How/Where to survive the Forest Fire??

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Hi guys,

I'm sure I'm not the only one who was pretty shaken up by Teal's last Synchro workshop and blog on what's about to come in the near future.  For a long time I thought that something drastic needs to happen to change the way our society is currently, but didn't think it would be to such an extend or even so soon.

Coincidentally on a UK channel a new show just started called 'Eden' where a group of 23 people have been taken to a remote location and made to start their life from scratch for a year. No phones, no TV, hunting their own food and all. It's only been a 1 month and half and it's not looking like that happy community many people imagined. Doesn't give me much hope if we had to do this for real! Will it be that bad? Will we have to start from scratch?   Teal mentioned something about this in an old workshop and that people who have very hands-on skills - carpenters, builders etc are the ones who will do best during this period.

Here are some of the question that have been circling my mind and I was hoping people could have their input if they knew more on the subject, so we can collectivity come up with some sort of solutions (forgive me for the ignorant nature of the questions):

1. Where would be the safest places/countries to live in?

2. Will money still be of any significance? Are we better off investing in a property somewhere safer, from now?

3. If we love our jobs now, how can we continue doing this after everything? I work in documentary, so what would I do with it if there isn't even any TV around anymore? 

4. Is there a way to still somehow help others avoid the 'fire'?

5. What type of societies can be created after this? Will everyone have to start from the beginning?

6. Is there anything we can save from our lives now which will be of use to us later? 


Thank you for reading!



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if you don't know how to answer those questions, just don't agree with it to happen. in the collective, every opinion counts as a 'vote'. most people just don't give any clear input, they are too busy struggling with every day stuff. 

besides, when did any revolution really change anything? the power just went from a group of people to another group of people or maybe just the front men changed and the big fish still ate the small fish.

without a change in awareness, a change of the system won't do much good. same collective, same level of consciousness in a different scenario. 

i root for the smooth gradual change. i think of the overall 'good' of the collective, not if i'll live to see the perfect society in this body in this life time or not.

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Hello @Melless I was waiting for someone to start this thread in the Forum, as I've been mulling over Teal's Blog A Clear Directive and figured others would want to try and riddle out what Teal was implying.  

From a practical level I'm not sure I have the knowledge or practical experience to answer any of the questions you have asked  (I'm only in my early twenties and studying Philosophy).  It's interesting you mention how hands on/physical skills will help people if (when) society drastically changes; it really resonates with me because, despite the natural progression once I finish my degree being an 'Intellectual' career, I simply cannot picture that in our changing world- in the last two years I have a curious vision of myself farming and producing food. Perhaps it would be wise to follow that hunch..

I think and feel that it's important that  we are careful how we interpret Teal's words. I agree that society shall be forced to change, and the 'side effects' of the transition, will inevitably be painful for some of humanity (perhaps all). However, I can see how easy it might be for many to equate a foretelling of drastic change with Apocalyptic doom, or at least (excessive?) focusing on the worst possible scenarios and outcomes. After all, the only frame of reference we've been given (through films, media propaganda, history lessons etc.) in relation to revolution and societal change is bloodshed, suffering, fear. The only way we  (I) know how to think think about such upheaval is through a negatively tinted lens. And I'm not suggesting that there wouldn't be 'negative' aspects. Of course there would be. And of course, in order to be prepared, we need to consider the potential challenges.     

I guess what I'm trying to say is that those who will thrive in the coming change will be those who practically are prepared, but more than that- those who have found a Perspective/mode of Consciousness which vibrationaly is a match in such a time. So 'emotional work' is something which will need to be included as part of preparation. Other than that, I don't really know what exactly this Higher Perspective  is.

