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    Highly Recommend This Process, My Experience :) My first experience with the completion process was in May of this year, when I watched Teal's Healing The Emotional Body video. I did the process and discovered and integrated aspects of myself I didn't realize were even missing and it was really amazing, the past few months since then have been months of enlightenment and healing and realization and growth, and I completely blame it on the process. Since my success after the first time I tried it, the next time I was seriously emotionally triggered, I chose to dedicate a day to the process and try to dive deeper into the trigger. The first time I did it, I could not complete the process because the emotion of grief I discovered was so strong, I had never really encountered anything like it before without disassociating and it blew me away with its intensity. I ended up falling asleep. The next day, I woke up and went into the process again. I found the grief, in the form of myself - locked away in a dark, stone room with no windows or doors. She was cowering in the corner and did not want me to look at her, so I sat down in a chair facing away from her and was simply present with her for a while. I felt that she was made of up grief, anger, she felt invisible, ugly, unwanted, unloved, she was very, very hateful. She also did not trust me, at all, and refused to let me see from her perspective. I tried to just be with her, but she grew more and more uncomfortable with my presence and she blew up at me, telling me she didn't trust me, and so I chose that lack of trust in myself to explore instead, as it was blocking me from feeling her pain completely. In that lack of trust, I found a familiar numbness. I could not really feel my lack of trust in myself. I chose to explore the numbness, and found myself in a tepid lake, almost like an isolation tank, but looking up at a vivid starry sky. I could feel nothing of my body in that lake, but I could sense that I was numbing myself to the intensity of the colorful 'universe' around me. My thought in that moment was that it hurt so much to feel. Instantly, I was in my mothers' womb, about to be born into the world. I had a traumatic birth, which was very painful for my mother, and I was picking up on those very intense emotions as she was laboring. I could not handle it. I did not like the intensity of the emotions and I separated from myself. It was too much to feel all of that so suddenly and so strongly. I fractured from myself in the womb as I was being born, and I abandoned myself while I was still inside of my mother, and in that moment, I betrayed myself and lost trust in myself. In the moment of realizing that and empathizing with myself as an infant, I experienced my birth and I picked myself up and just held myself and the integration process was complete. I did not expect myself to integrate so quickly, but it seemed that the only thing the child wanted was for me to empathize with it and to apologize for abandoning it. I woke up from the process literally buzzing, with full on Alice In Wonderland Syndrome, my body was vibrating with energy. It was one of the coolest, most interesting experiences I've ever felt, it was not scary at all, it was very comforting. I felt like I was a kid again, I felt so at peace. Colors were brighter and more vivid and I looked around me and felt like I was seeing everything for the first time. I have tried to go back to the girl in the stone room, but she wouldn't even let me into the room. I made a window to see in and she turned into a monster and became full of rage and hatred and vengeance. It seems like that part of me is not at all ready for me to integrate with it, and that there is a lot of anger there. I'm still learning how to do this process, but I've had nothing but amazing, incredible experiences with it since I tried it Also, the day after I completed the process, I confronted the source of my trigger personally. I learned that he is a narcissist, and that he has been reflecting in me feelings of hatred, ugliness, self-loathing, feeling ignored and invisible and unwanted and unloved. I trusted myself enough to know that I could handle confronting him, and not only did I survive the confrontation, I let him go completely to the point where he no longer has any control over me emotionally and cannot use me for Narcissistic Supply any longer. It was only an act of self love and complete self trust that could have made me confront this aspect of my life that has been tormenting me for 4 years, and I completely credit the completion process for that
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    As a first topic; let's all give 10 seconds of our time and send love to this place. It has so many things going on. Send your love and light and pray for peace <3 <3 <3 <3
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    Mind officially blown... Amazing stuff Teal!!!
