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( Are you fucking kidding me?  Can't somebody just shut this cuntface down?   I intensely have a powerful hate towards people like this, not to mention have no idea who they fuck these people are, and no idea what she even is.. My god.. Somehow i'd like if she would just say this to her face and see just how eaily teal could smack this ____ down?  or somebody else perhaps.  THIS shiet needs to stop manifesting.  This " feminist" shiet is exactly what teal just described as they couldn't be farther from the truth when it comes to hating femininity " Oh, i just finished a walk without getting raped."  like what kind of effing opening is that?  That already... just looking at her made me angry before she even opened her mouth.. tbh, she should really do her research.. i mean, all she is doing is behaving like everybody else who place everything as new age (er) or   "  ___ (er )"  xDD " you vegan" and so on.. lol  Sorry for my language.

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( Sorry for this low vibration content of this person but this REALLY has to stop.  all it's doing is perpetuating and feeding jerkoffs that may or may not have been on the fence with this sort of thing already, so of course sjomebody on their side of the fence they might listen to.  This is NOT helping spreading her messages, nor is it showing her true face.. AND essentially discrediting her whole body of work and what she even stands for and what she is doing currently, so "way to go to show you're own stupidity.  Kid"

I mean it.. I HATE seeing dung like this still making it's way into this timeline.  if i had all the competence needed, I'd end mrs feminist right now.  if that ended this girls youtube career, it's what she effing deserves, people like this CANNOT have influence on others, or feed into groups that she may or may not be a part of. 

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I love how the bio has been edited to show all the current stuff she is doing and has done recently, it's growing!
WHERE does any of that line up with what this waste of space is spewing.

This is only to cause resistance and all that nasty stuff.. THIS needs to end completely before ANYBODY has the room to even thnk for themselves without all these mongers about one thing and the next and this is true and this is false.  they are so damned out of alignment that they for some reason want to illuminate people on things they have no idea AND respect for... Sorry.. It's just total injustice and things like that that really grind my gears.

Just so you guys know, this was somewhere around 2015.. I couldn't leave this alone because of alllll the crap that's in the comments.  lots are litterally like " Whew, you saved me on that one"  and then many are talking about people shoudl be able to believe in what they believe and all that..  NOT when say for stuff like this that has been causing trouble and disruption... OR in the corporate industry, even all the way down to how their ways effect the entire world, such as with the whole livestock thing.

This crap really needs to end right now.  ESPECIALLY towards people like her.  She sincerely needs help to realize more about the actual movement that took place in the past and even to the women who are DOING what those women back then envisioned.  Like a few of Teals interviews that had this subject pop up, even recently with the LeoKing.

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I'm going to share something again.  right here so please give me a response to give to this tardo who wont shut the hell up.  ( I'm Makkaru112 here )
Gary B

Mar 22, 2016

+Coyote W great comeback! So how are the wedding arrangements going? 4 marriages before 30 and she's still giving out marital advice.
4:37 PM

+Gary B Would you rather somebody with zero experience whatsoever be the one to tell you how things" should be" when they hide everything behind the screen of " the perfect relationship" " it's all good' but those kinds of people fail badly the moment anything is leaked that they are " not perfect so don't listen to them" well sonny, nobody is perfect, if that were true... Well.. things wouldn't be so damn difficult right now as a collective. I'm also going to address something else here: Even people who have none can still have great advice to give. it's also how somebody perceives it and what they do with it, how they apply it and so on. You don't have to take advice or anything that doesn't resonate with you, that doesn't empower you. Just keep on going and when you find those things, stick with them and see them through.
Gary B
5:32 PM

Have you ever put someones life in jeopardy? I  find it fascinating watching people take advice from someone with zero credibility, we all know she falsely accused Doc of murder, think about that... murder! Along with kidnapping, rape and other crimes. But yea we'll let that slide cuz "she helps people".

  You guys blow my mind how you rationalize all the bullshit coming out of her mouth and just throw it away as if it never happened.

 You also must believe her story of coming here from Arcturous right? If not why not?
( And here i am thinking about  how stupid this fucktard is.  Look at him talking like she's some faker who claims this and that they are part of an alien race that they may know shit about.. >>'' serioulsy.. this is all because of the propaganda from both spiritual and non spiritual people and it's starting to piss me right off.. OI really wish i could handle and speak with people like this without having them continue to be so damned rude.)  Also why do I get the idea somehow that he is a part of Docs group or a part of that chicks group who started that anti teal group who call her the black swan and share their propaganda everywhere.. I don't want to feed my energy and focus into this man but i want to just leave him with something to think about and nothing to respond to... I mean.. does he actually know what she has done.. what work she has done... stuff she has been through and so on..??  her whole body of work is there.. this reminds me of DR Sebi and how others are treating him while he's there doing his own thing and only the bright minds are coming his way.

For some reason I want to bring up about how humans are at their best when the circumstances are at their worst.  And how does anybody learn anything if they didn't go through any sort of turmoil?  that's how you get people who actually no nothign of the world and either have people taking care of them thankfully or they get themselves into trouble time and time again and keep wondering why things happen.. ah well.. people are waking up daily and sometimes in harsh conditions but i''m happy to be getting a front row seat on the full awakening of mankind.

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