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    Okay, so feel free to call me a loon, but I'm pretty sure I got to hang out with aliens yesterday, I swear I would not be lying about this haha I couldn't invent this if I tried... haha I'm so excited what the future holds if these sort of things are already taking place... So, yesterday my best friend Laura and I were discussing matters concerning aliens, magnetism, consciousness, time, the future of humanity, etc... all good stuff Sitting inside, we noticed some bizarre 'silent lightning' taking place outside. I feel it's important to mention that it wasn't raining outside AT ALL. I have observed this 'lightning' has only recently started appearing (within the last month or so) in various places, and I intuitively felt like they have a strong connection with extraterrestrials, as they often appear when I am in need of guidance or encouragement and i have also noticed they have even at times lit in sync with my thoughts when I connect to my higher self or guides. Before I even mentioned this, my friend noted how she thought it seemed otherworldly, and wondered about the possibility of UFOs being involved. We decided to sit on this bench near a volleyball court, which was elevated a good 12 feet from the ground, and overlooks a volleyball court in the middle of the apartment complex, giving us a clear view of the entirety of the clearing. This is important, as we were from this space very in tune with who was walking around the complex, and at the time this happened we were both positive we were alone. We were joking that it was the perfect place to be if we were to meet aliens; joking how we humans are similar to her pet chinchillas, living in the limited confines of the earth, waiting to be lifted up so we could see what exists beyond What Is Known... We saw many lights overhead, but there was nothing out of the ordinary about to them; just the normal airplanes and helicopters. Though it's hard to describe, one light in particular caught my attention up ahead. When we were sitting on the bench the previous day, I remember seeing it; and yet it wasn't there when we had first sat down. I mentioned it briefly, then we kept talking about the same stuff as before. It was at this moment when the light, which I had started to dismiss as a building, began to move slowly to the right, despite the fact that it was completely still for several minutes before I noticed it. I felt almost as if it was there to get my attention. Meanwhile, Laura's saying "Yeah right! I don't care about a stinkin' UFO, I want to meet an alien! I wanna be able to touch them, I want to be able to take a picture of them!" We laugh together, as I'm still staring at the light, noting that normal planes can't simply hover midair so still. Could it be..? It all began happening very quickly after the light moved out of sight behind the building ahead. In a few seconds, the light moved over the top of the building, when suddenly Laura gasps, "There's something behind you! Whoa!" I turn to my left, and there we both see a balloon about 20 feet away from us and level with where we were sitting on the bench; it might be hard for you guys to believe, but this was impossible, because: 1. like I said before, there was NOBODY in the clearing (hence why we were talking so openly about aliens haha). 2. with it being that low to the ground, we would have seen whoever had released it if someone had released it from below, even if they ran as fast as they could! 3. The wind was blowing towards us at the time, so we would have seen it in plain view when we were looking ahead towards the light, as it would have come from that general direction. "This is impossible! Do you see how that's floating?!" I exclaimed, laughing excitedly. The balloon was wavering in the air, as if some force had left it jolted there, wiggling back and forth for a few moments, before it resumed a steady float upwards; If it had been a balloon that was coming back to earth, it wouldn't have floated upwards like that, and would not have stayed still like that with how the wind was blowing in that moment... Again, it hovered, as if to capture our attention, before it drifted upwards. Even MORE bizarre, is we had both been blowing bubbles at the time this happened; a few minutes later we noticed that not only did Laura have both bubble wands for some reason (which really makes no sense, we each had our own thing of bubbles and had our containers on our own sides) but also, one of the lids was missing altogether; even after emptying our pockets, searching all around the bench and searching on the way back to the apartment, (we had opened them at the bench) it was still missing, completely GONE! It's almost like the aliens were blowing bubbles in their own way Earlier that night, we had set the intention to experience something amazing that would give us hope, and this experience made just that happen for me. We then later saw a bizarre craft that was almost certainly a UFO, it was moving in a nonlinear fashion and was completely silent as it flew. It flew right above us! To make things weirder, we finally decided to go back to her apartment; when we were almost there, Laura said it was like something told her to look over to the right... ...When she did, we saw a toad just chilling there on the ground! Like a little buddha haha he was toadally relaxed and we both felt like he was there for us. We had NEVER seen a toad before where we live, so it was definitely a unique encounter and I don't believe in coincidence anyways ;P And I just wanted to mention, that she got to "touch it, and she got to take a picture of it!" And after we did both of those, he hopped away Later on, we looked up a toad animal totem which is a symbol of luck. As I was writing down the experience, I had a memory come to me, of a space craft being there and me handing over my bubble wand to Laura as I climbed in. Even though it may not