relationship can exist just fine if #3 is absent because it compensates itself a lot through a loving touch . And if #3 is desired again then with the help of #1 and #2 can be worked out because #1 and #2 are fundamental for #3 to flourish and blossom. However. If #3 is absent. Or if #3 has become a painful subject to even touch PLUS one more of the connections is "broken" then it would be one of the first red flags to look at. People can have sex without #1 and #2. But I can't call that a relationship so not much thinking here, lol #1 and #3 are very similar in a way that it continuously requires "feeding" and attention that brings satisfaction in a long run. #2 is either present or not. No one can fake it. The other person will always feel the difference. Heart connection has the ability to stimulate #1 in a positive/negative way . So whichever is more present in your mind shows you the difference in your thought patterns and is the result of the current relationship. If #1, #2, #3 are absent then ..... it is time to ask a question if it's really worth bringing dead horse back to life. I would love to hear your thoughts !
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    Here is a page from the book "Metaphysical Anatomy " by Evette Rose. I always thought it was elderly problem and only now looked at the possible causes of it .
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    Acknowledging Where I Am My whole life I've always had the "problem" of wanting so much for myself and doing little to no shit about it. Seeing my dreams as something far too intimidating to dip my toes in. I'm sure this problem isn't exclusive to me. These desires constantly drive me to retreat back into myself every time I get the inspiration to move forward. When I was younger I would constantly reevaluate these desires, and dismiss them as something I'm choosing only to get love/connection/attention. I understand now there's nothing wrong with that, and everything we do to some degree is for the sake of receiving love/connection/attention. We just need to be conscious of it. I am aware there are steps that I can take to make a better relationship with my own resistance/ego. I just thought that it would be helpful for me to see how others embrace their most "unrealistic" desires, and move forward with them. I don't have anyone to talk to about this stuff. No one "spiritually inclined" in my area. A lot of people around me are just choosing to settle. I have done shadow work, I just made this post to connect with people.
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    New Artist Musicians Perfomances Shows? seen or descovered recently. I seen Depeche Mode this past weekend. The opening band was amazing and I wanted to share it here with you all. It's called Warpaint and they blew my mind! <333 The band consist of four very talented ladies that remind me of of whimsicle pixies! Check them out below It was a magical night One of my close friends gave me her ticket last min for the show because she had to work.I went alone.I met many friends later but it was really nice to go to a concert alone(which is odd for me) I sang and danced my heart out to every song(well except the new ones or the ones I cried like a baby to!lol!) with hundereds of other fans The Hollywood Bowl under the stars. Anyway I am rambling now... The reason Im making this post is to have a new place to put inspirational artist that have recently stood out or bloomed inspiration in some way or another,
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    Totally and be kind to yourself always; the Jailbars of Belief are gradually being ripped out. But follow your own Guidance not others... you are on the right path and step by step and easy does it, you will know your truth and not before. Brrh is just a sign of its different but pay attention wink wink... I must say @Heidi Havula @Mark Joseph Middleton and @Alex7 knowing what you do at your age, there is great promise for the world! Reps to you all. crystal Rob
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    Pardon, @Alex7 Alex7, nicely done on that but Heidi asked if you could explain Manifestation... so I get that it comes down to how people learn to crawl out of what they consider the mire and their 'Lot in Life' So, let's see. I came from a lower class or worker class. The parents always voted for our NZ socialist party - Labour. My mother's parents were poor, hard workers - he was a country butcher and the local baker as well and still had it damned hard. They had too many children but back then you needed them in case some died, the others could help work for the family good. One brother did really well after coming back from the war with one leg amputated. One brother a hard worker, slat of the earthy but died younger than he should from the hard graft. Mum's 6 sisters had to get married off and it was based on who was around to marry at the time. Mum ended up with a war veteran coming back with ill health after spending much of the war in German POW camps doing hard labour around the likes of bombed german cities. My father's family were slightly better off, a dairy farm that didn't do so well and then a boarding house. Mum was the grafter - always wanting better for her children than she had. We got educated by hook or by crook. various things trued and mostly failed by me - I was different in attitude to most I knew back then. Maybe that was just lucky on some things (like my teenage and young vehicle accidents and other accidents but I still survived) and some things I chose because I wanted to do them. My career was like that and still it - I am choosing more and more the spiritual help within out area. Manifestation: - To manifest you need a clear vision of what you want: I wanted to buy a house in a different part of the country. The passion was there for this to happen and because I had a clear idea of where I wanted to be and had little attachment to hold me back (my business was a transferable item and my wife thought it was a great idea, the house we had was great but time to think of moving), so I had little preventing me having a very clear intention. I had visited the area many times and so the smells, the lifestyle, the type of house I could get, the field (vineyards) work I could do as a hobby all added to the 'flavour' of what I desired - meaning it was very clear what I wanted - the Universe needs that from us for it to work. - Asking for help (ask and you shall be given): To manifest it, I simply asked help from a couple of my Guides as well as my mother and my father in spirit; they all had roles to play for me so I set them off onto their various tasks and gave Gratitude for it happening. That simply means I put the steps in motion and knew they would happen without me messing with it any more; job done attitude. The rest was simply knowing it would and it did. - Positive