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    I don't understand why people hold you to such impossible standards and sending you so much hate. If people don't like a yoga teacher, they would just move on to another class, not hate the teacher until she's out of a job. You're a teacher and a real person and I love you! It's because of all your suffering that you're able to teach what you teach. Lately I've been struggling with the same thing. As a yoga teacher, I feel like there's so many "should's" I should follow but it's probably just me imposing it on myself more than anything. I am currently struggling with abundance and knowing what I know, I feel like I "should" be able to manifest my desires more easily. After doing some shadow work and observing all the emotional reactions I have towards my partner, I realize that I'm afraid to desire, I doubt my creativity. And I project this onto him. I'm afraid to desire specific things and I dismiss so many emotions that are calling for my attention. Which is also what I blame him for. haha! Isn't life so much fun when you're conscious? -Margaret margarettang.com
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    Hey Marco! I would also get this. Actually, when I was in 7th grade, I had such bad social anxiety that I would never talk. Like literally every time I would talk to someone I would start blushing and get embarrassed. My SA lessened up with time, as I started to immerse myself in situations that made me uncomfortable anyways. But, I do have one tip that might help you, that has stuck with me over the years! When I was in college, I forced myself to hang out with people despite feeling super anxious about it... What I began to see, after months of our barriers breaking down, is that we weren't really that different at all. In fact, now, whenever I start feeling social anxiety, I just remember this: Everyone has social anxiety. Even if you don't believe it, just pretend they do, just for a moment, hypothetically. When I shut down and act embarrassed, usually the people I'm with think it's something they did and end up blaming themselves! SO once I realized this, I started to realize that by becoming stronger in myself, it made it easier for other people to become open within themselves as well! I don't know if this helps but it helped me. I would also suggest really going into noticing your triggers and keeping track of what they are (CBT) so that you can notice what thoughts arise with those experiences. Are there patterns? What feels threatened when you are triggered?
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    Omigawd. Men fall in love with you because you're freakin' beautiful and have an amazing presence. This is not your fault! It is each individual's responsibility to manage our own disjointed thinking! Great post, Teal, everything you wrote feels spot on. I love the saying, "Don't 'should' on yourself!" I also am reminded of the zen saying, "Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water." Thank you for always keepin' it real. *With a little gained perspective I've totally realized how it takes time and consistency to get better at parenting my emotional self, and it does get better, but I'm okay with not becoming full blown enlightened 24/7 in this life, I'm more than okay with journeying with the love and the tragedy of my being. And my being is ever expansive, there is no standard or value based on "shoulds" that can contain that aspect.
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    I'm picking up my life path from before I was socialized and redoing it. Sharing whatever is of value or shareable, so that it will eventually develop through me on its own. Receiving that's childish insults as compliments during the process. I don't think me telling anyone what that is, is going to help them. But I can tell you that I just went back to the times I was happy as a kid, and I am now doing as close to that activity as I can, while sharing what I think will be valuable to others and keeping the rest to myself. Also being with all emotions and if something isn't fun I don't do it, but I leave the possibility open it might be fun tomorrow or next week.
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    Intense Loneliness. Relationship absense. Okay, so right now as I go through this intense feeling of loneliness, whilst even typing this, I feel an intense urge to pull away. I need connection with people who are serve my expansion... I've had experiences over the past year especially, where I've expanded, and have had to leave people behind, and I can deal with that, but in becoming so emotionally aware of myself and others in regards to what doesn't serve me (and in many regards now, what does) I've basically isolated myself, as I've offered no real alternative. I was gonna leave true bond making until early next year at one of Teals workshops in the UK, but I then became conscious of the intense amount of pain in this bypassing. I want to integrate with you... I know my progression lies in connection. In terms of relationships... I know I'm an attractive guy, and during childhood, I had shit petty relationships, thinking it was what was expected of me so they must be "good". Well, In high school then, I suffered a lot with rejection. I was attractive, but always a "weirdo" in terms of my unique personality. I eventually ended up convincing myself I was Asexual. Jesus Christ, ouch. Up until this year, I hadn't summed up sexuality and connection very well. I eventually admitted to myself that I was in fact bisexual. However, I have 0 experience with either sex, but am leaning more towards guys at this moment in time. I just don't feel like I have anyone as conscious as myself to talk to, and NEED to meet some Tealers. Through Skype would be awesome, In real life would be even better. (I've also moved into my friends house, but he sort of "evidence, little self belief" - bypasses things, and I really don't wanna move back in with my parents, though I have to for Xmas as my friends sister is coming down from Hong Kong. Argh...... I feel so alone right now. If someone has had the time to read all this and is trying to understand how I feel, thank fuck you exist <3
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    Takes the pressure away from having to perform. Reflects an inner desire to be unconditionally accepted and loved.