sound like it, the experience of living this makes me completely convinced that there was a gap in time and I had gone somewhere in that gap. I asked for the memory to return to me in a dream, and that night I had a neat dream of playing these sort of board games with a bunch of other people... Though the people looked young in my dream, I could tell that they were much older than they looked. There were a bunch of other weirdos; there was this guy who was bald who had like a billion piercings and a bunch of people who were covered in tattoos. The place we were playing at was neat too, it was a semi-outdoorsy place that was in a canyon of sorts, carved into the wall (as were all the chairs and tables, carved from stone out of the ground) and there were additionally a lot of modern looking buildings there, which were built into the canyon walls. The dream felt familiar and like I was at home, with all the other weirdos who I assume were from the same planet... It was reassuring to remember that the weirdoes come from the same place as me. And... a message I have... They are looking out for us; the people who want to do good in the world, they're looking out for us in ways unforeseen. We don't need to be afraid anymore. I've seen the impossible happen, over and over again... And it will continue to be made possible because we have so many on our side that are helping us in ways that we can't quite see. It takes a lot of courage to start standing up for what you believe in; to stand up to abuse. I recently stood up to my abusive dad and another bully who is trying to wreck me. I was letting myself be afraid of the evil forces working in the universe because it seems like there'll be no end. But don't give up. We must stay determined... This is a calling to let go of the fear, and hold on to love. We can always choose what to feel; love, or fear. If we move towards love, the impossible is possible. <3
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    Scared of Connection Hi there, So here's another heavier topic from me. My life has been very painful lately, and if it's not painful then it's just numb and empty. I'm hoping that things are just getting worse before they're going to get better.... I feel like I have never actually had a genuine connection with anyone in my life. I've had good relationships with animals and nature and with myself, but never with another human. And I'm so, so very lonely. So lonely it physically hurts as an ache in my chest. But at the same time, I'm deathly afraid of people. I think I've had plenty of opportunities in my life to connect with other people, but as soon as I could feel them getting emotionally closer to me I would freak out, become guarded and push them away. I was bullied as a child and as a result I always felt dirty and tainted, like a freak. I compensated for this on the outside by being a model student, a pushover, and just as nice and pure and good as I could make myself become so that people wouldn't see what I was really like on the inside. I genuinely believed that I was a bad person because why else would nobody like me? To this day I find myself still believing that there is a part of me that if anyone sees that they are going to despise me. I have never had unconditionality in my life. And I reached a point where I just felt so unseen and unknown and unaccepted by anyone in the world that something had to give. And so I joined this website and started sharing parts of myself that no one in the real world even knows exist. And I have felt better as a result of that. I think that this forum contains some of the kindest, most beautiful and compassionate people in the world and I am so happy to have found this place where I can express myself freely without fear of rejection. But I want to be able to be myself in the real world too, not just online. So today I am asking the universe to send me my soul family. Send me the people who will love me for who I am. Send me the people who can stick with me through anything. Send me the people who can look at me and see something of value, someone who has something to offer the world. Send me people who can be patient with me as I learn how to trust and connect again. I am ready to meet the people who are supposed to be in my life. And I'm done with being alone.
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    Everyone has psychic ability, what you are seeing is that most people are unconscious to it, or in denial of it.
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    Any trait you find attractive in someone else is a suppressed part of you, so I guess you could list all the people who are attractive to you on a personality level and that has been suppressed in you and you weren't allowed to be that person. All the people you have met in your life, who were the attractive ones? Try to express those aspect in yourself when you find out those attractive characteristics in others, that is you, the real you. We get to experience our true self as a kid, that's is our higher self in disguise, then we grow up and lose it, but to find it is just to express those suppressed aspects in yourself that you find attractive in other people, that's how you figure out who you really are, you aren't pretending to be that way, that's the real you, this adult us we pretend to be is the fake one lol. and that attraction is coming straight from your higher self, so only you can detect that, someone outside of you can't tell you who you are. it can even be fictional characters, just what do you find attractive is the easiest way to remember who you are, it will feel good.
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    OMG thank you for sharing! I cried so much while reading this. I just wrote about feeling quantum energies the other day and recognizing they do not belong to us. <3 Welcome to the next level Teal. The level of emotional freedom! <3 Thank you for everything you do!
