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Hello dear hearts,

My name is Hayley and I'm from Melbourne, Australia.

I've been seeking inner wisdom and clear spiritual reflections for many years now, and so far I have found the most benefit in radical self-love & gentleness, transpersonal psychology/counselling/psychotherapy, creative arts expression & therapies, and tantric alchemy/conscious sexuality. I resonate with a 'wild' spirituality, rather than a structured one - and by 'wild' I mean natural, deeply felt, alive, expressive from the present moment rather than from preconceived plans.

I grew up in an incredibly structured household, where everything was ordered, and super-clean, everything had to be tidy and mistakes were greeted with disapproval because perfectionism was the dominant pattern modelled by my mum. I felt stifled, I felt like I didn't know who I was because what had soul -- in the way that I experienced soul as a kid (in nature, in play, in natural objects) -- weren't tolerated because they weren't 'pretty' and 'elegant' like my mum wanted everything to be. I felt so deeply lonely as I got to adolescence.

I'm grateful for this though, because it made me search for something more than that. It was so painful for me to not know who I was that I had so much energy in me to find out. Self-discovery became my passion and my gift. Courageous authenticity is a necessary part of that, and this is why I resonate with Teal's work deeply. Now - through the medium of the written word - I help other spiritual seekers of the true self discover more deeply the love that they are, too. 

Another benefit of my super structured upbringing is that because truth - the wild spiritual truth that I knew inside - was not around me in the people around me, my source of truth was within me, within nature, and within stories. Self, nature, and stories are still my sole sources of truth. This helped me to not need external validation to affirm my inner knowing (though of course, many times I have craved it. The lack of it just never stopped me.)

I'm really glad to be here, to share space with all of you and to engage with you further.

With love,

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Hello I'm from Ohio in the USA. I like to consider myself as a free spirit. I'd like collect rocks gemstones raw or tumbled. I came from a dysfunctional family as a child. As an adult I taught my children to be their own person, to become who they want to be and to not care about what people say about you. What I'm saying is I have purple and blue hair this month who knows what I will change it to later lol. So be true to yourself.

Blessings to you 




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