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    @Garnet sorry to hear about your friend. May she be blessed. I was so high on opioids at the beginning I didn't know which way was up. I have learned that my body reacts very poorly to those types of medicines. Scary trips. I did however feel the presence of both my grandfathers. When I was told that I had cancer it made me angry. I saw it as an enemy that had to defeat, so that was and still is my focus. I still have to do radiation treatments. What helped me the most emotionally was people just being there for me and being on my side. There few times that my mom was negative about things but when I am told I can't do something that just makes me go after what I want even more. @boxofrain I was awake when I taken to OR. I didn't find out that I was that close till much later. Thank God. I felt scared, shocked, and victorious . I had stared death in the face and told him to piss off. I wasn't done living yet. lol
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    why is connection important? There seem to be three things that we need to keep us alive: air, water, food and a couple more things for us to be healthy: sleep, exercise. But there are two (maybe three) things that bring life meaning: 1- to make something out of yourself. To learn and grow as an individual. But after you spend some time learning or growing or making a contribution as an individual you may find you feel lonely. So... 2- to find connection with other people. Find people to talk to who "get" you. It feels very lonely when no one "gets" you. And possibly... 3- find connection with Source, God, the Universe. Not everyone seems to have this need. Life seems to be a balancing act of trying to stay alive with (food, air, water) sleep and exercise. And a balancing act to find meaning between pursuits as an individual and finding connection with people (and finding connection with Source)
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    The price of fame is only worth as much as someone's willing to pay for it.
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    Yeah, this blog really reminds me of my own experience. I used to be a mormon for 30 years. I was taught that our church was the only true church. At the moment I didn't realize it, but this idea gave me a feeling of superiority. Everyone else was wrong and I was right. After we left the church we expereinced the disapproval of mormons who saw us unfaithful. We learned what it felt like to be treated by others as inferior. We were on the other side of the coin. When I realized I have made others feel this way, I felt awful. We left the church after we were bullied in the street by a church leader. It's true mormons teach charity but many times in the practice they do the opposite. We were rejected by our leaders for complaining about things that were not right. People we thought were our friends stopped talking to us. It was obvious the leadership warned everyone about us. And I hated mormon church leaders. I also fantasized about temples and chapels blowing up. But not only that, I imagined these leaders being hit by lightning or getting hit by a train. And it felt good. Sometimes I felt I was evil for thinking this way. I felt guilty. But I learned to accept my dark side without condemning myself. when the time was right, I was ready to move on and start healing. If I ever lived in the Middle East and people killed my family, I'm sure I would have become a terrorist and killed everyone, just like Rambo in one of those movies everyone likes; because it's ok for Rambo to kill everyone and it's ok to to watch this and enjoy it, right? Because Rambo is the good guy. see the irony? The hypocrisy of the society we live in? Someday we will be faced with the ugly truth that sometimes we do things that make people hate us. (Like when I acted superior, for example).
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    I wish every single individual in the world would read this blog. I wish I already had found my way of teaching this, to as much people as possible. I wish I already had found out how I can and will use "the force" I am still the silent witness, the student... I am listening to you with every cel in my body. You are mirroring my future, our future as mankind. Thank you, dear sister for keeping up and holding on, thank you for staying there, despite all your personal suffering. Thank you for showing me part of me. Us part of us: Our light, our wisdom, our courage.
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    Awesome news everyone. I had my check up on Thursday and all my numbers were normal. The Dr said "I could go back to work and living life." WOOHOO!!!! I DID IT!!!!
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    Kelsey!! I messaged you! We live in same neighbor hood and wow we have similar pasts! I also have a narcissistic father and just got out of a pretty intense relationship with a narcissist! Email me and let's hang out!!!
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    Dear Amy, see the below image about heart murmur...see if this is the same problem you felt. It is from the book 'metaphysical anatomy'. There are other sections too e.g. heart attack, heart problems, heart bypass, palpitations. I could send that too...
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    Here is my take for your consideration: When it comes to questions like this, I fall back on my emotions as my compass. I love Teal's explanation that our emotions reflect how our Soul experiences our reality. Emotions are the language of our Soul. When we are aligned with our Soul, our heart expands and we feel good emotions. When we are not aligned with our Soul, our heart contracts and we feel painful emotions. I also trust that the natural state of our Soul is love and grace. So, I am focusing on allowing my emotions to guide me in all my decisions. As I do this, I see that I am naturally prioritizing my boundaries (my likes and dislikes) while at the same time respecting other people's boundaries. For me, the line between self-love and narcissism is here: self-love comes from alignment with our Soul and naturally respects other people's boundaries. Narcissism arises from unintegrated shadow aspects, does not align with our Soul, and wants to cross other people's boundaries, falsely believing that it will feel better doing so.
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    I am going to take a shot in the dark here... You are feeling isolated or alone. This causes you to crave connection. You say you have fear of connection. The fact that you are feeling dissatisfied is a good enough reason to explore connection. You are already exhibiting the courage to overcome your shadow....you are searching! Listen to your fear. Love your fear. Do not let it be the final say in your actions. Eventually, you are going to get so tired of the internal run around that "FUCK THIS BULL SHIT!" (pardon my language) is going to overcome your fear. Be at peace and open yourself to the day. There is much to be learned from the manifestations of the universe in ALL facets of our lives. LET today happen! Open your mind and heart to whatever crosses your path and roll with it. I am not sure if that was what you are after, but it was what fell out of my brain.