focus: Not only that, but in this country Banks offer mortgages on property and my set-up with money is a relationship basically of it will come when I want or need it. I am lucky enough to "not want" as they say... So the foundation for approaching my Banker was one of "what do you need from me?" rather than worrying about how the money would come etc etc. So glass half-full mentality rather than glass half-empty. Does that make sense? So the Bank manager simply needed a figure I was buying the house for. "Done". - Allotting tasks (asking for help): The task I gave to my mother was to find someone to sell our current house to. A week later my wife on passing another dog walker mentioned we were leaving the area and the woman turned up the next day wanting to look through our place - it happened to be the one she wanted when they first moved to the area but couldn't afford it then. Her and hubby and kids bought it from us without us having to go to a real estate company that would have charged us approx NZ $25,000 for their pleasure in presenting it to people that would be eager to buy. They put their house on the market and had a buyer within 6 weeks. Done. Other tasks were to my father to make sure the new place would align. My main man Guide was asked to support where required to tidy up loose ends. My 'Scholar' Guide was aced to get all paperwork inn order and tend to the legal issues to make sure there were none. Were none. - Knowing what you can achieve based on what you have achieved - having faith in the future: Basically I knew our house would sell. I knew I had the new house bargained down because I had done my research. I had an attitude of this is easy and therefore it was. That was an example of one manifestation. I have others. @Heidi Havula I have relatives and other people I know who are not only famers but people who, because of their internal doubting have limited themselves to what they have and limited themselves to maintaining what they have. So glass half-empty attitude. Not their fault and circumstances..? We make our own future. Then I have other people I know - my wife being one, that have come from a fucking hard life (pardon the expletive but true). That has not limited them from achieving. Solution-oriented people are great creative thinkers and people of action who don't mind trying something out and then adapting. That means they see past problems and concentrate on the solution instead. Always an eye on how to change what's happening (not what has happened)... Like, "OK, this is what it is, what can I do to get where I want to go?" Spiritually speaking, maybe having the knowledge that it doesn't really matter in the end because it's all a fun ride and that we live multiple lives is easier for us to accept - but try telling that to someone who has had a person close and special to them that dies. Grief is one of the hardest things we face in a physical world. teal has a great episode on it. Also, no matter how hard things are, some people always look up and beyond; they are not victims and somehow know that things can happen when you focus your energy enough. Hope this helps. crystal Rob oh, and one important thing missed from the above - Deja Vu has a big part to play as it is a focus energy thought form of what you may have already aligned with - most would say that it is a past fragment revisited but as we all know, time does not really exist except for linear perspective... re-arrange it though and "Say what!"
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    Intent Being true to yourself. A manifestation guide can be as simple as don't give up on what you want, to as complicated as go through all these steps to get to where you want to be. For example: People will tell you to focus on what you want, act towards it and be in the true emotional space of wanting it. The last part is where most people trip up, as they have a hundred fears, emotions, or sub conscious things in the way from actually getting to where they want to be, or manifesting what they want. Things move a bit faster if you are working on yourself spiritually, or just have the intent to make them faster, and are in an environment which nurtures you rather than the opposite or a false you. The mechanics behind it are simple to say but hard to accept. On some level you are the thing you want. I mean that in every way you want to interpret or take it.
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    Hey there, I'm Rita, artist from Lithuania, I love Teals information and I love Warpaint- Keep it healthy.mp3. Check out my works: instagram: @ritualas_ https://facebook.com/ritualas https://ritualas.tumblr.com
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    Now that I know, how easy it actually was I feel even more stupid, but at the same time I'm laughing at myself (in a positive way). Thank you! =)
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    Sending loving vibrations from Latvia!!! I am very interested in hearing what Teal has to say about Latvia and people that lives in this country. =)
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    This morning when I woke up, I felt some intense and dark heavy energy. For the last 6 years, meditation has been my refuge when I was faced with challenging emotions. For this reason, I put on my favorite meditation music, sat and started to listen to my internal world. I have verified what Teal teaches, which is that strong emotional triggers can be used as a rope to get deep within yourself and to get unique insights about the healing that needs to be brought forth. Often the strong energy of the trigger will bring on an altered state of consciousness. In this altered state of consciousness, you can see yourself from a higher perspective. The first energy I felt was connected to the loss of my two children that I have not been able to talk with for almost a year now. A wave of shame ensued. How bad do you have to be if your own children aged 11 and 13 refuse to have any contact with you? At a conscious level, I can understand the psychological dynamics at play. I intellectually understand that because of the many complex aspects involved in this situation I should not be so hard on myself. However I find that my inner child is unable to separate from the deep shame created by this separation. In my coaching role over the years, I have worked with many people that have daddy issues. Some of them had the most horrible fathers but the children were still trying to have a relationship with their father. They were doing this despite an obvious lack of reciprocity. I am not saying I was the perfect father as I can see that I have made many mistakes along the way as a father. I did what I could with what I knew at the time. Losing all contact with both of my children (like I never existed for them in the first place) feels utterly unfair and cruel. It feels