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Hey everyone, it's me again :)

These bizarre experiences don't seem to be slowing down any more, and yet again, I have made contact with extraterrestrials a few days ago. I am posting to hear your guys' theories as to what happened and the purpose/significance of this, though I am also going to post what I think is happening as well. 

THANK YOU to everyone who encouraged me to just GO, I made it safely away from my abusive dad and am now trying to figure out the details on what I'm going to do with my life. I have a lot of ideas, but I'm still awaiting to see how I'll bring them into fruition.

Anyways, that's not why I'm here...

On the road trip from Colorado to Indiana, I experienced... something. Though the pieces aren't fitting together in an easily explainable way, I'm just going to tell you the events themselves and let you draw your own conclusions.

Somewhere in Kansas, I was listening to music, having a blast and overall enjoying the experience of a road trip. I was having fun driving seamlessly, weaving through the lanes of traffic to get far away from the other people on the road so I could be alone with the stars. It was gorgeous there, and honestly one of my favorite things in the world is driving in a desolate spot on a warm summer night, while listening to music.

One car in particular was following me quite closely as I approached a group of cars that was driving ahead. This is significant later

In the sky, a light suddenly caught my attention. It was a small light that was moving in a nonlinear pattern in the sky. I smiled to myself, instantly recognizing it as a UFO of sorts. 

As soon as I made the connection, the light turned much brighter, then transitioned to a green color in a gradation. It then flew quickly behind a hill nearby, and then a bunch of flashes soon took place, filling the night sky. All of this happened in a matter of 5-10 seconds.

I start freaking out to myself "HOLY SHIT COOL" and I wanted to pull over to see it myself, but for some reason at this time there were a bunch of other cars around, and pulling over isn't an option. When I had originally seen the light, I sped up to try and catch up to it, but when it disappeared behind the hill I realized it was closer than I had originally thought. 

I surpassed the light, and I wanted to pull over but unfortunately there were still cars around, so I just kept driving instead.

I look in my rearview mirror, and for some reason, the car that was following me closely from earlier, was completely gone. I even slowed down but they were nowhere to be found (also, there was no place to turn off the road nearby where we were as the road wound in a snake-like pattern around hills).

While I was bummed about missing out on a possible contact opportunity, I have these sort of bizarre experiences often enough that I knew it would be ridiculous to assume this was a lost opportunity; it's only a matter of time before it happens, and I felt intuitively that I need to trust the universe and trust that everything will be revealed to me in due time.

So I mainly took note of the experience, and kept driving. Though, I did pull over to see if I could get gas somewhere. Actually... I don't even know why I pulled over though, I think that's the reason I had thought at the time, but there were no gas stations around. It was pretty there... I did want to find a gas station but I didn't find anything nearby there. The whole area was enchanting to me, I really liked the energy of that stretch of road in particular. That whole area was desolate with the occasional ranch or locally-owned shop.

I also experienced more than a few synchronicities in this time.

I drove through all the night, not thinking too much of the experience... but as always, grateful to witness more bizarre occurrences taking place in the sky

...That is, until the next day. I noticed a small bruise on my hand in an odd place that bruises aren't normally on (between my thumb and forefinger) but actually didn't think much of it. I finally made it to my destination though, when i noticed something bizarre..

...I had two very small blisters, side by side together on my left thigh towards the outside (where my window was). I was not around anything like fire the entire road trip. I had considered smoking a cigarette when I first set out because I was stressed, then decided against it because of the smell (and cause, I can't be always smoking whenever I get stressed as that could rig my brain to want to feel stressed)

I'd say the blisters were about a half inch put together, so each was like a quarter inch diameter (maybe even smaller). I did take a picture but I'll have to forward it to myself first.

Anyone have ideas as to what i experienced? Anyone else had similar experiences? Do you think I met some of the 'good aliens' or was this more sinister? I have not until this point had any obvious marks on my body even though I know i have made contact. This was so bizarre it just makes no sense how else it could have happened. I primarily want to meet with spiritual aliens, not any of the evil ones who treat us humans like lab animals... Is there a way to tell?

I've been trying to sense if I had an implant of sorts inserted but so far I feel mostly the same, I mean I'm sore after getting my ass kicked at a punk mosh last night but besides that I feel good, in fact in many ways I feel centered in the peace that the bad times are about to be behind me.

Why a blister? What would the purpose of that be?

I'll appreciate ALL insights at this point :)

Hope you are all doing well... <3 peace




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Sounds like an awesome experience to have while turning a new page in your life. I don't think whatever happened was a bad thing. What do you think about it? 


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Yeah, I think it's a good thing, I hope it is :) I'm not sure what it means. I'm gonna try and not think too hard about it... I did let people close to me know about it, and to let me know if I start acting weird or possessed or anything... lol probably shouldn't joke about that but yeah besides the blister I've been ok. Thanks you guys!

I don't think it is shrapnel, because the object landed on my right and the mark was on my left leg....

... I'm just gonna accept that I may never know. But it certainly did get my attention, that's for sure.

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