Siblings born on same birth date, different years?

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My little brother and I were both born on Feb. 16 (me 1997, him 2006). We have different mothers, both born on March 26. I'm curious... does anyone knows a higher meaning for this type of synchronicity?

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This is interesting... One of my closest friends that I resonated the most was born on February 16th 1997 too. 

Birthday synchronicity... Wow, too much synchronicity. 

So, I know this website, . It is based on the theory that people who are born on the same day, exhibit similar traits. Same with the people born on the same week. The birth year doesn't matter, although it matters when it comes to the "way". You'll figure it out once you check the website. 
You, Feb 16 1997, are Artistic Animation. Artistry is the Way, Animaiton is the name of February 16th. Your brother is Feb 16 2006, Wondrous Animation. Wonder is his Way.

And for why this happens... This synchronicity I mean.. It might be that you opted into similar life paths, with similar traits. 
I don't know why it happens, but birthday synchronicities make me so enthusiastic.. I'm passionate about this stuff 

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