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New sound meditation thearpy thats awesome!

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Please read this news article.


Then go


I am now using this to excite & charm my mind with energy. Then while i listen i send the energy all over & is helping me in many ways. Including my back pain. Is also healing my head injury.


IS based on 12 years of research at MIT. Where a MRI scan was done on patients minds, while the patients were listening to different sounds. & now a compilation of sounds that activate the entire mind in the meditation audios. If you understand qi gong one can then send this energy anywhere in the body like i do. I end up feeling so joyous i want to just jump up & run around!!


There are lab reports on site to look at.


What you guys think of this. I love it.

You can join for free & have like up to 7 sessions a day or something. There is also a pay for version. I use the free one but will probably join.

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