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    [NOTE: I don't really know of a better place to post this. This seems at least somewhat appropriate and definitely topic-relevant : Sorry it is so long, but it's of a slightly broader scope :] @GabijaCij Thanks for the tremendous work you and others have done thus far to grow the TealTribe forums to this impressive level of participation & success. Since I am a relative newcomer to these forums and have never interacted directly with you, Teal, Ale, or any other key members of TealTribe that I know of, I thought I would indulge myself LIGHTLY (but at length) here & share my business-minded thoughts on forum development. I do this now, because I increasingly resonate w/ Teal's higher-consciousness mission and am a technologist and visioneer with extensive online community experience both professionally & personally. I am also professional web developer with extensive PHP, HTML, and JavaScript programming skills which are the specific languages this forum employs. My forum participation until now has been sporadic & inconsistent, sometimes serious and sometimes plain silly (possibly even gauche) for I have an absurd and creative side too. [i.e. I make myself laugh :] I am putting on my serious technology & business nerd hat now. I should also add I am fully "kundalini-awakened" and very comfortable discussing advanced spiritual topics. Finally, please keep in mind that much or all of what I say below may have been done ALREADY. I am actually very impressed with the forums and new website functioning and layout. I also know Ale, in particular, has a stellar entrepreneurial and business track record. I write here not due to what others lack, but due to what I confidently know I may add. Long-winded preface done, here are my humble thoughts on forum-building around a charismatic, flourishing spiritual leader and growing consciousness movement. (1) Growth isn't Growth. Number of forum members or activity level do not mean much if the forums are not propelling people forward positively in their own personal growth pursuits or into a constructive relationship with Teal and TealTribe community. The forums were created with a specific intention. Has this intention changed? - now that Teal has more books out, gained life experience and followers, and possibly further clarified her mission and the ideal direction in which she thinks these forums might evolve? I DON'T KNOW. I am not privy to her long-term vision and current community-building aspirations, but I certainly wouldn't mind connecting with her or team to learn more and discuss them. If she is still fleshing some of these out, I can ask helpful probing questions and/or engage in specific research (on her behalf) to assist in clarifying her vision and/or learning what new and innovative web applications are possible w/existing technologies (in ADDITION to the forums.) Basically, Internet apps and outside-the-box thinking I consider strengths of mine. (2) Have a vision. "Start with the end in mind." A clear vision is invaluable for it will GUIDE exactly which forum categories are most appropriate and effective for fulfilling the broader initial intention. Letting things simply develop naturally in a grass-roots fashion definitely makes some sense, but not complete sense. This is because the quest for personal growth in this higher-consciousness age of Aquarius is quite unique in that post-awakening (for many people) the universe just opens up and they are free to evolve or DEVOLVE in virtually any direction imaginable. Unfortunately, many good-hearted people awaken, then get caught up in (oft-true) conspiracy theories and spiraling rabbit-holes.. and soon find themselves trapped in perpetuity fluid in glass-tubes underground on the far-side of the moon. :tic:) The point is that people farther along on the path of "love and enlightenment" can definitely assist the growth of others by providing a community structure implicitly encouraging more productive paths of consciousness inquiry and personal upliftment. (3) Q: What do I think of the current or newly suggested forum categories? A: C.I.W. C-hoose I-nteresting W-ords. A forum, interior design, environment, intentional community are all simply like planting and designing a beautiful FLOWER GARDEN. Every WORD, IMAGE, SHAPE, SYMBOL, and STRUCTURE provided by the creators/gardeners thereof should be of a high-vibration & colorfulness that propel members forward with excitement and joy deeper into it. Forum category names should TITILLATE the heart more than "make sense to" the linear left-brain. Names should encourage FORWARD EXPANSION.. not simply logical understanding. "Love and Soulmates" is richer than the sublime (but highly used) term "Love" "Other" might be "Other Stuff!" (note the exclamation point - and everyone loves "stuff"!) "Health" could be "Vitality and Food" (or "Bodies and Buffets" ) These are just some suggestions. The point is understanding the power of employing interesting words to leverage rich light codes of meaning that spur higher-frequency states and greater experiential excitement. LET'S HAVE SOME FORUM FUN, FOLKS! Please forward this to anyone internally at TealEye. if you think it of value! Great job and thanks for all the work, @GabijaCij! "Kiel"
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    I was conceived by the Black Sea, so i know for sure i have a mermaid in my soul ❤
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    Website posting rules. Breaking these rules will grant you a ban on posting or a ban from accessing the website. Do not insult people on their differences. (gender, sexuality, political views, eye color, etc.) Respect people. A difference of opinion is not merit for disrespectful comments. Do not post spam or Re-post Closed, Modified, Deleted Content Do not post links to phishing sites. No "trolling" - posting controversial messages with the intent of baiting other users to reply. Do not feed trolls - please report them to the Moderators. Do not moderate other users - if you see anything nor agreeing to the rules report it. Let the Moderators do the moderating. Do not post advertisements, or referral links to other services. Do not swear excessively. Do not complain if a moderator removes a message you posted. We trust our moderators, and if they've removed a message, they had a good reason. Turn off your caps lock, do not use excessive ALL CAPS in your posts. Please do not "hijack" a forum thread by changing the subject. Thank you.