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    You're clearing invalidating my perspective (vision/what I see) of reality lol. Nah, I'm not gonna fill you in. If you can't relate then it's not my hassle. Go somewhere else.
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    A Fourth Dimensional Experience Now I want to put these thoughts down somewhere because I know I'll want to have some record of it besides the profound impact it had on my perception. I want to open that my extra sensory "skillset" is more nontraditional and quite sensitive. I am a normal, logical and sound of mind man and have learned through other cosmic entities how to work with this new reality. I have been very exposed, in my history, to information fields and have had a thorough, grounded grasp on how these pockets of information work and flow (And how to hear them). With that being said, I would like to open up a discussion on personal experiences to higher consciousness, Akashic records withdraws and perceptual mind blowing experiences you might have had revealed to you. One particularly clear and exceptionally interesting story comes in the form of a dream. I want to express that my dreams are often experienced as "out of body". I don't mean a ghost flying around, I mean simply existing in the dreamscape, lucid environment that can flow and meld from scene to scene. There was one particular instance that has stuck within the last few weeks. In a soft melodic voice-thought, I wanted a demonstration of 4th Dimension to which some unseen voice replied, "It will be complicated", not heard in a traditional sense but as if the thought, an answer, existed in my mind immediately after and sensed it was from another. Looking down at the lucid white plane that it would be presented on, a sphere, semi translucent, shimmered like a water bead which was lowered without casting a shadow. The Sphere disappeared and I was looking down at four boxes laid out horizontally. Inside these four boxes were four identical depictions of myself. They were representations of myself sitting back to back as I looked top down across these white chambers that felt as separate rooms. Each was placed in its own room. The ones on the left of these four boxes sat back to back, with a wall separating them, while the ones on the right did the same. The ambient thought-voice leading this presentation described that each of these operated simultaneously in harmony at once. They were acting as a network in some cosmic complexity that eludes me but in this realization I noticed that one of the four "Me", had fallen asleep, slouched forward, eyes closed. My thought of curiosity, without speaking was answered "Sometimes they forget to wake up", you could feel that this was causing some kind of misalignment in their operational synergy. Quite suddenly an awake version of myself thumped his back into the wall to wake up the sleeping "me" depiction on the other side. When this happened I Immediate woke up. I felt the profound oneness that my individual perception was operating simultaneously with other variations of self and it blew my mind away. So much so, I'm able to sit here and reiterate a written stylization of the insane event into words. I don't believe in coincidences because I know they don't exist, everything is calculated but in terms of this one dream event, it was something else. Ego aside, my vision was awesome and waking up right at the perfect moment was just incredible and surreal. How about you guys? Have you had some kind of experience that you can squeeze into word form and still give it justice? I would love to hear from you all.
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    These are the trials and tribulations that your soul decided for you to be faced with. You can try both?! Sometimes flowing with the current is better then trying to fight and move the stream. The medications are a frequency pattern just like anything else and sometimes having this option is a way to tune your body into the proper alignment. We are all energy waves and patterns and experience this reality but everyone deserves the chance to experience a harmonic, blissful one. If I may quote Yoda, "Luminous beings are we...not this crude matter“.
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    I get this when I stare out into a dark place or like yourself, when I close my eyes. They're different fuzzy edged things that are faintly out of focus and resemble what an aura looks like. When you try to specifically to examine them they drop away or change. I find only when I reach a complete relaxed state (loosening my grip on five sense processing), without resistance, do the shapes flow and meld and unravel into a journey. It's not physical light but extra sensory light and it's so intriguing to watch but you have to let go of thinking and to let it come into your perception.
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    I noticed when I'm going to sleep I will start to see patterns, in the beginning very subtle almost like you can't tell if its imagination on steroids or you're actually seeing this, it is very trippy and psychedelic. Most of the time you don't even know what you're looking at, it just isn't 3d but your 3rd eye is picking up on this once there is no input coming from your physical eyes, then the crazy 3rd eye can open up lol. to me its just a part of the design, but nobody teaches you this as a kid, its suppressed. Lucid dreams are fun, I turned into a tiger once, I'd probably pick a Mantis shrimp next time I get a chance, I want to see what having 12 color receptors looks like, we only have 3. Every time I have a out of body experience I remember life is temporary and it goes on, but it feels ridiculously real, like this is it.
