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    Day 247 of 365 'What Would Someone Who Loves Themselves Do?' Practice moments of mental silence. No judgement, no assessments. It doesn't last long but it brings a peace liberating enough to consider meditating. It's beyond comforting and foreign to allow myself the space to not have everything categorized and dissected. I didn't realize how constant it was until I applied a little effort. Teal was right about the continuous chatter in the mind of someone with Chronic Fatigue. The crazy thing is, I didn't realize that applied to me. Reading my posts I think people might find my ignorance on this laughable. Oh well, live and learn.
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    @SrinjoyVery much in agreement with your thought process...May seem offending to the women race...But I get the soul and heart of your problem...I hope even the women reading this negate the repulsive aspect in ur statements and understand the coreness of your point... Being a fellow guy I understand your frustration and thirst for living life in your terms with all the balance u can create, especially when you do have the option... B But I am looking at this as a universal concern for humanity...Although u are being specific with guys like you and me...People like us are embracing this idea of MGTOW of late statistically...Surely the shift is happening silently!...So I think there needs to be a justification to its authenticity or a firm disagreement... I am keeping my fingers crossed and really waiting for Teal to shed light on the prevailing darkness(as it seems)...Her take on MGTOW especially...👍
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    Smoke and Mirrors You confessed one day to have been a snake and deceiverBut when your moment came, to shed that skinYou just slithered away You just slithered awayCrystal clear to us all, when you say “We all want the same thing”That you don’t, you want the bigger piece and the praiseThere are those who have seen, and those soon to bewareWhat your smoke is concealingJust a trail of bones, atop a lemming's hillAll fallen preyAll fallen preyAll fallen preyTo the liar not a saint not a martyr Just a snake and a liarWe used to believe, when you'd say “We're all in this together”No more, we all seeNow the mirror is broken, we all know what your spell was concealingJust hollow eyes, a stolen crown butNot a kingNo, not a kingNo, not a king or a Queen Just a liar Not a Saint Not a martyr Just a snake and a liar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AG_7wH82rI8
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    Day 246 of 365 'What Would Someone Who Loves Themselves Do?' Oh my God get here now. Where are you? Marry me. I need some space. I can't do this. What have I got myself into? What would you do differently? Nothing. My feelings were genuine, are genuine. I feel like my hormones are on a rollercoaster of steroids. I can't be this vulnerable. I'm judging you. I'm judging myself. Adrenal burnout, you leave me with more gems of side effects. Back off my relationship. How am I supposed to trust myself? Flipped like a coin overnight. I'll keep my mouth shut and see if I flip back. I like our life. I like our plans. WWSWLTD? Focus on getting yourself back into balance. Enjoy the time you have together without attaching meaning and analyzing.
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    What would a Large Scale Community Center Look Like? Hello All, I live in Jacksonville Florida, USA. I am a Real Estate Agent. Florida is Growing! New developments are getting built with great "Amenity Centers." I follow politics and economics, and Teal 🙂 and I've seen her express her intention of shifting society to a more communal and connected. So immigration is a big topic at the moment in American Politics. A question about the immigration debate that isn't talked about is, How many immigrants can we accept a year? From there, Where do these people live? There is short supply of affordable housing. So therein, I guess, Lies the Opportunity... what would a Low-Income housing development look like, with a "Teal Approved" Community Center? Would it even be a "large Scale center" or several cul-de-sac type ones? I'd love to see people Post ARTIST Renditions. Maybe we could make an artist challenge CONTEST of what a new-age communal community would look like... From that step, once there is an actual visual representation of what to we want to create, then we we have something to "Market" to our local governments. On a slightly different Topic,,, what would a Prison look like? Jacksonville has an old Jail, in a fairly, prime real estate location and probably should be relocated. And there is an opportunity to build a new one... So the question would be, What would a Prison look like, if it was built from scratch, to rehabilitate, and address the emotional healing many of the inmates need. PS Happy Birthday World.