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    I'm wondering about gender and how we feel inside and if that's from trauma. I can only talk for myself but inside I feel androgynous and my body kind of matches that. Am I supposed to feel all masculine because my body is male? I grew up with a lot of feminine energy and masculine energy but I'm trying to figure out why I feel this way inside. the trauma can be that my dad was a bad example of that so I associate masculine energy with violence and feminine energy just feels safe to me, or when I was 4? I got circumcised and there could be trauma there of being violated and the doctor was a male. I didn't know what was going on, it wasn't my choice and I was too young to understand the situation, I think it got an infection or something I'm not 100% sure, I just know that happened. I don't feel the need to be super manly whatever that means or super feminine, I feel right in the middle if that makes any sense. what do you guys think of this whole androgynous, non binary, transgender and everything else in between, is it from trauma you think or is it the kind of soul in that body? I'm curious to know what people think. thank you.
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    I would like to see an art section for us artist to upload and share our art. We need inspiration and the only way to do that imo is through art.
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    I don't understand why people hold you to such impossible standards and sending you so much hate. If people don't like a yoga teacher, they would just move on to another class, not hate the teacher until she's out of a job. You're a teacher and a real person and I love you! It's because of all your suffering that you're able to teach what you teach. Lately I've been struggling with the same thing. As a yoga teacher, I feel like there's so many "should's" I should follow but it's probably just me imposing it on myself more than anything. I am currently struggling with abundance and knowing what I know, I feel like I "should" be able to manifest my desires more easily. After doing some shadow work and observing all the emotional reactions I have towards my partner, I realize that I'm afraid to desire, I doubt my creativity. And I project this onto him. I'm afraid to desire specific things and I dismiss so many emotions that are calling for my attention. Which is also what I blame him for. haha! Isn't life so much fun when you're conscious? -Margaret margarettang.com
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    He didn't. The correct quotation taken from the King James Bible (which as we all know is the only true bible) is "For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." Money is no more the cause of evil as any other shiny bits of metal or coloured bits of paper. It's what is in the silly little human head that counts.
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    Not ready. Forget the world, my family is not ready
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    That sounds like going back to the daily practise of focussing on the breath: meditate on silence. Big, Brutal, Beautiful Story! Thank you for sharing
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    I totally know how you feel, dearest Teal ! I've been a catalyst for transformation of others shadows all my life....and have had many haters....been very hard often., emotionally, physically.....easier now...because my compassion for them makes me not become hurt easily anymore...most of them call me and ask for forgiveness months or years later....when the seed I planted is ready to grow.... the energy now is more polarized than ever, so your haters will naturally now go more crazy than ever., they feel worse than ever and blame you/hate you more than ever....screaming children, really. I love so much about you and admire your courage to stand in the front lines of this big global transformation true pain....Because I've felt as a too sensitive empath, i have tried to work more incognito for many years...often without luck, since my energy is a catalyst anyway without saying or doing anything...... Now feeling strong enough to be more in the front lines too...so Yes , I'm with you, no matter...all the way
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    Olá! Just wondering if there are any Portuguese fans on Teal's website. We are known to be everywhere! Hope we can all open our hearts to Teal's teachings and change our stigma of being a "sad" people. Vamos juntar-nos para trazer a Teal a Portugal um dia! Tenho a certeza que ela também vai gostar do nosso "cantinho"
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    #PIZZAGATE (DISTURBING) Because this board has a certain focus on Satanic Ritual Abuse, I've decided to share this information here. Note that I'm risking my own safety by posting this. Both Reddit and Twitter have suppressed this information. I doubt there is anyone here who would be able to do jack shit about this in real life, but I'm posting it anyway to keep people informed. There is a Satanic Pedophile ring in Washington DC that was recently exposed by Wikileaks. This information is disturbing and heart-breaking, so please don't watch this if you are very sensitive. As many people know, the main stream media are liars who push propoganda to meet thier own ends. They are calling alternative news media "fake news" in order to brainwash people into having faith in these disgusting perpetrators. Ron Paul has countered the main stream news with a list of specific news stations and journalists who provably have lied to the public, deeming them the actual fake news. It included CNN, ABC, BBC, ABC, and other legacy media outlets. As I said before, Reddit and Twitter have supressed the civilian investigations by deleting #pizzagate threads and banning relevant users. Many hope that Trump's attourney general Jeff Sessions will prosecute Hillary Clinton and others for unrelated crimes, because it's unlikely that this case will have a federal investigation. How about that? Hmmm. We shall see. This pedo shit is probably everywhere, in every major city, right in front of us. What can we do? I really don't know. It's a tragedy. We live in a daily tragedy. These people are truly the most evil people I have ever heard of, and they appear to have a lot of power. I can only hope that they brought to justice one way or another. Thanks for reading and tell your friends and family about #pizzagate and #littlelivesmatter and how It's censored by TV and social media. It's the real conspiracy they dont want out in the public.
