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I understand that there are other entities in different dimensions, but how does one become a match to their vibration?

My uncle who lives in Mexico has been acting strange, he keeps making weird voices and keeps hitting himself and says to not allow the devil to possess his body. He has recently become very much involved in Catholicism, which to me seemed very far out of his element. I used to look up to him for being the black sheep of the family. I know he had some traumas in his life that made him stay away from our family and after my grandparents passed away, he has been trying to be more "normal," which I feel is why he got into religion. 

I believe that perhaps the wounds from his traumas attracted this entity, so I guess what I'm asking for us how to help him?

If anyone has any tips, please let me know asap. Thank you.

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Do a ritual cleanse of his personal space with sage to rid negativity then sweet grass for peacefulness. I hope this will help you. Best wishes.


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