so painful. At this time during my meditation, I remembered my talk with my friend Avtar in Atenas, Costa Rica. He was telling me that I was making the pain worse by creating a story about the situation that would make me feel worse and solicit other people’s support. I challenged him. I told him that there is a part of us that requires validation, care and concern when we are confronting pain and suffering. Dismissing and discounting the part of us that is suffering is even more damaging. I shared my personal experience with him that I had become an expert at coping. Earlier in my life, I developed the ability to perform & function no matter what the circumstance. I had created a spiritual personality that could always see the silver lining in everything and even convince myself that situations that are traumatic are “all perfect”. While this is true from a higher dimensional perspective, it was only after being with Teal that I realized that I was bypassing and that I had repressed a lot of traumas this way. As a result, they kept manifesting externally. This is exactly what happened with the loss of my children. My spiritual personality had shut down my inner child and left me disconnected. I had lost my spontaneity and my aliveness. Avtar and I agreed that it is important to avoid the two extremes of identifying with the story around the pain and repressing it. There is always a higher alternative which is to fully experience the energy around the trigger without a story and let this energy runs its course without resistance within ourselves. As I reflected back on our conversation, I let myself fully experience the pain without identification or without the need to create a story around my pain. I went to a higher perspective and saw that I was continuously creating and emitting the energy of loss in my life. I dove into the energy of loss and I saw my life from this perspective. I re-experienced the loss of intimate partners that I was so close to. I felt their betrayal. I felt the pain of losing my stepson. I felt the pain of losing most of my friends who cut all contact with me after I made the decision to leave the cult I was a member of when I was 23. I felt the pain of losing my own children after a horrendous court battle. I felt the pain of suffering the betrayal of colleagues and employees that I worked with so closely for a long time. I have a self-concept that I am a good guy however all these events seem to show a different story. They show a herd of people angry with me, seeing me as an awful person. I acknowledged this fact and sank into the deep shame underneath all these events. In the meditation, I was brought back to my parents and I was shown their shame. Shamanism teaches us that we inherit all of the unresolved issues of our parents through our genes. My mother lost her own mother when she was 3 years old after a neighbor had reported the abuse of the new stepfather. She became a foster child raised by an old lady. She was taught to shower in the dark because her own nudity was considered shameful. She was forbidden to turn on the light to do her homework so as to not waste the money of her caretaker. She was instructed to use worn ugly clothes in order to not attract the envy and the negative attention of people that were paying for her upbringing through subsidies with their tax money. My mother’s first love died in his early twenties from terminal illness. My father’s story is also built upon shame. Unbeknownst to him (until he was in his sixties), his mother became pregnant with him after a love affair with a Nazi officer during the Second World War. She moved away and managed to hide the truth of the situation. However in order to avoid a possible punishment, she gave her son away to an old lady in the countryside. She would send her money, and rarely would visit. Though she loved him, she was incapable of hiding her own feelings of shame about this liaison from her son. It was only after getting more stable in her life and marrying the man that I thought was my grandfather that she took her son back. He was 10 years old. At that time, he hardly knew any French and was acting more like a wild animal than a boy of his age. Considering their background, my parents did relatively well. However, all of the shame they were not able to transform was passed to my sister and to myself. For this incarnation, I chose to be the son of two parents who were struggling with huge shame issues. During this meditation, I saw my soul contract with shame. 4 years ago, during a spiritual experience, I saw how earth was a prison planet. I saw a vision that we were all souls that had deviated from the divine plan. I saw that from our own freewill, we started to hurt other beings in the universe and as a result, were brought to earth to re-learn the consequences of our actions to become benevolent again. From this perspective, we are like fallen angels using earth as our purgatory. Our sense of guilt has brought us to our human experience. For a couple of years, I volunteered in jail as a chaplain to provide spiritual guidance to inmates. I realized that most convicts carry an immense amount of guilt and this is how they become a match to the experience of jail. There are a lot of people that have committed much worse actions that walk freely in the world today. If they experience no guilt, they would not end up in jail. This is why someone like Doc (Teal’s abuser) is still walking freely today. In this new meditation I saw how shame, even more than guilt, was the energy that was attaching us to earth. It is acting just like the force of gravity. In the spiritual community, people see Love as being the opposite of Fear. From this new perspective, I could see how all fears stem from shame. When I am jealous, I feel ashamed about not being good enough for my partner. When I am afraid to do public speaking, I am ashamed to look like a fool. When I am afraid to lose my job, I am ashamed that I cannot support myself or ashamed of the disapproval of my supervisor. Most conflicts in relationship emerge from shame as well. We are desperately trying to make each other wrong so that we can be good. This is a deep realization I had with Teal a couple of weeks ago and now, we decided to practice owning our shame consciously rather than deflecting it in order to avoid conflict escalation. I recently read the excellent book of Ross Rosenberg called ‘The Human Magnet Syndrome: Why We Love People Who Hurt Us’. He describes the codependent, narcissistic and borderline personality disorders and how they play out in relationship dynamics. As a result of reading this book, I realized that all personality disorders live within us in various degrees because they are the direct result of emotional abuse or neglect that took place in our childhood. From that perspective, there is no mental illness but only traumas that have not been released