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It's a literal hell where I live. Words cannot fully conceptualize. 

But as an attempt, I want to leave my home. 

I just want to straight up and leave to a better place. 


feeling hopeless. Wanna find a way out

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Hey, I'm so sorry to hear that you live in a hell on earth. If you are old enough (USA 18) you could seek work in another place online and look for people look for roommates online as well. If you are not of age, it is important to seek out trustworthy adults that can influence your situation. It's good that you are reaching out. And I'm sorry that your health is suffering. I wish I could be of more help. When I was old enough I stayed at a friend's for a month untilI could get a job and pay my own way. (I was in an abusive home)

Idk if this is helpful at all, but I wanted to respond so you know that you are heard and not screaming into the abyss.

Best of luck to you.

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Heyy, freedom is my specialty :)


My tip would be - find something you're super excited about. Like, a big idea. For example living in a city that you LOVE (regardless of where it is). And then fll so deeply in love with that idea it's more painful not to go, it's scarier to stay where you are than not to take a chance for this epic dream.


So... What do you want to do? Any place you wanna go or job you wanna do?

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