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    I myself feel that it’s best for me to remain single as well. It’s been 11 years since my last relationship. Relationships in the past have, in the long run, lead to both my health and mental state to greatly plummet when issues came up with the relationships. In fact I’ve found myself on the brink of death a few times because of this, never consciously self inflicted, nor due to the direct actions of another causing it. Instead it just seems that I go into the equivalent of such extreme withdrawal symptoms that my body/mind in some way or another start failing to where I wind up finding myself on deaths door. I’ve also seen it as the fire within me ending up burning so hot part of me just ends up burning out. Doctors have not been able to really explain why these things happen to me, but my study of Ayurvedic medicine has helped make it clear to me. Anyway I truly know how you’re feeling and it has been a very hard road leading to where I am now, but I’ve found it to get easier as the years go past. Some others I’ve talked to about this have suggested I start playing an instrument to help me through this. I haven’t done this, but can see how it would really help me with expressing and venting the trapped emotions. I do make sure to work out often at a health club, which includes yoga classes, and I find this to help. My whole life growing up I never knew any grown man who was single, and still it’s very rare I meat one so I don’t have the clearest vision of the best way to live such a life. I haven’t truly declared I’ll never enter a relationship again, it’s more that I’ve never felt it’s worth risking my life to pursue another relationship with someone. I tell myself I can achieve more by doing so.
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    Women can make you feel like crap if you're unable to overcome your own inadequacies. It's yourself they make you feel bad about. I fully understand that. How you deal with it determines everything else. It's in your own control. Rather than going mgtow I think most guys just need better guidance. If you moved away from your birth state or country, maybe go back to that state or country. You might just need to reunite with your people and your culture. Maybe you need to see a therapist. Whatever the issue is, mgtows seem to put the blame solely on women, which isn't totally fair. An important thing to know is, women need to test thier partners. It's Biologically hardwired in thier brain. So, even if you have all your ducks in a row, they're still going to periodically do something to test your strength. Don't make it worse by judging it. It's actually funny and cute sometimes. Think differently. Challenge yourself. And most importantly... be real with yourself. If a women does something mean, or does something nice, or sexy, or hurtful, ... just say what you think about what she said and did. Tell her then and there. Be an asshole sometimes! Be you. You don't need to break up with every woman on the planet! Just be you, with the person you want to be you with. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out. Bummer. Trying again, and bettering yourself, is better than convincing yourself everyone else has all the problems. That's my honest opinion on it. They make it sound so great, but Done Now isn't mgtow. He isn't mgtow.
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    Why do you feel becoming a womanizer, or visiting brothels, are too risky? I think I follow a bit what you're saying, but not enough to be sure. To me, what you're saying sounds like part of you wants to take that path, another part doesn't. So, why? Similarly for your comments regarding taking things head-on, or alternatively, indirectly. I think I can understand what angle you're coming from, but not really. So, what makes one path better than the other, to you? Direct or indirect? For clarity? for space to deal with your own issues without taking on other people's, the complexity of others? I've never heard of Vivekananda before. Interesting person to learn about. Thank you for bringing them up.
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    Trust me if the problem was only a lady ...things would have been much simpler.but i don't trust anything-the society, parenthood, education system,human interaction.why, I'll explain- it comes from the concept of karma.the seeds of suffering are laid down by the society and through our parents into us.we are taught not to express/deal with anything headon.many issues lie deep within our subconscious.but issues manifest maybe they take ages/generations but they do manifest and this time in a huge magnified manner.i have seen many families going through the same. And as for women-women are not to whom we only give our seeds,a woman nourishes our seeds.this causes the rise of family.in the current society women don't have the right to assert anything they want directly.so they have the tendency to complicate things (straight forward ones are also there).and relationship with most ladies i know is all about lackness.a guy doesn't have the opportunity to work out his issues but he has to deal with a new set of issues coming from a different person. I only want to have a life where i am uninfluenced by a woman partner(i have mother and sister who i really love).only reason is to get clarity in life.dealing with my lackness at the root level myself as far as possible.teal talked about the desire for procreation and reincarnation.i can feel it at an emotional plane. I am simply experiencing vairagya in some aspects of life.but i am not celibate by birth(like swami Vivekananda,Nicholas Tesla).i have a sexual drive like most guys.i don't want this primitive animal trait to hinder my path of self love.and i would like teals opinion on the matter.
