The Revolution is Coming?

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Ukraine_Protests-07bed.jpgThis is an exercise in how YOU will respond when The Revolution comes to your doorstep.

In the event Western society ever encounters true Armageddon - political, economic and social- are you going to lay down and die? Or will you be prepared? 

I'll spare you the adjectives, this Dystopia is probably not hard to imagine with recent events in the US, UK, Sweden, Germany, the Middle East and abroad.  You probably have some idea of what the "end of Western civilization" will look like before and during "The Revolution." 



The Revolution is Coming.

Can you feel It?

Can you feel the Uprising forming just outside your bedroom window? If you would only look outside, you'd see hordes of willing and able-bodied revolutionaries and anarchists just waiting for the gunshot at the start of the race, their right foot placed slightly over the starting line."
It's always been bad, but now it's undeniable. For a decade I've been closely monitoring the global psyops, false-flags and genuine terrorism that plagues our planet. And for a decade it's been ramping up in intensity. 



Answer these 5 questions before The Revolution comes to your city...

1. What will you do to ensure your survival?

2. What about the survival of others?

3. What will you do to acquire food and resources (Grocery Stores are always the FIRST places to be looted in the event of catastrophe.) ? 

4. Would you kill someone over food? 
If you're a vegan/vegetarian, would you hunt wild animals to survive? 

5. Community-Building: What skills do you possess that would make you useful (to have on my team B|) in the case of a CATASTROPHIC world-wide emergency? 








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The revolution/apocalypse always seems to be just around the corner. In my opinion, just fantasies gone wild. I don't think most people truly appreciate the depth to which films and fiction in general influences our individual and collective psyche. I wish people would stop looking at all the external "signs" and just sit still and find the root of their beliefs about apocalypses and shifts and system shocks etc.

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