Lastly- I feel it's important to remember that nothing is set in stone yet. There might be 'likely' paths (in a cause and effect foreseeable way) presently. But the future is up to how humanity decides to create it.  And I believe humanity won't all experience an identical level of uprootedness during change- I believe multiple 'timelines'/realities/perspectives will occur where some will suffer horribly and at the other end of the spectrum many will weather the storm steadily. So it's about creating our individual realities closer to the steady potentiality. So who and how might one experience a mostly peaceful and healthful transition? What does the best case scenario look like? And how can one help those experiencing a worst case scenario while maintaining stability in an uncertain time?   


PS @mufhry Just seen your comment pop up as I was about to post. I agree with what you have to say :) I guess the challenge will be holding awareness of the power-dynamics presently at play and creating a new way of being? 

@Melless Thanks for starting this thread!   (And thanks to anyone who read this 'TL;DR' post!) 

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the seriousness of these posts made me read that clear directive blog post. 

the change of the system is not or doesn't have to be like a woman giving birth, is more like a kid growing. something doesn't have to die for something else to emerge. things morph. i didn't die when i was little, so a bigger me can emerge. did you? 

i have no sense of doom. i look around and i see people waking up. more and more. it is happening exponentially. 

the feeling of doom is just a misinterpretation of (the senses) waking up. the collective is becoming more and more sensitive, it's a general de-numbing. ofc it feels like a rush, like a dam breaking,  like everything is going crazy.  do you know how when your arm falls asleep and then you move it and you start to feel again, it can be very uncomfortable for a bit? that's what is happening now at a grand scale. 

in every moment, one can choose from a space of clarity or from a space of fear. if something doesn't feel good when you think about it, you're looking through fear and you see it distorted. just look at what is. just look at it. with no fear. 

it's all good. it's all falling in place. piece by piece, perfect, in every moment.

and as a side note, teal is speaking in the name of other teachers. i don' know if they would subscribe to this doom thingy. teal says they would. i'd have to hear from them to believe they would. otherwise is just her speaking her mind and pretending she's the voice of many.



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Hi guys, thank you for all of your comments they are much appreciated!

@mufhry While I see what you are saying and agree to some extend, the reality we live in now doesn't allow us just to "choose from a space of clarity or a space of fear"!  Have you guys not seen the news?? All the people blowing up other innocents? 

Transition has already began. Yes a huge number of people have began waking up, but it's still not enough. People are waking up and doing meditations and all, but most of us still work in jobs we hate! We still live lives we hate or continue to adhere to laws and structure we despise!  You will hear this very clearly in what Teal said in her latest workshop.  We no longer have the privilege of focusing on something positive. This doom is upon us and things have already started happening.  The US is currently setting up missiles on the outskirts of Russia and is surrounding the country. What for?? Take a wild guess. Once the worst possible candidate is chosen (and he will), there is no turning back. Teal said that even people's guides are for this happen, so unless some drastic change takes place which makes people realise what they are opting into, we will go into a massive war.

The reality is that even after becoming 'conscious' people are too slow at acting on it. Changing their lives. We are all waiting for something bigger to happen, to finally break free of this system.  Look at what happened in the UK. Do you know that the majority of people who voted for Brexit, because they didn't think it was ACTUALLY GOING TO HAPPEN!! This is the reality we live in unfortunately, and I'm afraid I can see the same thing happening in the US. 

It's up to you if you decide to turn a blind eye on this. But I think reality is different, and as Teal said it is no longer a case of changing what is going to happen, but thinking of what we are going to do once everything has taken place. 

@MPrado I totally agree with you. I've followed Teal for a long time and I've seen for myself how accurate she is with absolutely everything, as well as I can feel it in my gut, not to mention constant pull I've had for the last few years to travel to Latin America - Chile Peru- which by the way is where the earth's kundalini now resides and surprisingly where the Dalai Lama has asked permission to move to. Can't find online source on that but you can read about it in The Serpent of the Light by Drunvalo Melchizedek.  I'm not saying that this is where people will be guess is as good as yours.

@Andrea Barrett I'm with you on that. My education has been very mind-based, so not sure how useful this will be in the new age, but as MPrado pointed out, people won't be alone and hopefully this time around everyone will work together for a common goal.

