Weird syncronisity of good kind

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Strange sync in step with the universe.  

Its been like every day.  I notice that I'll think of someone I haven't thought of or spoken to a while.   L

I get a call from this friend I hadn't spoken to or thought of in a while    He calls me as I'm in the car

And like a minute earlier he popped into my mind  like out of nowhere   But I was in car and I had just 

randomly deciding to go to this Kabbalah class tonight.  

I decided randomly   I'll check it out   i get a call    Before I really even explain to him that I'd just been thinking of him or got a chance to tell him about anything I ask him what's going on with him.     He goes on & on about he's gotten all into Kabbalah b 

I'm like   Omg   Weird  Bc yeah  I'm randomly on my way to this class  I impromptu decided to attend   And I didn't mention anything about it to him before he caught me up on how he was getting into Kabbalah  etc  

and it's like this happens over and over my whole week.   

Not just the Kabbalah thing   Like everything These encounters  

 Just weird alignment stuff is in sync   

So a few weeks ago I put my contact info on the college blackboard website   And I was literally having a tough time working out a homework problem   It was so weird   So I get a call from a classmate   Realize he's in NYC Bc hes taking the class online and I never met him  

but he calls me   To tell me he's having a problem with one of the homework questions  I helped him too!

and he helped me with my area of the coarse work I was stumped on   --- like we explained to each other how to fix complimentary sides of the same big textbook    

Like I had understood the chapter he was stumped on  and he understood the chapter I was stumped on in the textbook  and we helped each other   Like in that moment I actually needed help   I get the random call and the help was delivered   And in sync 

Same thing happened like 30 times this week.   

Really it did.    

Like odd and strange instances.  I'm only citing 2 examples from today alone.  But last night same thing.   

Anyway.  Weird and yet it makes sense. 

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You're lucky you don't only have number synchronicities. Some people do.. It gets lonely.
But you're living the synchronicities. 
As far as I know, this is Universe saying "You're on the right path, keep going". 
Synchronicity gets very weird sometimes. Especially when it is repeated. You think to yourself "Again? One more coincidence?" But whenever it arises, I just follow it. Follow the direction of the synchronicity. I let it direct me. It usually ends up good.

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Super cool-! It sounds like you've raised your vibration and removed some blocks in a way that has reduced the separation between the intention and manifestation.  What you're living is very much what a lot of the Law of Attraction people are trying to teach/explain (although many of those teaching have not reached the point you're at).  

The types of things you mention are exactly whats meant when you hear people talk about how being and having are almost the same thing, but the being is first and fundamental.  

It can definitely start to get freaky, like you said, in a good way, but still freaky when its like; ok....this cant be explained by coincidence anymore......

Its a great time to start working on your psychic-ness (if you havent already).  The veil has thinned for you, and you're likely to be able to contact guides and stuff much more easily in the state you're in.  The telepathy is already off the chart, and so learning more about how to use the levers and knobs on that is an idea too (um....learning how to turn it OFF can end up being more important than turning it ON, lol)

And please, keep us updated with what kinds of things are happening for you.  Its suuuuuper interesting and encouraging.

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