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    Of course the story of the two wolves is just a metaphor. A model of the mind (which seems to hold up extremely well) is that we have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. And the subconscious mind affects our conscious thoughts WAY more than we care to admit. The subconscious mind speaks to us in images and impulses. Some of those impulses are good and some are bad. Maybe old spiritual types believe that these impulses come from forces external to ourselves (angels and demons) but modern psychiatry, psychology, cognitive science says "naw, it's just your subconscious mind". Who is right? I don't know if we could devise an experiment to conclusively prove one way or another. But either way, they are both models. All models are flawed; some models are useful. The subconscious mind speaks to us through intuitions, dreams and images. We can get more in touch with our subconscious through meditation. And we can speak to our subconscious as well through meditation and self-hypnosis. I read an article on what is the difference between self hypnosis and meditation. In hypnosis you have a goal of implanting an idea in the subconscious. In meditation you have the goal of either quieting the mind or seeing what is in there (vipassana). If you see what is in there you can do something about it. That is what Teal's Completion Process is all about. Now let's go back to the metaphor. The wolves, of course, represent impulses coming from our subconscious. The "good" wolf can do a good job of keeping the "bad" wolf under control but will not kill it. Cannot kill it. The "bad" wolf might be able to kill the good wolf but I remain hopeful that it can't. By the way, this wolf model does not explain the 3D, 4D, 5D model that I have seen in other places. So this wolf model maybe only reflects considerations for the 3D world. But now, how to feed the wolves. I think it's a good idea to feed the "good" one but remember that you cannot kill the "bad" one. Proper Care And Feeding of your Wolves Say to yourself (or pick your own statements) (These statements aren't original to me. They were said by Penny McGahey) -May I be well -May I be happy -May my heart be open and filled with loving-kindness -May I know peace in my life And when you get good at saying that to yourself then say inside your mind to other people: -May you be well -May you be happy -May your heart be open and filled with loving-kindness -May you know peace in your life But remember that you cannot kill the bad wolf. And the bad wolf is tricky. If you completely ignore that the bad wolf exists, that is spiritual by-passing. If you walk around being all "Holier than thou" then that is the bad wolf making you narsissitic. If you play on other people's emotions then the bad wolf is making you sadistic. If you think that other people should serve your needs but you give nothing to them then the bad wolf is making you ego-centric. Stay in the light but don't forget about the dark
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    What does it mean when you cant attract a partner? FOR YEARS! ! ! anyone who likes me, i dont like them. The ones i like are not interested in me or just vanish from my life. I dont want to be single anymore! i feel like there's some kinda block! But i cant figure it out! this sucks.......
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    I have to agree on some things here. I get the point of the video but i think for those people who have experienced real abuse and other terrible things from other people this integration is going to be much more difficult . I think Teal will be sharing her own process in the future which I feel is possible only if the person has achieved a certain amount of awareness. You have to be in the right place and time and at least wanting to understand these things. Otherwise i can't imagine those who currently suffer all the sudden feel love and gratitude towards the abuser. It would be no different than trying to convert them into a new religion . Anyways this path is certainly has a lot to do with forgiving/understanding /accepting and it's going to be different for many people . In a meantime I am still in a process of comprehending this integration myself .
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    I am sorry for all of you who wish you could go to this retreat. Just feel I would like to share this with you. My income last year I did not make $5,ooo.oo. I have been very ill and a lot of pain. I have lost my last 3 jobs because of my physical body not being able to work. I was able to take out monies from my retirement and am very grateful for it because I chose to go to this retreat. I believe that the universe is helping each and everyone of you...no matter where you are........back home to love. To self. Mary Angelina
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    At least I can say I'm proud of myself because I did something and I've at least tried, I definitely feel more empowered!
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    Wow this was really freaky. I got home from work, lay down on my floor in the dark and saw an image of a blue whale lying on its side, a huge sharp blade cut a thick straight line right through the whole centre of the whales belly. All the way from its tail to mouth, slicing though the heart. It lay there crying huge sad fat tears down onto me and I felt them. A terrible feeling. Then I thought of teal, her recent blue whale discovery and suddenly thought to check her blog, and this was uploaded hours ago! Thank you teal, for your incredible capacity to connect. The gift of connectedness you've brought to the world so recently, Philia, is causing huge ripples I think. Xx
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    If it came down to a choice between someone you are physically attracted to, and a person who you are good friends with, the better choice is the friend. Friendship is a better basis for a long term relationship than physical attraction. On the other hand, if you find someone who you can really be friends with AND you also find physically attractive then I think you really have something! AND: Even if you think you have found your soul-mate and you are really in sync, I do not believe that two people will always be in sync 100% of the time throughout an entire lifetime. AND: No person will ever fulfill all of your needs 100% of the time. Maintain a group of friends as well as your one special person.