or integrated. When I realized this true cause of personality disorders, I began to see that these personality disorders all come from the shame we acquired in the face of trauma. As a child, if something bad happens to us, we need to create meaning to deal with the suffering and most of time the meaning we create is that we are bad and this is why we deserve to get into painful experiences. The personality disorder we will develop will depend upon our degree of powerlessness in face of trauma and our own predisposition for coping. Of the three types, the codependent is the least powerless. While still raised in an environment where their emotional needs cannot be met, they are able to somehow affect the response of their caretakers. For example, a child like myself could have felt powerless with his mom’s mood swings, emotional unavailability and dark suicidal thoughts however he may have been able to get his mom’s attention by crying to evoke her pity at the very least. Codependents learn to control other people through various emotional manipulation strategies because they are not able to meet their emotional needs directly. The codependent has a desperate need to appear to be the good guy to cover up his own inner shame. The two other disorders (Narcissists and Borderlines) develop from complete and utter powerlessness to create any needed emotional reactions from their early caretakers and they will split into 2 groups. The first group develops the ability to shut down their feelings as a coping mechanism to cover their own shame. These people can end up being narcissists, sociopaths or psychopaths. They become unable to feel. They replay their own inner drama externally, often by creating great pain around them. More often than not, men will adopt this coping mechanism because they are head centered. When the individual is unable to stop feeling as a coping mechanism, they will most likely develop borderline personality disorder. This often translates into self-injury, self-hate, suicidal tendencies and emotional deregulation. Women who are more heart centered are most likely to develop this personality disorder. This personality type creates a lot of turmoil around them however they are creating a living hell for themselves more so than for anyone else. Some of the descriptions of these personality types may appear extreme, however we should consider that each one of us demonstrates some of these traits depending on the amount of unresolved trauma we experienced. And you will always find shame at the core of each dysfunction. Skilled therapists are reluctant to use these labels (narcissist or borderline) because they know their clients will automatically feel shame as a result of being put into that box, which would make the therapy unproductive. These terms are only useful when used from the point of view of self-observation and accessing the wealth of knowledge and tools available around them. They are not useful as a shaming mechanism. Today, I did an exercise where I listed all the things I am ashamed of. To my surprise, there was over one hundred items in this list! It felt like I was finally being authentic and it helped me release a very heavy emotional burden that I felt I have been carrying for a very long time. I am only sharing with you a few of them because I am too ashamed of the rest ;-) I am ashamed that I have been such a terrible father that my children have chosen not to have a relationship with me I am ashamed that I am so unattuned that people sometimes see me as dangerous I feel ashamed of my heavy French accent after 20 years in the US I am ashamed that I trigger my significant other often I feel ashamed that I am not valuable enough to my father that he decided not to go to my wedding with Teal … This exercise helped me so much that I would like to invite you to share your own shame list with all of us in the comments below. We should consider that most institutionalized religions and most social organizations are anchored in shame. I am finding that one of the fastest ways to advance on the path of liberation is to become consciously aware of your shame.
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    Kind of the point of the human experience is contrast, when a consciousness no longer requires the human experience they will move on. 0 contrast is source perspective and is nice and all, but it gets a bit boring. A shift that we are seeing is the contrast shifting to be more harmonious. Contrast does not have to be painful. You can see what source perspective is like while still in your body.
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    Sure It can, but it's up to them to let [fill in the blank] help them.
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    Yes! @toemilyjune where is day 9? (Even if you don’t post, keep going on your process. I want to say that I commend your initiative to take this on, and also your bravery to share what you are going through.)
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    The mysterious mechanism of dissolving thoughts is 'broken' - help. I have some questions about dissolving the mind. I've encountered some trouble with the mysterious process of how thoughts slowly start to become more transparent and less confining. After spending a considerable amount of time in the 'head space' pulled away from thoughts the mind started to dissolve. However due to some life circumstances I choose to be less present. Because I spent so much time in "meditation" and went back into the mind there are residual effects that were not present before. This has nothing to do with letting go, accepting or loving. Its about the mysterious mechanics of the mind dissolving as you watch thoughts - seeing they are not you. This mechanism is not working. Its seems to be broken in a sense. This is challenging to explain and I dont know what to do. I cant move forward. Help. I can explain in greater detail, if there is someone here who knows or has experienced something like this themselves.
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    here is part of a poem called “If” by Rudyard Kipling that I find quite inspiring (slightly altered to remove male-oriented language) If you can keep your head when all about you, are losing theirs and blaming it on you. If you can trust yourself when all people doubt you, yet make allowance for their doubting too. If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies. Or being hated, don’t give way to hating, and yet don’t look too good, nor talk to wise. ... if you can bare to hear the words you’ve spoken twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools ... if neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you, if all people count with you but none too much if you can fill the unforgiving minute, with 60 seconds worth of distance... then your is the Earth and everything that’s in it...
