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I've been doing the technique Teal talked about in her video "Dreams" for the last 2 days.

You go into the perspective of each element in your dream. The technique she did with Blake on her last online workshop. 

Here's an example from her blog Three Handprints, The Follow Up

It's been hard for me to go into perspectives, because I cannot remember the dream clearly. I want to merge with that element.

Even though i did it right after I got up this morning, and the dream was alive in my head, I forgot the feeling of the dream, which is necessary for me to go into perspectives.

Anyways, so you can write your thoughts about this technique.

You can write your dreams here and analyze them using this technique.

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I had a dream where I went  to this haunted house and my sisters boyfriend was there too. The house was a small old and rectangular looking. The house was elevated a little  above the ground on a few wooden pillars  one on each side of the  house. I had kneeled to pick up giant marbles in the dirt there were about four and a strangely square marble that was almost underneath the house. My Sisters boyfriend said look and pointed to the window where 3 animated ghosts were I said  to him i see them. The owner of the house was an older man as I reached the square marble he leaned to grab it. He then said something about the ghosts tricks to lure me in. Then I looked inside the house and I saw shadows and I decided I didn't want to go in. So I was heading for the wooden gate  and it started to close so everyone was trying to hold the door open for me  so I just  made it but oddly enough I was able to feel how hard they tried to hold the door open and the weight of  the possessed door. Then the man came to help me escape  because he wanted to escape too. I was headed for the next fence when he brings out a lawn mower the type you can sit on. As soon as I got on it started making a u turn back to the house so I jumped off. But after he got on it became completely possessed and it was trying to run over me. I was laying on the ground and my toes were under the machine. I was able to pull them out but then i was stuck again and half of my foot was underneath so close to the blade. Then I appeared and pulled my foot out while the me on the ground laid there limp. Then the me who saved me disappeared it felt like she was and was also not in my dream. I finally made it out of the fence i was in the middle of the road I looked left and right everything looked so peaceful it was dawn. I said to the man inside the gate this is not about me! He said this is about you.The man opened the gate and I wondered how he was able to leave he said if he wasn't planning on escaping he could exit. Once on the outside he didn't want to go back so he called his wife and  child. When I was outside the  property the house was closer to the fence and in better condition.


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It's night. It's chill and serene. I walk to the gate of our apartment building. Right beside the gate, Max and Rosa are sitting: 2 dogs of my neighbor from summer house. They're somehow here. They insist on getting inside, and I don't mind, I let them in.

As I open the apartment door, they become more alert and try to force their way in to the apartment. I don't really want to have them in the apartment, but I think to myself "what's the big deal?" 

As we climb the steps to home, with each step, they get faster, as if they smelled something. They're eager to go up. 

We're one floor below my home, and I realize my mom and my cat, Luna is waiting by the door for me. I rush upstairs trying to pass the dogs; worrying they will reach to Luna before me and do something to him. I know Max and Rosa don't like cats. 

Luna is lying down, with his eyes wide open, seeing the dogs. Dogs then run to attack him, and chase him to the bedroom. It is my childhood home's bedroom. Me and my mom run with them to try to protect Luna. I try to catch him, so that the dogs can't do anything to him. But he's fast. He jumps through the open window... I watch it my mouth open. And I watch him fall to his 4s in shock. It's morning. The dark is gone.

The dogs are beside us. I don't care about them at the moment. All I care about is how to get Luna back. He's running around, trying to find an escape, even though he has jumped from the 5th floor.

He is a different cat now. Not the Grey furred Luna, but a black and white cat - just like the cat in the back of the high school garden. (I bonded with that cat strongly, then I lost touch with her. It was painful.) She tries to come up, looking for a way to come up to me. I see her climb up, but then she just cannot make it to our window. I worry something might happen to her if she falls down, but want her to come back so much. 

I see something beige colored, walking on our window. It's what is left from my cat. I hold it to desperately try to get him/her back, but nothing happens. I thought that that piece would turn into my cat, or bring him back. But no... I silently cry in grief, there's no way to get him back. He's lost in the garden. 


The Night: I cover up what happens. I give it a sense of serenity. I am the one that calms things down.

The Gate: I'm here for a good reason. I keep the bad out and the good in. And there's a reason the dogs are OUT!

Dogs: We're not happy, though we're waiting for an opportunity to come. We chase the cat just for fun. 


Luna: I want the chase. I've been looking for fun. There's no doubt I can survive this. Elif is being ridiculous.

Black-white cat

Beige piece

It was hard for me to get into the other perspectives. 

So, what am I supposed to get out of this? That I want fun (Luna), and I haven't been happy because I was so bored (dogs), and I'm trying my best to keep the bad in life out of my life (gate), and that I try to keep things calm and serene (night)? 

Except for the night, they all are true. I don't resonate with night that much.

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