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    Truth? I'm starting to believe that perhaps there is no such thing as one underlying truth...individual or otherwise. I believe the trouble originates with the initial question. While we may find an answer to that question, that answer will always lead to a multitude of follow up questions...complicating the initial question even further. Truth itself appears to work like a fractal. At some point, we need to simply stop questioning and be happy with the answer...and simply call that one "truth". It will, of course, be every bit as flawed as the ones before it, and all the ones after it...but at the same time, it is no less valid either. The mind has a way of creating a beautiful and infinitely intricate web of questions and answers, but regardless of how intricate we choose to make it, if that web isn't serving any purpose, it is just a pretty web.
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    Kroge , I say to you there is a great deal to look forward to. We are so close to the veil being fully lifted , allowing the real transforming energies to help us ascend. It is then that drastic changes in our physical bodies will begin. If you thought you were in a high spiritual level then all should prepare for the loving energies that will take us to the point we are all wishing to be. Current retrograde energies are bringing up old pain and issues , including talks of war and so on. It is best not to give these energies too much attention and work on your inner self and past personal issues so that you are coming from a place of no fear. Fear will hold you back , hence the reason to give politics a miss right now. If you keep getting involved in 3D bullshit , then that is where you will stay. Let it go , with love and compassion and await what is coming soon. My advice to all is to give yourself fully to the energies that are to benefit you , and give a pass to ANY negative thoughts and energies trying to hold us down.
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    I am who I am is what I hear you saying
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    Omigawd. Men fall in love with you because you're freakin' beautiful and have an amazing presence. This is not your fault! It is each individual's responsibility to manage our own disjointed thinking! Great post, Teal, everything you wrote feels spot on. I love the saying, "Don't 'should' on yourself!" I also am reminded of the zen saying, "Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water." Thank you for always keepin' it real. *With a little gained perspective I've totally realized how it takes time and consistency to get better at parenting my emotional self, and it does get better, but I'm okay with not becoming full blown enlightened 24/7 in this life, I'm more than okay with journeying with the love and the tragedy of my being. And my being is ever expansive, there is no standard or value based on "shoulds" that can contain that aspect.
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    "There is no shame in struggling" Thank you Teal ♥
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    Hi MC2, I'm think you raised a great question, and you had a great follow up to it after being criticized unkindly for asking it. Questions around the topic of service to oneself and/or being of service to others is a topic I find interesting. I think the more one is in touch with their unity with all there is, the more they will appear self-less and giving to others. But in truth, they are still giving to himself or herself, they simply have more opportunities and ways to do so. For example, I write this and other posts with a sincere desire that it helps others. And I sincerely wish them the best. And in so doing, I feel better myself. From the perspective of some level of reality, I think life is a creative game that source plays where people who seem to have bad intent are actually being of service in helping us to experience contrast. From the perspective of some other level of reality, people who have bad intent are not healthy and causing great harm to others. The perspective really makes the difference. Personally, I can not harm anyone without feeling that I've harmed myself. And yet, I will also enjoy a movie or video game that has some violence in it, but generally less so as I feel more connected with everyone in "real life". I realize it is just a movie, or a video game, but the fact that anyone suffers real violence makes seeing even pretend violence less pleasurable to me. I hope this helps. And I wish you the best. - Aaron
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    humans consciousness are raising, we are becoming spiritually aware. Your heart is your connection to source energy or god and that is an important thing to listen to. The earth is changing so we live on earth so we have to change also or we die off because we didn't match the earths vibration. I've heard of timelines changing that's why this whole Mandela effect is going on, you switched time lines. the reality I'm in is different than someone who is focused in a 3d consciousness, their world is looking painful. we will still be physical but our consciousness is going up, this 5d is the heart consciousness, love and connected to your own personal god, that's what 5d is, if you are still playing mind games and cant differentiate between ego and higher self that probably isn't 5d consciousness. I think people need to go within or they aren't going to know what the fuck is going on, its like stepping out of the matrix and then you see how messy the world is and you get a little sad, but other people are going through this also. our consciousness is only going to be going up with these new kids and every generation after them, it will be a whole new world eventually, and the far end of that is not eating, then we can leave our bodies at will and wont be so attached to the body so much, but you can decide to not have source perspective and branch off and do your own thing, that would be what we call "evil" or the "devil" if you were raised religious. free will, you can do whatever you want, but the earth is evolving because it is a living being also, and all the other planets are being too. it will evolve with or without you, but that's what's happening.
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    Stupid questions dont exisit only stupid answers do.
