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3 hours ago, karenannb4@msn.com said:

In one of Teal's videos she speaks to the fact that affirmations feel like lies to the body.  Does anyone remember this video? Where to rewatch or read more on this

well, only if it feels like a big jump. You see I'm reading her book on self love which is fuckin brilliant and shes mentions this, affirmations do work and will literally shape your reality if you keep up the focus, I mean, that's what all the spiritual teachers say right? the problem is if It feels to big, such as saying I am love or I love myself, because deep down you also feel you don't, then focus on something that you do love such as your pet, a tv show, food, anything you love, even the smallest thing about yourself, then it gets better, then u gradually work your way up to manifestations you can really feel. One which I deeply love is 'I am abundant because that is my natural birth  right!'

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