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    Hi Andrea Thank you for your support and I'm glad you pulled through. I'm for western medicine when it is necessary. To often doctors are to quick to push pills or just treat the symptoms and not find the root problem. In extreme case though it is hard to beat. I like to use western medicine as a last resort and alternative/metaphysical for everything else. If we take care of our bodies they are capable of some amazing things. Thank you my friend.
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    I'll be your friend, I'm opinionated but very nice. I live far away from all my family, don't talk to my parents very much and live in a rural area, I can relate . The answer is to form connections, this forum is a good place way to start. You get good feedback and general acceptance. Like for me I enjoy your posts because you have the sheer nerve and guts to be vulnerable, I love that about you. But you're right you're not gonna be happy while feeling isolated and lonely. My advice would be to find some hobbies/activities you can do at home to give your spare time meaning so you aren't sitting around bored and miserable. Developing hobbies also has the benefit of giving people a common interest which can do most of the work when it comes to establishing and maintaining friendships.
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    Awakening Process - Ego Death? Hi everyone, My awakening happened almost two years ago in which I had a "dark knight of the soul" experience (deep depression) that led me to either taking my life or staying physically. It was at this time that I completely gave up, surrendered, and let my ego/identity die. I didn't care what was going to happen with me, what others thought or wanted from me, and what my mind & ego wanted. It was the ultimate form of releasing resistance that I've ever experienced. I knew I was still in body, but a massive part of me died for the better. I don't know if this was related to the energy shifts and Earth vibrational changes, or if this is tied directly with personal ascension and awakening. My question is: "Does everyone's awakening entail a death of the ego, or at least an ascension past this?" When the new energy of my being took over, I literally did not know who I was and sometimes I even forgot my name when people called me by it. I found myself picking up on other's energy dramatically. Has everyone experienced this, or is it personally specific to me and my individual awakening? I would like to know your experiences and thoughts. Thank you!
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    Your Personal Rat Cage What is your "personal rat cage," and what are you doing to break free from it? (What has been holding you back from freedom and how are you letting go if it?) This thread is meant to inspire action and to help the community get more vocal about their efforts during this restructuring of societal consciousness.
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    I totally agree with being yourself. But I think it takes a long time for most people to be comfortable enough to get into the deep stuff. Connection that runs deep takes time even for people who are open to it. Dont be that person who goes from zero to insides-on-the-floor in two seconds. Friendships, trust and connection builds through mutual self-revelation. And when you find a friend you can really talk to, keep them in your life!
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    Awesome! Well said! You would make a great leader of the world! I'm thankful I have found your website, you helped my eyes to open, not only from this blog, but your awesome Youtube videos! Ever since I started looking at myself, my reactions and healing, life is getting easier and easier! Thank you, Dana
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    Very few people have triggered me the way you do Walt. I used to debate on Usenet. There were a few trolls here and there. For the most part, they really didn't trigger me. They wouldn't engage in actual discussion. It became a little bit of fun to see how they would evade any question. I didn't mind those guys too much because they didn't seem to want a flame fest. But there was this one guy who fervently believed in his erroneous logic. I thought if I could only explain clearly enough he would see his logic error. He called everyone LIAR and was generally abusive. He seemed to constantly get into flame wars with just about everyone. This guy really did trigger me. But I didn't want a flame fest. I wanted an actual discussion. Someone pointed out that you can't teach the willfully ignorant. Nonetheless, I thought we might actually end up friends (or frenemies). Seems to me that long term enemies are involved in a sort of codependent relationship. Each side brings out the worst in the other. Nobody actually enjoys the fight but there is obviously something sick inside each one because they won't just walk away. Maybe frenemies enjoy the fight. Maybe that is a fun game where both sides are having fun. I suppose I would characterize frenemies as "interdependent". Possibly, my inability to walk away might relate back to my relationship with my brother. He always wanted to play fight. I never enjoyed the play fights. They always left me feeling worthless and weak. and I can could never get away because my brother would never let me get away. My brother also convinced me that telling on him would be "being a fink". And as I look back I doubt my parents would have done anything anyway. So I remember feeling alone and scared and no one to help me. One day I decided enough was enough. I fought back and I was going to end the play fighting once and for all. There have been a few instances of me feeling like I can't get away and I feel compelled to fight back. It all might relate back to my brother. I would like to claim that you don't trigger me anymore. I have come to expect you to evade what I write.
