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Guest amy f

Numb or Healthy Non Attachment?

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Guest amy f

I am struggling to feel wether or not i am numb to things, or if i am healthily non attached due to the years of natural meditation "practice". I was never really practicing anything. It was mostly about centering myself. Finding peace within myself. I am well experienced in meditation, and in doing this over the years, my perspective on life has changed over and over again, constantly questioning everything, being unsure of life, of myself. When i hear about things happening or read it on social media, it doesnt really effect me as much. I dont freak out about it, even with so called tragedies, because i think i see things from a higher perspective, but i am not sure if i am just numbing it out. I barely ever pay attention to whats actually going on,i never watch the news. And when i see it if the tv is on, i observe what they are showing, but some part of me knows its not all that bad, there is a reason for it all, people are suffering, terrible things are happening, and i have compassion for all those people, even for the so called "bad" ones. I only feel love for them. I keep visioning a world of peace and love. Ofcourse it is not nice to observe these things. Its not like i can sit here watching terrible things happen and not feel like turning away, but i am not as affected. Or maybe i am but i am not allowing myself to feel it. I am not sure. I hope teal can help me understand what this is, if it is a trap, or if it is actually myself evolving and expanding?

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