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    Teal, I love all your Blogs and love your work and even I have more than twice your age, you are the person I have learned the most from, you have shown me how the things seem to work in this our Universe. Thank you for that! I live since over 50 years in El Salvador, my wife is from El Salvador. I am German and so I am also European. You were born in the USA, so you are an US Citizen and an American as you were born on the continent called America. But there are 21 other sovereign nations on the continent called "America" and so people born in Mexico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, they are all "Americans", not just the ones born in the USA. I am well aware that it has become custom all over the world to call "US Citizens" "Americans", but that is not correct and we all should respect the national pride of all people born on the continent called America. I know the USA quite well and have many friends that are US Citizen, my wife studied there, my daughter and her husband studied there, my eldest grandson was born in N.Y. and has therefor an US Passport and is studying in the US. If one can hear a question in the US again and again it is "...why do they hate us so much..?" One reason could be the lack of sensibility against the pride of other nations around the world, especially the Latin American countries. Teal, I do hope very much you will not take my above slight critic remark in a way it is not meant as if there is one person I respect than it is you and exactly therefor I have made it!
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    Teal says that it's a very heavy gift being extrasensory but she doesn't talk too much about how to deal with it. However there are other videos on youtube that might help you. I know that if you are not prepare if you don't search for informatin those abilities can give you anxiety or worse depression. First you need to decide that you want them in your life. That's how Teal started helping people with this decision to accept them. Then meditate every day to give them space to develop and to understand them. Then change your diet exercise. Talk with people like you. Take risks if necessary and most important trust your gifts. I saw the spirit of unborn child of my colleague and told her the message he wanted me to say. It was very brave for me to do this. I did it to tell the Universe that I trust my gift.
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    Thank you Alex! It feels just right, because it was just a couple weeks ago, when I noticed that I usually identify with similar characters in fiction. Now I feel excited about writing this list you mentioned!
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    i'm also androgynous, I don't think that gender is always 100% binary. You can get stuck in the middle. Even though I'm transgender and have female hormones now, I just feel like me, which can be masculine or feminine. Ultimately, it's brain stuff, wired into you.
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    Some people may have had psychic talents but never used them. Like eyes and vision. But never opened their eyes long enough to see. So. They do and can. It's muscular too. If you use the muscle and strain it longer periods it becomes refined and more robust. Powerful . A born athlete without any practice for a lifetime never knew they could skate a million frictionless miles on a small push. Until they knew. Some die and never know. Some find it like swimming. Drown a little first until they swim -- some stay close to land and have no heart to brave it. And those are the choices we all make.
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    wow what a fun topic! I have never wondered what I look like in soul form... well, I seem to identify with golden mist, and I certainly identify with a very feminine form... is there a cosmic nymph? like a water nymph, but in the air, and sky? a being made of shimmering golden stardust? a voice that whispers through every cell in the listeners body, radiating love and energy. my hair would be weightless , flowing around a featureless face, beautiful and free.
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    wow! sounds like you have quite the buried emotions here... That is not an easy process my friend. be gentle with yourself, remind yourself that you are doing this to feel better and to release those old feelings, sensations, and the emotions causing them. I know you dont like the pain that your body is giving you, but try and remember that your body is there for you. that pain is a message. not a very clear message unfortunately, but by spending time feeling that (like you did this morning) you are telling your body it is valid. It feels that for you, to keep you safe. Healing is not a process you can rush. There is no "all better" button. It is slow, and will take as long as it takes. Teal has a great tip, to try and visualize your pain or your limbs or organs that hurt, as human. what form would they take? try and visualize them in a way that communication is easier, and let your body tell you whats going on. Remind it you care, remind it you love how hard it work is to protect you.
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    Olá! Eu vivo em Portugal, Aveiro, mais precisamente e sigo a Teal já há uns bons anos. Pensava que não havia mais nenhum português que a conhecia! lol Também não sabia que havia um grupo no Facebook, vou procurar-vos lá! Obrigada!
