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How to talk to our 'higher' self?

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@Damon is Awesome I believe I communicate with my higher self when I am praying/meditating. sometimes when I am lost I write down questions/concerns on a sheet of paper, it is like sending your request to the universe with the intention of receiving guidance. I receive answers at odd times so to speak; in the middle of a conversation, when I am listening to music, cuddling a pet, out in nature or randomly. In other words synchronicity strengthen my faith/connection with God/higher self. Knowledge also helps me because it gives me further understanding of my higher self and my curiosity  grows day by day. so yeah trust is a huge part of deepening the connection. Just like I speak with you I speak to my higher self lol perhaps not really! when I speak to my higher self I hide nothing ;) set the intention and be open to receive love and guidance :)   


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Note: I don't actually know what I am describing, but I assume it is what most people call the "higher self". I choose not to label it because I don't know where it comes from or why.

I've always had pretty good intuition and I have a much clearer grasp on it now than I've ever had before. It comes to me as knowing, on a variety of topics. Usually it's some kind of very deep insight into something, a new idea, or even something specified like an activity I should do right now or some food I should eat. It comes as a feeling but also in just plain statements, like a voice in my head. I'm assuming this is what most people call communicating with the "higher self".

Apparently we hear this voice all the time but we drown it out mostly with our "own" stuff (what Teal would call resistance I guess). So we have to learn to hear this voice and also recognise it for what it is.

To be honest I can say nothing on the topic that Teal hasn't already said in her videos/articles. That's not to say everything I know comes from Teal; but she nails it pretty effectively. Just search for "intuition" or "higher self" or whatever. She makes a key point that this voice IS subjective, just like any voice in our head. It's insight and guidance but it's also subjective depending on ourselves and our perceptions, priorities and values. So it's not like it's the "absolute truth on everything". But it is still very keen and very useful practical insights that is a cut above the usual.

As for how to recognise it: this voice has a very clear and calm quality to it. Most of our thoughts are very easy to identify as coming from our shallow feelings, such as fears, attachments, beliefs, prejudices, etc. The guiding voice is very clear, very plain, and it can "bounce" off of our other self-created thoughts. What I mean is that if you are thinking about something intensely with your usual thoughts, then if you listen carefully you can hear the intuitive voice make a big jump to another level of insight that sort of comes out of nowhere, and it often renders all previous thoughts about the subject irrelevant or in serious need of modification.

The number one easiest way for me to hear it is to just be still and listen as best I can. This works particularly well if I'm feeling anxious and overwhelmed. For example if I'm just stuck and I absolutely don't know what to do, I can be still and hold the question in my mind and the answer will usually come to me. I can do this with just about anything and I will almost always get a fierce insight into it.

In a sense this voice is my "higher self" because I feel it is the highest intelligence inside of me that is being expressed.

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