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how to deal with difficulty?

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every time i have to deal with anything slightly difficult i freak out and shut down. i guesse i overreact...i don't know how to react to difficult things....i think it's cuz...idk...for a while i have been dealing with alot of extreme things...and everything is settling down everything is "fixed" now i guesse. but i just feel like if i have to deal struggle or fight through one more thing i don't have it in me to fight through it. i would rather die then have to fight through anything . and for me...that means...having to do a tiny assignmnet or something...if i ever find myself struggling with a tiny school assignment ....i just think " god damit i had a deal with all sorts or abuse and trauma...i don't wanna deal with any kind of struggle even if it's in the form of a small assignmnt not abuse...and then i seriously think about dying for alitttle bit. i no hardship and struggling is apart of life and will always be but idk i feel i can't deal with it now..and for a while atleast. should one deal with  or approach difficult situations? 

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