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You Will Receive:

  • The Emotional Experiencing Process
  • Emotional Expression Exercise demo video
  • How To Heal Emotional Suppression - PDF guide
  • Bonus: Emotional Expression Frequency Painting
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Emotional Healing Essentials

Are you struggling with emotional distress, chronic worry, or past traumas?

Do you seek a deeper connection with yourself and a path to true emotional freedom?

Teal’s Emotional Healing Essentials are here to support you on your journey towards healing and wholeness.

With The Emotional Healing Essentials You’ll Learn:

Practical Tools for Emotional Relief

  • Simple and easy techniques to become aware of and manage your triggers and emotions
  • How to use your body’s sensations as a tool for self-awareness and healing
  • Learn how to heal suppressed and ignored emotions through Teal’s signature expression process

Healing from Trauma

  • Methods to start recognising and integrating traumatic experiences
  • Techniques to find emotional peace and move forward with your life

Integrating Emotional and Spiritual Health

  • Approaches that combine emotional healing with spiritual growth
  • Practices to enhance your personal development and self-awareness
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What’s Included in the Emotional Healing Essentials?

Lesson 1: The Emotional Experiencing Process
Unlock the Power of Emotional Experiencing
  • Gain clarity on what your emotions are trying to convey.
  • Learn techniques to fully experience and process your emotions, allowing for the release of stored pain.
  • Discover the personal truths hidden within your emotional experiences, leading to greater self-awareness and healing.
Lesson 2: Emotional Expression Exercise demo video
Master the Art of Emotional Expression
  • Learn effective techniques to release emotions that have been suppressed or ignored.
  • Discover how expressing your emotions can lead to profound inner transformation and healing.
  • Gain practical steps that you can take to go through the layers of emotional expression.
How To Heal Emotional Suppression - PDF guide
This guide provides valuable insights into the effects of emotional suppression on your mental and physical health. It includes practical steps to help you acknowledge and express your true feelings, leading to profound emotional relief and healing.
Bonus: Emotional Expression Frequency Painting
Experience the energy of Teal’s Frequency artwork. This frequency heavily influences the third, fourth and fifth chakras. It causes an emotional catharsis and makes it impossible to suppress emotion. It “pops the lid off” of emotions and gets you back in touch with your emotions.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It:


"This process is so powerful it’s mind-bending. Your offerings to humanity are so pure and so full of hope and love." @Chrystabell


"This was mind-blowing. The process you describe may be the most significant, helpful thing I've ever heard in my life." @tracyamie


"This is the most valuable thing I have EVER seen. Thank you, Teal Swan from the bottom of my heart." @Tia.Ivanova


"You had me break down in tears and go through the whole journey as you were speaking. I have found power source of love from within." @Breathoffreshair88


"This came at the perfect time. Thank you Teal for the profound insight and clarity you give all of us." @cynthiaalvarez9343

Meet Your Guide, Teal Swan


With a mission to reduce human suffering and create positive world change, Teal Swan is a New Thought Leader who specializes in human development, relationships and trauma healing.

She has over a decade of experience working with people of all walks of life, having facilitated retreats and life changing workshops in large venues worldwide and reaching an audience in the millions on all major social media platforms.

She is also a renowned author of six books — one of which is The Completion Process, a book in which she details the comprehensive and unique method of trauma healing she created, which promotes addressing trauma to "put ourselves back together again".

She is a bestselling author and her books have now been translated into six languages.

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