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sexual abuse

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I want to ask Teal about sexual abuse because she lived through it and understands it... this is a recurring theme in my life, I am not the one abused, but the one who falls in love with people who have been abused, particularly sexual abuse has come up with several people in my life that I love and they love me but can't act on it or cut me off because of it.  What about someone who's abused as a child and as an adult, refuses to deal with it, get help or talk about it to anyone.  This person has caused me a world of hurt and blows what they did to me off and says it's because of their past, but refuses to face it.  How can you claim to love someone and have feelings for them but then cut them off and blame it all on your past?   

I understand I can't save anyone now, but I think I wanted to for a long time, now I just need to find a way to let them go, how do you let go when you love someone so much?  why do I have to suffer because of what someone else did?  I have tried to forgive this person because I know there are reasons for the way they are, but it is a constant struggle.  This person also claimed they wanted me in there life, made a huge deal about us remaining friends, but now has cut me off and refuses to talk about it.    I also want to know what happens to people who live through something horrible but never come to terms with it or deal with it at all as adults?

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