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    Actually if you knew anything about infowars is OFTEN including the best analysts around and the like and POINT OUT what is already mainstream etc etc. the elite hate him and everyone in his grass roots self made organization. sorry to say but the term conspiracy mean two or more people or entities that will work together to commit a crime etc. and conspiracy theory was created by the elite to snuff out anyone who questions anything they come up with to cover up everything they do etc. THATS the reality. So stop playing smart when you have not dialed into everything, read all the elites books, looked a the georgia guide stones and the like and just witness how they ACT on air. such as gruber who literally has said on tv that thank god you are dumb and have the memory of a gold fish as he raises the health care costs etc. Everyone dedicated to truth and fighting for the destruction of the NWO is right there at infowars and many other places. the grestrest of the radio world also love Alex and know his style and his angle of passion etc etc. he believes in humanity and wants prosperity for all. but apparently we all want to love Jeff bezos who just made a few weeks ago hundreds of millions of dollars just in high rises alone and has the same stuff alex has, which alex stuff is approved by the most legit places across the board, just bezos waters down everything and makes things super expensive and calls Alex a snake oil salesman. like come off it. become aware of the elites tactics, study who is who and how one knows the other and the like I remember this too!!!! Strange but do we know truly for sure on that topic?
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    Matei gave a lot of really good advice, I agree that it would help a lot. There are a few things I can think to add. You said, "I tried to eat a lot, with what my friends have suggested." I'm not sure if you meant you eat a lot in general or not, but feel i should state that it's unhealthy to over eat even if trying to put on weight. When putting on weight it should be spread all throughout the body, not just in the stomach. Matei is right about plenty of protein, just make sure it's a natural source of, not a highly processed kind. Also the healthy fat is just as important. Just to expand beyond olive oil and avocado I'd like to list a few others. Coconut oil or anything coconut should be rich in saturated fat. Hemp seeds oil or any hemp seed product are very high in omega fats. Chia seeds, nuts If you consume animal products some healthy choices are ghee (purified butter easy to make at home), live culture unsweetened kefir and yogurt, and egg yolks that are still runny are great sources as well. If you do eat meat make sure it's organic, free range, grass fed ex. and one serving should be only 3 to 4 oz, the size of the palm of your hand. Also it is slow to digest so best not consumed to often, only in one meal every other day or so unless you're an athlete or such and burning a tone of calories each day. The overweight problem is a big problem here in the US, but being addressed a lot, however the underweight problem is just a big of a problem, but not as much talk or admittance is given to it. Thanks for asking, there are many others who have the same problem, but might not be willing to admit it. Best wishes
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    I think you are trying to demonstrate that we all agree on the date. I think you will want to say it is not “subjective” it is “objective”. According to the Gregorian calendar today’s date is Saturday May 12. But that system is based on some arbitrary decision as to when to start counting and how to count. There is nothing “objective” in the universe that dictates that today should be called May 12. It’s just convention and subjective to a collective decision that we human beings seem to follow.
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    Descartes tried to find a foundation of philosophy that was undeniably certain. My understanding is that he failed. The idea that everyone has their own perceptions is, I believe, self-evident. Whether everyone has their own separate reality. Well, that is a different claim. If you equate “reality” with “perception” then yes, everyone has their own separate reality. If you maintain that “reality” is not “perception” then you have a different problem. You should probably try to prove with absolute certainty that objective reality exists. Good luck with that. Feel free to prove that one.
