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I think there could be a standard for wholeness. I think wholeness is a matter of being in integrity with one's self.


Think of a car engine. When a mechanic says "the integrity of the engine is fudged up", he means the workings of the engine are not working together to make the engine work well, or the way you'd desire it to.

Think of the word "integrity". The root word is "integrate". A car ingrates all the moving parts to work in the desired way. 


Integrity of a person... What does it mean? Same thing, no? If my thoughts, feelings and actions all work well to serve my desires and values, I'm doing really well. 

Here's an example. One aspect of myself wants to have a routine hour in nature every day, yet I don't do that. Am I in integrity with myself there? No. One of these aspects of myself has to give in to the other so they work properly together. To "integrate" I could either compromise and say an hour in nature 3 times a week is good, or I go for an hour every day.

I might learn through self questioning that, right now I need to be in nature more, and the reason I'm not because Im not focused on the value of it. I need to see clearly the benefit of it so that I know it's worth my time. I can then show it to myself and decide from there...  would 3 days a week be enough? No, I need to do this every day, at least for now. I have time. Also I can see the value of it better now so I'm actually excited to do it.


That process integrates all aspects of myself, at least a little more, in my experience. My values, my unconscious concerns, my actions, are all cooperating together in integrity like an engine for that specific thing. My thoughts are focused on the value of it, my decision is lined up with what I know is best for me, it's not too much, and so naturally my desires start coming in. my alternator is working with my battery, my radiator is doing great because it's got fluid and has no leaks, etc. you know.

We all do this brilliantly with many parts of our lives already, I believe. When it comes to problem areas, we need to consciously figure it out and give ourselves a "tune up" to become more... whole again. 


All that said, what is the intangible source of our desires?

Desire is a key component in the workings of it all, but where is it in the mind? Is it our higher self?

If wholeness is integration, and integrity includes a relationship with my 'self' and my desires, doesn't that infer the my Higher Self is a key component?

I'm trying to sell you the idea haha. I believe it's true and important to know. 


What else do you think is included in wholeness? Please share your ideas. :) 


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