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Advice with shadow work on a feeling of avoidance or lack of interest

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So yea as the title says.
I have a weird felt state of avoidance or lack of interest in many areas of my life. This have been repeating since birth to my awareness, that it comes from my parents and brother but other than that to me this is one of the most challenging felt things to come close to becaaause... I don't want to.

Lack of interest and avoidance right ;) 
So in order for me to do anything I want to, when I get this feeling I almost have to force myself to go through with it otherwise I feel: meh.

I get this feeling state with my health, my body, wanting to create, basically a very deep core sense of lack of interest to most things that are considered healthy, expressive creative or childlike. I have already proven to myself though that I want to care otherwise I would not have written about this here. I want to know ways of how to approach this on my own.

I think I can do it with a completionist practioner since they have that interest side of things covered but my abundance mentality is less supportive of any frequent or routinely sessions. Here is the thing though...I lack enough interest to actually initiate contact with a practitioner to talk about this...GAH!

I do want to, I have even started thought patterns about contacting them but currently don't know who would be good at this specific vibe.
So yea i want some "pushing" or motivation to contact one of them...I want to work this thing out once and for all so that I can choose to do things with a lot more ease.


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