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What is your favourite picture of yourself?

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@Tessa Rae  You remind me of myself somehow.  <3  Love the tiedye !

I feel like i should just make a topic for my images alone since i feel like sharing quite a few images of me..  hah. wouldn't want to flood here.. would be cool if there was multiple formats to upload an image to a topic response, that way i could perhaps put a few into one and then people just enlarge one at a time, sort of how tumblr works sometimes.

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@AbsoluteWave omg you have a tumblr? I love tumblr haha :) what's your blog? I'm at ^^ that'd be fun to spam a bunch of selfies haha I'd want to see them, maybe not here but idk maybe that'd be cool too :) cause yeah I have a lot of weird pictures that I'd want to share too hehe it's fun to go back...

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