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Živjo, imam veliko željo: rada bi se pogovarjala o temah, o katerih Teal govori v svojih videih (in knjigah, na delavnicah, v intervjujih ...), in to v slovenskem jeziku.
Že dolgo nazaj sem v ta namen odprla skupino
Vse iz Slovenije prisrčno vabim v skupino ... in da bi bili aktivni člani :) Delite svoja razmišljanja, postavljate vprašanja ...

ENGLISH: Hi, I have a huge wish: to be able to discuss topics Teal talks about in her videos (and books, workshops, interviews ...) with people in Slovenian language.
A long time ago I started this group:
If you're from Slovenia, please join the group ... and be active :) Share your thoughts, ask questions ...


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Super....definitivno postanem aktivni č veseli, da nas je vsaj nekaj enako mislečih, Teal še ni ravno znana pri nas :-D


Great....definitely I Will become an active member....I am glad there is more of us who think and act similar, Teal is not really well known in our country.

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:) I look forward to learning the language, I am an American who is new to Slovenia. I own her books, The Completion Process and Shadow Before Dawn, and have watched almost all of her videos, interviews, available workshops. She is doing The Mirror event in Switzerland in November, which I would love to go to. I don't know if I will be able to, but I always watch to see if she comes near to wherever I am. I hope to learn Slovene and will be watching these posts, if it is okay. 

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