Sincere gratitude

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Hello fellow Teal Tribers!

I just want to express my sincerest gratitude for being part of this growing community! I'm so excited to be experiencing all the wonderful new shifts with all of you ????❤️

Have a blessed day!


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Thrilled about this thread of 'gratitude,' so I'd like to start posting here every morning, or at least once a day to celebrate what I'm thankful for just a little outside of my own gratitude journal. 

I also love the idea of us all listing our feels on what we're grateful for in our lives here, so we can all enjoy each others' triumphs, no matter how epic or slight. ^_^ It sounds like a fun way to get to know each other better as well!

This unusually calm Sunday morning, I'm grateful that:

1. I'm alive (yup, went there!) I didn't think I would be here just 2 years after being ready to jump off my roof to end my own suffering. And, I'm not just surviving, I'm absolutely thriving in my calling. The level of gratitude I have for this, just makes me want to kneel, 'knighted' by the gorgeous 'weight' of it. I'm honored to be who I am, and I can't thank myself enough for being present. 

2. I woke up comfortably rested, though I didn't get much sleep (I had too good of a day yesterday,lol. Reverse X-Mas)

3. The rose water I steeped all last week is even better, and more fragrant than the last batch, and it makes me feel sexy af. 

4. I was given nearly a dozen free, hand made baguettes by a local wine shop (where I have friends, and get band libations), so there's plenty to eat, and share. 

5. I'm not afraid to be who I am any more. I'm accepted now. By nearly everyone in my reality. (Mind.Blown.)

I have the feeling this day may be so epic, I might plan on another post by midday or tonight. Gratitude is my favorite thing right now. I follow Matt Kahn's teachings, and this is the most radical teaching I've started incorporating into my life:

Honoring Your Divinity - Matt Kahn/

It involves literally saying 'thank you' either verbally or mentally to people, and ego aspects that have hurt you, to literally hack reintegration (in a way), and bounce love and attention never received on their end back to them, so that it's absorbed by all. It's 'gangster,' as Matt puts it, and one of the most challenging things I had to wrap my own ego around, lol. If you're new to Matt's teachings, and he resonates with you, starting with an earlier talk might be easier to practice to start. Radical love is impressively difficult at first. :o 

On that note, I radically love you guys, can't wait to hear what you're grateful for as well!



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Yes Stephanie that's a great idea!!!! A gratitude list everyday :)


Today I'm grateful for...

1. air. I'm grateful for each and every breath

2. Peaceful day with my girlies

3. My !!!!! ex. Yea, I know right?!  I've gained tremendous freaking insight because of my relationship with him! I had to see him today for the exchange of my daughter. My stomach turns in knots whenever we have to be around each other. But I've been able to process the entire situation from such a higher perspective and yes.. I'm grateful for it!

4. Ylang ylang and grapefruit essential oils. Smells so tropical diffusing right now next to my bed. 

5. Healthy, whole and nutritious food. I made guacamole today that was fresh and yummy!

6. All of you!! I'm so grateful to be part of this growing community!

sparkle, sparkle, shine shine my friends ??


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Today I'm grateful for: 

1. The realisation that I love myself more. Usually when I do exams I bleed myself dry, further my mental anguish by forcing myself to do so much and not giving myself credit for it. I can't do that any more; I will do all the work I need, but it will flow and does not have to be painful. I am not distinct from any of the knowledge. All I need to know will come to me when I need it because it is not separate from me. I don't want to bring myself pain when life has such beauty.  

2. Again, loving myself when others aren't giving me the love I desire and deserve. That's okay, it's not their job. It just shows me where I need to love myself more. 

3. The fact that I can lose weight in a healthy way. I can EAT and lose weight. I may not look how I want to, but at least I am willing the healthy and beautiful means to get there. 


Many blessings to all you divine souls :)

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That was lovely Fifi! ?

Self love seems like the answer to everything!! I feel like it's a process and takes nurturing on a daily basis. But I truly enjoy it! 

Today I'm grateful for..

1. The beautiful sunny sky. How I love the feel of the sun on my skin!

2. The pretty pink peony flowers that adorn my kitchen table. So delicate and gracious. They don't try to be something they are not. They just rest in their natural beauty.

3. Crystals. They have helped transform my life! They helped facilitate a connection to my true self!

4. The new edition to our family! Our kitten named Rosa. She teaches me how to learn to be more playful! I love it :)

have a wonderful day ?❤️??

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6 hours ago, Bernadette said:

have a wonderful day ?❤️??

I really have been! All the damn grateful today! I'm grateful for/that:

1. That I had a stellar 1st impromptu interview at a local venue where I'd like to work... with a 2nd interview on the way!

2. An old friend messaged me to say hello today, and we're reconnecting.

3. My bandmate, Donnie, who I've been waiting for my entire musical visualizing life,lol. He's an amazing other whole to my whole, musically and as a friend. 

4. For the local shop that gives me cash money for trading in games I don't play any more. 

5. For the magical sense of wonder I'm feeling right now, and the very genuine thrill of seeing what happens next. :x

Got my momentum up in arms, and my vortex is rotating like a record, baby!

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Guys, thank you for this thread. It's really lifted my spirits

I'm thankful for:

1. My dog, ever loving and trusting and reminding me to not take myself too seriously

2. My silk kimono, it's the coolest thing I own and it feels so nice on my skin

3. The incense and candles in my room, the floral scents are so beautiful. 

4. The sun and the blue sky

5. My sister who reminds me that I don't need anybody to agree with what I opinions are valid and worth voicing

6. My best friend - his comforting aura and unconditional love

7. I'm starting to want to love myself, just for myself

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Hey Teal tribers, today i am thankful for: My new friends on this site, gentle reminders that it will all be okay, my perfume that makes me feel like a feminine goddess, my new understanding of me and my purpose in this life, my big sister, my daughter that loves me unconditionally, my success thus far on my journey, my heart finding resonance with like-minded spiritual burrowers and cultivators, the sweet taste of my apple, the sound of the music i am listening to and what it does to my heart, the hope and trust i have in my future being a happy and successful one, my love of art and creativity and much much more... 

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Hello friends!

Today I'm grateful for...

1. Feeling the rejection of not getting the position at my work I applied for. I'm grateful because it shifted my focus onto persuing what really matters to me. At first it stung. But I sat with that feeling for awhile and processed things. And it's good I didn't get it. There's less responsibility for me to worry about there and now I can extend a lot more energy to Crystal healing and photography :)

2. The fresh mango salsa I made today. I'm feel very fortunate to be able to purchase healing ingredients to feed my families body and souls!

3. My daughters big blue eyes. When I look into that sweet innocence it reminds me to love the child within myself.

4. The rain showers we just had. It feels so refreshing! All those wonderful negative ions ?

Its so wonderful to share in the vibration of gratitude with all of you! I look forward to reading your lists!!! ?

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