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    "A Tale of Two Hipsters" - Does this resonate with you? Hey! I've just read this article that really put words to a lot of things that very few people actually talk about, and I wanted to share it with you guys! It's a super long read but well worth it in my opinion. I haven't finished it completely, had to stop around part 3 to eat, but still thought it would be an awesome piece to share since it was shared with me http://daleberan.tumblr.com/post/83002114449/a-tale-of-two-hipsters Topics touched upon: -The impact capitalism has on artists -Gentrification -Divine Masculine, how societal expectations have shaped masculinity -Countercultures vs conformity, and how countercultures eventually become the norm -How consumer mindset merges with meeting emotional needs Basically it touches on a lot of things. A lot of this article really resonated with me. I'd love to bond with other people who feel the same
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    Thanks man! It is good to hear that. It is so funny how people can look so different at the same thing. It will always be a hard thing for me, but it does make me for what I am today so that is something powerful!
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    as Teal says: if you got Anxiety is something right with you, that means you got highly sensitive system (from video How to get rid of anxiety) and anxiety creates the thoughts what you thinking. Is complexity when you taking from outside the world in to you to much which is not resonates with you, you have to find the root what thoughts causes anxiety in you and deliberately to chose thoughts makes you feel good ( more in video: how to rise your frequency and increase you vibration) And definitely you have to start to care about your self, for example take a time to make the breakfast that you like, this makes good start for your day, choose a different route even is longer than usual, this would be out of your template daily routine, if you not sure about something frequently ask your self question: What would someone who love themselves do? If you struggling with social anxiety maybe you hiding some emotional trauma?
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    My ear function slowly started to go down when I was 14. So far I have always thought that was because my parents were fighting a lot and heavily throughout my childhood that I literally closed my ears. At 16 a doctor confirmed that I was severely hearing impaired, like needing 55 dB amplification, which means I cannot hear a soft voice. I had two gruelling years at secondary school before I decided to wear hearing aids. I was terrified to make a fool out of myself on school and too embarrassed to tell anyone about my earproblem so I never asked more then once "what did you say, could you repeat that?" so I would often reply without fully hearing what has been said to me and thereby embarrassed myself so many times. Choosing to wear hearing aids was accepting that I was hearing impaired and that I was okay with telling people and that took me those two gruelling years. Now I am 30 years old and I am still struggling with my hearing problem. Of course I have learned that it is better to accept my hearing impairedness than to fight it, so I can tell people a lot more easily and even wear nice blue ones and not the flesh coloured ones that hide it better. Sometimes I even love it, when I am sitting in a full train and want some quietness and I can just take my hearing aids out. I have also become very sensitive to peoples body language, which has confused me for a long time, because people often say a different thing than what they communicate with their body. Even though I have struggled with my ears for half of my life I have to admit that I haven't accepted it fully yet, in fact it probably controls me more than I think. It still hurts me often (like once every day at least) when I don't hear something; I feel embarrassed and insecure. I can get super insecure when I don't know what is being said around me and I know people expect me to follow it because that is how a normal person functions. It also greatly affects my focus because I retreat so often to my inner world, why? because I don't see the point in following a conversation of which I can only hear 30% so imagine my own things. This severely disconnects me from people, while I love being around people. This demon is the one that has defined my life the most and giving love to it hard. This post is not for the pain that have caused my ears to close up, but for the pain that my closed ears have caused me all those years. It is time to start to integrate those wounds. @Garnet @Alex7 you too are such wonderful people for sharing your authentic raw versions of yourself. If it is Teals mission to bring authenticity in the world, than she succeded already It is moving to read your stories and through it feel the flavours of your lives. Big hugs!
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    Dear Garnet, I love you. Its been almost a year i have known you. The efforts that you put to initiate, interact with all sorts of people is the one quality i like about you and also something that i have too. We are similar in that way. You are the true catalyst of this forum, spiritual and creative in your approach. For a lovely human being, you, I love you!