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    The answer to that question is for everyone to discover . The most obvious thing to me is to experience physicality through our limited senses which is done for a reason to keep you being focused on the juiciness and other material goods. To bring meaning to all of that people often look for answers in spirituality. Depending on the course one takes the journey either enhances our senses or numbs them even more. The advantage of a deeper sense is that it makes the journey more interesting by involving a larger spectrum of different emotions/feelings. On the down side it can decrease one's sense of physicality by making it feel transparent and thus less real which is also a sign that it is time to get grounded!
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    Good to hear you feeling better. Everything is temporary. Nothing lasts forever.
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    i think we will always care how other people feel, what they think of us and all... It's just, intuition will become strong enough that you will know whom to be truthful to, vulnerable, kind, with whom to not try, not give away i also noticed some stuff, that when i try to be likable to people that from the very beginning my intuition tells me "no", and i didn't listen, out of fear of remaining alone, which is illusion in the end, after some time i get hurt ( the ego gets hurt i suppose, cause it was the ego all along acting there). Of course i will, i was never meant to confide , it's actually manipulative, ... In general, i don't think we will ever absolutely not give a shit about what other people think, as we are one, we need each other, and all that... And i don't think that is the idea. But noticing this is a progress, so.. btw, i am personally very attached to what other people think, (ego is) , even in my zodiac it stands how sensitive i am to criticism, ... so I get what you mean... shadow keeps you whole
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    Sometimes it takes someone else to write the first sentence and it openes up a doorway for you to continue . Also for ex, for me it has always been difficult to write on a snow white paper. I prefer warmer shades when pages with a tone and lines. And if a page has small drawings /pictures around the corners that's a huge bonus for my imagination !
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    we still have something to learn from animals the values of life 5:00 Lol
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    When you start to look inward, you discover that “you” are not the body. “You” are the consciousness that resides within your body. “You” aren’t even the mind. “You” are the consciousness that uses your mind. You are a consciousness. You are a soul. From the book “The Wisdom of the Vedas” (I never read the actual Vedas), the soul is attribute-less. It does not have an age. It is eternal. It does not have a gender. In the search for identity, you turn inward. You find your soul but you discover that your soul is attribute-less. Therefore, in your effort to find identity, you find you have no identity. But that does not mean that you are nothing. It means that you are actually everything. Your soul is not limited: it is infinite. Your identity is infinite until you start placing limits upon yourself. At the core, you are a soul, but you have an mind and you have a body. These parts are still “you” and these parts do have attributes. These attributes give you certain abilities, and preferences. These parts do limit the possibilities. i would say don’t worry about discovering your natural inclinations as a child. That would just be placing unnecessary limits on yourself. Try discovering your natural inclinations now. You will find that your natural inclinations are wide and complex. Don’t put yourself in a box. Let yourself experience the full breadth of possibilities that your infinite soul provides. You will find that some things are for you, and some things are not.
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    Understand Compas-Passion Word game))))
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    Small house or flat near a warm beach in a low crime area. Comfortable Life Working or doing something that isn't too stressful, and is comfortable if not enjoyable. Group of easy going friends that spend time together. Nothing extravagant needed. Comfort is always paramount for me. Less people pulling me down when I get anywhere. - Last one is an unresolved trauma obviously that I have yet to find. Teal's book and videos got me a lot of myself back, and Seven long before that my mind deprogrammed, as well as other teachers helping here and there. But that one still manifests and exists as a constant. I also wouldn't mind being able to astral travel before I die, if I could do that, I wouldn't mind working a sucky boring job as much. I must have made upwards of 60 or 70 attempts, not an exaggeration. Only time I ever got out of body is when I wasn't making an attempt.
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    Choose the person with whom you can be yourself. Of course, there is a very wide range of what is “you”.
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    My queen. THE queen. Our queen. We queen 😋
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    since you are everyone and they are your mirror what you find attractive in other people is you, you wouldn't find it attractive if it wasn't you, same with hate, if you hate something that people do you hate that in yourself. Kids are like a empty canvas, they aren't programmed until you start yelling at them and they stop being their true self and you "correct" them. being a kid is a little taste of what it's like being your higher self, no limitations or you can't do that, just potential and we still have that but we are like a jaw breaker candy with layers and the layers are beliefs and experiences that keep us in those belief systems and limitations. We are all a work in progress so nobody is born being really good at something unless you are like a savant and can draw really well without trying. what would you do for free? if you had all the money what would you do? besides save the money lol. if you try something new why is making mistakes such a big deal to you? just questions, I don't know. your inner child is always there, ask your parents/family what you were like as a kid.
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    I just finished watching the video. I am amazed at her level of calmness when she talks about nonsense she has to deal with.
