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One way disease can be approached spiritually is looking at the metaphysical root causes. That is, causes before the physical cause. (Teal did a video on this recently).

Fibromyalgia, according to Louise Hay, is 'fear showing up as extreme tension due to stress'. 

Evette Rose connects Fibromyalgia's metaphysical cause to various other illnesses such as Chronic Fatigue syndrome. A summary of the root causes she suggests are: chronic burden of undealt with/held onto trauma -> Survival Mode (fight&flight) which depletes dopamine, serotonin and noradrenaline; Unhealthy boundaries (between Self & Others); Feeling like people in your life expect too much of you; feeling overwhelmed and guilty.     

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Any type of pain whether it is physical, mental, and emotional are manifestations of fear. If you have chronic pain, it is likely due to having a lot of karma that needs to be healed and released.

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I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at age 15. It is your body putting up physical pain barriers to keep you safe. Fibromyalgia appears as a result of  life or death trauma. It does not have to be a physical danger, mental and emotional count as well.

healing fibromyalgia was what started my quest, months ago. I firmly believed that as the "disease" is metaphysical, that I could heal from it. I began looking for a way to force my brain to revisit the trauma(s) that were the cause, and show my brain that constant fatigue and pain were no longer beneficial.

I found Dolores Cannon (may her 5d soul rest in peace) and I found QHHT. I had to earn that experience, and I gave myself the tools to heal those old, old wounds.

I believe that fibromyalgia is a tool of a strong and loving EGO. To protect as long as necessary. I think that the unenlightened who have fibromyalgia are using it as a spiritual shield to keep them from damaging activities. The world is changing, and as such the non concious aspects of our selves have had to adapt their behavior to sheild our souls long enough for the change to occur. It wasnt long ago that fibromyalgia was deemed a mental disability, likened to schizophrenia. I remember the prescription cocktail that my mothers doctor prescribed for her, wellbutrin, zoloft, morphine pills, Oxycontin, sleeping pills, she was sedated for nearly my entire childhood, all for a disease her own doctor didnt believe in.

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