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    Scorpiogirl, There is so much to this that I don't know where to start. I have experience with this both personally and professionally. I'm a child of the 1960's and 70's. In those days when thought,our parents have their drug alcohol and we have ours drug marijuana. Well,although many people romanticize those days, I can tell you smoking pot was no joke. I experienced major anxiety while smoking it to the point to where I wanted to jump out of my skin. I have had perceptual hallucinations on it(that's common),it's like it when you think you've walked for mile and it seemingly took forever but you only walked one block. Once I was so stoned that I went home to watch TV and it took me hours to realize it wasn't even on. I once,after smoking what we would call"so good shit" I had what might be called a "psychotic" hallucination. While driving on a snake like road I suddenly became unable to perceive how many time I rotated the steering wheel. I perceived everything in "very" slow motion and just kept passing my hand in a circular motion in front of my face. When the car stopped I started to yelling to my brother"milk get me milk,I need to come down from this shit!" So that is the personal side now the professional side. I have been a Substance Abuse Counselor for 30 years. I am well aware of what you're going through. Marijuana is a psychoactive drug which basically means it alters mind,mood and behavior. Marijuana is kind of in a class of it's own because it affects different people in so many different ways. Those ways can range from anxiety and panic attacks to hallucination and in rare cases paranoia. The thing that concerns me about your symptoms is how long they have lasted and whether they triggered a disorder that was already there. These things are hard to tell but you need professional help ASAP! Find a Doctor or Psychiatrist in your area that treats addiction. I can't stress enough how you need to do this immediately before your symptoms possibly get worse. Good luck and let me know how things work out, Sheamus
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    Dear Teal, I would just like to take this time to thank you for showing people such as myself that there really is hope out there in this world, and that it isn't such an unattainable goal after all! My sincerest appreciation, J
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    Teal – I basically never commented on your videos, facebook posts or blogs, but this.. this left me reeling and in tears; wanting to comment already when I read it, I only got the urge now again, after seeing your new video, and perceiving the shift in your voice & energy.. I get this. I get you - even though, all words seem so shallow, so futile, in describing this kind of experience, which is basically no experience any more at all. this realization, which is beyond any realizing. this perceiving of reality, of the self,.... aah, words!! You really don't have to worry. There is no un-seeing, once you truly see. But what I found is, bringing this awareness into every single now moment of ("your") life, is just as equally challenging as it is to experience realize 'enlightenment' (gosh, I almost dont want to write anymore, because of all these words that are so distorted, and so far away from where they are pointing towards..) in the first place. Maya is sticky, and so is Illusion, and every single part of us that still sticks or clings to separation is showing up, so we can have tea with them and bring them back home, into love, into the self. But then again, all these experiences of meeting, greeting & embracing our demons, and those of the world, are also all part of the self, of god, of the one, and just as beautiful, exciting and lovable, as all the light love rainbow unicorns. Sometimes, my mind is cracking though, and I try to hide from the light, from the near constant awareness of being an infinite being collapsing infinitely into its own infinite self, and all i want is to be a small little human, and a poem by Rilke rings in my head (from the "Book of Hours"), in which he continues to describe god as black radiant nothingness, and that Lucifer came so close to that, that now all he longs for, with a burned face, is darkness. (And then I sometimes wake up and remember that I should be careful what to wish for..) Throughout the years I keep remembering how in your one video you talked about how enlightenment is no end all, especially in the way many (most of us?) think of, as existing in a constant state of pure bliss, happiness and freedom, and that the experience of life 'after' it (because, from that viewpoint on, it is something that happens to you in time) is just marshmellows and rainbows, and how you talked about how even Jesus, Buddha & the gang still had pretty shit days.. Ah, there are so many beautiful paradoxes and layers and levels to the understanding, realization, and experience of reality/god/self/love.. I hope that, at some point, we can share a cup of tea together, haha Thank you so much, for being that bridge to all the aspects of yourself, myself, ourself, no self - this journey hast just begun (and you've got this!) I am with you I am you In Love Infinitely
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    Sometimes we just need to leave our homes and just take a walk...talk to a stranger, express ourselves out, make a connection, call relatives and friends, make a plan...in such random movements you may find an inspiration. If not, then at least you may find a secondary goal which will make you realize about your primary goal. Please go out and spoil yourself
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    I have struggled with this horrible reality and I can say for certain that using the information from Teal has been the number one factor which helped me to recover, although I'm still not fully recovered my state is so much better than it used to be. Bioenergetcs has helped a lot too. Teal is not the only teacher to posit these ideas, but she is by far the most clear and efficient. All of her videos seem to have valuable bits but "How to Heal the Emotional Body" is a good base. Even though learning to feel again is very hard, scary and painful, know that no matter what is going on inside you it will all pass if you allow it to be what it is. If you can accept the state you're in as much as possible, you will find the way forward.
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    Send me all of your bad stuff and forget about it, and keep the target area clear for incoming. You are not alone. love,health and happiness Namaste friend ps. I can be located on the member map.