  38. 2 points
    Can anyone imagine not being able to hold a normal conversation with your partner unless it's in a form of some type of argument? I guess... I hardly can... thanks to my parents.... But I just can't see it in my relationship. I think this is why I always easily feel drawn to people whom I can speak freely as if I don't have to think much. Or write a script. That has always been a red flag for me. The easier I can speak, the closer I feel. And if the feeling is mutual then it's even better. Many of you probably already know that English is my second language . Funny that when i first came to US I could barely say a word. Had a friend doing all the talking for me. Not kidding . And then I met my husband . .. BAM! He took the cork of my champagne bottle and all the sudden I could speak. The new language has emerged . I still can go on for hours and he understands what I am saying! Have to use a dictionary here and there.... but for the most part it has always been easy and felt very natural. The words just flow, come out and easily received . And that's healthy for me. In Tantra they say that there's a connection between a woman's mouth and her pelvic floor . I am very sure there's something similar for a man as well. It has to be a strong verbal connection between the two or otherwise you will be living life with a hand over your neck. So.. there you have it.
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    To continue my monologue here... jk My parents are not the greatest example of a healthy relationship but they are also not the worst. Growing up I could tell they seem to have very strong #2. And also #3... and I know that not because i have also a brother but because I actually heard the noise from their bedroom many times all the way into my adulthood . My father's favorite joke to drop was the secret to life, longevity and youth is cell exchange . Unfortunately , this was the beginning and the end of any conversation about intimacy. What my parents severely lack is #1. It is so hard for them to find common ground in almost any conversation (I guess, that's why they never talked about sex with us). In fact I rarely saw them talking . There was no smartphones at that time so the awkward silence was often filled with TV sound. Holidays/family gatherings are still the biggest events and the doorway to connection between them. The evidence of the mind gap has become so obvious as the years went by... You can just see it with the naked eye. I remember watching them argue. ... it's like trying to speak through a thick glass. The good chunk of the problem has always seem to remain under a big question mark. And no one understands why. Or perhaps one does and the other doesn't . Like the constant problem around dirty dishes ? Really?..... Today we do shadow work on that but back then.... what. the. hell????
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    Body healing work versus shadow work Hi guys!! I hope somebody with experience or deep knowledge can help me understand: on one hand I believe that for real healing shadow work is the the way. Because we need to go to the core, experience what we never could experience and go theough the emotional healing cicle and retrieve a fragment of our being. I believe in the power of the completionnproces and some other processes. on the other hand there are healers out there who can change a persons life with their hands. Powerfull healers who take away a desease or pattern like addiction that stays away and does not come back. So my question is: how does that work? I was convinced body work healing can only solve a problem temporarely. But there are cases that prove the opposite. How is that possible without shadow work? Without meeting the core-issue and reprogramming the system? I thought body energy work was only targeting symptoms. I met someone yesterday. A powerful healer. He pit his hands on me and it felt like millions of butterflies entering my heart. I told him I have done so much work but do not seem to be able to change behabioural patterns like anger issues. He said you will change now. I so badly want to believe him! also I know a powerfull shaman who heals like this. And so many others. iIs that all bypassing or is it real definite healing? Does this mean we can heal without shadow work? I wish Teal would answer this but my ask teal questions are never answered so I hope there is somebody out here on this forum who has heard Teal talk about this? Thank you!
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    Absence of sexual desire is the absence of life force energy itself. We are energetically intense beings that must meet our needs. Whether these needs are to express our sexuality, voice, or skills. Sylvester is exactly right! You have to feel deep down what you truly want and go for it. If you start suppressing your desires, then apathy and depression kick in leading to low testosterone/low energy. It gives you a state of mind that seems like you can't get what you want, or "the Universe is against me." Your trauma might be unworthiness. All of these are conditioned beliefs from childhood/teachers/parents/church. If you feel like a bad person for going after or doing what you want, you need to understand the root cause/core reason why. Is it because you'll feel guilty? (Then what beliefs would make you feel that way?) Are you worried about what your family/friends might think? Do the completion process to find out what it is. Watch more channeling videos and read more of Teal's work to understand the laws of the Universe. We have free will here and there is no God judging you. You cannot make a mistake, or ever get this life done to "perfection." Remember, low energy/emotion means that you're not in alignment with your higher self/source stream. It's telling you you're off track for thinking or believing whatever in the moment (it's a guidance system) High energy/good emotions/vibrant sexuality and creativity means you are. I would recommend you watch Teal's videos on: Apathy, Meet Your Needs!, How do I discover self worth?, and I can't trust the universe (I feel like God is against Me)
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    @LostWhale I can relate. The answer is not an easy one. I'm slowly picking myself up out of that hell now. I really struggled with a purpose for me being here. What helped me the most was when i realized why being here is so hard. Every moment of our lives we deny our passion and our desires to such an extent that we don't even remember what it feels like to like something. I was going through my life, completely apathetic and so not enthused about anything. and the reason for was that in my childhood, someone else was always telling me that i had to be somewhere or do something against what i actually wanted to do. I never actually made decisions for myself about what i wanted to do. I placed such little importance on what i wanted to do that i literally lost an opinion on my life. The world could've ended and it would've just been another day for me. I wouldn't let you read this without letting you know how i'm pulling myself out of it. My life got bad enough that i realized that in every moment of our lives there is a decision we could make. And that is to live or die. and what i had been doing was dying while i was alive. Something clicked for me in realizing that, that i started to ask myself if i had any preferences in situations in my life. I was able to feel the lack of desire to do things but i wanted to know if there was a rooted desire buried beneath all of that.... There was. and there is for you. Some part of yourself wants to live but you're too hurt to recognize it. When i started doing this, i felt like i mattered a little bit. I'm still fighting but i know now that there's a purpose for me if i'm willing to see it. I hope it's not too late to send this and i hope this maybe helped a little. If you ever need to talk, we're all here for you
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    I thinks its because when we are kids we are still using our emotions and feelings, not so much mental and that sometimes turns off the older we get so now we are trying to remember a childhood from a intellectual point of view instead of feeling and connecting emotions and feeling with a past memory. they do come up, its just tracing it back from that original feeling. I remember being a kid remembering I want to say being a fetus, just flesh and weirdness, all those memories are still in you. just trace emotions back it will all come up.