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    Olá! Vivo em Irlanda mas vou mudar-me para Lisboa em outobro Gostei da vibraçao, e mesmo descobri o trabalho de Teal cuando estuve de ferias ali. Amo a lingua também e quero aprender falar fluente. Até breve
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    My alarm tone for the last 7 years. It NEVER GETS OLD. And it always makes me feel better. (I even hit snooze so I can hear it again, and get in the receptive mode,lol. I set my alarm when I don't even have to get up at a certain time!) *dork, cough, dork*
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    Alternatives To The Law Of Attraction Hi all, I would like to discuss alternatives to the law of attraction. A link to Teal’s video “F*ck The Law of Attraction” is provided below. If you have not watched it yet, please do so before posting so we all have that for context. There is also a very similar article that Teal did titled “Fuck The Law Of Attraction” which I provide a link for below as well. In the video, Teal states that “we are desiring a new law, that a new time-space reality will be based off of.” I would like to discuss what that could be. I’m thinking something like the “law of unconditional love”, in which we all innately love ourselves and others. The contrast that we experience in that universe could still be about what we desire, verses what we don’t desire, such as do I want to be a teacher or an artist. However, people in this time space reality would find it much more apparent that we are one, that to hurt anyone is to hurt yourself, and that everyone is wonderful. Thus no more wars and people hurting other people in general. In Teal’s video “Unconditional Love (How to Love Unconditionally)” she says “…if we reach a state of permanent enlightenment, in a state of permanent unconditional love, same thing, there would be no reason for us to be physically incarnated here. Because if a person could truly feel unconditional love 24 hours a day, there would be no further contrast for this person to experience, and if there is no further contrast for a person to experience, no desires are born from within them. And if no desires are born from within them, there is no expansion that is being satisfied universally through that being. And thus, there is no reason for them to be incarnated here.” But why is that? Couldn’t contrast be based on other things, such as the contrast between being a painter vs a dancer, eating fruit vs vegetables, participating in sport vs a hobby? Are these not also forms of contrast? I try, as many do, to practice unconditional love. And I feel like I can do it with a fair amount of consistency in that I feel some connection with everyone and everything, and I truly love and appreciate myself as being a wonderful person, as I do "others". Why do I, are anyone “else”, need to forget what we really are to experience contrast? And, does anyone else have an idea about a better alternative to the Law of Attraction? I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Thank you in advance. - Aaron F*ck The Law of Attraction - Teal Swan - https://youtu.be/V6xCjY39_t0 Fuck The Law Of Attraction https://tealswan.com/resources/articles/fuck-the-law-of-attraction-r196/ Unconditional Love (How to Love Unconditionally) - Teal Swan https://youtu.be/n-17-pXauLE
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    Beautifully said.
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    I always see 119 1109 and 911, at first it used to scare me because 911 is the universal number for help. I realized that when I see those numbers, it is a sign that I am being guided and protected. It is very comforting for me now. I was wondering if anyone else communicates with angels with numbers
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    DMT is much more powerfull as LSD or muchrooms. Dmt or 5meo-dmt kick you almost instandly out of the ego into oneness, This is for almost all dmt trips the same experience doesnt matter who takes it. Time 30 to 45 min LSD trips are much more colorfull and different for each person. Time takes a lot longer Mushroom too have different trips depends on amount and ego how deep the trips ganna be. Time 4 to 6 hours. Ayahuasca cleans the body posibility to have to go true have trauma's. Lot will vommit or shit. Its said that the ayahuasca shows you what needs to be shown. Time a whole night. But before you do any off this do your own reasearch specialy with 5meo-DMT (see forum Leo Guru) or youtube. Always with a buddy, save place, dpnt mix with alcohol or drug or medication no illness or hart problems. Check purity. And make a plan what you like to explore spiritual. If bad trip and want out of it drink water with lots of sugar. By 5meo-dmt you will have to commit to the feeling of dieing totaly. If you resist you wil have a very bad time. Ayahuasca thats done in a retraid or centre. I recommend first Ayahuasca. Than mushrooms LSD. And 5Meo-DMT last. Take time between trips of 3 to 6 weeks. So rest you find on the net.
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    I would love to go, but this is extremely pricey even for high and retreats. There was also very little information listed in the event section. For instance, how many people will be attending and what is the limit? What airport in Costa Rica do you fly into? How far is the retreat center from that airport and will they send someone to pick you up? Not only is the tuition close to $5000, but a ticket for me to Costa Rica is almost another thousand. It would be helpful if there was a contact number for someone to discuss these things with. Just a suggestion. Thanks
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    The type of behaviour you're talking about it is common for individuals who are ungrounded and deeply lacking a sense of security in their ego. The thing is that being more "spiritual" such as eating healthy or even not eating at all are meant to be natural by-products of being in alignment. Sometimes people try to skip ahead and adopt something they see as "spiritual", either that or they are desperate to "get better", usually both. Either way it's the opposite of being in alignment and that's why the energy behind it always fizzles out, without fail. This type of behaviour is rampant because most people in the field of spirituality are ungrounded and don't listen to themselves as much as they could, especially their temporal/physical aspects. Many health-focused people have a thick air of desperation which might not be easy to see because they can appear so spiritual and/or high-vibrational. They can also combine this with ideas like "suffering and hardship = spiritual". It's just a subtle continuation of self-abuse that religion has impressed into people's psyche's for millenia. In truth, being more in alignment gives you access to more expanded abilities and gives you the option to use them or not. It's not something you do out of desperation, fear or rules, it just feels good and the results speak for themselves.
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    Such a brilliant, authentic woman. Somehow you always seem to make my day..nothing to say except I love you
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    I absolutely agree. Something poitive can come out of soeone elses maliciousness. Those who are inflicted have an opportunity to integrate the negative aspects of the situation. The enabler in doing so can bring something positve to the world even if the intention was out of hurt. Think of adolf hitler, the holocaust and how it reminded us and made us feel disgust for the type of monsters we have the potential to become. Lessons are learned through the chaos and faults not out of having everyone pamper you. Without war there is no peace. Without pain there is no pleasure.