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    There are some home remedies for tooth decay you can follow 1. Clove: Clove can treat any kind of dental issue. Dilute 2 to 3 drops of clove oil with 1/4 tea spoon of sesame seed oil. using cotton ball put this solution on the affected tooth. follow this every night before you go to bed. 2. Salt: Salt can be used to treat cavities due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Take a glass of warm water and dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt in it. Concentrating on the affected tooth, swish this for 1 minute. repeat this thrice a day for best results. 3. Oil pulling: oil pulling is the very old technique. oil pulling helps you in reducing cavities, bad breath and bleeding gums. do this every day in the morning on empty stomach. you can follow these home remedies. if you are still suffering from the tooth decay, it is better to visit your dentist. Check out this dental hygiene to maintain good oral health.
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    Okay.... So what you're saying is... you AGREE WITH ME ENTIRELY?? omfg this is hilarious. What are we debating exactly? She is talking about my point exactly. Her talking points ARE ALEX JONES' talking points!! Smh This is why I hate talking to Scot. All he does is play games. Figures Garnet gave him an upvote.
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    Maybe it feels exhausting because you don't want to work at being someone ie being seen as important and valuable and amazing you want to feel those things for no work just for being im struggling with this same problem I'm not working much or putting myself out there dos I feel it's unfair that I have to chase love I just want to feel it so I'm doing some shadow work around my resentment to help me with that hope this helps
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    Yes! @toemilyjune where is day 9? (Even if you don’t post, keep going on your process. I want to say that I commend your initiative to take this on, and also your bravery to share what you are going through.)
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    well, it looks pretty real. first, if you have hard time imagining it, it means you have hard time or havent even done it yet, built a healthy relationship with yourself. It all starts from there. So moving away from a toxic person is already listening to and supporting the aspect of you that can't stand it anymore. Healthy relationship with yourself would be to listen to, be with, honor all of your aspects, but sometimes we need to totally shit all over them in order to finally start taking care of them, which is all us right. All of these fragmentations, hurt children of/in us, they just need attention, need your full presence. You need to integrate them, that is the relationship that is wanted, needed, the healthy relationship with yourself. And this is a life long relationship right, so it's every day, every moment, that you take care of you, of them. But you have to meet them first. The vulnerable aspect, the protector, and all sublayers, specific ones created along your journey Building a healthy relationship with yourself will guide you to building healthy relationship with people outside of you, around you , and recognizing them
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    These two people attract each other with full cups. They are united by the Angel above and it is a union of mutual caring and respect. Each is a whole individual in their own right, symbolised by their full cups. There is a purity of will and we imagine that this pair have something beautiful to share with each other. We meet people to learn about ourselves, we grow from relationships and they highlight all our wounds and if partners can negotiate that process effectively, people remain together, or it tears them apart. In breakups we have a choice; 1. To build a wall around our hearts or 2. Let it break, wide open, let the emotion, grief and anger be felt fully. If we numb ourselves to our grief with food, alcohol, work, drugs etc.. Our hearts become full of weeds and overgrowth that should of been tilled and cleared out, new growth is smothered and we lead empty, materialistic lives. Usually so unempowered that we manipulate others for love, control and at worst case abuse them. Begin with loving yourself, fill your own cup up, this is true for all relationships, not only romantic. If you are in a relationship that is struggling, the same rule applies, inner work and both partners are needing to do this. Make no mistake, the most compatible of people will always have issues to face, it's how healthily you can face those issues and how honestly, that will determine the type of relationship you will have going forwards. Always look at your relationships as a mirror, always bring the issues back to yourself, never point the finger or judge another, for something in you has attracted this situation and even if that is at a subconscious level, nonetheless it is true. Examine your love wounds especially from childhood and see where you first ran into this feeling that your current relationship is triggering, it is an inside job! Take care of yourself, love emir xxxx https://youtu.be/jjxQ7P0p_b0