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    during this morning breakfast I though about yesterday, last week, list of fallen expectations, what I was pending to do and still didn't, then I was imagined my tomorrows breakfast and what I'm going to think about today, and then I've realized I can create right now my tomorrows memories about today, because it not happened yet, so it pops a plenty possible to happen things on my wishes and suddenly all past worries disappears. Think, what you wanting to remember tomorrow about today, and do it. Best wishes
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    I thought the shadow work is different for everyone, each tree shadow is different and even more different each human, as we coming from different globe places and cultures we care with in self multidimensional body energy fields like sample on a following picture I was thinking about my self, is this the one of my shadows to join to community and to give some advises to somebody I've not seen, to tel you have to watch this or that and you'll be fine, how much is that true? It could be I just additional time trying to heal my self trough somebody, sometimes I'm getting sad when didn't receiving respond from somebody I'd like to, but maybe these people just holds on because they see more, and the main thing is I have to find answer, and if someone giving advice they do because from they perspective is the very best, hardest part is to connect these perspectives with Love
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    Hey @deniz @deniz and @Mai-da energy healing is in the beholder's interest and more effective the more one believes it will heal. basically that's called Faith. The reason some people who become popular can do this is the total energetic energies that all people who follow lending their energy and belief to it - it becomes a phenomenon. That's not the total answer for those people you mention though, just part of it. I am a Reiki energy healer and have some success with balancing those I attend. Beliefs though, as you surmise are different to illness. Someone ill with the correct focus will be helped. Those with a set belief (skeptical) that one healing method works and another may not will tend to be helped by the method they accept and not affected at all by the method they distrust or are skeptical of. So, what happens. Energy is transferred and used by the person for their Greater good. If that greater good is not what is required by energy healing they won't be healed. I use "healed" in a very broad manner here of course. Same with Sound Healing - which I also do with more success than in efficacy because it is generally in a group situation. Healing though, is a mis-used word in that the person is helped. So Trust and belief that you can be helped is the key. Jesus was an energy healer. Also his life and Works of healing were there as examples that anyone can do the same. So belief pattern is essential. How does one "believe" you may ask... by simply believing and having faith... so the video you attached (which I thought was going to be that woman holding her hands out but turned out to be you), was an example of why 'healing' won't work on you. Some CP and Shadow Work to do there methinks... Back to Shadow Work: Yes and yes. re-intergration of fractured aspects of ourselves works. What is the resulting feeling though... any idea? It's a feeling of calm and a sense of balance. OH! That's just what energy healing and my singing crystal bowls work does - funny that! Summary: it can come in all forms. Bliss and Joy are found in different ways; something as simple as singing in the shower is a form of healing - or watching a singing contest and being moved by the singer's vulnerability and connection to themselves through music. Energy is energy is energy. Music, thought, belief, helping others, helping yourself, fun, joy and bliss - all energy. Reiki or other forms of energy healing and my meditation focus through subliminal resonance of the singing crystal bowls is just an easier form of energy transfer than speech or singing. I hope this helps. Sorry I couldn't do it any shorter - have been learning by Teal that you need to explain the whole thing rather than leave people guessing through piecemeal replies. Light & Love crystal Rob
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    Healthy relationship is openness, honesty, care, appreciation, care, care, care, honesty, love.