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    After reading this I looked through photos of my time in Costa Rica and reminisced. It was uncomfortable to read this because although I have fond memories of my time there, I had to admit that i had similar thoughts and reactions at the time. I remember that the most difficult things were the heat, the poverty, communication, hostility toward foreigners and the sticky relentless heat. The driving was pretty scary also! But this was always over ruled by the excitement of discovering new things that make my heart beat and soul settle. I remember being determined to reach this waterfall that was off the beaten track, hoping we were on the right bus and that the driver had understood where we wanted to be let off, then being arrested for not having our passports on us and kept by officials on the side of the road for hours until we paid the desired amount and were sent away,only to return the next day and after a long hot bus ride and long hot walk down a deserted and unmarked track, finally reaching our destination! But looking back, the most valuable experiences were interactions with locals and insights into another world. And en devouring to set up a retreat in this country, the challenge to understand and find common ground with the people will be unavoidable. You have obviously committed to this with the intention to integrate Teal, and the first step is to expose the shadow. Sending you love on your journey and hope to visit one day
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    I was actually asking an honest question, hoping to receive an honest answer. While I obviously did receive one, it didn't really lead me any closer to an answer. Such words as "Stupid", "Nonsense", and "Asinine" are all both subjective as well as judgemental...and it is the latter never "served anyone"...not the initial question itself. However, to answer your questions as honestly and as respectfully as I can, I do not personally feel it is "stupid shit" to seek answers wherever we may find them. Had you read the article, I highly doubt you would've judged me in such a way, as the information contained therein, as well as my asking questions regarding it are both quite appropriate for this particular spiritual board setting. As for how it "serves anyone", if you noticed, my initial question was regarding how we are to serve in the first place. If serving the self and serving others can both be used towards the purposes of the other. Turns out, after further investigation, there is a law besides the Law of Attraction called the Law of One, which basically states that as we are all an essence of the same source, it doesn't matter which path you take...as all paths ultimately lead to the same source that unifies us all. So, to sum this all up...I finally did find an answer to my question. I only hope through my response that you too have gained some insight into the benefits of treating others with respect, as in doing so, you are in essence treating yourself with respect.
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    In this episode, Teal Swan answers THE question… What is Love? Teal Swan explains love and ells people how to cultivate love. Teal Swan is an International Spiritual Leader. She offers perspective on a wide range of topics including relationships, anxiety, meditation, shadow work, the law of attraction, The Completion Process, healing, PTSD, emotions and spirituality. Subscribe to Teal’s newsletters here: http://thespiritualcatalyst.us6.list-manage2.com/subscribe?u=a0c9fbd5534138eb374993029&id=bebf0eebc3 Teal's Web page: http://tealswan.com/ Teal's Meditations: http://www.jointeallive.com/meditations/ Teal's e-shop: https://gumroad.com/tealswan http://www.askteal.com Kuan Yin's Mantra (c) 2002 Lisa Thiel Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/5X4p/
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    I wanted to start this topic myself, after seeing the incredible results I've tangibly witnessed in my own life through the CP. The most amazing one so far: a couple of weeks ago I did a session using the process on a traumatic experience in my childhood related to the area of friendships: I had been isolated at my own birthday party, being alone in the kitchen with just two people while all the other kids were in my bedroom having fun. I re-lived that experience but this time I created a positive outcome for my little self. Lo and behold, the very next day I received an email completely out of the blue from a girl in my town, whom I'd never heard of, and now we've already seen each other in person and found out that we have so many interests in common it just blows our minds. I've always had issues connecting with people in real life, never finding ones who could really get my peculiar passions...This is not a coincidence. The first time ever I did a session with a wonderful completion process practiotioner, last july, same outcome: the next day I received a job offer to work in France. In the end I didn't feel like taking that position but it turned out to be a great thing anyway. I hope I'll get to write more testimonials like these two in the future! Good luck everybody!
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    Ola todos Sou francesa ha ja 14 anos que vivo ao pé de Lagos, no campo, no meio de nada e adoro... Tambem ja faz anos que eu segue os ensinamentos de Teal e me ajudaron inmmensa... Tambem queris dizer que estou activista, oarte da ASMAA que luta conta a exploração de petroleo e gaz no Algarve , pois resto do pais Ja vo conectar com voces no facebook e juntos podemos contribuir a criar um novo modelo de sociedade sustentavel e agradavel para os seres vivos deste mundo.. Força !!!! :-)
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    Olá Sofia, Sim, obrigada, já fiz o pedido, estou a espera que me aceitem! Estou no grupo da Teal Tribe e aquele, sim, parece bastante animado! Gabriela