Sorry for the hysterical tone of my message. I don't mean to scare everyone, but in a way thats exactly what people need to wake the fuck up! We can no longer take a back seat on this, as it will involve everyone. Just follow all the signs that say so...



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13 hours ago, MPrado said:

Am not sure we are living in the same world.

in the same water, one can panic, struggle and drown and one can relax and discover they float. it's a tiny switch that makes a huge difference.


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It's really odd. I have been having strong feelings that I need to plan for a natural disaster. Water outage, no power, live off the land.

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On 2 August 2016 at 11:58 PM, Andrea Barrett said:

So it's about creating our individual realities closer to the steady potentiality. So who and how might one experience a mostly peaceful and healthful transition? What does the best case scenario look like? And how can one help those experiencing a worst case scenario while maintaining stability in an uncertain time?   


I am someone of higher vibrational energy now, a divine being embodiing love, unconditional love, for me the transition is peaceful mostly sunny sky and beautiful music, gifts, serendipities however I do an aweful lot of work by the question:


How can I serve you?

How can I make this "anger" has a better experience of it'self and of me?


I clarified my values, stay conscious in my choice, drink tons of water with changed molecules inside through a specific rock, send remote healing to heart centred beings I know are in need, speak my truth no matter who what what, I pray and sleep or rest when I need to. Im on the yoga mat every day, run for 30 minutes while listening to consciously picked music, i dont let you tube suggest things to me, i choose, choose choose. dont watch TV, I bless the living days out of everything I see. I feed and care for my cat and I share my resources with everyone knowing it is their free will to take it or leave it. I tell my family I love them more than I have ever done before because they are all in the lowe frequencies and I dont fear, I choose love. 


Love is the only answer, whatever that means to you. 

If you are more of softie, then you should also follow Matt Kahn. Also Infinate Waters. 


Oh yes, breathing, my god do I breath for the life of me. I breath alot. and I spend time in nature. 


CRYSTALS they are specifically hyper-active at the moment so if you dont have one, go to a crystal shop and allow the crystal to pick you. 


Bless all the time


May you be blessed is enough



May you be blessed with peace of mind

May you be blessed with ease

May you be blessed with faith

May you be blessed with love

May you be blessed with peace in your soul also. 


Like so... we will get through this together. Just remain the voice, if any emotions surface up then let them have a voice. 


Speak up, show up, stand up. 





On 4 August 2016 at 4:39 AM, MPrado said:


 Edgar Cayce, Baba Vanga and ultimately Teal are pointing at the same direction of what the future may hold. That's an absolute truth.


she is Bulgarian like me - Baba Vanga. :D I red her last book a few years ago. Blessed 


May you be blesseed Baba Vanga. 

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On 8/3/2016 at 8:39 PM, MPrado said:

Hell?? C'mon you people. Cut the good vs evil BS. 

Yes, Edgar Cayce, Baba Vanga and ultimately Teal are pointing at the same direction of what the future may hold. That's an absolute truth.

The world is ruled by demons in the Hell Planes of the Astral Realm. These demons are what we call the Djinn, Reptilians, Demons, and Fallen Angels. They also have incarnations or clone puppets in the Earthly realms. These puppets are the politicians, royals, and other government people. These beings are agents of evil malevolence and violence. Demons represent chaos, and darkness. They manipulate our reality. We must destroy them and the Hell Planes to ascend to the 5th dimension which is the the first level of Heaven.

Edited by Atom
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7 hours ago, MPrado said:

@Atom I will only believe it if Teal talks about it, or Matt Kahn. Don't know about other reliable sources.

100% backing you up. Where are you based if you are in UK u must come. come to the gathering.


The only reliable source I am now listening to advocating for, standing up for a,d speaking up about is Teal Swan and Matt Kahn. Im happy we r on the same page mate

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