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    I had planned to go skiing that weekend. Teal and I love to ski together and to be frank; there are not too many fun options for things to do besides skiing in Park City in the wintertime. That morning, quite out of character, Teal did not really act excited about it. I am a very flexible person, until I have a plan at which point I become unyielding. We were running late because I had a couple of unexpected and expected calls. The last one was a Skype with my children in the office. Blake happened to be in the room. When Blake Came to San Francisco to help me move to Utah, he actually met my children. They liked each other enough to play together while he was there and so, I figured they might want to say hi to him over Skype. So I say “Guess who is here with me?” They instantly freaked out and with wide eyes, started to look for the fastest way to escape from in front of the computer screen. They began saying “oh no, no, no”, terrorized that it may be Teal I was going to show them over the Skype screen. When they saw Blake instead, they were relieved. Though my children have never met Teal in person or online (and now, as a result of the mayhem of the last court case, it is illegal for me to introduce them to each other), my ex wife has shared with them the negative web content created by Teal’s haters. Teal has been portrayed as an evil witch who seduced and brain washed me away from their mum. The problem with being in a relationship with an extrasensory is that it is nearly impossible to shield them. Teal felt what had occurred in the office from the kitchen and was affected by it. When you see Teal on stage, she appears to be this powerful confident spiritual teacher that lives in her bliss all day long, above all human struggles. People do not realize how much she is affected by other people’s opinions about her. She came to this world completely open, without filters. This is great when it comes to perceiving subtle dimensions. However, it is very painful when people in the physical dimension project hatred towards her. My personal situation is especially hard for her because my children have been taught to hate her. She feels trapped by the situation often. So, as a result of the discord on this particular day, she was upset and quickly went upstairs. Graciela (who is the most attuned to Teal) had a feeling that something may be wrong. I quickly went upstairs to find that Teal had fainted in the meditation room. I took her in my arms. I was not overly worried, because I was familiar with this type of situation. She opened her eyes and I realized that she was in the midst of another spontaneous channeling. My principal guide, Ezekiel had come to visit. I asked him questions about some of the challenges that I am faced with in my life. At a certain point in the channeling, Ezekiel told me that I was a match to a ski accident and that he had to come through to ensure we would not go skiing on that day. He informed me that I had missed all the signs presented to me that morning that were meant to send me the message to change my plans. And so is life with my beloved Teal J I created a post recently on Teal Tribe to see if anyone was interested to know about Teal and her personal life from someone who shares the most intimacy and time with her. The response was overwhelming as so many people are curious to know more about “The Spiritual Catalyst”. Teal is not an ordinary woman by any means and this is why she is so fascinating and generates so much passion around her, both positive and negative. People just cannot wrap their head around this extraordinary woman. As a result, some have a tendency to idolize her to the point of making her the new messiah while other dedicate their lives to destroy her reputation and pollute her life thinking she is the devil incarnated. While Teal is a complex woman, it is not impossible to understand who she is and have a balanced attitude towards her. This is one of my goals for this blog and I hope to make it interesting, entertaining and thought provoking. Of course, this will be a summary of my observations, insights and thoughts corresponding to my present understanding. I do not pretend to hold the truth but I commit to the readers to be as authentic and sincere as possible. I have a pretty intense work schedule so I would like to apologize in advance for my infrequent blog activity in advance. Authenticity is not new to me. I fully agree with Wayne Dyer’s statement “There is always a spiritual answer to any of life’s challenges”. Since my early twenties, I have gained a lot by openly sharing my struggles with people as it helped me to see my own reflection. Again and again I have experienced it guiding me to peace, clarity or a course of action towards resolution. Also, openly sharing my own struggles and the wisdom coming from these challenges have helped many of my friends in their own journey. Authenticity is the key common value of Teal Tribers. I was able to witness it when I created the Silicon Valley Teal Tribe 18 months ago (Julia and Diane have since taken it over since my departure to Utah). After a couple of months, I witnessed some incredibly strong connections developing between members. Some have even formed deeper bonds than they have with their own family connections. Under the guidance of Teal’s completion process, they felt safe to share their deepest fears, traumas and struggles and I observed some remarkable healing as a result. For the longest time in our spiritual development, the path of awakening is not about phenomenal activities but straightforward emotional healing, and authenticity is a critical part of this process. As long as we continue to identify with our masks and hide who we truly are, our growth will be greatly reduced. In the same way that darkness is the absence of light, our tendency to manipulate, hide our struggles or keep our flaws secret, our ego becomes rigid and prevents the light of consciousness from transforming our being. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and imagine a world fully committed to authenticity. It would change everything. How would politics, economics, education, family structures, agriculture, the justice system, health care and the corporate world affected by authenticity. I will let you ponder on this. This blog is my personal and humble attempt to contribute to this movement. As I reviewed everyone’s questions, I was able to combine readers’ interest into multiple categories: Teal’s struggles Teal’s parenting with her son, Winter Living in Teal’s intentional community Details about Teal’s healthy lifestyle Love, Sex & Intimate Relationship Life with an extra-sensory Window into our daily life When I am able to find some spare time, I will make each topic its own blog and by doing so, I will help to demystify The Spiritual Catalyst. Through this process, I hope that you will find the real Teal Swan even more relatable, understandable, lovable, adorable, powerful, endearing and likeable than the one you know from the videos and blogs. This has been my personal experience as my love keeps growing as I get to better know this multi-dimensional phenomenal woman everyday. I feel so blessed to share my life with Teal every day. A fan told me once that I was the luckiest bastard on this planet and in my opinion, he is completely right. I know that she does not belong only to me but she belongs to all of you too. This blog is an attempt to share her with you and through this process bring you courage, healing, guidance, peace and inner growth.