Does anyone here do or know ThetaHealing?

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I do!

I would want to hear teal's opinion about it, and also about reichian psichotherapy, but this is another thing.

I actually found this post by searching on google for "teal swan" "theta healing" and that was the only thing that i found that used this two at the same sentence.

So... do you practice? Have you done some of the courses?

My email is

if you can answer to the email i appreciate, cause there are more changes for me to see and reply.



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1 hour ago, bruna said:

Hey, no, it doesn't.
It's a healing technique created, or channeled, by Vianna Stibal.

I wonder if I might benefit from it?

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Can't you give a little more information about what you already know. Theta Healing's founder, from what I've researched, appears to have been in court and it did not appear to go well. Hmmm. For healers, the founder and the colleague didn't appear too healty?  If you know something different, lets hear it. Start with Google, Duck Duck Go or Dogpile  if you need a start. Type in your question. Literally. It is very likely someone else or a lot of someone elses have already asked that question. Ask both pro and con. Sometime these search engines monetizes a little too much and you need to look out several pages to get something. Censorship, currently going on with some of these search engines, is outta control.

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Hey guys.

I read all your comments now and it was interesting for me because i was really questioning the true eficacy of some methods, including theta healing, and that's why i was searching for what teal swan would specificly say about it. I wanted to hear not only if it is good or bad, or if it works or it doesn't, but her opinion about the minimal aspects of it, in case she knows it.

I am a Psychologist graduated, and a natural curious and searcher. I studied a lot teals content, not because i believed in her, but because it all always made sense to me: it made sense with everything that i studied and with everything that i didn't agreed with back in Psychology University, and also it made sense with my own inner perceptions of my surroundings trought my life. At some point i met Theta Healing. I was already studying, by myself, about changing beliefs and how they construct our reality, when i 'sent a desire-prayer-whatever' to universe to show me a tool that i could do it well, help others and develop my skills. Theta Healing appeared and i went to take a look. I liked the result of one session and i liked the promise: that with one  blink i could change a belief. So i went to do the first course.

There i saw that theta healing was not a "healing method", it was a form of developing our mediunity. They have mental tools and ways trought each individuals can practice their own mediunity. I liked that! I saw that it was better to make the courses then to only be in the hands of someone that did. And it fitted for a while: it was a place where i could develop my mediunity habilitys, or, in other words, to develop all my senses os perception and also my capacity to enquiring a mind till it's roots or shadows (what i was already studying before). So, it was good and i perceived the capacity of the tool.

But... the time passed by, a lot of things happened really fast and i perceived myself struggling between entering a internal hole or enabriate myself by the "force your being to perceive the goods and think good toughts". I already knew it all about teal's work, also the pschology and selfknowledge necessary to know what i should do. BUT... the doing is aaaalways another thing entirely. Experiencing life, pain, and the emptness with the knowing that i am creating this hole but i just can get out of it is horrible. I knew i was creating and visiting hell with my mind, sometimes, when i did visited it, BUT it kept comingo - i couldnt stop hurting myself. Why? Because i was in pain, isolated and of course thinking i was a fraud because a person who knows all this, how can she not be ok in life by now? So, shame was also a company that kept me hide for the period of this post-everything experience.

This is turning into a confessionary.

I want to finish it by coming back to theta healing and saying that: Both are fuc**** true. You CAN change stuff with only the power of your mind, you can use the tools that they use to do it and to explore the limitations existing in the mind and you can choose to change those limitations. BUT also.. to say that the mind is tricky is nothing: the mind is complex, because we use the same system to understand itself. - some might say to use the heart. no. we are an entire being, we have to yes light up the heart and learn to honor what it says trought what it feels and learn how to for real take care of it, but, we are an entire being. It's not that simple to mess with things, you have to have the basics to be able to handle what will came next.

For example, if you ask a soul mate, you will receive something exactly like the conscious and also unconscious ideas of what a "soul mate" mean. Our individual conscious and unconscious minds are not separeted from the colective conscious and unconscious, so you will have what you asked for in ways that you will only realize when it happens. And when it comes it can hurt as hell and bring to the surfice ols wounds that you had and tought were ok. Then you feel crappy and... the shadow work needs to be there, you cannot bypass it. This happened to me, but i just couldnt handle the experiences that i had, couldnt trust anybody at that time, and were by myself and my confused mind.

So... now i think that people from theta healing are not being carefull enought with what they offer and specially with how they offer what they do - in my country they are are saying that it is "a miracle accesible to everybody", and by only foccusing the mind on that sort of superficial work we forget the most important things, such as connection and to develop the capacity to communicate with different people (non-violent-comunication, by marshal rosenberg 💚 ). Also the importance of finding and receiving good support trought your life and struggles.

So, yeah, they exagerate it. A lot. And are not being carefull with people, they don't treat well those who have different opinion and knowledge and they are close minded to a pointthat they wont even see the wrongs in their actions because they are not wanting to see it really.

But yes, you can reach a point that you can be here and there at the same time, or see a body from inside, or receive information from other planes, or whatever. BUT, for what?

I'm still curious about their other courses because of the mind practice foccused on especific topics, its fun. But... all this just got me tired and i'm not enjoying this field anymore.

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Maybe part of the problem is to stop looking in the mirror (solely focusing on your inner self). The mind can be very tricky and put you in a place that only exist in your mind.  Some of my elder relative for example. In the old folk home, they would see the farm fields of their youth, where we saw a parking lot. Nothing wrong with their vision. So open your eye wide with curiosity and wonder as to what is before you; the good and the bad, take a deep breathe, look around at the possibilities, near and far, carefully scope out the paths between those places you'd like to be.  Keep your eyes wide open. Take it all in. Take a deep breath. Take particular note of the obstacles. Do you see the things that may block your view of the path.  There could be pitfalls, obstacles or potential obstacles or it may really be trouble free.  Choose a path. Move. Oh . If those paths look way too trouble free, your not looking hard enough. All in life is not gumdrops and lollipops.  Note I didn't say there are no gumdrops or lollipops. Just not all the time. Which leads to one core belief that has served me well. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Its good to be optimistic. Just not overly so. Its mind, body and soul.  All three inclusive.

Please don't loose your curiosity or need to learn. It's a priceless gift. An all-in-one tool that is often handy.

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